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New Books March 2007

All Astronomy | All Biology | All Chemistry | All Engineering | All Mathematics & Computer Science | All Physics


Astronautics & Space Travel

TITLE: Small bodies in the solar system: Space debris
EDITORS: J.-C. Worms, L. Jorda, and L. Anselmo
IMPRINT: Shannon: Elsevier, 2006
SERIES: Advances in space research; v. 38 no. 9
SUBJECTS: Space debris--Congresses; Small bodies; Remote observations; In situ observations; COSPAR
CALL: QC801 .A4 V.38:NO.9


AUTHOR: Levin, F. S.
TITLE: Calibrating the cosmos: How cosmology explains our big bang universe
IMPRINT: New York: Springer, c2007
SERIES: Astronomers' universe
SUBJECT: Cosmology--Popular works
CALL: QB982 .L48 2007


TITLE: Mercury, Mars and Saturn
EDITORS: R Grard, P. Masson, and K. Khurana
IMPRINT: Oxford: Elsevier, 2006
SERIES: Advances in space research; v. 38 no. 4
SUBJECTS: Mercury (Planet)--Congresses; Mars (Planet)--Atmosphere--Congresses; Saturn (Planet)--Ring system--Congresses
CALL: QC801 .A4 V.38:NO.4


TITLE: Stellar evolution at low metallicity: Mass loss, explosions, cosmology: Proceedings of a meeting held in Tartu, Estonia, 15-19 August 2005
EDITORS: Henny J.G.L.M. Lamers ... [et al.]
IMPRINT: San Francisco, Calif. : Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2006
SERIES: Astronomical Society of the Pacific conference series; v. 353
SUBJECTS: Stars--Evolution--Congresses; Supergiant stars--Congresses
CALL: QB1 .A8133 V.353; Also available via the World Wide Web to Stanford-affiliated users: [Link]


Biological Transport

CONFERENCE: Nobel Symposium (131st: 2005: Bäckaskog Slott, Sweden)
TITLE: Controlled nanoscale motion
EDITORS: Heiner Linke and Alf Månsson
IMPRINT: Berlin; New York: Springer, c2007
SUBJECTS: Biological transport, Active--Regulation; Ultrastructure (Biology); Nanotechnology.
CALL: QH509 .N63 2005



TITLE: Progress in understanding of polymer crystallization
EDITORS: Günter Reiter and Gert R. Strobl
IMPRINT: Berlin; London: Springer, 2007
SERIES: Lecture notes in physics; v. 714
SUBJECTS: Crystallization; Crystalline polymers
CALL: QD382 .C78 P76 2007

AUTHOR: Toyota, Naoki
TITLE: Low-dimensional molecular metals
IMPRINT: Berlin; New York: Springer, c2007
SERIES: Springer series in solid-state sciences; 154
SUBJECTS: Conducting polymers; One-dimensional conductors; Molecular electronics
CALL: QD382 .C66 L69 2007



AUTHOR: Moliton, André
TITLE: Basic electromagnetism and materials
IMPRINT: New York: Springer, c2007
SUBJECTS: Materials--Electric properties; Materials--Magnetic properties; Electromagnetism
CALL: TA403.6 .M5885 2007

Mathematics & Computer Science

Fluid Mechanics

AUTHOR: Lim, Chjan
TITLE: Vorticity, statistical mechanics, and Monte Carlo simulation
IMPRINT: New York: Springer, c2007
SERIES: Springer monographs in mathematics
SUBJECTS: Fluid mechanics; Statistical mechanics; Mathematical physics
CALL: QA911 .L466 2007

Mathematical Optimization

AUTHOR: Schneider, Johannes J.
TITLE: Stochastic optimization
IMPRINT: Berlin; New York: Springer, c2006
SERIES: Scientific computation
SUBJECT: Mathematical optimization
CALL: QQA402.5 .S36 2006


Condensed Matter Physics

TITLE: Computer simulation studies in condensed-matter physics XVIII: Proceedings of the eighteenth workshop, Athens, GA, USA, March 7-11, 2005
EDITORS: D.P. Landau, S.P. Lewis, and H.-B.Schüttler
IMPRINT: Berlin: Springer, c2006
SERIES: Springer proceedings in physics; v. 105
SUBJECTS: Condensed matter--Computer simulation--Congresses; Condensed matter--Mathematical models--Congresses; Monte Carlo method--Congresses; Computer simulation studies; Condensed matter physics
CALL: QC173.457 .C64 C685 2006

Cosmic Rays

AUTHOR: Dorman, Lev I.
TITLE: Cosmic ray interactions, propagation and acceleration in space plasmas
IMPRINT: Dordrecht: Springer, c2006
SERIES: Astrophysics and space science library; v. 339
SUBJECT: Cosmic rays
CALL: QC485 .D67 2006

Electromagnetic Waves

AUTHOR: Franceschetti, Giorgio
TITLE: Scattering, natural surfaces and fractals
IMPRINT: Amsterdam; Boston: Elsevier/Academic Press, c2007
SUBJECTS: Electromagnetic waves--Scattering--Mathematical models; Surfaces (Physics)--Mathematical models
CALL: QC665.S3 F73 2007

Fluid Mechanics

AUTHOR: Howe, M. S.
TITLE: Hydrodynamics and sound
IMPRINT: Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2007
SUBJECTS: Hydrodynamics--Mathematical models; Fluid dynamics--Mathematical models; Waves; Sound
CALL: QC151 .H69 2007

