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Serials canceled in FY1999 by the Science and Engineering Libraries: Alphabetical list.
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Serials Cancellations
Notable Acquisitions

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Science & Engineering Resource Group

Final List of Serials Canceled in FY 1999

Branner Earth Sciences | Engineering | Falconer Biology | Mathematical and Computer Sciences | Miller Marine Biology | Physics | Swain Chemistry & Chemical Engineering | All Titles A-Z

All Titles A–Z

Title Publisher Price Canceling Library Available SU Location
ACM Core Publications Package. (2nd copy) Association for Computing Machinery $1,185.00 Math/CS Online
ACM Transactions on Graphics. Assoc. for Computing Machinery $150.00 Engineering Online, Math/CS
ACS Symposium Series American Chemical Society $4,015.00 Chem/ChemEng
Acta crystallographica. A Munksgaard $444.00 Earth Sciences Chem/ChemEng
Acta Crystallographica. Section D. Biological Crystallography. Munksgaard $579.11 Biology Chem/ChemEng
Acta Physiologica Scandinavica. Blackwell $455.50 Biology Medical
Advances in Computers. Academic $110.00 Engineering Math/CS
Advances in Enzyme Regulation. Pergamon (Elsevier) $810.00 Biology Medical
Advances in Second Messenger and Phosphoprotein Research. Lippincott-Raven $377.00 Biology Hopkins, Medical
Advances in x-ray analysis. Plenum $186.00 Earth Sciences Physics
American Chemical Society. Supplemental Materials in Microfiche American Chemical Society $734.00 Chem/ChemEng Online
American Journal of Physiology American Physiological Society $2,243.00 Hopkins Online, Biology, Medical
American men and women of science. R R Bowker $900.00 Earth Sciences Green, Engineering, Chem/ChemEng, Biology
Analele Universitfatii Bucuresti. Editura Univ. Bucuresti $115.00 Earth Sciences
Ancient Biomolecules Harwood (Gordon and Breach) $292.00 Biology
Annales de palbeontologie. Elsevier $466.00 Earth Sciences
Annals of Human Biology. Taylor & Francis $558.00 Biology
Annals of Human Genetics. Cambridge University Press $252.95 Biology Medical
Application of computers and operations research in the mineral industry Soc. Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration $320.00 Earth Sciences
Applications of Management Science. JAI Press $50.00 Engineering Green
Applied Physics. A. Springer $2,059.00 Engineering Online, Physics
Applied Solar Energy. Allerton $1,285.00 Engineering
Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry. Swets-Zeitlinger $435.00 Biology
Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research. Operational Research Society of Singapore $61.00 Engineering Business
Asia-Pacific petroleum directory. PennWell $115.00 Earth Sciences Business
Astronomical Almanac. US GPO $87.00 Engineering Physics
Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables Academic $672.87 Physics
Bay Area directory;city and county governments. Assoc. Bay Area Governments $97.00 Earth Sciences Online, Green
Behavioral Neuroscience. American Psychological Association $464.89 Biology Green, Medical
Bibliographia cartographica. K.G.Saur $103.00 Earth Sciences Green
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications Academic Press $3,007.00 Chem/ChemEng Biology, Medical
Biochemical Genetics. Plenum $708.55 Biology Medical
Biochemical Journal Biochemical Society $1,810.00 Chem/ChemEng Biology, Hopkins, Medical, Online
Biochimica Biophysica Acta Elsevier $6,039.00 Hopkins Biology, Medical
Biological Abstracts BIOSIS $6,730.00 Biology Online
Biological Abstracts/RRM BIOSIS $3,365.00 Biology Online
Biomedical Letters. Faculty Press $338.94 Biology
Biophysics. Pergamon (Elsevier) $2,310.29 Biology
Bioscience Reports. Plenum $469.20 Biology Medical
