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AAI Online
(Africa-American Institute, New York)
Quarterly newsletter with short full text articles online (the Bush Administration and Africa, Namibia education, etc.)
Accord: An International Review of Peace Initiatives (London)
Published by Conciliation Resources, London. Has the full text of special issues
"Accord 9 – "Paying the price. The Sierra Leone Process" [2000]
"The Mozambican Peace Process in Perspective" [1998]
"The Liberian Peace Process 1990-1996" [1996]
ACP-EU Courier
Full text articles in Adobe pdf format from the print journal of the European Commission on relations with Africa, the Caribbean, and the Pacific countries of the Lomé Convention. "Each issue of The Courier contains two principal features: 'Country Reports' which deal with the current economic and political outlook in specific ACP states, and the 'Dossier' which generally covers a sector or theme of particular interest to developing countries.
Actualités de la recherche au Mali
In French. Research bulletin of the Institut de recherche pour le développement in Mali. No. 19, mars 2004 has statistics on higher education research in Mali. Issues on the MANSA web site. The web site of the Institut de Recherche pour le Developpment, Bamako, Mali has issues including more recent issues. [KF]
Aethiopica: International Journal of Ethiopian Studies (Hamburg, Germany)
Published by the Institut für Afrikanistik and Äthiopistik, Universität Hamburg. Issue #1 is 1998 and #2 is 1999. Most articles are in English.

(International African Institute and Edinburgh Univ. Press)
Their "editorial policy encourages an interdisciplinary approach, involving the social sciences, history, the environment and life sciences." Has the table of contents for the last few years. Libraries pay $580-$725 which includes the annual Africa Bibliography. See also Edinburgh UP site:
Africa Analysis (London)
Has sample articles. Subscribers can access the full text of the latest issue online. Subscribers also have access to past issues online. Has an academic rate.
Africa-Asia Confidential (London)
Brochure page only, short snippets of articles on Africa's relations with China, India, Japan, etc. No full text on-line articles. From the publishers of Africa Confidential.
Africa Confidential
Short excerpts only from the latest issue and past issues of the well-known London political newsletter established in 1960. Access to articles is by Subscription only.
África Debate (Lisboa, Portugal)
In Portuguese and French. Published by Associação Académica África Debate. Has the table of contents. Its editorial board includes Kunle Amwuo, Carlos Cardoso, Patrick Chabal, João Cravinho, José C. Curto, and others.
Africa Development / Afrique et Développement (Dakar, Senegal)
In English and French. "the quarterly bilingual journal of CODESRIA." The CODESRIA site has subscription information. [KF]
Africa Film & TV Magazine (Winchester, Hants, U.K.)
"covers TV broadcasting, production of the moving image and cinema in the four broad sections: business, broadcasting, production, and technology." Full text issues are online.
Africa e Mediterraneo (Roma : Istituto sindacale per la cooperazione allo sviluppo)
In Italian. A quarterly magazine about African culture and society. Has the table of contents. Topics covered: literature and theatre, music and dance, visual arts (painting, sculpture, photography), cinema, immigration. Owned by Lai-momo, a non-profit co-operative. Contact: [KF]
Africa Economic Analysis (Bridgnorth, Shropshire, U.K)
E-journal on political, social and economic issues affecting development in
Contents include: Positioning Africa's Economies in an Era of Opportunity: Jude Uzonwanne,
The Way Forward for Africa, Professor Bolaji Akinyemi,
Africa's Crisis of Governance, Tunde Obadina
Single or Multi-Party System: What Option for Africa?, Sola Akinrinade.
Africa Energy & Mining (Indigo Publications, Paris)
Table of contents only. Subscriptions are $720 per year.
Africa Film & TV
A magazine and annual directory on the African TV, film, and video industry. Site is mainly to promote the publications but includes information on film news, film festivals, news on satellite TV in Africa and TV production.  From Z Promotions Pvt. Ltd., Harare, Zimbabwe.
Africa Focus
"a free independent electronic publication providing reposted commentary and analysis on African issues, with a particular focus on U.S. and international policies. AfricaFocus Bulletin is edited by William Minter.
