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(full paper is archived in the Miller Library)

Title: Population structure and distribution of ophiuroids in Macrocystis pyrifera holdfasts and cryptic habitats in the kelp forest of Hopkins Marine Life Refuge in Monterey, California
Student Author(s): Sargent, Julie
Faculty Advisor(s): Pearse, John
Pages: 22
Location: Senior Thesis UC Santa Cruz
Date: May 1994
Abstract: Holdfasts of Macrocystis pyrifera were removed from Hopkins Marine Life Refuge in Monterey, California and examined for ophiuroid species abundance and diversity. Species diversity seemed to be linked to interstitial space available between haptera. The diversity and density of ophiuroid species was estimated in five microhabitats along the kslp forest floor. Ophiothrix spiculata was the most common star found. Ophiuroids were found in the corraline mat throughout the forest and in crevices in the northeast edge of the forest. Synthetic holdfasts were constructed and set in the HMLR kelp forest to investigate the possibility of species vectoring within or between communities. As this report was written, species diversity within the synthetic holdfasts was on the rise. This suggests the merit of continuation of observation of the synthetic holdfasts.