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Association for the Development of Education in Africa (Paris)
In English and French. Based in Paris, France. "focuses on developing partnerships between Ministers of Education and funding agencies in order to promote effective education policies based on African leadership and ownership." Has full text reports (in Adobe PDF format), the PRISME database of education projects, by country, funding agency, etc.

Has Working Groups on: Books and Learning Materials, Distance Education and Open Learning, Early Childhood Development, Education Sector Analysis, Education Statistics, Female Participation in Education, Finance and Education, Higher Education, Nonformal Education, The Teaching Profession. Publishes a Newsletter sponsors an Africa Education Journalism Award. [KF] http://www.adeanet.org/
Association for the Development of Education in Africa. PRISME Database
"The Program and Project Information System on Education (PRISME) is a database of all major externally-funded education projects in Africa. The database was designed to enable Ministers to see what is happening across the continent and development agencies to be better informed of what each one is doing." http://www.adeanet.org/databases/en_databases.html
Association for the Development of Education in Africa. Statistical Profile of Education in Sub-Saharan Africa, SPESSA
"a windows-based program allowing easy access to education data and indicators for sub-Saharan Africa." Has "cross-country and country group comparative data sets. The data sets are updated and published every three years" and are compiled from UNESCO and World Bank sources. Has indicators for Country Information, Education Data, Education Indicators, and Education Finance. ADEA is based in Paris, France. http://www.adeanet.org/spessa99/index.html
DHS EdData
Education Data from the Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS). Has country education profiles for Benin, Ghana, Guinea, Malawi, Mali, Namibia, Nigeria, Uganda, Zambia. Full text reports such as Schooling in Guinea (111 p.), Household Demand for Schooling in Ghana (83 p.), Support for Education Decentralisation in Ghana (51 p.). Questionnaires. " DHS EdData is an education data collection activity supported by USAID and implemented by ORC Macro in conjunction with the Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) Program. It is designed to provide accurate and timely data for education policy and program planning,..." [KF] http://www.dhseddata.com/
Education Policy and Data Center
"a global, multi-source database of national and sub-national education and related indicators" Country profiles, graphs, charts, projections. Sponsored by USAID and AED. Based in Washington, D.C. http://epdc.org/
Harvard University. Center for International Development. Research Datasets
"This page is a depository for data developed through research at the Center for International Development at Harvard University (CID). http://www.cid.harvard.edu/ciddata/ciddata.html

Includes - Barro, Robert J. and Jong-Wha Lee, International Data on Educational Attainment: Updates and Implications (CID Working Paper no. 42)

The Task Force on Higher Education and Society
Higher Education in Developing Countries
: Peril and Promise

United Nations site which enables one to compare statistical data among U.N. member states. For example, compare the illiteracy rate, primary and secondary school enrollment, newspaper circulation, and spending on education across countries. The data fields cover the economy, social indicators, geography, and population. http://www.un.org/Pubs/CyberSchoolBus/infonation/e_infonation.htm
[Kenya] Open Kenya (Transparent Africa)
"public government data .... High quality national census data, government expenditure, parliamentary proceedings and public service locations ...... maps....interactive charts and tables .... raw data for technical users to build their own apps and analyses." Health, poverty rate, education, electricity, development projects, urbanization, employment, land ownership, sanitation, population, age groups, parcels under irrigation, credit borrowing, child nutrition, crop farming, housing, disability, county statistics. Download datasets. Tech tools, apps for your own data. [KF] https://opendata.go.ke/
Literacy Rates
Infonation - from the United Nations. Compare primary and secondary school enrollment and illiteracy rates between several countries -

CIA World Factbook - provides literacy rates, by country, for the total population, for males, and for females.
Mauritius. Ministry of Education and Scientific Research
Has directories of the Ministry and of schools, full text documents, education statistics, press releases, legislation, full text of the White Paper : Pre Primary, Primary & Secondary Education, links to other education sites. http://ncb.intnet.mu/education/
Nationmaster - Education
Compare education statistics across countries. Includes education spending, average schooling years of adults, female literacy rate, school enrollment, etc. Sources are U.N. publications, OECD, etc. http://www.nationmaster.com/cat/education
Tanzania Online
Database of full text reports on Tanzania development issues. Search by author, title, keyword. Topics include Education, Agriculture, Mining, Tourism, Trade, Industries, Health, Poverty reduction, Water Environment, Women development, Private sector development, Science and Technology, Human Rights. Funded by the UNDP, Tanzania govt., etc. Based in Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania. http://www.tzonline.org

Has for example:
Tanzania. Ministry of Education and Culture. Basic Statistic in Education, 1995-1999, National Data. Dar es Salaam, 2000. 58 p. Full text, in Adobe pdf.
International NGO based in Senegal. "run by local people and funded primarily by UNICEF." Tostan "developed an innovative basic education program that emphasizes literacy, numeracy, improving life skills and family income, and encourages women to participate in village decision making." The influence of Tostan brought over forty villages to abandon the practice of female genital cutting. Includes a meeting with President and Mrs. Clinton. Based in Thies, Senegal. http://www.tostan.org/

See also: International Literacy Explorer's report on Participatory Nonformal Education, The TOSTAN Basic Education Program, Senegal. This site lets you compare statistics on Senegal and other countries. http://www.literacyonline.org/explorer/index.html
Uganda Bureau of Statistics (Entebbe)
The central statistical office in Uganda. Has multi-year statistics for population, education, health, agriculture, income & expenditures, consumer price index, national accounts, industry, external trade, labor force, etc. Describes current projects, future censuses. See the "What's New" for additional statistics, press releases. Detailed education statistics in Excel format. [KF] http://www.ubos.org
UNESCO. Institute for Statistics
Excellent source for education, literacy statistics. http://unescostat.unesco.org/
UNICEF. State of the World's Children
UNICEF publishes an annual report on children; the 1997 and following reports are on online. http://www.unicef.org/
UNICEF, The State of the World's Children 1999
Includes a Sub-Saharan Africa section. http://www.unicef.org/sowc99/
United Nations Development Programme. Human Development Report
An annual report which ranks countries by level of democratic governance, life expectancy, educational attainment, real income, gender empowerment, etc. http://hdr.undp.org/
United States Agency for International Development - EDDATA
The Documents and Data section has country profiles. Has reports such as the Kenya Education Management Capacity Assessment (KEMACA) survey "to ascertain capacity weaknesses in the Kenyan education system"; the Liberia Teacher Manual (for instructing students in reading English, customized for Liberia). https://www.eddataglobal.org/
United States Agency for International Development. Global Education Database
"The database contains the latest data from UNESCO and DHS surveys. Users can select "GED Online" below to extract data directly from the web-based version." "Select a single indicator for multiple years and multiple countries..." or access multiple indicators for one country. "Education statistics by UNESCO on education and other social indicators for over 200 countries from 1970 to the present." http://ged.eads.usaidallnet.gov/
United States. Central Intelligence Agency. World Factbook
Provides literacy rates, by country, for the total population, for males, and for females.
World Bank Education
Projects, statistics, on all aspects (Girls' Education, Education Technology, Early Child Development, Tertiary Education, Effective School and Teacher Secondary Education, Adult Education, Global Education Reform, School Health, Economics of Education) with many full text reports. http://www1.worldbank.org/education/
World Bank. For Schools
Very useful guide to locating information from the vast World Bank site. Has a page for each country (GNP, population, growth rate, infant mortality, life expectancy, illiteracy rate, safe water, etc.). http://www.worldbank.org/html/schools/index.html

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