Africa Geoscience Review (Pretoria, South Africa)
Published by the Council for Geoscience (Pretoria), "an organization established by Act of Parliament with a responsibilty to acquire and store geoscience information on South Africa..." "the legal successor of the Geological Survey of South Africa." Has the table of contents/abstracts. [KF]
Africa Hoje: Política, Economia e Cultura (Lisboa)
In Portuguese. Has older selected articles online.Their Anuario provides basic facts on African countries, in Portuguese.
Africa Insight (Pretoria)
Has the table of contents from Vol 27 No 1, 1997 to date plus an index of authors and subjects. Published by the Africa Institute, Pretoria. The journal was formed from a merger of the South African Journal of African Affairs and AI Bulletin. [KF]
Africa Intelligence
Publishes a number of expensive newsletters on current politics and economics - The Indian Ocean Newsletter, Africa Energy & Mining, La Lettre du Continent, Maghreb Confidentiel and biographies of African leaders. Published by Indigo Publications, Paris. A one year subscription (47 issues) to the Indian Ocean Newsletter is over $900. Subscriptions to individual Country Channels are $300 each.
Africa International (Paris)
In French. The monthly print magazine on Francophone Africa has a couple of articles from the November 1997 issue.
Africa Journal (Washington, D.C.)
Published by the Corporate Council on Africa. Full text issues online on business and investment in Africa.
Africa Journal of Evangelical Theology (Machakos, Kenya)
Has the table of contents and selected online articles. "published twice a year by the academic staff of Scott Theological College, a chartered private university in Kenya offering quality academic programmes accredited by Kenya's Commission for Higher Education and ACTEA."
África Lusofona (Lisbon)
Africa Policy E-Journal (Washington, D.C.)
Free e-mail newsletter, "an information service provided by AFRICA ACTION (incorporating the Africa Policy Information Center, The Africa Fund, and the American Committee on Africa). The E-Journal continues the Africa Policy Electronic Distribution List, which was started in 1995..." The Editor is William Minter.
Africa Policy Journal (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
Published by graduate students at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. Launched April 26, 2006. Affiliated with the Kennedy School Africa Caucus, founded by former Kennedy School student Sam Unom.

Articles such as - Reviewing Global Leadership: Overcoming the Scourges of Africa by Robert Rotberg,
Archimedes Entrepreneurs: The Key to Africa’s Prosperity by Eric Kacou, Interview with Wangari Maathai.
Africa Positive (Dortmund, Germany)
In German. Site for the print magazine. Articles on Africa and the African diaspora in German-speaking Europe. Table of contents, some full text articles & interviews. Africa events in Europe. [KF]
Africa Renewal (formerly Africa Recovery) (New York, NY)
Published by the United Nations Department of Public Information, with support from UNDP and UNICEF. "analysis of the major economic and development challenges facing Africa today."
The Africa Report (Paris, France)
Published by Groupe Jeune Afrique. Sample articles online.
Africa Research Bulletin
Has the table of contents online
Africa Review (New Delhi, India)
Published by the African Studies Association of India, New Delhi. Biannual interdisciplinary journal. Table of contents online. ISSN: 0974-4053 (Print). ISSN: 0974-4061 (Online).
Africa Review of Books (Dakar)
Published by CODESRIA, Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa. A multidisciplinary journal to be published twice yearly in English and French. Began publication with Vol. 1, No. 1, October 2004. Editorial production by the Forum for Social Studies (FSS), in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with the active support of the Centre National de Recherche Scientifique et Technique en Anthropologie Sociale et Culturelle (CRASC), in Oran, Algeria. The Sept. 2005 issue and the Dec. 2005 issue have full text articles online. (ISSN 0851-7592)
Africa Spectrum (Hamburg, Germany)
Full text articles online. "first published in 1966 by the GIGA Institute of African Affairs....." Focus on "current issues in political, social and economic life; culture; and development..."
Africa Today (Bloomington, IN)
Has the theme title of each issue. Articles cover political, economic, social issues and the humanities. Published by Indiana University Press; formerly published in Denver, Colorado.
Africa Today (London)
Access by subscription only. Online version of the print monthly magazine.
Africa Update (New Britain, CT)
Newsletter of Central Connecticut State's African Studies Program.
