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Serials canceled in FY1999 by Falconer Biology Library.
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Serials Cancellations
Notable Acquisitions

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Final List of Serials Canceled in FY 1999

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Falconer Biology Library

Title Publisher Price Canceling Library Available SU Location
Acta Crystallographica. Section D. Biological Crystallography. Munksgaard $579.11 Biology Chem/ChemEng
Acta Physiologica Scandinavica. Blackwell $455.50 Biology Medical
Advances in Enzyme Regulation. Pergamon (Elsevier) $810.00 Biology Medical
Advances in Second Messenger and Phosphoprotein Research. Lippincott-Raven $377.00 Biology Hopkins, Medical
Ancient Biomolecules Harwood (Gordon and Breach) $292.00 Biology
Annals of Human Biology. Taylor & Francis $558.00 Biology
Annals of Human Genetics. Cambridge University Press $252.95 Biology Medical
Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry. Swets-Zeitlinger $435.00 Biology
Behavioral Neuroscience. American Psychological Association $464.89 Biology Green, Medical
Biochemical Genetics. Plenum $708.55 Biology Medical
Biological Abstracts BIOSIS $6,730.00 Biology Online
Biological Abstracts/RRM BIOSIS $3,365.00 Biology Online
Biomedical Letters. Faculty Press $338.94 Biology
Biophysics. Pergamon (Elsevier) $2,310.29 Biology
Bioscience Reports. Plenum $469.20 Biology Medical
Brain Oxford University Press $450.00 Biology Medical, Online
Cell and Tissue Research. Springer $4,642.00 Biology Medical, Online
Chemico-Biological Interactions. Elsevier $2,003.00 Biology
Circulation Research (and Supplement). American Heart Association $497.79 Biology Medical, Online
Cytogenetics and Cell Genetics. Karger $1,994.40 Biology Medical
Developmental and Comparative Immunology Pergamon (Elsevier) $1,363.00 Biology Hopkins
Developmental Neuroscience. Karger $617.40 Biology Medical
Developmental Psychobiology. Wiley $1,116.35 Biology
Doklady Biochemistry. Consultants (Plenum) $1,160.00 Biology
Doklady Biological Sciences Section. Consultants (Plenum) $1,270.00 Biology
Doklady Biophysics. Consultants (Plenum) $608.42 Biology
Experimental Neurology. Academic $1,580.23 Biology Medical
Experimental Parasitology. Academic $750.00 Biology Medical
International Journal of Radiation Biology. Taylor & Francis $1,390.00 Biology Medical
Invertebrate Biology. American Microscopical Society $75.00 Biology Hopkins
Journal of Cellular Physiology. Wiley-Liss $4,072.90 Biology Hopkins, Medical
Journal of Evolutionary Biochemistry and Physiology. Consultants (Plenum) $1,646.49 Biology
Journal of General Virology. Society for General Microbiology $964.96 Biology Medical
Journal of Membrane Biology. Springer $1,536.00 Biology Hopkins, Medical, Online
Journal of Neurocytology. Chapman & Hall $1,151.05 Biology Medical
Journal of Parasitology. American Society of Parasitologists $153.04 Biology Medical
Journal of Reproduction and Fertility. Journals of Reproduction and Fertility $497.17 Biology Medical
Micron: The International Research and Review Journal for Microscopy. Pergamon (Elsevier) $988.20 Biology
Microscopy Research and Technique. Wiley-Liss $3,869.00 Biology
Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. Kluwer $3,588.00 Biology Medical
Molecular Biology Consultants (Plenum) $1,745.00 Biology
Neurobiology of Disease Academic $162.44 Biology Medical
Neurophysiology. Consultants (Plenum) $1,626.10 Biology
Neuroscience and Behavioral Physiology. Consultants (Plenum) $955.00 Biology
Neuroscience Letters. Elsevier $4,662.00 Biology Medical
Parasitology. Cambridge University Press $660.00 Biology Medical, Online
Pharmacological Reviews. Williams & Wilkins $145.10 Biology Hopkins
Phycologia. International Phycological Association $414.00 Biology Hopkins
Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology. Pergamon (Elsevier) $1,351.86 Biology Hopkins, Medical
Progress in Neurobiology. Pergamon (Elsevier) $2,107.00 Biology Medical
Radiation Research. Radiation Research Society $595.00 Biology Medical
Research in Microbiology. Elsevier $456.00 Biology Medical
Russian Journal of Developmental Biology. Consultants (Plenum) $1,361.00 Biology
Russian Journal of Ecology. Consultants (Plenum) $1,320.25 Biology
Russian Journal of Genetics. Consultants (Plenum) $1,758.64 Biology
Russian Journal of Plant Physiology. Consultants (Plenum) $1,758.64 Biology
Somatic Cell and Molecular Genetics. Plenum $638.15 Biology Medical
Virus Research. Elsevier $2,319.00 Biology Medical

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