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After-Hours Access

Responsibilities of After-Hours Users | Procedure at Closing Time | Eligibility | Application for Access | Tour of Information Resources | Departure from University of After-Hours Users

After-hours access to the Physics Library is available only to selected Stanford faculty and students with specific needs for physics and astronomy literature. After-hours use allows access to the materials and facilities of the Physics Library during unstaffed times. The Library's reserve collection is not available when the Library is closed.

Responsibilities of After-Hours Users

24-hour access to the Physics Library is a privilege that is granted only by the Physics Library. This privilege is granted to individuals and cannot be shared or transferred from one user to another.

Responsibilities of after-hours users include the following:

  • familiarity with the information and resources in the Library;
  • charging all materials out before leaving the Library;
  • understanding that Library doors are locked at all times and that non-access holders are not allowed entry; and
  • knowledge of emergency procedures.

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Procedure at Closing Time

When staff close the Library at the end of each day, they will flash the Library lights off and then on again. At that time all users, including those with after-hours access, must leave the Library. After leaving, after-hours users may scan their cards, one at a time, to re-enter the Library. After-hours users may leave their study materials in the Library while they step out to scan in again.

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Eligible users include Stanford University Physics and Applied Physics departments':

  • faculty;
  • graduate students;
  • undergraduate students with a declared Physics major; and
  • postdoctoral appointees.

Faculty from related Stanford University departments who have specific needs also may obtain access. Graduate students from related departments may obtain access upon written request from their advisor stating a valid need for after-hours use of physics and astronomy literature.

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Application for Access

To begin the application process, contact

Applicants must have a current, bar-coded Stanford ID card and have no outstanding library fines or overdues. Attendance at an orientation tour of the Physics Library's information resources is also required.

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Tour of Information Resources

The Library tour/orientation will include a description of journal, book, and online resources, and after-hours user responsibilities. After the tour, the Librarian will sign a completed After-Hours Checklist and activate after-hours access.

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Departure from University of After-Hours Users

When a user leaves Stanford University, after-hours access to the Physics Library no longer is available to that user.

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Last modified: October 5, 2009

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