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Donation Programs for Books, Journals, and Media

Only active programs are included in this list, which is reviewed every six months to ensure currency. If you discover that an agency has ceased activity or that information has changed, please let us know so we can update the listing. We are happy to add any active agency to the list. Please send address, contact information, and a brief description of materials desired, to

General Guidelines

  • Contact the specific institution in advance to make sure it is still accepting materials and that its needs are met.
  • Plan your shipment by sorting, weeding, and discarding inappropriate materials before sending. Sending inappropriate materials is more harmful than sending none.


    Agency/Contact Information Guidelines/Information
    Adventist Development and Relief Agency
    (Charity registered with BBI)
    Mr. James P. Lanning
    Director of Acquisitions
    12501 Old Columbia Pike
    Silver Spring, MD 20904
    Tel: (301) 680-6368
    Accepts donations of books not more than 5 years old.
    Africana Librarians Council, Book Donation Committee: Directory of Book Donation Programs The most extensive and up-to-date book donations directory on the Web. Compiled by Gretchen Walsh and the Book Famine Task Force of the African Studies Association (1992). Updated and revised by Deborah M. LaFond, Index by Marieta Harper, Africana Librarians Council, Book Donations Committee, November 2000.

    American Studies Resource Centre
    Institute of Social Science Information
    26 Ly Thuong Kiet Street
    Hanoi, Vietnam

    First established by the American Council of Learned Societies and the Christopher Reynolds Foundation in 1995 to provide Vietnamese students and scholars with sources of information on the United States and its people. The Library has a collection of 2,500 volumes, but funding ceased soon after its inauguration. Libraries are requested to consider donating recently published books and periodicals. Please send any donations directly to the address at left.

    Asia Foundation/Books for Asia
    Melody Zavala, Director
    2490 Verna Court
    San Leandro, CA 94577
    Tel: (510) 667-6475

    Needs medical books in the basic sciences and clinical medicine published in the last five years only. Also needs all books in the humanities, including American studies, Asian studies, international relations, law, etc. Books must have been published within the last 8 years (or be no more than one edition old) and should be in new or near new condition. Classics of literature are very much desired. Please contact to confirm acceptability of donation. Distributes throughout Asia via Foundation field offices.

    Book Aid International
    The Director
    39/41 Coldharbour Lane
    Camberwell, London SE5 9NR
    Tel: +44 20 7733 3577

    Distributes to developing countries. Needs books for children and young adults; fiction; general nonfiction; primary, secondary, and university textbooks less than 15 years old; medical books less than 5 years old; law books from 1920-.

    Book Project
    see World Bank Volunteer Services

    Books for Africa (BFA)
    253 East 4th Street, Suite 200
    St. Paul, MN, USA 55101
    Tel: (651) 602-9844

    Distributes materials to 18 African nations. Needs medical books in the basic sciences and clinical medicine published in the last 8 years only; atlases less than 5 years old; encyclopedias less than 8 years old or most current; educational textbooks in medicine, science, social science and the humanities less than 8 years old; secondary level textbooks; university textbooks in business and economics, political science, sociology, physiology, statistics, law, history, geography, pure sciences, business administration, languages, arts-journalism, general education, early childhood education, library sciences, primary secondary, and adult level teaching methodology; general reading including literature, fiction, non-fiction library books. Also accepts magazines on wildlife and animal life and other educational magazines. Contact for donation instructions.

    Books for Children of the World
    (Charity registered with BBI)
    Rev. David High
    14300 Benson Road
    Edmond, OK 73013
    Tel: (405) 721-7417

    Bridge to Asia Foundation
    Jeffrey A. Smith, Ed.D, President

    665 Grant Avenue
    San Francisco, CA 94108-2430
    Tel: (415) 678-2990

    Shipping address:

    Bridge to Asia
    Foreign Trade Services
    Pier 23
    San Francisco, CA 94111

    Distributes books to universities in the People's Republic of China, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Needs graduate, undergraduate, and professional level books in all fields of the medicine, humanities, the social, natural and physical sciences, including American minority cultures, theater, fine and performing arts, history, language, literature, and women's studies; works of biography, letters and essays; reference works including recent encyclopedias, atlases, almanacs, dictionaries, thesauruses, TOEFL and TESL books; and US university catalogues.

    The British Council
    Contact the British Council in your country of service.
    Distributes in any country in which the British Council has an office. Distributes a variety of books.
    Brother's Brother Foundation (BBF)
    Tori Wolan, Program Director
    International Education Program
    1501 Reedsdale Street, Suite 3005
    Pittsburgh, PA 15233 USA
    Tel: (412) 321-3160
    The BBF International Education Program functions as a link between education resources and development through shipments of books and educational supplies which are necessary to establish and enhance literacy programs.
    Accepts new books ranging from elementary and secondary to college, medical and general library books. Donations usually in large quantities of 20,000 volumes or more, 20 or more copies per title. BBF works with schools and other organizations administrating education and/or literacy programs.

