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Title: Bathymetric distribution of three species of kelp forest gastropods (Trochidae: Tegula) in 1978 and 1996
Student Author(s): Hunt, Ben
Faculty Advisor(s): Watanabe, James
Pages: 21
Location: Final Papers Biology 175H
Date: June 1996
Abstract: Abundance and distribution data were collected on three species of turban snails (Tegula) in a temperate kelp forest, the Hopkins Marine Life Refuge. Similar data at identical sties in the same forest were collected by Watanabe (1984). Tegula abundances from the present study and Watanabe (1984) were compared. Overall Tegula density has increased significantly since the earlier study. A bathymetric zonation of Tegula that was documented in the earlier study was borne out in my study. Tegula brunnea occurs in shallow water (0-6m) , T. pulligo occurs mostly in deep water (7-12m), and T. montereyi is the least abundant everywhere, but present everywhere. T. montereyi has been anecdotally observed to have increased in density in the past 15 years, and this trend appears in my data, but is not statistically significant.