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The Astronomers (series title)
Los Angeles, Calif.: PBS Video c1991
6 VHS videocassettes (60 min. each)
Closed-captioned for the hearing impaired
ZY2.126 Program 1: Where is the Rest of the Universe?
ZY2.126 Program 2: Searching for Black Holes
ZY2.126 Program 3: A Window to Creation
ZY2.126 Program 4: Waves of the Future
ZY2.126 Program 5: Stardust
ZY2.126 Program 6: Prospecting for Planets

Black Holes and Warped Space Time
New York, NY: W.H. Freeman; San Francisco, CA: Distributed by Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 1992
1 VHS videocassette (45 min)

Clarity of Explanations in Natural Sciences and Engineering Courses
Stanford, Calif.: Stanford Instructional Television Network, c1995
1 VHS videocassette (82 min)

Creating Magnetic Fields
Princeton, NJ: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, c1987
1 VHS videocassette (10.5 min)

Discovering Women: High Energy Physicist Melissa Franklin
Boston: WGBH Educational Foundation; Princeton, N.J.: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, c1995
1 VHS videocassette (60 min)
Closed captioned for the hearing impaired
Profiles the first woman to become a tenured professor in Harvard University's Physics Department, with insights into her research on subatomic particles.

The Generation of Current
Princeton, NJ: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, c1987
1 VHS vidoecassette (12 min)
Thin, freely moving iron needles are placed on a panel between the north and south poles of a powerful magnet; the magnetic field is clearly apparent. When a copper wire breaks the lines of magnetic force, an electric current is generated in the wire. Model cars illustrate that when a magnet is placed so that a revolving coil interrupts the magnetic field, a current is generated.

High Temperature Superconductivity Symposium
New York: The Society, c1987
4 VHS videocassettes (553 min total)
A videotape conference recorded live at the New York City Hilton Hotel, March 18, 1987. Opening remarks by Neil Ashcroft, Cornell University, Myron Strongin, Brookhaven National Laboratory and Si Moss, University of Houston; moderator, M. Brian Maple, University of California, San Diego.
ZY2.7 Tapes 1-4

Nova: The Best Mind Since Einstein
Boston: WGBH Educational Foundation, c1993
1 VHS videocassette (54 min)
NOVA pressents a profile of the late Richard Feynman - atomic bomb pioneer, Nobel prize-winning physicist, acclaimed teacher and all-around eccentric.

Nova: Rollercoaster
Boston: WGBH Educational Foundation, c1993
1 VHS videocassette (56 min)
Explores the design and construction of roller coasters and how physics principles apply to roller coasters.

Patterns of Electromagnetic Fields
Princeton, NJ: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, c1987
1 VHS videocassette (12.5 min)
Experiments employing iron filings and wire through which an electric current flows demonstrate the formation of magnetic fields around straight and coiled wires.

Physics Demonstrations in Mechanics
Lakeville, MN: Physics Curriculum & Instruction, 1990-1994
6 VHS videocassettes (total 162 min)
ZY2.132 Tapes 1-6

Skywatching: A Video Guide to the Daytime Sky
New York: Purple Crayon Productions, c1991
1 VHS videocassette (40 min)
A visual depiction of the daytime sky accompanied by a narrative filled with facts and folklore on the sky, the sun, clouds, weather and weather hazards.
Gene Galusha, narrator

Superconductivity, Challenge for the Future
Washington, D.C.: AVCOM/CMC Corp., 1987
7 VHS videocassettes (840 min total)
ZY2.1 tapes 1-7

Symposium on High Temperature Superconductors (Anaheim, Calif. 1987)
Pittsburgh, PA: Materials Research Society, c 1987
4 videocassettes (total 425 minutes)
All Presentations in English
Symposium organizers: Michael Schluter, AT&T Bell Laboratories, Donald U. Gubser, Naval Research Laboratory
ZY2.8 Tapes 1-4

