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  Topics: Education: Ministries of Education


Cape Verde. Ministério da Educação e Valorização dos Recursos Humanos
In Portuguese. Includes statistics: Indicadores da Educação Pertinentes para Cabo Verde, Distribuição de alunos por Anos de Estudo Ano lectivo 2002/03, Principais Indicadores da Educação Início Ano lectivo 2001/02 (83 pages); funded projects, full text of legislation, links to related Cape Verde education sites. [KF] http://www.minedu.cv/


Djibouti. Ministere de l'Education Nationale et de l'Enseignement Supérieur
In French. Includes statistics, full text of legislation, map of the education system, their Bulletin, news, links to related sites. http://www.education.gov.dj/


Ghana. Ministry of Education - "Ghana Education Website"
"Official Web Site of the Ministry of Education." Has education statistics for 1996/97 in an MS Excel spreadsheet. http://www.ghana.edu.gh/


Kenya. Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
Extensive education statistics, full text documents.Based in Nairobi. http://www.education.go.ke/


Mauritius. Ministry of Education and Scientific Research
Has directories of the Ministry and of schools, full text documents, education statistics, press releases, legislation, full text of the White Paper : Pre Primary, Primary & Secondary Education, links to other education sites. http://ncb.intnet.mu/education/



Mozambique. Ministério do Ensino Superior Ciência e Tecnologia / Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology
In Portuguese and English. Has full text documents such as the "Strategic Plan Of Higher Education (2000-2010)." [KF] http://www.mesct.gov.mz/



Namibia. National Institute for Educational Development (NIED)
NIED, established in 1990, within the Ministry of Education and Culture "is responsible for evaluating, designing and developing curricula for the educational system,......" of Nambia. Site has the "Pilot Curriculum Guide for Formal Basic Education", National Core Subject Policy Guide: African Languages (25 pages), other full text publications and links to Namibia education sites. [KF] http://www.nied.edu.na/
See also Reform Forum. Full text of NIED's journal. http://www.nied.edu.na/publications/journals/journals.htm



Nigeria. Akwa Ibom State. Ministry of Education


Rwanda. Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Scientific Research / Ministère de l’Education, de la Science , de la Technologie et de la Recherche Scientifique
In French, English, Kinyarwanda. Official site. Includes education statistics, Ministry news, speeches, full text documents (such as the Education for All Plan of Action). [KF] http://www.mineduc.gov.rw/


Senegal. Ministere de l’Education nationale
Has the Annuaires statistiques, Rapport National sur la Situation de l'Education. Education projects. Past Ministers of Education, education web sites and useful web sites. Based in Dakar, Senegal. [KF] http://www.education.gouv.sn/



South Africa. Department of Education
Has full text policy documents, reports, the school calendar, white papers, speeches / statements from the Minister of Education, HIV / AIDS in education. [KF] http://education.pwv.gov.za/
South Africa. Department of Education." Towards a New Higher Education Landscape: Meeting the Equity, Quality and Social Development Imperatives of South Africa in the 21st Century"
Report. 46 p. June 2000. On the reconfiguration of the higher education system. http://education.pwv.gov.za/DoE_Sites/Higher_Education/CHE/CHE_Report30June2000.htm
See also the July 18,, 2000 press statement by Minister of Education, Kader Asmal. "It is envisaged that the Government's response to the Report will take the form of a national plan for higher education." http://education.pwv.gov.za/Media_Statements/July2000/Size_Shape.htm



Sudan. Ministry of Education
In Arabic. http://www.moe-sd.com/index1.htm



Swaziland. Ministry of Education



Tanzania. Government - Education
The official Tanzania government site has a section on education including a directory of higher education institutions. http://www.tanzania.go.tz/educationf.html



Uganda. Ministry of Education and Sports
Many full text reports such as the school district profiles, a directory of Ministry officials with email addresses. [KF] http://www.education.go.ug/

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