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  Topics: African Diaspora: African Diaspora Social Networks

African Leadership and Progress Network
Reports, papers, articles on Governance, Transparency, Corruption, Natural Resource Management, The Resource Curse. "ALPN is a network of African and non-African professionals who are strongly dedicated to utilizing innovative and entrepreneurial approaches for fostering rapid progress in Africa." Promotes "private sector-driven economic growth and poverty alleviation in African countries..." Articles on the brain drain, sources ranking African countries, the U.S. Millenium Challenge Account, a directory of Washington, D.C. events. A nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C., and Abuja, Nigeria.
Linking Africa
Site for people to meet. "Austin Yekpabo is a resident in a suburb of Philadelphia, USA. After more than 15 years away from Africa, and from his extensive travels throughout Africa, Europe and the Americas, has identified a need for an online dating and relationship service for ALL Africans in the motherland and the Diaspora. There are millions of Africans living and studying in Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas. Every year, thousands of children are born of African parents living abroad. The African Meeting Place™ will be a forum for Africans at home and abroad to meet one another and to meet people of other nationalities and ethnic backgrounds."
Pan-African Singles
"an online community for Africans, both in Africa and throughout the Diaspora. It was started in the United States on December 1, 2004 with the goal of promoting African-centered love and friendship." Requires registration which is free. http://

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