Universe, The Infinite Frontier (series title)
Fountain Valley, Calif. : Coastline Community College: Coast Telecourses c1994
26 VHS videocassettes (ca. 29 min. each)
Closed-captioned for the hearing impaired
Narrators, Jack Carroll, Kate Porter
ZY2.139 Program 1: Scale of the Cosmos
ZY2.139 Program 2: The Sky
ZY2.139 Program 3: Cycles of the Sky
ZY2.139 Program 4: The Origin of Modern Astronomy
ZY2.139 Program 5: Newton, Einstein, and Gravity
ZY2.139 Program 6: The Tools of Astronomy
ZY2.139 Program 7: Atoms and Starlight
ZY2.139 Program 8: The Sun
ZY2.139 Program 9: Stellar Properties
ZY2.139 Program 10: Stellar Formation
ZY2.139 Program 11: Lives of Stars
ZY2.139 Program 12: The Deaths of Stars
ZY2.139 Program 13: Neutrons, Stars and Black Holes
ZY2.139 Program 14: The Milky Way
ZY2.139 Program 15: Galaxies
ZY2.139 Program 16: Peculiar Galaxies
ZY2.139 Program 17: The Big Bang
ZY2.139 Program 18: The Fate of the Universe
ZY2.139 Program 19: The Origin of the Solar System
ZY2.139 Program 20: Planet Earth
ZY2.139 Program 21: The Moon and Mercury
ZY2.139 Program 22: Venus and Mars
ZY2.139 Program 23: Jupiter and Saturn
ZY2.139 Program 24: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto
ZY2.139 Program 25: Meteorites, Asteroids and Comets
ZY2.139 Program 26: Life on Other Planets

Uses of the Electromagnet
Princeton, NJ: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, c1987
1 VHS videocassette (9 min)
A series of experiments explain aspects of electromagnetism. The program also discusses the practical applications of electromagnets in such everyday objects as a doorbell.

The Video Encyclopedia of Physics Demonstrations
Los Angeles, Calif.: The Education Group & Associates, c1992
25 videodiscs
A videodisc survey of physics demonstrations
ZVD.490 Disc 1: Units & Vectors; Linear Kinematics; Linear Dynamics
ZVD.490 Disc 2: Motion in a Plane; Inertia; Action & Reaction
ZVD.490 Disc 3: Friction; Work, Energy & Power; Center of Mass
ZVD.490 Disc 4: Statics
ZVD.490 Disc 5: Collisions; Rotational Kinematics
ZVD.490 Disc 6: Rotational Acceleration and Energy
ZVD.490 Disc 7: Conservation of Angular Momentum; Precession; Rotational Phenomena; Gravitation
ZVD.490 Disc 8: Elasticity; Oscillations
ZVD.490 Disc 9: Resonance; Mechanical Waves; Standing Waves
ZVD.490 Disc 10: Sound Production; Properties of Sound
ZVD.490 Disc 11: Standing Sound Waves; Gas Pressure
ZVD.490 Disc 12: Fluid Pressure; Buoyancy
ZVD.490 Disc 13: Fluid Dynamics; Surface Tension
ZVD.490 Disc 14: Viscosity; Thermal Phenomena; Heat Transfer
ZVD.490 Disc 15: Laws of Thermodynamics; Phase Change
ZVD.490 Disc 16: Kinetic Theory; Crystals and Low Temperature; Thermoelectricity; Electric Charges
ZVD.490 Disc 17: Electrostatic Induction; Electric Fields; Resistance and DC Circuits
ZVD.490 Disc 18: Voltage Drops & 1^2R Losses; Non-Ohmic Resistance; Electrochemical Effects; Capacitance & RC Circuits
ZVD.490 Disc 19: Magnetism and Magnetic Fields; Magnetic Fields From Currents; Magnetic Properties of Matter
ZVD.490 Disc 20: Magnetic Forces on Currents; Electromagnetic Induction; Eddy Currents; Hysteresis
ZVD.490 Disc 21: Inductance and CR Circuits, LRC Circuits; Electromagnetic Waves; Plane Mirrors
ZVD.490 Disc 22: Curved Mirrors, Refraction and Internal Reflection; Lenses
ZVD.490 Disc 23: Diffraction; Interference; Spectra and Color
ZVD.490 Disc 24: Polarization; Optical Activity; Quantum Physics
ZVD.490 Disc 25: Atomic Physics; Nuclear Physics

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