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New Books June 2007

All Astronomy | All Chemistry | All Engineering | All Physics


Astronomical Photometry

TITLE: The future of photometric, spectrophotometric and polarimetric standardization : proceedings of a meeting held in Blankenberge, Belgium, 8-11 May, 2006
EDITOR: Christiaan Sterken
IMPRINT: San Francisco, Calif.: Astronomical Society of the Pacific, c2007
SERIES: Astronomical Society of the Pacific conference series; v. 364
SUBJECTS: Astronomical photometry--Congresses; Astronomical spectroscopy--Congresses; Red shift--Congresses; Polarization spectroscopy--Congresses
CALL: QB1 .A8133 V.364


TITLE: Numerical methods in astrophysics: An introduction
EDITORS: Peter Bodenheimer, Gregory P. Laughlin, Michal Ró·zyczka, and Harold W. Yorke
IMPRINT: New York: Taylor & Francis
SERIES: Series in astronomy and astrophysics
SUBJECTS: Astrophysics--Mathematics; Hydrodynamics; Radiative transfer; Differential equations, Partial--Numerical solutions
CALL: QB462.3 .N86 2007


TITLE: Laboratory simulation of solar system processes and exploration of small solar system objects
EDITORS: D. Sears and D.C. Boice
IMPRINT: Oxford: Elsevier, 2007
SERIES: Advances in space research; v. 39, no. 3
SUBJECTS: Comets; Astrophysics--Research--Simulation methods; Astrophysics--Research--Experiments; Solar system
CALL: QC801 .A4 V.39:NO.3


TITLE: Quantum analogues: From phase transitions to black holes and cosmology
EDITORS: William G. Unruh and Ralf Schützhold
IMPRINT: Berlin; New York: Springer, c2007
SERIES: Lecture notes in physics; 718
SUBJECTS: Quantum cosmology--Congresses; Black holes (Astronomy)--Congresses
CALL: QB991 .Q36 Q36 2007


TITLE: Solar polarization 4 : proceedings of a meeting held in Boulder, Colorado, USA, 19-23 September 2005
EDITORS: R. Casini and B. W. Lites
IMPRINT: San Francisco, CA: Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series ASPCS, 2006
SERIES: Astronomical Society of the Pacific conference series; v. 358
SUBJECTS: Solar polarimetry--Congresses; Solar magnetic fields--Congresses; Polarization (Light)--Congresses
CALL: QB1 .A8133 V.358

Teaching & Research

TITLE: Organizations and strategies in astronomy
EDITOR: André Heck
IMPRINT: Dordrecht; Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, c2000-
SERIES: Astrophysics and space science library
SUBJECT: Astronomy--Research; Astronomy--Societies, etc.; Communication in astronomy.
CALL: QB61 .O74 2000 V.1-7


Quantum Chemistry

AUTHOR: Evarestov, Robert Aleksandrovich
TITLE: Quantum chemistry of solids: the LCAO first principles treatment of crystals
IMPRINT: Berlin; London: Springer, 2007
SERIES: Springer series in solid-state sciences; v. 153
SUBJECTS: Quantum chemistry; Solids
CALL: QD462 .E84 2007


Biomedical Engineering

TITLE: Advances in medical engineering
EDITOR: Thorsten M. Buzug
IMPRINT: Berlin; New York: Springer, c2007
SERIES: Springer proceedings in physics; 114
SUBJECT: Biomedical engineering
CALL: R856 .A64 2007

Nanostructured Materials

TITLE: Molecular building blocks for nanotechnology: From diamondoids to nanoscale materials and applications
EDITORS: G. Ali Mansoori ... [et al.]
IMPRINT: New York: Springer, c2007
SERIES: Topics in applied physics; v. 109
SUBJECT: Nanotechnology
CALL: T174.7 .M64 2007


TITLE: High power diode lasers: Technology and applications
EDITORS: Friedrich Bachmann, Peter Loosen, and Reinhart Poprawe
IMPRINT: New York: Springer, c2007
SERIES: Springer series in optical sciences; 128
SUBJECTS: Semiconductor lasers; Diodes, Semiconductor
CALL: TA1700 .H535 2007

CONFERENCE: International Conference on X-ray Lasers (10th: 2006: Berlin, Germany)
TITLE: X-ray lasers 2006: Proceedings of the 10th international conference, August 20-25, 2006, Berlin, Germany
EDITORS: P.V. Nickles and K.A. Janulewicz
IMPRINT: Dordrecht: Springer, 2007
SERIES: Springer proceedings in physics; v. 115
SUBJECT: X ray lasers
CALL: TA1707 .I58 2006

TITLE: Photorefractive materials and their applications
EDITORS: Peter Günther and Jean-Pierre Huignard
IMPRINT: New York, NY: Springer, c2006-
SERIES: Springer series in optical sciences; 113-115
SUBJECTS: Photorefractive materials; Electrooptics--Materials; Holography; Image processing
CALL: TA1750 .P47 2006 V.1-3

