Hopkins Marine Station Student Paper

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(full paper is archived in the Miller Library)

Title: The study of the abundance and diversity of Ophiuroids in the holdfasts of Macrocystis pyrifera at Big Creek Marine Life Refuge and Hopkins Marine Life Refuge
Student Author(s): Anderson, Theresa
Faculty Advisor(s): Pearse, John
Pages: 14
Location: Senior Thesis UC Santa Cruz
Date: May 23 1994
Keywords: HMLR, BCMLR
Abstract: The holdfasts of Macrocystis pyrifera from Big Creek Marine Life refuge and Hopkins Marine Life Refuge were used to compare the differences in the abundance and species diversity of Brittle stars (Ophiouriea). It was found that the Big Creek site had higher diversity of Ophiouroids, but the Hopkins site seemed to have a greater abundance of Ophiuroids. The most abundant of any Ophiuroid species was the Ophiothrix spiculata.