    California-Indonesia Education Foundation (CALINDEF)
    Attn: Dr. Irving Pearson
    2650 Ryan Road
    Concord, CA 94518
    Tel: (510) 682-5563

    Distributes medical journals and texts to universities and medical schools in Indonesia. Accepts medical books and journals in the basic sciences and clinical medicine published in the last 5-10 years. Also accepts items regarding English language and literature; education; agriculture; public health; basic and applied sciences; engineering; law; business; economics; and computer technology.

    Cuba-America Jewish Mission
    Local Contact:
    June Safran
    Executive Director
    444 34th St.
    Oakland, CA 94609
    Tel: (510) 526-7173

    A non-profit organization dedicated to assisting the revitalization of Jewish life in Cuba and to working to improve the physical an spiritual well-being of the Jews of Cuba. Part of this effort includes development of libraries emphasizing relevant works in or translated into Spanish. Needs Jewish literature and philosophy for all ages written in or translated into Spanish. Also need curriculum ideas and teaching materials for holidays and concepts of Jewish religion. Spanish/Hebrew dictionaries and Spanish/English dictionaries would be useful.

    Darien Book Aid Plan
    1926 Post Road
    Darien, CT 06820
    Tel: (203) 655-2777

    Distribution to Peace Corps volunteers, teachers, libraries, and schools all over the world and, in the United States, to libraries, prisons, hospitals, Native Americans, and Appalachia. Needs new and used books addressing subjects including science, business, medicine, grammar, literature, classics, fiction, non-fiction, children's books, textbooks in most subjects. Accepts medical books in the basic sciences and clinical medicine published in the last 10 years only. Send regular U.S. postal rate (NOT UPS) so the package will not be returned to sender.

    Direct Relief International (DRI)
    Susan Fowler, Senior Program Officer
    27 South La Patera Lane
    Santa Barbara, CA 93117-3251
    Tel: (805) 964-4767
    Fax: (805) 681-4838

    Distributes Physician's Desk Reference. Provides pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and refurbished equipment to health facilities and health projects serving the needy in medically less-developed areas of the world. Provides emergency assistance to refugees and other victims of natural disasters and civil strife.

    Global Links
    4809 Penn Avenue, 2nd Floor
    Pittsburgh, PA 15224
    Tel: (412) 361-3424
    Fax: (412) 361-4950

    Distributes to over 40 developing countries around the World, including the United States. Needs medical supplies including hospital furnishings, diagnostic, therapeutic, and laboratory equipment, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, surgical gloves, gowns, surgical sutures, catheters, intravenous tubing, specimen cups, syringes, bandages, and oxygen masks.

    Attn: Josie Everett
    655 13 Street, Suite 200
    Oakland, CA 94612
    Tel: (510) 839-4280

    Provides literature to childrens and maternity hospitals in St. Peterburg, Russia. Needs journals published in the past 2-3 years, especially in pediatrics, neonatology, obstetrics, cardiology, and cardiac surgery. Also needs medical books in the basic sciences and clinical medicine published in the last 3 years only.

    Hetrick-Martin Institute
    (Charity registered with BBI)
    Frances Kunreuther, Executive Director
    Two Astor Place, Third Floor
    New York, N.Y. 10003
    Tel: (212) 674-2400
    TTY: (212) 674-8595

    Hospital Clínico Quirúrgico "Hnos. Ameijeiras"
    Servicio de Cirugia Cardiovascular
    San Lázaro #701, Centro Habana
    Ciudad de la Habana, Cuba. CP 10300
    Tel: 576021

    This small library serves as the center of reference for cardiac surgery, serving 25 physicians as well as residents who come from all over Cuba for training. Need any materials relating to cardiology, including current journals and textbooks of cardiac surgery and cardiology by authors such as Kirklin, Doty, Cooley, De Backey, Braunwald, Hurst and others.

    International Book Project (IBP)
    Attn: Ken DeGilio, Executive Director
    1440 Delaware Avenue
    Lexington, KY 40505
    Tel: (859) 254-6771

    Sends needed quality books to the most remote locations including schools, churches, communities, colleges in over 100 developing countries. Donors are matched with a foreign recipient who in turn sends a written thank you to the American donor establishing a global friendship. Needs medical and nursing books (less than 10 years old) and journals (less than 5 years old) in the basic sciences and clinical medicine. Also needs basic subject textbooks - pre-kindergarten through graduate school level, as well as library books, medical and nursing books, and National Geographics. Call for donation procedures before sending. Supply list of materials prior to shipment.