Biotechnology and Bioengineering. Wiley $3,257.00 Engineering Chem/ChemEng
Boletbin bibliogrbafico. Univ. Oriente $3.00 Earth Sciences
Books in Print Bowker $598.00 Chem/ChemEng Biology, Engineering, Green, Medical, Music, Online
Books in Print Bowker $598.00 Hopkins
Books in Print. Bowker $596.00 Engineering Online, Green
Brain Oxford University Press $450.00 Biology Medical, Online
Britannica Book of the Year. Britannica $123.00 Engineering Online, Green
Brown’s directory of North American and international gas. Advanstar Communications $372.00 Earth Sciences
Bulletin of the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory Allerton $254.88 Physics
Cell and Tissue Research. Springer $4,642.00 Biology Medical, Online
Ceramic abstracts. Am. Ceramic Soc $301.00 Earth Sciences
Chem-Bank on CD-ROM SilverPlatter $1,628.00 Chem/ChemEng
Chem. Abst. Registry Handbk. Number Sect. American Chemical Society $540.00 Chem/ChemEng
Chemical Physics Letters Elsevier $8,368.00 Physics Chem/ChemEng
Chemico-Biological Interactions. Elsevier $2,003.00 Biology
ChemInform Wiley-VCH $3,645.00 Chem/ChemEng Online coming soon
Chinese Astronomy and Astrophysics Pergamon (Elsevier) $1,065.89 Physics
Chinese Physics Letters Science Press $586.21 Physics
Circulation Research (and Supplement). American Heart Association $497.79 Biology Medical, Online
Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems. Gordon and Breach $649.00 Engineering
Combustion, Explosion, and Shock Waves Consultants Bureau $1,657.00 Chem/ChemEng
Computer and control abstracts. Institute of Electronics Engineers $2,160.00 Math/CS Online
Cretaceous research. Academic $722.00 Earth Sciences
Current Chemical Reactions Institute for Scientific Information $1,325.00 Chem/ChemEng
Current References in Fish Research by author $24.00 Hopkins
Cytogenetics and Cell Genetics. Karger $1,994.40 Biology Medical
Data sources. Ziff-Davis $507.43 Math/CS Business
Datamation. Cahners $86.00 Engineering Math/CS
Dataworld. Faulkner Information Services $1,622.00 Math/CS
Derwent Journal of Synthetic Methods Derwent $500.00 Chem/ChemEng Online coming soon
Derwent Journal of Synthetic Methods on CD-ROM Derwent $500.00 Chem/ChemEng Online coming soon
Developmental and Comparative Immunology Pergamon (Elsevier) $1,363.00 Biology Hopkins
Developmental Neuroscience. Karger $617.40 Biology Medical
Developmental Psychobiology. Wiley $1,116.35 Biology
Developments in palaeontology and stratigraphy. Elsevier $231.00 Earth Sciences
Developments in petroleum science. Elsevier $160.00 Earth Sciences
Developments in petrology. Elsevier $193.00 Earth Sciences
Developments in Precambrian geology. Elsevier $191.00 Earth Sciences
Developments in sedimentology. Elsevier $269.00 Earth Sciences
Directory of American Research and Technology Bowker $533.00 Engineering Green
Directory of Published Proceedings. INTERDOK $585.00 Engineering Medical
Directory of Special Libraries and Information Centers. Gale $973.00 Engineering Online, Green
Document imaging systems. Datapro $975.00 Math/CS
Doklady Biochemistry. Consultants (Plenum) $1,160.00 Biology
Doklady Biological Sciences Section. Consultants (Plenum) $1,270.00 Biology
Doklady Biophysics. Consultants (Plenum) $608.42 Biology
Doklady Chemistry Interperiodica $1,402.00 Chem/ChemEng
Doklady Physical Chemistry Interperiodica $1,795.00 Chem/ChemEng
Earth science software directory :a comprehensive directory. Gibb's Assocs. $92.00 Earth Sciences
Economica. London School of Economics $118.00 Engineering Green
EEM, Electrical Engineers Master Catalog (Heffner) United Technical Pubs $100.93 Heffner Engineering
Electrical Engineering in Japan. Scripta Technica (Wiley) $3,767.00 Engineering
Elsevier oceanography series. Elsevier $238.00 Earth Sciences
Encyclopedia of Associations. Gale $556.00 Engineering Online, Business, Green, Medical
