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(full paper is archived in the Miller Library)

Title: The distribution of the Kellt's whelk Kelletia kelletii within three California sites
Student Author(s): Olson, Mark
Faculty Advisor(s): Pearse, John
Pages: 18
Location: Senior Thesis UC Santa Cruz
Keywords: Pacific Grove, Hopkins Marine Life Refuge, HMLR, Big Sur, Landeles-Hill Big Creek Reserve, Santa Barbara Point, Leadbetters Beach, Point Lobos State Reserve
Abstract: The Kellt's Whelk Kelletia kelletii (Forbes 1852) is a large easy to identify, marine snail. The Whelk is found at Isla Asuncion Baja California in the SouthThe northern range of the whelk is now to Monterey California. It is a recent arrival to the Monterey Peninsula...