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  Topics: History: Gerald Ford Presidential Library & Museum

[Ford] Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library and Museum
Web site of the Library and Museum for Gerald R. Ford, 38th President of the United States. Has full text online documents. Examples of the documents are below.

National Security Study Memoranda such as -
Azores Base Agreement Negotiations;
United States Policy Toward Angola;
US Policy on Export-Import Bank Loans for South Africa;
The Future of Kagnew Station; [Eritrea]
The Future of the French Territory of the Afars and the Issas (FTAI);
United States Policy in Southern Africa;
US Goals in Relation to Ethiopia.

Full text of - Memoranda of Conversations - Ford Administration
November 5, 1974 - Ford, Liberian President William R. Tolbert;
November 12, 1974 - Ford, Ambassador Shirley Temple Black (Ghana);
March 6, 1975 - Admiral John S. McCain Jr. (father of John McCain, mentions importance of Diego Garcia....PDF file);
April 19, 1975 - Ford, Zambian President Kenneth D. Kaunda, Minister of Foreign Affairs Vernon Mwaanga;
May 22, 1975 - Ford, Senegal President Leopold Senghor;
September 24, 1975 - Ford, Samali [sic, should be Somalia] Ambassador Abdullahi Ahmed Addou; September 30, 1975 - Ford, Mauritius Prime Minister Seewoosagur Ramgoolam;
November 21, 1975 - Ford, Malawi Ambassador Jacob T.X. Muwamba;
November 21, 1975 - Ford, Nigerian Ambassador Edward Olusola Sanu;
January 23, 1976 - Ford, Benin Ambassador Sentonji Thomas Boya;
February 9, 1976 - Ford, Central African Republic Ambassador Christopher Maidou;
February 11, 1976 - Ford, Kissinger, Zaire Foreign Minister Nguza and Senegal Ambassador Andre Coulbary;
February 24, 1976 - Ford, Ambassador Willard A. DePree (Mozambique);
April 15, 1976 - Kissinger, South African Ambassador R. F. Botha;
May 14, 1976 - Kissinger, South African Ambassador R.F. Botha;
May 28, 1976 - Ford, Kissinger, Sierra Leone President Siaka P. Stevens, Foreign Minister Minah;
June 9, 1976 - Ford, Botswana President Sir Seretse Khama;
June 10, 1976 - Ford, Sudan President Jaafar Muhammad Nimeiri.

National Security Council Meeting Minutes - June 27, 1975 Angola; April 7, 1976 Lebanon, Cubans in Southern Africa; May 11, 1976 Secretary Kissinger's Trip to Africa;

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