Includes articles on female circumcision, on Cameroon on Congo-Kinshasa and many more subjects. http://www.CCSU.EDU/AFSTUDY/archive.html
Africa Week (London)
Requires a subscription for access to the on-line articles. Offers a 14 days free trial. Successor to West Africa, the weekly magazine. Published by TransAfrica Publishing Ltd. "We are back with a new and exciting media project for Africa – Africa Week. We have been forced to make this move because the owners of West Africa magazine have managed to achieve what the apartheid regime could not achieve in the 1970s – that is, shut down the operations of the 85-year-old magazine."
African Administrative Studies (Tangier, Morocco)
In English and French. Published by African Training and Research Centre in Administration for Development, CAFRAD. The web site has a bibliographic database of citations to articles in African Administrative Studies.

See also:
CAFRAD Web News Letter (Tangier, Morocco)
In English and French. Published by the African Training and Research Centre in Administration for Development, CAFRAD. Full text issues online.
African Affairs
Journal of the Royal African Society (London). One can search the tables of contents of issues from 1996 and following. Libraries pay US$566-596 per yr.
African and Asian Studies (Leiden, Netherlands)
Published by Brill Academic Publishers. Vol. 1, No. 1, 2002 is free online. ISSN 1569-2094. Brill parted company with the editor of the Journal of Asian & African Studies, Shivu Ishwaran. Brill owns the editorial copyright of the issues published through 2001 and has them on their web site.
Issue No. 1, 2002 of African and Asia Studies has two free full text articles:
Modeling Ethnic Protest: The Case of the Middle East and Central Asia by Emile Sahliyeh; Sangeeta Sinha; Vijayan Pillai
Anchoring Democracy in Indigenous African Institutions by Daniel Ayan.
African Anthropology: Journal of the Pan African Anthropological Association (Yaounde, Cameroon)
Has the table of contents and abstracts of articles. One can order photocopies of articles; $20 for up to two articles. Pay by cheque or money order in £sterling or US$. Libraries pay $70 per year for subscriptions. [KF]
African Arts Magazine (Los Angeles)
The University of California, Los Angeles, UCLA's quarterly on the arts of Africa & its diaspora. Subscription information. Has the tables of contents with photos of the covers.

An index to the contents of Volumes 1 through 30, (1967/68 through 1997) is on the H-Afrarts web site. Use the Search form for African Arts. The index is over 60 pages long.
African Business (London)
News, selected articles. Table of contents. Requires subscription for full access. [Some universities subscribe. Stanford users see Ejournals - ProQuest and Gale have the most recent issue.]
African Business Unleashed @ ChairmanKing
Online magazine. Current business news and commentary. Find news by country. Video reports. Much Nigeria news.
African Century
E-magazine with full text articles such as "Unfinished Business: Confronting the Legacies of Slavery and Colonialism in Africa" by Professor J. F. Ade Ajayi. Managing editor of the e-magazine is Dapo Ladimeji. "Dapo Ladimeji was educated at Cambridge University and holds an MBA with distinction from Insead, Fontainebleau. He works as a chartered accountant and is currently International Tax Partner in a major City firm in London)."
African Crop Science Journal (Kampala, Uganda)
Published by the African Crop Science Society, Kampala. Has the tables of contents and abstracts of articles. Photocopies of articles can be ordered. Pay by check or money order. From International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (London).
African Currents
Published by the Centre for African Studies, Mumbai University, Mumbai, India. Has the table of contents.
African Development Review (Oxford: Blackwell)
Has the table of contents / abstracts from the latest issue only. Libraries pay $75 per annum.
African Diaspora Newsletter (Toronto, Canada)
Full text online, published by the Harriet Tubman Resource Centre on the African Diaspora, York University. The Centre "focuses on the history of the African diaspora and the movement of Africans to various parts of the world, particularly the Americas and the Islamic lands of North Africa and the Middle East."
African E-Journals Project - African Journals Directory
Directory of over 1900 journals published in or about Africa in all disciplines. "The directory is searchable by journal title and country or language(s) of publication." Browse by subjects. "A project of the Michigan State University African Studies Center, MSU Libraries, and MATRIX."
African Economic History (Madison, Wisconsin)
Published by the African Studies Program, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Has the table of contents. Libraries pay $38 per year.
African Education Symposium: A Journal of Educational Research on Africa
On-line journal of African educational research published by the African Educational Research Network. Full text articles, including past issues.