Heat Transfer

TITLE: Microscale and nanoscale heat transfer
EDITORS: Sebastian Volz; in collaboration with Rémi Carminati, Patrice Chantrenne, Stefan Dilhaire, Séverine Gomez, Nathalie Trannoy, and Gilles Tessier.
IMPRINT: Berlin: Springer, c2007
SERIES: Topics in applied physics; v. 107
SUBJECTS: Heat--Transmission; Microelectronics
CALL: QC320 .M53 2007; Also available via the World Wide Web to Stanford-affiliated users: [Link]


AUTHOR: White, Robert M.
TITLE: Quantum theory of magnetism: Magnetic properties of materials, 3rd, completely rev. ed.
IMPRINT: Berlin: Springer, c2007
SERIES: Springer series in solid-state sciences; 32
SUBJECTS: Quantum theory; Magnetism; Magnetic susceptibility
CALL: QC754.2 .Q34 W48 2007

Mathematical Physics

AUTHOR: Adams, Stefan
TITLE: Lectures on mathematical statistical mechanics
IMPRINT: Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 2006
SERIES: Communications of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. Series A (Theoretical physics); no. 30
SUBJECT: Statistical mechanics
CALL: QC174.82 .A33 2006


TITLE: Middle and upper atmospheres, active experiments, and dusty plasmas
EDITORS: M.A. Shea ... [et al.]
IMPRINT: Kidlington, Oxford, U.K.; Orlando, F : Published for the Committee on Space Research [by] Elsevier, 2006
SERIES: Advances in space research; v. 38, no. 11
SUBJECT: Middle atmosphere; Atmosphere, Upper; Dusty plasmas
CALL: QC801 .A4 V.38:NO.11


AUTHOR: Al-Azzawi, Abdul
TITLE: Light and optics: Principles and practices
IMPRINT: Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, c2007
SUBJECTS: Light; Optics; Optics--Industrial applications
CALL: QC355.3 .A42 2007

AUTHOR: Hariharan, P.
TITLE: Basics of interferometry, 2nd ed.
IMPRINT: Amsterdam; Boston: Elsevier Academic Press, c2007
SUBJECTS: Interferometry
CALL: QC411 .H35 2007

TITLE: Light scattering in solids, v. 9
EDITORS: M.Cardona; with contributions by M. H. Brodsky [and others]
IMPRINT: New York, Springer, 1975-
SERIES: Topics in applied physics
SUBJECTS: Light--Scattering; Raman effect; Semiconductors--Optical properties; Solids--Optical properties
CALL: QC427.4 .L53 V.9

TITLE: Quantum imaging
EDITOR: Mikhail I. Kolobov
IMPRINT: New York: Springer, c2007
SUBJECTS: Quantum optics; Image processing
CALL: QC446.2 .Q34 2007

AUTHOR: Scharf, Toralf
TITLE: Polarized light in liquid crystals and polymers
IMPRINT: Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Interscience, c2007
SUBJECTS: Polarization (Light); Liquid crystals; Polymer liquid crystals; Light--Transmission
CALL: QC441 .S33 2007

TITLE: Very high resolution photoelectron spectroscopy
EDITOR: Stefan Hüfner
IMPRINT: Berlin; New York: Springer, c2007
SERIES: Lecture notes in physics; 715
SUBJECTS: Photoelectron spectroscopy; High resolution electron microscopy
CALL: QC454 .P48 V47 2007

Physics of Sports

AUTHOR: Fontanella, John Joseph
TITLE: The physics of basketball
IMPRINT: Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2006
SUBJECTS: Physics; Basketball; Force and energy; Human mechanics
CALL: QC26 .F66 2006

Quantum Theory

AUTHOR: Biswas, Anjan, Dr.
TITLE: Introduction to non-Kerr law optical solitons
IMPRINT: Boca Raton, FL: Chapman & Hall/CRC, c2007
SERIES: Chapman & Hall/CRC applied mathematics and nonlinear science series
SUBJECTS: Solitons; Nonlinerar waves; Nonlinear optics; Optical communications
CALL: QC174.26.W28 B56 2007

AUTHOR: Srednicki, Mark Allen
TITLE: Quantum field theory
IMPRINT: Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007
SUBJECTS: Quantum field theory; Quantum field theory--Problems, exercises, etc.
CALL: QC174.45 .S74 2007

Remote Sensing

TITLE: Remote sensing of oceanographic processes and land surfaces; space science education and outreach
EDITORS: M.A. Shea ... [et al.]
IMPRINT: Oxford: Elsevier, 2006
SERIES: Advances in space research; v. 38, no. 10
SUBJECTS: Oceanography--Remote sensing; Earth sciences--Remote sensing; Astronomy
CALL: QC801 .A4 V.38:NO.10

Semiconductor Physics

AUTHOR: Meier, Torsten
TITLE: Coherent semiconductor optics: From basic concepts to nanostructure applications
IMPRINT: Berlin; New York: Springer, c2007
SUBJECT: Semiconductors--Optical properties
CALL: QC611.6.O6 M45 2007

AUTHOR: Wissmann, Peter
TITLE: Electrical resistivity of thin metal films
IMPRINT: Berlin; London: Springer, 2007
SERIES: Springer tracts in modern physics; v. 223
SUBJECTS: Metallic films--Electric properties; Electric resistance--Measurement
CALL: Shelved by series title

Statistical Physics

AUTHOR: Yoshioka, Daijiro
TITLE: Statistical physics: An introduction
IMPRINT: Berlin; New York: Springer, c2007
SUBJECT: Statistical physics
CALL: QC174.8 .Y67 2007

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