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Treatment and Repair of Damaged and Deteriorated Materials
The use of library materials causes damage over time. Some library items, regardless of how little they are used, deteriorate due to the aging of the materials of which they are made. The Preservation Department is dedicated to repairing original library materials whenever possible. Our facilities and staff are equipped to repair most library materials. The unit responsible for the treatment or repair depends on the nature and format of the item and its condition.

Books and Other Paper-based Materials
Some books can be commercially bound in order to retain usability; other damaged items require in-house treatment. The Binding & Finishing Unit manages the work out-sourced to commercial binders. The Conservation & Book Repair Unit handles the in-house treatment of printed materials from the libraries' general and special collections.

To determine the type of repair or treatment appropriate for an item in need, and which unit will do the work, refer to:

Media Materials

The repair of damaged media materials from the library collections, such as sound recordings, videotapes, motion picture films, microforms, and computer media, is less straightforward than the repair of paper-based materials. In cases where it is difficult to fully restore the item's usability, replacement of the item is often the most efficient course of action.

However, many of the media materials in SULAIR collections are not easily replaced. In these cases, the items are returned to a condition in which they may be copied onto new media.

The work of repairing damaged media from the circulating collections is administered by Binding & Finishing. Treatment of special collections media materials is handled by Media Preservation.

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