African Environment / Environnement africain (Dakar, Senegal)
Environmental Studies and Regional Planning Bulletin. Published by ENDA-Editions. Has the table of contents. Photocopies may be ordered. The ENDA web site has some contact information (page down near the bottom). [KF]
African Geographical Review
Published by the Africa Specialty Group within the Association of American Geographers. Formerly the East African Geographical Review founded in 1963 at Makerere University. Has the table of contents. Includes a tribute to co-founder the late Prof. Bryan W. Langlands (12 p. in PDF).
African Geopolitics (Paris)
In English and French (Géopolitique Africaine). Quarterly journal, launched Nov. 2000. Full text articles on-line. Interviews with African Presidents and other foreign policy figures. Articles grouped by issues (conflict prevention, democracy, terrorism, African armies, etc.) Andre Soussan is the publisher and editor-in-chief. [KF]
African Health Sciences (Kampala, Uganda)
Published by the Makerere University Medical School. Table of contents and abstracts for issues.
African Identities
"forum for the examination of African and diasporic expressions, representations and identities." "With an emphasis on gender, class, nation, marginalisation, "otherness" and difference, the journal will explore how African identities, either by force of expediency or contingency, create layered terrains of (ex)change, decentre dominant meanings, paradigms and certainties. Important questions about the meanings of Africanness, "post-coloniality" and syncreticisms, for example, will provide conceptual frameworks within which to situate the critical analysis of African cultural production and axis of engagement with popular culture." Libraries pay $228 p.a. Pub. by Taylor and Francis Group.
African Invertebrates. A journal of biodiversity (Pietermaritzburg, South Africa)
Published by the Council of the Natal Museum. "peer-reviewed..... covers the taxonomy, systematics, biogeography, biology, ecology, conservation and palaeontology of Afrotropical invertebrates..." Table of contents/abstracts online. Subscription required to read articles. History of the journal (10 p. in PDF). .
African Issues
Published by the African Studies Association, U.S. Formerly Issue: A Journal of Opinion, is "a multi-disciplinary biannual journal that publishes short articles analyzing and criticizing contemporary policies toward Africa, in Africa and involving the Africanist community. African Issues is co-edited by Jo Ellen Fair of the University of Wisconsin and Cyril Daddieh of Providence College."
African Journal Archive
Selected full text journal articles online. Journals from South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe. Topics include archaeology, biology, botany, classics, economics, education, geology, history, law, medicine, poetry, wildlife. From SABINET the South African library service. or
African Journal of AIDS Research (Grahamstown, South Africa)
Published by the Centre for AIDS Development, Research and Evaluation (CADRE), Rhodes University. Journal on the social dimensions of HIV/AIDS in African contexts. Abstracts are online. Purchase articles thru African Journals Online. NISC provides full text articles through subscribers using Ingenta. [KF] and
African Journal of Biomedical Research (Ibadan)
Full text abstract and articles on-line. Published three times a year for the Ibadan Biomedical Communications Group. Hosted by Bioline International. Based at the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. [KF]
African Journal of Biotechnology (Nairobi, Kenya and Lagos, Nigeria)
Full text and abstracts available online. In html and Adobe pdf. Peer-reviewed journal on all areas of applied biochemistry, industrial microbiology, molecular biology, genomics and proteomics, food and agricultural technologies, and metabolic engineering. [KF]
African Journal of Business and Law
Published by the Makerere University Business School, Faculty of Commerce. Vol. 1, No. 1, November 2007 is on-line (108 p. in PDF) - articles on African business schools, Uganda's oil and gas revenues, intellectual property rights, diasporas and remittances, BRICs and Africa's fragile states.
African Journal on Conflict Resolution (Mount Edgecombe, South Africa)
Published by the African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes, ACCORD. Has full text of. Vol. 8, No. 3, 2008, 116 pages in PDF. Abstracts are online at the African Journals Online.
