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  Topics: Education: Immigrant - Refugee Education

African Immigrant and Refugee Foundation
Offers counseling and survival skills. Offices in Washington, D.C. and Silver Spring, Maryland.
African Immigrant and Refugee Resource Center
"aims to successfully resettle and integrate African and non-African refugees, immigrants, asylum seekers and low-income people" ... "by providing comprehensive services like cultural orientation, counseling, crisis intervention, English language skills, citizenship, translation, immigration, and legal aid and referral services." Based in San Francisco, Calif.
Coalition of African, Asian, European, and Latino Immigrants of Illinois
"In 1997, 20 agencies serving immigrants and refugees in the Chicago metropolitan area joined together to form CAAELII,..." Partners include Ethiopian Community Association of Chicago. Its newsletters has news of immigrant cases / issues. [KF]
Council for Assisting Refugee Academics (London)
"Applicants must satisfy the following: have been employed as a University Teacher or Researcher in their home country been offered facilities or a place in a university department..... be a refugee or have applied for asylum in the U.K."
Cultural Orientation - Somali Bantu
On the "people, history and cultures of the Somali Bantu.....designed primarily for service providers and others assisting Somali Bantu refugees in their new communities in the United States." Includes a bibliography, resettlement challenges, a language glossary. The principle writers are Daniel Van Lehman and Omar Eno. From the Cultural Orientation Resource Center, Center for Applied Linguistics, Washington, DC.
Cultural Orientation - Somalis, Their History and Culture
Information on the people, land, economy, history, society, education, values, religion, art, food, festivities, names, language. Has a glossary, bibliography. From the Cultural Orientation Resource Center, Center for Applied Linguistics, Washington, D.C.
Cultural Orientation - Sudan Refugees
Background information on refugees from the Sudan, includes a bibliography and links to related sites. From the Cultural Orientation Resource Center, Center for Applied Linguistics, Washington, D.C.
Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres. Visit a Refugee Camp
"Learn about the basic needs in a refugee camp: Shelter, food, water, sanitation, and health care. Hear the personal stories of refugees and relief workers. Find out how 39 million people are forced to live today." Has a segment on landmines, extensive curriculum guides on refugee issues and famine for teachers, printable posters. From Doctors without Borders (winners of the 1999 Nobel Peace Prize.)
Global IDP
Very fine site. Profiles of internally displaced persons in over twenty countries (Angola, Burundi, DRC, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Liberia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda). Extensive historical background, education issues, political situation, protection issues, international response, statistics, graphs, maps, sources used with links to online sources. From the Norwegian Refugee Council, Global IDP Project, based in Geneva, Switzerland.
International Institute for Educational Planning, IIEP
"information on educational planning and management, including IIEP's training programmes, research and online publications." "created by UNESCO in 1963 in Paris, France.....supported by grants from UNESCO and by voluntary contributions from Member States..." Use the Search to locate full text reports on African education. Based in Paris, France. [KF]

Examples of reports - Education and training strategies for disadvantaged youth in South Africa, Surviving school: education for refugee children from Rwanda, 1994-1996, Private and community schools in Tanzania, Education policy formulation in Tanzania.
International Organization for Migration (IOM)
Programs to assist Africans and other nationals to return to their respective countries. Provides humanitarian responses to sudden migration flows, post-emergency return and reintegration programmes, assistance to migrants on their way to new homes and lives, facilitation of labour migration, assisted voluntary return for irregular migrants, recruitment of highly qualified nationals for return to their countries of origin, aid to migrants in distress, measures to counter trafficking in persons.
U.N. High Commission for Refugees
Has a Teaching Tools section which includes a Unit Plan for Ages 12-14 on the 1994 Rwanda Conflict and on Living Conditions in Refugee Camps in Africa. [KF]

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