TITLE: Surface plasmon nanophotonics
EDITORS: Mark L. Brongersma and Pieter G. Kik
IMPRINT: Dordrecht: Springer, c2007
SERIES: Springer series in optical sciences; 131
SUBJECTS: Photonics; Nanostructured materials--Optical properties
CALL: TA1522 .S87 2007


Critical Phenomena

AUTHOR: Herbut, Igor
TITLE: A modern approach to critical phenomena
IMPRINT: Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2007
SUBJECTS: Critical phenomena (Physics); Renormalization group
CALL: QC173.4 .C74 H47 2007

Elementary Particle Physics

AUTHOR: Giunti, Carlo
TITLE: Fundamentals of neutrino physics and astrophysics
IMPRINT: Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2007
SUBJECTS: Neutrinos; Neutrino astrophysics
CALL: QC793.5 .N42 .G58 2007

AUTHOR: Rudmin, Joseph D.
TITLE: Thoughts on the electron mass
IMPRINT: Harrisonburg, VA: James Madison University, c2006
SERIES: Lecture notes in physics; 700
SUBJECTS: Electrons; Symmetry (Physics); Relativity (Physics)
CALL: QC793.5 .E62 R83 2006

TITLE: Slow heavy-particle induced electron emission from solid surfaces
EDITORS: HP. Winter and J. Burgdörfer
IMPRINT: Berlin: Springer, 2007
SERIES: Springer tracts in modern physics; v. 225
CALL: Shelved by series title

Gravitational Theory

TITLE: Fundamental physics
EDITORS: J. Mester ... [et al.]
IMPRINT: Oxford, U.K.; Orlando, FL, U.S.A.: Published for the Committee on Space Research [by] Elsevier, 2007
SERIES: Advances in space research; v. 39, no. 2
SUBJECTS: Gravitation; Gravitational waves; General relativity; Relativistic astrophysics
CALL: QC801 .A4 V.39:NO.2

Nuclear and Particle Physics

AUTHOR: Suhonen, Jouni
TITLE: From nucleons to nucleus: Concepts of microscopic nuclear theory
IMPRINT: Berlin; New York: Springer, c2007
SUBJECTS: Nuclear physics; Nuclear reactions; Nuclear structure
CALL: QC776 .S84 2007


TITLE: New research on optical materials
EDITOR: Sherman J. Litchitika
IMPRINT: New York: Nova Science Publishers, c2007
SUBJECTS: Optical materials; Materials--Research; Materials--Optical properties
CALL: QC374 .N48 2007

Plasma Physics

AUTHOR: Freidberg, Jeffrey P.
TITLE: Plasma physics and fusion energy
IMPRINT: Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2007
SUBJECTS: Plasma (Ionized gases); Controlled fusion
CALL: QC718 .F74 2007


TITLE: Atoms, molecules and clusters in electric fields: Theoretical approaches to the calculation of electric polarizability
EDITOR: George Maroulis
IMPRINT: London: Imperial College Press; Hackensack, NJ: Distributed by World Scientific Publishing, c2006
SERIES: Series in computational, numerical and mathematical methods in sciences and engineering; v. 1
SUBJECTS: Polarizability (Electricity); Atoms; Molecules; Atomic spectroscopy; Cluster theory (Nuclear physics); Collision spectroscopy
CALL: QC173.4 .P64 A76 2006


TITLE: Ageing and the glass transition
EDITORS: Malte Henkel, Michel Pleimling, and Roland Sanctuary
IMPRINT: Berlin; New York: Springer, c2007
SERIES: Lecture notes in physics; 716
SUBJECTS: Glass transition temperature--Congresses; Thermodynamics--Congresses; Polymer solutions--Congresses; Spin glasses--Congresses
CALL: QC173.4 .P65 A44 2007

Quantum Theory

AUTHOR: Alicki, Robert
TITLE: Quantum dynamical semigroups and applications, 2nd rev., corr. and expanded ed.
IMPRINT: Berlin; New York: Springer, c2007
SERIES: Lecture notes in physics; 717
SUBJECTS: Semigroups; Positive systems; Quantum theory
CALL: QC174.17 .S36 A45 2007; Also available to Stanford-affiliated users at: [Link]

Relativity Theory

AUTHOR: Berman, Marcelo Samuel
TITLE: Introduction to general relativity and the cosmological constant problem
IMPRINT: New York: Nova Science Publishers, c2007
SUBJECTS: General relativity; Cosmology
CALL: QC173.6 .B47 2007

String Theory

AUTHOR: Kiritsis, Elias
TITLE: String theory in a nutshell
IMPRINT: Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, c2007
SERIES: In a nutshell
SUBJECTS: String models; Superstring theories
CALL: QC794.6 .S85 K57 2007

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