African Journal of Criminology and Justice Studies
Official organ of the African Criminology and Justice Association. Includes Book Reviews. Published by the Department of Criminal Justice, University of Maryland, Eastern Shore, Princess Anne, Maryland. Full text articles. Also Vol. 1, No. 2, Fall 2005. http://www.umes.EDU/AJCJS
  • Criminology as Lovemaking: An African-Centered Theory of Justice
    By Biko Agozino - in PDF
  • Obstacles to Effective Policing in Nigeria
    By Emmanuel C. Onyeozili - in PDF
  • Pre-colonial Criminal Justice in Africa
    By David Dagleish - in PDF
African Journal of Environmental Assessment and Management
"focuses exclusively on environmental issues in Africa." Has abstracts of articles. From Volume 5 Number 1, articles will be available free online in Word format to readers who provide their email address. The editors are based in Accra, Baltimore, and Montreal.
African Journal of Finance and Management (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)
Published by the The Institute of Finance Management, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Has the table of contents and abstracts.
African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development (Nairobi)
Published by the Published by Rural Outreach Programme, Nairobi, Kenya.
African Journal of Information and Communication (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Published by the University of the Witwatersrand, Learning Information Networking and Knowledge (LINK) Centre, Graduate School of Public and Development Management. Articles on academic research, copyright, digital divide, open access publishing, etc.

Articles include - "Access to Africa’s knowledge: Publishing development research and measuring value" - Eve Gray. About how the citation databases exclude African scholars' articles as their journals are not indexed by Western databases.
African Journal of International Affairs (Dakar, Senegal)
A bi-annual publication of CODESRIA, Dakar, Senegal. Has the tables of contents and abstracts of article. Photocopies of articles can be ordered. Pay by check or money order. From International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (London).
African Journal of International Affairs and Development (Ile-Ife, Nigeria)
Published by College Press Ltd. Has the table of contents and abstracts of articles. One can order photocopies of articles; $20 for up to two articles. Pay by cheque or money order in £sterling or US$. Libraries pay $40 per year for subscriptions. [KF]
African Journal of International and Comparative Law (Edinburgh, U.K.)
Published by Edinburgh University Press. "articles on public or private international law, either in English or French" Libraries pay from $207-$317. Free online access to many African countries.
African Journal of Legal Studies (Ottawa, Canada)
Published by the Africa Law Institute, "a legal and social science think tank that harnesses the expertise of the African legal, academic and policy communities on the continent and in the diaspora to engage in policy-oriented research that promotes good governance, democracy and the rule of law." Web site in Washington, D.C. Institute based in Ottawa, Canada. [KF]
African Journal of Library, Archives & Information Science
Has the table of contents and abstracts. Editorial offices in Gaborone, Botswana and Ibadan, Nigeria.
African Journal of Neurological Sciences
In French or English. Full text articles. (Some full text articles from 1995-2002 from Bioline.) Published by the Pan African Association of Neurological Sciences.
African Journal of Oral Health (Ile Ife, Nigeria)
Official organ of the International Association for Dental Research (Nigerian Division). Published at the Faculty of Dentistry, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Nigeria. Oral and dental health research. Full text abstracts online. Full text articles for members only or pay £7.50 (approximately $14) per article from African Journals Online.
African Journal of Political Science (Pretoria, South Africa)
Published by the African Association of Political Science. Has table of contents and abstracts. Articles can be purchased and received by fax or postal mail. [KF]
African Journal of Political Science and International Relations
Open access journal, full text on-line. Articles on Nigeria, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Uganda, etc.
African Journal of Reproductive Health (Benin City, Nigeria)
Published by the Women's Health and Action Research Centre, Benin City, Nigeria. Full text free online from Bioline International. Older issues also in JSTOR for subscribers. [KF]
African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines, AJTCAM
Abstracts of latest issue online. Access to full text older articles upon free registration. Topics - Applied Medicinal Plants, Traditional Medicines, Complementary Alternative Medicines, Food and Agricultural Technologies, and Promotion of Healthy use of Medicinal Products. Based at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.
African Journal for Transformational Scholarship (Potchefstroom)
Official publication of the Centre for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education in Africa (CPCHEA). Articles by Christian scholars and scientists that provide insights grounded in the Gospel that address issues relevant to contemporary African life and development. "The online version is free, but you are required to register as an online user." The Centre has a directory of people involved in Christian higher education in Africa. Based in Potchefstroom, South Africa.
