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Africa South of the Sahara
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Adinkra designs adapted from West African Wisdom: Adinkra Symbols and Meanings.

The meanings of the main page graphics as described by Dr. George F. Kojo Arthur in his book -
Cloth as Metaphor: (re)reading the Adinkra cloth symbols of the Akan of Ghana.
Legon, Ghana : Centre for Indigenous Knowledge Systems, 2001. 187, [6] p. 29 cm.
ISBN: 9988007914

Nsaa Page 182 – No. 655-659. Nsaa – Hand-woven Basket
Symbol of Excellence, Genuineness, and Authenticity.
“ This symbol extols excellence and eschews satisfaction with mediocrity.”
Crocodile Page 144 – No. 215-218. Crocodile
Symbol of Greatness, Power, Adaptability, Skepticism, Scrupulouseness, and Advancement
Peace Page 157 – No. 359. Peace Knot
Symbol of Peace, Peaceful Coexistence, Negotiation, Diplomacy, and Reconciliation
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