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(Nairobi, Kenya)
Kenyan journal devoted to South Asians and East Africans in history, arts and politics. "...record the history, and establish linkages with the Indian subcontinent and the South Asian Diaspora in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom." Full text articles - on Pio Gama Pinto, Asian-African relations, The role of minorities in business E.Asia and E.Africa compared, by Prof. Michael Chege, Wangari Maathai Africa’s wonder woman, by Jonathan Kariara, book reviews, etc. Based in Nairobi, Kenya.
De Souza, Ruth - The Indian Diaspora in Africa
History of South Asians in East Africa. Articles, links to related sites. De Souza was born in East Africa. She is a Senior Research Fellow at Auckland University of Technology's Centre for Asian and Migrant Health Research. Based in Waitakere City, New Zealand. [KF]
East Africa Search Engine
Directory of web sites. Site owned by Abraxis, based in Kassel, Germany.
The East African (Nairobi)
A selection of articles from the latest issue of the print Kenya newspaper. Also covers Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda news.
East African Community, EAC
Regional intergovernmental organisation of the Republics of Kenya, Uganda, United Republic of Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi. Has the full text of the Treaty for the Establishment of the East African Community, press releases, speeches, statistics databases, staff directory. Based in Arusha, Tanzania.
East African Popular Music - Kenya, Tanzania, Zaire
Page by Dr. Douglas Paterson (an anthropologist) with articles on Kenya, Tanzania popular music, annotated discographies by Paterson on Kenya and Tanzania music prepared for The Rough Guide to World Music, includes some audio clips. Information on Samba Mapangala and Orchestra Virunga (Zaire) and other Zaire and Congo-B music and on CDs and LPs produced by Paterson.
INCORE Guides to Sources on Conflict and Ethnicity
The Initiative on Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity (INCORE), is a joint initiative of the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland and the United Nations University. INCORE has annotated guides to internet sources on conflict and ethnicity in Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, and Zaire.
Internet Journal of African Studies
Pub. at Univ. of Bradford, Dept. of Social and Economic Studies, Bradford, U.K. Contains the full text of No. 1, April 1996. The issue includes "The social impact of [structural] adjustment in Tanzania" by M. Messkoub.
Inter-University Council for East Africa
"a regional inter-govermental organisation whose mission is to encourage and develop mutually beneficial collaboration between universities in East Africa, and between them and governments and other organisations, both public and private." Full text reports on education. Has a scholarship program. Applicants must be resident citizens and other residents of Kenya, Tanzania, or Uganda. Sponsors the East African Network of University Libraries. [KF]
Journal of Humanitarian Assistance
A free e-journal based at Cambridge University. Has full text articleson Burundi, Rwanda, Zaire. Also articles on Somalia, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.
Michigan State Univ., Program on the Lakes of East Africa
"(PLEA) is a research, training, and service program of the African Studies Center of Michigan State University in collaboration with the fisheries research institutes of Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, and Uganda. PLEA does research on Lakes Victoria and Malawi on the Anthropology and Sociology of fisheries management and development, women and gender, environmental policy, the socioeconomic impacts of species introductions, and relations of production . PLEA trains African and international scholars in fisheries socioeconomics and provides bibliographic databases, conferences, and consultancies.". Maintained by Doug Wilson.
East African Asian Diaspora. "a Discussion List devoted to issues of interest to East African Asians (EAAs). The principal aim of the List is to draw together these diasporan forces and to provide an intellectual home for all those who are or were EAAs or are connected sentiment or out of friendly curiosity."
To subscribe, send email to: LISTSERV@PEACH.EASE.LSOFT.COM
Leave the Subject line blank. In the Message area put:
Classified ads, events. Find rentals, "jobs, houses, land and items for sale, opportunities including tenders. Business directory for Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Somalia & Diaspora Communities. Events (conferences, cultural festivals, film festivals, etc.) in East Africa and elsewhere.
Univ. of Pennsylvania African Country Pages and Search Engine
Maps, an embassy directory, travel, language information, etc. for each African country have been created by Julie Sisskind, now maintained by Ali Dinar. Has a search facility.
Worlds Together - East Africa
One page on a cd-rom created by Elmer Hawkes on Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Lake Victoria. Elmer Hawkes is a songwriter living in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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