African Journals On-Line
Tables of contents and abstracts of articles from up to 314 journals from 24 African countries. Many full text articles are on-line. Topics cover arts, culture, language, literature, agricultural sciences, science and technology, health and social sciences. A keyword Search covers all journals. Sign up to receive an automatic email every time a new issue is published in any selected title. Began as a pilot project of the International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (London), now an independent non profit, based in South Africa.  [KF]
African Mining (Roosevelt Park, South Africa)
Bimonthly begun Jan. 1996 by Resource Publications. Covers the continent, has the recent tables of contents.
African Nebula
Pubished by Osun State University, Osogbo, Nigeria, College of Humanities and Culture. Full text is online. Vol. 1, No.1, appeared February 2010. Articles on history, literature, film, etc. Many on Nigeria.
African Newsletter on Occupational Health and Safety
Has the full text of articles published from 1995 to date. Published by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (Helsinki).
African Perspective
An electronic-only news magazine. Reprints a few articles [from The Militant (New York) and the Economist, etc.] Publishers and co-founders are Simba Kamunono and John Munoru. Based in Canada.
African Philosophy
E-journal sponsored by the International Society for African Philosophy and Studies (ISAPS) and published by Africa Resource Center, Inc. Articles include: Language, Culture, Science, Technology and Philosophy - Art and 'Art' in Africa: Conceptual Clarification, Confusion or Colonization? - Race and Racism in the Works of David Hume.
African Population Studies (Dakar, Senegal)
Also in French. Abstracts of articles from the journal of the Union of African Population Studies, Dakar, Senegal. Topics include breastfeeding in Kenya, family planning in Kenya, contraception in Lesotho, factors predisposing Accra youth to HIV/AIDS infection, etc.
African Publishing Review (Harare, Zimbabwe)
Published by the African Publishers Network, APNET, a Panafrican non-profit association "formed in 1992 to promote indigenous publishing in Africa."
African Research and Documentation
Journal of SCOLMA, Standing Conference on Library Materials on Africa. SCOLMA is a forum for librarians and others interested in "the provision of materials for African studies in libraries in the United Kingdom. Has the table of contents of recent issues.
African Review of Books
Reviews of African books, publishing and book news, book fairs, information relating to Africa's publishing industry and African scholarship. Will cover all books (fiction, children's, non-fiction, coffee-table books), has a free e-newsletter. Details of Africa's 100 best books with excerpts from the books. Founded by Raks Seakhoa and Richard Bartlett. Based in Salisbury, U.K. with a Johannesburg office.
African Security
Published by Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group.
African Security Review (Pretoria)
Quarterly journal of the Institute for Security Studies, Pretoria, South Africa. Has the table of contents for recent issues and some full text articles from older issues.
African Soccer (London, England)
Soccer magazine, has selected full text articles from the latest issue. On the Sportscheduler web site. .
African Societies (Rome, Italy)
In English, French and Italian. "Monthly e-magazine on the invisible Africa." Edited by CERFE - Standing Commettee for Africa of Gruppo CERFE, Rome, Italy. Full text articles online. Issue no. 2 features the second African diaspora, brain drain, etc.
African Sociological Review (Dakar, Senegal / Grahamstown, South Africa)
In English and French. A bi-annual publication of CODESRIA, Dakar, Senegal. Has the table of contents.
African Studies
Originally from Witwatersrand University Press, covers history, sociology, politics.  Began in 1921 as Bantu Studies. Has the tables of contents. Now published by Taylor and Francis in the UK. Cost is $307.00 for libraries.
African Studies Abstracts Online (Leiden, Netherlands)s
Excellent annotated index of articles from periodicals, chapters from edited works and collective volumes on Africa in the field of the social sciences and the humanities. To be published four times a year. "Each issue also contains a geographical index, a subject index, an author index, and a list of journals and edited works abstracted in that issue." The first issue is No. 1, 2003, 115 pages, in Adobe pdf. Online version of African Studies Abstracts, compiled by the Afrika-Studiecentrum in Leiden, Netherlands.
African Studies Journals - Wikipedia
A select listing of African studies journals. Readers are invited to add content. Listing began with contributions by African studies librarians in Uppsala, Leiden, Frankfurt and the African Studies Association (U.K.). For an expanded, more complete list of over 1,000 journals, see the Frankfurt University List.
African Studies Quarterly
An interdisciplinary, refereed e-journal from the Center for African Studies, University of Florida (Gainesville). Includes Book Reviews. The journal is indexed by PAIS (Public Affairs Information Service) and by the Gale Group.
