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Serials canceled in FY1999 by the Engineering Library.
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Serials Cancellations
Notable Acquisitions

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Science & Engineering Resource Group

Final List of Serials Canceled in FY 1999

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Engineering Library

Title Publisher Price Canceling Library Available SU Location
ACM Transactions on Graphics. Assoc. for Computing Machinery $150.00 Engineering Online, Math/CS
Advances in Computers. Academic $110.00 Engineering Math/CS
Applications of Management Science. JAI Press $50.00 Engineering Green
Applied Physics. A. Springer $2,059.00 Engineering Online, Physics
Applied Solar Energy. Allerton $1,285.00 Engineering
Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research. Operational Research Society of Singapore $61.00 Engineering Business
Astronomical Almanac. US GPO $87.00 Engineering Physics
Biotechnology and Bioengineering. Wiley $3,257.00 Engineering Chem/ChemEng
Books in Print. Bowker $596.00 Engineering Online, Green
Britannica Book of the Year. Britannica $123.00 Engineering Online, Green
Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems. Gordon and Breach $649.00 Engineering
Datamation. Cahners $86.00 Engineering Math/CS
Directory of American Research and Technology Bowker $533.00 Engineering Green
Directory of Published Proceedings. INTERDOK $585.00 Engineering Medical
Directory of Special Libraries and Information Centers. Gale $973.00 Engineering Online, Green
Economica. London School of Economics $118.00 Engineering Green
Electrical Engineering in Japan. Scripta Technica (Wiley) $3,767.00 Engineering
Encyclopedia of Associations. Gale $556.00 Engineering Online, Business, Green, Medical
Engineering Optimization. Gordon and Breach $2,328.00 Engineering
Ergonomics Abstracts. Taylor and Francis $1,100.00 Engineering
Government Research Directory. Gale $380.00 Engineering Online, Green
Information today. Learned Information Inc. $56.00 Engineering Green
International Aerospace Abstracts. AIAA $1,758.00 Engineering Online
International Applied Mechanics. Consultants (Plenum) $1,626.00 Engineering
International Journal of Fluid Mechanics Research. Scripta Technica (Wiley) $1,009.00 Engineering
International Journal of General Systems. Gordon and Breach $1,468.00 Engineering
International Research Centers Directory. Gale $534.00 Engineering Online
Journal of Environmental Quality. American Soc. of Agronomy $181.00 Engineering Biology
Journal of Financial Economics. Elsevier $1,245.00 Engineering Green
Journal of Law and Economics. University of Chicago $46.00 Engineering Business
Journal of Water Chemistry and Technology = Khimiya i tekhnologiya vody Allerton $1,402.00 Engineering
Managerial and Decision Economics: MDE. Wiley $842.00 Engineering Business
Materials Science Consultants (Plenum) $1,865.00 Engineering
Metal Bulletin's Prices and Data. Metal Bulletin Books $114.00 Engineering Business
Metal Statistics. Cahners $115.00 Engineering Business
Metals Abstracts Cambridge Scientific $4,375.00 Engineering
Optical and Quantum Electronics. Chapman and Hall $1,010.00 Engineering Physics
Photonics Directory. Lauren Publishing $83.00 Engineering Physics
Pollution Abstracts Cambridge Scientific $1,203.00 Engineering Online
Review of Economic Studies. Blackwell $184.00 Engineering Green
Risk Abstracts. Cambridge $400.00 Engineering Online
Russian Aeronautics Allerton $1,208.00 Engineering
Solid State Communications Pergamon (Elsevier) $3,140.00 Engineering Physics
STI Review. OECD $56.00 Engineering Business
Superlattices and Microstructures. Academic $785.00 Engineering Physics
Systems Analysis, Modelling, Simulation Gordon and Breach $5,706.00 Engineering
Technological Forecasting and Social Change. Elsevier $645.00 Engineering Business
Technometrics American Statistical Soc. and ASQC $56.00 Engineering Math/CS
Zeitschrift fèur Metallkunde. $573.00 Engineering
Zeitschrift fèur Wirtschaftlichen Fabrikbetrieb : ZWF. Hanser $326.00 Engineering

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