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African Collection
South African War Concentration Camps

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Confidential Print

The Confidential Print is printed but unpublished material for ministry and other government use. It normally does not reproduce minutes, and does not represent the entirety of archival material on any particular issue.

Great Britain. Colonial Office & Great Britain. Foreign Office. Confidential print: Africa, 1870-1922. Hoover Library MFILM DT32.A258.

Guide: Hoover Ref. Room and Green Library SSRG Reading Room, Africa confidential prints: an inventory, Z3509.A47 1964, 3 vols. Be aware that this inventory is a reel guide to Stanford's microfilm of the F.O and C.O. Confidential Print Africa. It has neither chronological, number, or subject indexes to the confidential prints. Volumes 1 and 2 are available as searchable pdf files: vol. 1 | vol. 2 | vol. 3 | Supplement: Third List. Look through the inventories carefully. C.O. Confidential Print no.653 is found listed in vol.3 of the printed inventory.

Other guides: G.B. PRO. List of Colonial Office Confidential Prints to 1916 [Gov Docs Ref CD1052.A15], and List of Papers Printed for the Use of the Colonial Office (Oct. 1920), Confidential Print, miscellaneous no. 141, film on order. Vandenburgh (1980), "A keyword index to British Colonial Office confidential prints on Africa", Africana J., vol.11, no.3, p.197-231. For an introduction to confidential prints see Hannam (1990) "Colonial Office Confidential Print: An Underutilized Resource for African Studies," African Research and Documentation, no.54, p. 1-18. [Hoover Periodicals]. Includes a country/subject index for 1919-1962.

Information on the U.P.A. print edition of the Confidential Print.

C.O. 672

C.O. 673

C.O. 676

F.O. 7720/39

Africa Confidential Prints: An Inventory (sample page)

Print edition of the Confidential Print:

  • Great Britain. Foreign Office. Confidential print.British documents on foreign affairs-- reports and papers from the Foreign Office confidential print. Part I, From the mid-nineteenth century to the First World War. Series G, Africa, 1848-1914. IMPRINT: Bethesda, MD: University Publications of America, c1995. LOCATION: Green Library Stacks JX632.B769 1995 f, v.1-12 (additional volumes are in press).
    CONTENTS: v. 1. Cape Province and the Eastern Frontier, 1848-1856 -- v. 2. Natal and Zululand, 1856-1879 -- v. 3. Natal and Zululand, 1879-1908 -- v. 4. The Cape, the Boer Republics and the Digger's Revolt, 1873-1876 -- v. 5. Relations with the South African Republic (1876-1895): Annexation and Independence -- v. 6. Relations with the South African Republic (1895-1896): The Jameson Raid and Its Aftermath -- v. 7. Relations with South African Republic, 1896-1898 -- v. 8. Anglo- Boer War I: From eve of war to capture of Johannesburg, 1899-1990 -- v. 9. Anglo-Boer War II: Attitude of European powers and post- war reconstruction, 1901-1905 -- v. 10. Labour problems and responsible government in Transvaal and Orange River Colony, 1905-1914 -- v. 11. British South Africa Company, Bechuanaland and Rhodesia, 1885-1895 -- v. 12. Mozambique, Nyasaland and Northeastern Rhodesia, 1899-1902 -- v. 13. Abyssinia and its neighbours, 1854-1914 -- v. 14. East Africa: diplomacy of imperialism, 1884-1911 -- v. 15. Kingdom of Buganda and Uganda Protectorate, 1886-1895 -- v. 16. Kingdom of Buganda and British Uganda, 1895-1904 -- v. 17 British East Africa, 1887-1905 -- v. 18 East Africa: offshore territories of Zanzibar and Madagascar, 1885-1913 -- v. 19. West Africa: Diplomacy of Imperialism, 1868-1895 -- v. 20. West Africa: Diplomacy of Imperialism, 1895-1913 -- v. 21. The Niger and Oil Rivers, 1860-1898 -- v. 22. Sierra Leone, Gold Coast and Liberia, 1862-1914 -- v. 23. The Congo Free State, 1863-1906 -- v. 24. The Congo Free State/Belgian Congo, 1907-1914 -- v. 25. Portuguese, French and German West African possessions, 1876-1913.
  • Great Britain. Foreign Office. Confidential print. British documents on foreign affairs--reports and papers from the Foreign Office confidential print. Part II, From the First to the Second World War. Series G, Africa, 1914-1939. LOCATION: Green Library Stacks JX632.B769 1994 f, v.1-30. The following material is not included in the print UPA published edition:

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