African Studies Review (African Studies Association, USA)
Official journal of the ASA U.S. Editorial offices are at the Department of Anthropology, University of Massachusetts.
African Study Monographs, Kyoto University, Center for African Area Studies
Has the table of contents.
African Voices: A Newsletter on Democracy and Governance in Africa
Has the full text of articles in Adobe Acrobat PDF format from 1995 to date. Topics include civil/political rights, promoting civic awareness, civic education, human rights in Nigeria, Liberia's democratic transition, local government in South Africa, constitution making in Eritrea, etc. Published by USAID Bureau for Africa (Washington, D.C.)
Africana Libraries Newsletter (Bloomington, Indiana)
This newsletter "supports the work of the Africana Librarians Council of the African Studies Association (U.S.)." Has the full text of recent issues online. Editor: Dr. Marion Frank-Wilson. Published by the Office of the Librarian for African Studies, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. Older issues are at Michigan State's web site.
Africana Studia, Revista Internacional de Estudos Africanos (Porto)
In Portuguese. Published by the Centro de Estudos Africanos da Universidade do Porto, Portugal. Requires registration for access.
In French. "l'Institut Panos Paris publie Africentr@lemedias, une lettre d'information mensuelle sur l'actualité du pluralisme des médias en Afrique centrale. Elle est réalisée par des journalistes de 9 pays de la région (Burundi, Cameroun, Centrafrique, Congo, Gabon, Guinée équatoriale, République démocratique du Congo, Rwanda et Tchad) avec l'appui de la Communauté européenne et de Cordaid." Announces new magazines and newspapers. [KF]
Afriche (Societa delle Missioni Africane, SMA)
In Italian. Has the table of contents. Based in Italy, has an office in New Jersey.
Afriche e Orienti (Bologna)
In Italian and English. Quarterly journal published by AIEP Editore for the Associazione Afriche e Orienti, an academic association. Has the table of contents.
Africultures, le mensuel des cultures africaines (Les Pilles, Nyons, France)
Mainly in French. Site for the print journal. Covers, arts, literature, cinema, music, theater, etc. All articles, except those from the most recent four issues, are free online. "...offers a French-language listings diary and information service updated every day, and a condensed monthly version in English."
Afrika Spectrum (Hamburg, Germany)
Published by the GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies / Leibniz-Institut für Globale und Regionale Studien, Hamburg, Germany. Has the table of contents and article summaries.
Afrika Zamani (Dakar)
In French. Published by CODESRIA for the Association of African Historians. Annual. Full text articles in English, Arabic, French and Portuguese.
Afrikanistik online
"a multilingual peer-review e-journal that represents African Studies in the sense of Diedrich Westermann" Full text articles are free on-line. Based at the Department of African Studies, University of Cologne, Germany / Institut für Afrikanistik der Universität zu Köln.
In French. "...une revue electronique consacree e l'analyse des droits et des institutions d'Afrique." Full text articles are in Adobe PDF. Has annotated bibliographies, legal links. Topics include labor law, administrative law, etc.
"Elle est produite en partenariat par : le Centre d'etudes et de recherches sur le droit africain et le developpement institutionnel (CERDRADI) de l'Universite Montesquieu-Bordeaux IV (France) -le Centre d'etude d'Afrique Noire (CEAN), IEP de Bordeaux (Universite Montesquieu-Bordeaux IV) - la Faculte des sciences juridiques et politiques de Dakar - l'UFR de sciences juridiques, administratives et politiques d'Abidjan."
Afrique & Histoire
In French. Published by Editions Verdier. Has the table of contents, selectons from some articles. Founded by Pierre BOILLEY, Jean-Pierre CHRETIEN, François-Xavier FAUVELLE-AYMAR, Bertrand HIRSCH. See also:
Afrique Contemporaine (Paris)
In French. Published by La Documentation française, Paris. Has the table of contents. Covers "événements les plus importants dans l'évolution politique, économique, sociale et culturelle de l'Afrique au sud du Sahara, de Madagascar et des îles de l'océan Indien."
Afrique & Histoire
In French. Has the table of contents. Founded by Pierre BOILLEY, Jean-Pierre CHRETIEN, François-Xavier FAUVELLE-AYMAR, Bertrand HIRSCH.
