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Title: The possible relationship between the feeding guilds of selected species of rockfish (Scorpaenidae) and surfperch (Embiotocidae) and their diet-related parasites
Student Author(s): Perez, Mary Margaret
Faculty Advisor(s): Moser, Mike
Pearse, John
Pages: 48
Location: Senior Thesis UC Santa Cruz
Date: October 18 1981
Keywords: Sebastes serranoides, olive rockfish, Sebastes mystinus, blue rockfish, Sebastes melanops, black rockfish, Sebastes carnatus, gopher rockfish, Sebastes chrysomelas, black and yellow rockfish, Sebastes atrovirens, kelp rockfish, Embiotoca jacksoni, black surfperch, Embiotoca lateralis, striped surperch, Rhacochilus vacca, pile surperch, Hypsurus caryi, rainbow surfperch, Rhacochilus toxotes, rubberlip surfperch, Carmel Bay, Naples Reef
Abstract: Many factors are involved in determining the incidence and intensity of parasitic infectons in fishes including diet of the fish, life span of both the fish and parasite (Dogiel 1958), mobility of the host throughout its life (Arai 1967), extent of interaction with other fish hosts (Polyanski 1958), the physico-chemical environment presented by the fish, and the availability of attachment sites for the parasites (Williams et al 1971; Holmes 1979)...The purpose of this study was to examine the realationship between fishes' feeding guilds and their diet-related parasites. A feeding guild is defined as an assemblage of species that exploit the same resources in a similar way (Root 1967). Within a guild competition can be minimized by dividing the resources trophically, spatially, or temporally. Foraging habits of rockfishes (Scorpaenidae) and surperches (Embiotociadae) have been studied in two California Macrocystis pyrifera kelp forests, the Scorpaenidae in Carmel Bay (Hellccher, 1977; Roberts 1979) and the Embiotocidae at Naples Reef off Santa Barbara (Ebeling etal in prep)...