    International Educational Services
    (Books to Schools in Ghana)
    Natalie E. Gray, Ph.D.
    385 Park Place
    Brooklyn, NY 11238

    Distributes books and supplies to primary and secondary schools in two rural communities in Ghana, West Africa, primarily to children who have never had real books. Needs books appropriate for primary and secondary school students, e.g., dictionaries, encyclopedias, teen literature, science books, geography texts, and reference books.

    Jerusalem Association Children's Home Public Library and Information Center

    US Contact:
    Rebecca Atnafou
    After-School Strategist
    2 East Read St.
    Baltimore, MD 21202
    Tel: (410) 415-5661

    A nonprofit organization providing assistance to orphan children and participating in development programs to support the urban and rural population in Ethiopia. Requesting books, journals, and media in subjects of economics; educational, agricultural and health planning; governance; development; academic issues; business; career development; change management; communication skills; economics and finance; health and safety; human resource management; information technology; team building; training and coaching; negotiation skills; psychology; sociology; social work; anthropology; reference works; natural history; entomology; and works on Ethiopia.

    Khwarzimic Science Society
    Attn: Muhammad Sabieh Anwar, Joint Secretary
    Centre of Excellence in Solid State Physics
    Punjab University
    Quaid-e-Azam Campus
    Lahore 54590 Pakistan
    Tel: (0) 92 42 5864185

    A not-for-profit academic organization working with very little funding to promote and upgrade the status of the study of science in the educational institutions of Pakistan. The Society also tries to popularize science for the general public. Requesting books and journals on topics of fundamental and applied science, medicine, technology, and engineering. Donor must cover cost of shipping.

    Lions Club  

    Medical Books for China International
    Attn: Mary Zoe Phillips
    13021 East Florence Avenue
    Sante Fe Springs, CA 90670-4505
    Tel: (800) 554-2245 (US only) or (562) 946-8774

    Goal is to provide medical books and other medical educational materials to medical schools, libraries, research centers, institutions, universities, and hospitals in the People's Republic of China. Needs medical books and journals from 1985-current including medical classics; textbooks; recent monographs; medical reference books; dictionaries; retrieval media; and minutes and proceedings of international symposia and conferences in all specialties (bio-medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, nursing, psychiatry, animal laboratory, veterinary medicine and allied specialties). Complete sets of bound journals are preferred. Also needs audio and video tapes and computer discs with notation of subject and PC compatability.

    Medical Library Association
    Six North Michigan Avenue, Suite 300
    Chicago, IL 60602-4805
    Tel: (312) 419-9094

    Contact for a complete list or organizations to donate book materials. Needs bound and unbound journals and medical books in basic science and clinical medicine published in the last 5-10 years only. Participation in the program is limited to institutional members of the MLA. Membership is open to established medical and health sciences libraries only.

    Philippine Library Materials Project Foundation (PLMP)
    Attn: Bro. Paul J. Meuten, FMS, President
    Fr. W. Masterson Avenue (Manresa)
    P.O. Box 277
    Cagayan de Oro City 9000, Philippines
    Tel: 63-08822 72-83-56

    Distributes books and journals to the Philippines. Scholarly publications must be less than 10 years old; textbooks and reference works less than 5 years old. Materials must be in English. Needs scholarly publications and tertiary level textbooks in philosophy, religion, social sciences, natural and applied sciences, languages, literature, histories, biographies. Avoid US-specific topical works. Also needs recent reference materials such as handbooks, encyclopedias, and bibliographies; journals in every field, especially complete runs; leisure-reading materials; and reading materials for grade school and high school students. Card catalog cabinets, typewriters and A-V equipment less than ten years old are also welcome.

    Polish American Congress (PAC)
    Charitable Foundation

    c/o Les Kuczynski, National Executive Director
    5711 North Milwaukee Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60646
    Tel: (773) 763-9944

    Distributes textbooks to university and hospital libraries. Recent texts needed in general surgery, pediatrics, nursing, neonatology, obstetrics, cardiology, and geriatrics. Also needed are other medical and technical books; English language educational materials; professional titles and journals addressing science, medicine, information sciences, technology, economics, ecology, and computers.

    Project Handclasp Foundation
    Commander M.C. Tevelson, Director
    Naval Base
    San Diego, CA 92132
    Tel: (619) 532-1492

    Potential donors must contact the Director of Project Handclasp for specific criteria regarding the availability of space, packaging requirements, etc. for each donation. Materials approved for shipment must be delivered by the donor to the Project Handclasp warehouse in San Diego.