Energy statistics yearbook. United Nations. $120.00 Earth Sciences Green (2 copies)
Engineering Optimization. Gordon and Breach $2,328.00 Engineering
Environmental Science & Technology American Chemical Society $992.00 Chem/ChemEng Engineering, Online
Environmental sciences research report. Wiley $163.00 Earth Sciences
Ergonomics Abstracts. Taylor and Francis $1,100.00 Engineering
European Journal of Biochemistry Springer-Verlag $557.00 Chem/ChemEng Biology, Medical, Online
Europhysics Letters Editions de Physique $1,609.93 Heffner Physics and online
Experimental Neurology. Academic $1,580.23 Biology Medical
Experimental Parasitology. Academic $750.00 Biology Medical
FEBS Letters Elsevier $3,514.00 Hopkins Biology, Medical
Fossilium catalogus. Part I Anamalium Kugler Pubs. $231.00 Earth Sciences
GeoDirectory. Products and services GIS World Inc. $86.00 Earth Sciences
GeoDirectory. Data Sources GIS World Inc. $63.00 Earth Sciences
Geomechanics abstracts. Pergamon (Elsevier) $401.00 Earth Sciences
Geophysical Directory Globe Universal $72.00 Earth Sciences
Geophytology Palaeobotanical Soc. $102.00 Earth Sciences
Government Research Directory. Gale $380.00 Engineering Online, Green
Guide to petroleum statistical sources. Am Petroleum Inst. $400.00 Earth Sciences
High Energy Chemistry Interperiodica $1,759.00 Chem/ChemEng
Immunogenetics Springer $1,518.00 Hopkins Online, Medical
Indian minerals yearbook. Indian Bur. Mines $79.00 Earth Sciences
Information intelligence online newsletter. Information Intelligence $63.72 Math/CS Green
Information today. Learned Information Inc. $56.00 Engineering Green
Instrumentation Science & Technology Dekker $688.00 Chem/ChemEng
International Journal of High Performance Computing Sage Science Press $222.00 Physics
International abstracts in operations research. Stockton Press $545.00 Math/CS Business, Engineering
International Aerospace Abstracts. AIAA $1,758.00 Engineering Online
International Applied Mechanics. Consultants (Plenum) $1,626.00 Engineering
International Journal of Fluid Mechanics Research. Scripta Technica (Wiley) $1,009.00 Engineering
International Journal of General Systems. Gordon and Breach $1,468.00 Engineering
International Journal of Radiation Biology. Taylor & Francis $1,390.00 Biology Medical
International oil and gas development; review. Mason Map Service $177.00 Earth Sciences
International petroleum research directory Cartermill $828.00 Earth Sciences
International Research Centers Directory. Gale $534.00 Engineering Online
International research centers directory. Gale $534.00 Earth Sciences
Invertebrate Biology. American Microscopical Society $75.00 Biology Hopkins
ISR: Interdisciplinary Science Reviews Institute of Materials $404.67 Physics
JETP Letters (Heffner only, keep Physics copy) American Institute of Physics $1,659.59 Heffner Physics, Online
Journal of Applied Physics American Institute of Physics $2,590.00 Chem/ChemEng Engineering, Online, Physics, SLAC
Journal of Biological Chemistry American Society for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology $1,631.00 Chem/ChemEng Biology, Hopkins, Medical, Online
Journal of Biological Chemistry Amer. Soc. Biochem. & Mol. Biol. $1,631.00 Hopkins Online, Biology, Medical
Journal of Cellular Physiology. Wiley-Liss $4,072.90 Biology Hopkins, Medical
Journal of Chemical Crystallography Plenum $688.00 Chem/ChemEng
Journal of Chemometrics Elsevier $941.00 Chem/ChemEng
Journal of Chromatography. Part B Elsevier $3,701.00 Chem/ChemEng Medical (Part B only)
Journal of Environmental Quality. American Soc. of Agronomy $181.00 Engineering Biology
Journal of Evolutionary Biochemistry and Physiology. Consultants (Plenum) $1,646.49 Biology
Journal of Financial Economics. Elsevier $1,245.00 Engineering Green
