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  Topics: Education: Foreign Aid

ActionAid - Education Programs
Has full text reports on donor issues (Donor participation in the education sector in Ghana, 43 p. in MS Word format, etc.), their Elimu education campaign. Action Aid, founded in 1972, is a U.K. development organization. Based in London. [KF] http://www.actionaid.org.uk/100038/education.html

See also ActionAid - Africa. http://www.actionaid.org.uk/index.asp?page_id=100018
Africa U.S. Higher Education Initiative
Funded by US A.I.D. and the Gates Foundation to provide grants for collaborative partnerships between African and U.S. higher education institutions to strengthen African higher education institution capacity. Holding an on-line forum Sept. 24 - Oct. 29, 2008. Planning grant competition awarding up to 20 grants of $50,000 each-RFA Nov. 2008. See also Higher Education for Development to Manage Planning Grant Competition. http://www.africa-initiative.org/
Association for the Development of Education in Africa (Paris)
In English and French. Based in Paris, France. "focuses on developing partnerships between Ministers of Education and funding agencies in order to promote effective education policies based on African leadership and ownership." Has full text reports (in Adobe PDF format), the PRISME database of education projects, by country, funding agency, etc.

Has Working Groups on: Books and Learning Materials, Distance Education and Open Learning, Early Childhood Development, Education Sector Analysis, Education Statistics, Female Participation in Education, Finance and Education, Higher Education, Nonformal Education, The Teaching Profession. Publishes a Newsletter sponsors an Africa Education Journalism Award. [KF] http://www.adeanet.org/
Colloquium on African and North American Higher Education: New Partnerships, New Directions
Funded by The Rockefeller Foundation. Two Commissioned Papers were presented at the 2002 African Studies Association, Washington, D.C. http://www.rci.rutgers.edu/%7Ecallasa/COLLOQUIUMON.html
"Challenges Facing African Universities" By Dr. Akilagpa Sawyerr. 62 pages, in PDF plus figures in Adobe pdf
"The Promise of Partnership and Continuities of Dependence: External Support to Higher Education in Africa" By Joel Samoff and Bidemi Carrol. 126 pages in PDF.
Non profit organisation in Paris which assists primary school students in Burkina Faso thru payment of school fees, provision of supplies, a library, etc. It has 150 members from all over France and some from abroad. Teachers and parents choose the students to be assisted. Special attention is given to rural areas and to girls' education. [KF] http://www.edukafaso.org/
Global Campaign for Education
Annual reports, from 2004, rank rich countries on their education funding to the developing world. The 2008 Report ranks African countries. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa. http://www.campaignforeducation.org/
Global Fund for Children (Washington, D.C.)
Founded in 1994. Publishes books that give children "insight into cultural, social, and environmental diversity," makes grants to small community-based organizations around the world that champion the human rights of children." Grants have gone to Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia (for AIDS orphans and former street children) .[KF] http://www.globalfundforchildren.org/
Harambee Schools Kenya
"'UK registered charity working with rural Kenyan communities to improve educational standards and opportunities through the funding of construction projects and the provision of educational materials". Includes photographs, information on the Kenya education system, descriptions of individual schools. Based in the U.K. [KF] http://www.hsk.org.uk
SD Developments Newsletter (U.S. Agency for International Development, Washington, D.C.)
Published 1997 - 2002. Full text articles on USAID's projects in Africa on governance, economic growth, agriculture, information technology, the environment, education, health, humanitarian assistance. Newsletter published by the Office of Sustainable Development, Bureau for Africa, U.S. Agency for International Development. [KF] http://www.usaid.gov/locations/sub-saharan_africa/newsletters/sdd.html
UNESCO. Analyses, Agendas, and Priorities for Education in Africa. A Review of Externally Initiated, Commissioned, and Supported Studies of Education in Africa, 1990-1994
"This document was prepared by: Joel Samoff, Project Senior Advisor, with N'Dri Thérèse Assié-Lumumba Consultant..." Pub. 1996. 23 pages in PDF. http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0010/001051/105185e.pdf

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