    Ranfurly Library Service (RLS)
    (see Book Aid International)
    Rotary International  

    Sabre Foundation
    872 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 2-1
    Cambridge, MA 02139
    Tel: (617) 868-3510
    Fax: (617) 868-7916
    Contact: Tania Vitvitsky, Project Director

    Sabre's Scientific Assistance Project specializes in providing educational and professional materials to institutions and individuals in Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, and selected countries in other regions of the world. Materials needed include new books; journal subscriptions; and special collections in business, economics, computer science, engineering, English language and literature, medicine, science, law, and social sciences.

    Salvation Army  

    Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering
    RVS Nagar
    Chittoor 517127
    Andhra Pradesh India

    Needs engineering books.

    Surgical Aid to Children of the World
    (Charity registered with BAI)
    Ellyn Bronsther
    195 North Village Avenue
    Rockville Centre, NY 11570
    Tel: (516) 374-4118 or (516) 295-1991

    Needs medical books and journals not more than 10 years old.

    Tashkent Institute of Engineers of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization
    (Tashkent Uzbekistan, Central Asia, former Soviet Union)
    c/o Kelly Miller
    World Concern, Supply Service Division
    19802 Highway 99
    Lynnwood WA 98036
    Tel: (425) 771-5700

    Library being set up by a nonprofit US-based educational development organization, Resource Exchange International, Inc. Need computers, monitors, printers, overhead projectors, slide projectors, etc. which can be cheaply converted to 220 volt, 50 Khz power supply are most welcome!
    Textbooks, Journals, (1994-present), and computer software in English are welcome for these following subjects: land hydroreclamation, agricultural mechanization, electric power & automation, land management, economics, agricultural extension, and English. Call first for shipping instructions.

    Tanzania Volunteer Educational Program
    Attn: Lingopola Hilary Isdory
    P.O. Box 2774
    Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

    A group of volunteers building an educational center to benefit disadvantaged rural youth denied a secondary education due to their economic status.
    Requesting secondary level English textbooks on geography, English language, physics, biology, chemistry, math, and technical studies.

    Teacher Training College of Foreign Languages
    Attn: Hannah Wojtan
    Zespol Kolegiow Nauczycielskich
    ul Bydgoska 52
    78-600 Walcz, Poland
    Tel/Fax: +48-67-387-1931

    A college situated in a small town in northern Poland offering a 3-year BA program for future English teachers. Needs English books for students preparing to be English teachers, including children's books; English/American literature; history books; methodology (TEFL materials); psychology; pedagogy; and English magazines and journals.

    Teaching Aids at Low Cost (TALC)
    Attn: Indira Biswas Benbow, Administrator
    PO Box 49
    St. Albans
    Herts AL1 5TX
    United Kingdom
    Tel: (44 1727) 853869

    Distributes low cost health books, slides, and teaching equipment to developing and needy countries.
    Needs materials covering most aspects of primary health care, surgery, anesthetics, nutrition, and other topics at district hospital level. Books and slides on the subject of AIDS are especially needed.

    United States Book Exchange (USBE)
    2969 West 25th Street
    Cleveland, OH 44113
    Tel: (216) 241-6960

    Distributes to libraries in underdeveloped countries and libraries which have severe budgetary problems in all other locations. Needs periodicals in all academic fields, with greatest need in medicine, science, technology and information processing.

    Vietnam Culture Development Society
    80-54 Chevy Chase Street
    Jamaica Estates, NY 11432
    Tel: (609) 442-3043

    Solicits English language books, journals, and school supplies for Vietnam schools. Need textbooks and journals in all subject areas and in all educational levels, trade and reference books, academic monographs, childrens books, CD-ROMs, and school supplies.

    World Bank Volunteer Services Book Project
    1818 H. Street, N.W.
    Room JB3-105; NB1-105
    Washington, DC 20433
    Tel: (202) 473-8960 or (202) 473-6961

    Send donation boxes to:
    World Bank Warehouse
    559-B Commerce Drive
    Upper Marboro, MD 20772
    Tel: (301) 390-4317

    Distributes to developing countries. Needs new and used books in medicine, nursing, nutrition, primary health care, first aid, science; reference (encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases); preschool picture books, teacher-training; English as a second language; technical; vocational; engineering; agriculture; fisheries; forestry; conservation; environment; economics; development; women in development; French and Spanish languages; braille; large print; magazines, e.g., National Geographic tied in bundles of six months or one year. For other subjects, call and indicate category.

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