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(full paper is archived in the Miller Library)

Title: Point Lobos Ecological Reserve Area of Special Biological Significance Reconnaissance Survey Report to the California Department of Fish and Game
Student Author(s): Cazanjian, Gaye Violet
Faculty Advisor(s): Pearse, John
Pages: 67
Location: Senior Thesis UC Santa Cruz
Date: August 1978
Abstract: The Point Lobos Ecological Reserve ASBS Reconnaissance Survey report provides a qualitative description of the physical, chemical, geological, biological and land use aspects of the ASBS as they pertain to water quality. The report, however, does not contain the quantitative information necessary for an environmental impact areport. Descriptions were obtained from credible existing data and from qualitative surveys. The ASBS is influenced by oceanographic seasons charateristic of the central California open coast. The terrain is dominated by granitic and sedimentary rocks. The intertidal biota is characteristic of an open coast rocky shoreline. The subtidal biota includes sandy, pebbly and kelp forest assemblages. Unique components include an extremely high diversity of organisms, at least one unique invertebrate and alga, and marine mammal nurseries. The ASBS is used primarily for nature study. Potential pollution sources include oil from an unknown source, agricultural and storm water runoff from the Carmel River, and sewage from the Carmel sewer outfall and the proposed Point Lobos Ranch development.