Journal of General Virology. Society for General Microbiology $964.96 Biology Medical
Journal of Inclusion Phenomena and Molecular Recognition Kluwer $795.00 Chem/ChemEng
Journal of Law and Economics. University of Chicago $46.00 Engineering Business
Journal of Liquid Chromatography & Related Technologies Dekker $2,090.00 Chem/ChemEng
Journal of Macromolecular Science. Parts B-C Dekker $2,263.29 Chem/ChemEng
Journal of Membrane Biology. Springer $1,536.00 Biology Hopkins, Medical, Online
Journal of Molecular Biology Academic Press $4,225.00 Chem/ChemEng Biology, Medical, Online
Journal of Neurocytology. Chapman & Hall $1,151.05 Biology Medical
Journal of Parasitology. American Society of Parasitologists $153.04 Biology Medical
Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data American Chemical Society $742.20 Physics Chem/ChemEng, Online
Journal of Reproduction and Fertility. Journals of Reproduction and Fertility $497.17 Biology Medical
Journal of Solution Chemistry Plenum $811.00 Chem/ChemEng
Journal of Supercritical Fluids Elsevier $669.00 Chem/ChemEng
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America Acoustical Society of America/American Institute of Physics $1,102.00 Physics Engineering, Music, Online
Journal of the American Chemical Society American Chemical Society $2,081.82 Chem/ChemEng Chem/ChemEng, Online
Journal of Water Chemistry and Technology =Khimiya i Allerton $1,402.00 Engineering
Kinematics and Physics of Celestial Bodies Allerton $1,080.67 Physics
Kybernetes. MCB University Press $4,600.00 Math/CS
Lecture notes in earth sciences. Springer $102.00 Earth Sciences
Lithuanian Physics Journal Allerton $1,106.16 Physics
MacTech Xplain $47.92 Physics Math/CS, SLAC
Managerial and Decision Economics: MDE. Wiley $842.00 Engineering Business
Materials Science Consultants (Plenum) $1,865.00 Engineering
Mathematics magazine. (Microfilm copy) Mathematics Association of America $89.00 Math/CS
Metal Bulletin's Prices and Data. Metal Bulletin Books $114.00 Engineering Business
Metal Statistics. Cahners $115.00 Engineering Business
Metals Abstracts Cambridge Scientific $4,375.00 Engineering
Methods in geochemistry and geophysics. Elsevier $132.00 Earth Sciences
Methods in Organic Synthesis Royal Society of Chemistry $589.00 Chem/ChemEng Online coming soon
Micron: The International Research and Review Journal for Microscopy. Pergamon (Elsevier) $988.20 Biology
Microscopy Research and Technique. Wiley-Liss $3,869.00 Biology
Mining statistics. South Africa. Dept. Min. Energy Affairs $27.00 Earth Sciences
Moessbauer Effect Reference Journal Moessbauer Effect Data Center $713.65 Physics
Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. Kluwer $3,588.00 Biology Medical
Molecular Biology Consultants (Plenum) $1,745.00 Biology
National Chemical Inventories on CD-ROM Chemical Abstracts Service $1,295.00 Chem/ChemEng
Natural gas industry directory. PennWell $217.00 Earth Sciences
Nature Macmillan $607.00 Heffner Physics and other libraries
Neurobiology of Disease Academic $162.44 Biology Medical
Neurophysiology. Consultants (Plenum) $1,626.10 Biology
Neuroscience and Behavioral Physiology. Consultants (Plenum) $955.00 Biology
Neuroscience Letters. Elsevier $4,662.00 Biology Medical
Northeastern geology and environmental sciences. Northeastern Science Foundation $82.00 Earth Sciences
Notices. (Microfilm copy) American Mathematical Society $79.75 Math/CS
Nuclear Data Sheets Academic $913.47 Physics
Okeanologikila R Akad. Nauk $282.00 Earth Sciences
Optical and Quantum Electronics. Chapman and Hall $1,010.00 Engineering Physics
Paleontologicheskifi zhurnal. Schweizerbart'sche $156.00 Earth Sciences
Parasitology. Cambridge University Press $660.00 Biology Medical, Online
Petroleum software directory. PennWell $227.00 Earth Sciences
Pharmacological Reviews. Williams & Wilkins $145.10 Biology Hopkins
Photonics Directory. Lauren Publishing $83.00 Engineering Physics
Phycologia. International Phycological Association $414.00 Biology Hopkins
Physical Acoustics (Heffner and Physics standing orders) Academic $550.00 Heffner Engineering and Physics
Physical Review A American Physical Society $1,670.00 Chem/ChemEng Online, Physics, SLAC
Physical Review E American Physical Society $1,510.00 Chem/ChemEng Online, Physics
Physics of Fluids American Institute of Physics $1,580.00 Physics Engineering and Electronic
Physics of Fluids American Institute of Physics $1,336.00 Chem/ChemEng Engineering, Online, Physics
Physics of Plasmas American Institute of Physics $1,820.00 Chem/ChemEng Engineering, Online, Physics
Plant Cell / Plant Physiology Amer. Soc. Plant Physiologists $1,402.00 Hopkins Online, Biology
Pollution Abstracts Cambridge Scientific $1,203.00 Engineering Online
Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology. Pergamon (Elsevier) $1,351.86 Biology Hopkins, Medical
Progress in Neurobiology. Pergamon (Elsevier) $2,107.00 Biology Medical
Progress in Reaction Kinetics Elsevier $468.00 Chem/ChemEng
Proyecto energetico Inst. Argentino Energma “General Mosconi” $34.00 Earth Sciences
Radiation Research. Radiation Research Society $595.00 Biology Medical
Receptors & Channels Harwood (Gordon and Breach) $756.00 Hopkins CalTech
Referativnyfi zhurnal.(Geofizika) Vserossiiskii Inst. Nauchnoi I Tekhnicheskoi Informatsii $1,044.00 Earth Sciences
Referativnyi Zhurnal Astronomiia Akad Nauk SSSR $836.46 Physics
Refining & gas processing worldwide directory. PennWell $193.00 Earth Sciences
Remote sensing reviews. Harwood $782.00 Earth Sciences
Research in Microbiology. Elsevier $456.00 Biology Medical
Review of Economic Studies. Blackwell $184.00 Engineering Green
Reviews in Chemical Engineering Freund $331.00 Chem/ChemEng
Reviews in Inorganic Chemistry Freund $320.00 Chem/ChemEng
Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology Springer-Verlag $360.00 Chem/ChemEng
Risk Abstracts. Cambridge $400.00 Engineering Online
Russian Aeronautics Allerton $1,208.00 Engineering
Russian Journal of Developmental Biology. Consultants (Plenum) $1,361.00 Biology
Russian Journal of Ecology. Consultants (Plenum) $1,320.25 Biology
Russian Journal of Genetics. Consultants (Plenum) $1,758.64 Biology
Russian Journal of Plant Physiology. Consultants (Plenum) $1,758.64 Biology
Science American Association for the Advancement of Science $331.34 Heffner Physics and other libraries and online
Seismic instruments Allerton Press $287.00 Earth Sciences
Separation and Purification Methods Dekker $494.00 Chem/ChemEng
Solid State Communications Pergamon (Elsevier) $3,140.00 Engineering Physics
Somatic Cell and Molecular Genetics. Plenum $638.15 Biology Medical
STI Review. OECD $56.00 Engineering Business
Superlattices and Microstructures. Academic $785.00 Engineering Physics
Surface Science Elsevier $9,234.00 Physics Chem/ChemEng, SLAC
Systems Analysis, Modelling, Simulation Gordon and Breach $5,706.00 Engineering
Technological Forecasting and Social Change. Elsevier $645.00 Engineering Business
Technometrics American Statistical Soc. and ASQC $56.00 Engineering Math/CS
Theoretical Chemistry Accounts Springer-Verlag $1,515.00 Chem/ChemEng
Topics in geobiology. Plenum $125.00 Earth Sciences
Vestnik Moskovskogo Universiteta Moskov. Univ. $89.00 Earth Sciences
Virus Research. Elsevier $2,319.00 Biology Medical
Worldwide pipelines and contractors directory. PennWell $128.00 Earth Sciences
Zeitschrift fèur Metallkunde. $573.00 Engineering
Zeitschrift fèur Wirtschaftlichen Fabrikbetrieb : ZWF. Hanser $326.00 Engineering

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