Afrique Express (Paris)
In French. "bimensuel édité à Paris par la société d'édition LB Presse." Table of contents. Many older articles online, arranged by country and topic.
Afrique Horizon Magazine
"a bi-monthly printed magazine covering all aspects of African music, politics, culture and society - in French." Maintained by Nick Beddow.
Afriques (Paris)
In French and English. E-journal published by Centre d’études des mondes africains, Paris, France. "une revue internationale d’histoire des mondes africains, qui privilégie les époques antérieures au XIXe siècle" Issue No. 1, Printemps 2010 has the theme Les chemins de l’identité en Afrique du XVe au XXe siècle. Indexes - author, keyword, geographic entity.
Afro-Asia (Salvador, Brazil)
In Portuguese. Published by the Centro de Estudos Afro-Orientais, Universidade Federal da Bahia (Salvador, Brasil). On African-Brazilian issues and Africa-related issues. Full text articles on-line. Created in 1965.
Afronet (Lusaka, Zambia) and The Monitor
Afronet is the Inter-African Network for Human Rights and Development. Has full text of their 1998 Zambia Human Rights Report, The Dilemma of Local Courts in Zambia, The Zambia Human Rights Report 1997, Inter-Party Dialogue in Zambia (May/June 1996 Report), reports on Malawi and Swaziland. They publish a weekly Monitor, and host the Southern African Human  Rights NGO Network. They have an excellent directory of  Southern African human rights organizations.
Articles, mainly on South African, economy, arts, music. For the affluent South African. Affiliated with Kaya FM. Based in South Africa.
Afrotech E-Magazine
Subscription only monthly e-newsletter on the internet and computing. Per year - £35 in Britain and $60 in the United States. "Subscriptions to the E-mail light cost $45 - with this, links are followed to where the files reside on our site."
Agenda (Glenwood, South Africa)
Quarterly South African feminist journal established in 1987. Has the table of contents of recent issues. Subscription required for on-line access. One can receive, by email, a fact sheet on workshops, conferences, web sites, print publications, etc.
Ahfad Journal (Omdurman, Sudan)
Published by the Ahfad University for Women. No longer at The latest issue is from 2001.
AIDS Analysis Africa Online
Free full text articles from 2004 April-May to date."bi-monthly electronic newsletter focusing on the wide-ranging impact of HIV and AIDS on Africa." You can subscribe for free. Published by Metropolitan Holdings. Based in South Africa.

See also some issues for 1999-2001.
AIDS Weekly Plus
Full text online of over a million articles published from 1981 to date. Published by The AIDS Education Global information System ( AEGIS, a not-for-profit, tax-exempt, educational corporation. Founded by Sister Mary Elizabeth, of the Sisters of St. Elizabeth of Hungary. or
Alem Mar (Lisbon, Portugal)
In Portuguese. Monthly magazine of the Catholic Missionários Combonianos do Coração de Jesus (Comboni Missionaries) and their work in Africa and elsewhere. Recent articles require a subscription to read on-line. Some older articles free on-line. Based in Lisbon, Portugal.
American Historical Review
Journal of the American Historical Association, the main scholarly association for U.S. historians (including Africanists). Has tables of contents of the latest issue and past issues.

Has the full text of articles and book reviews for those at institutions which subscribe to JSTOR.
Amina, le magazine de la femme (Paris)
In French. Popular magazine, has the table of contents.
Newsletter of the African Mathematical Union's Comission on the History of Mathematics in Africa. The newsletter includes bibliographies, book reviews, web sites, meetings, research reports, addresses of scholars. Part of Mathematicians of the African Diaspora. Both sites are maintained by Professor Scott W. Williams, Mathematics Dept., State Univ. of New York at Buffalo. [KF]
Anansi: fiction of the African diaspora (New York, NY)
A literary journal for original short fiction & poetry by writers of African
descent. Began publication Feb. 1999. Brief information only on the web site of the African American Literature Book Club.
Angola Peace Monitor (London)
Monthly newsletter produced by Action for Southern Africa (ACTSA), successor to the British Anti-Apartheid Movement. The back issues from Vol. 1, No. 1, April 3, 1995 and issues following are online.
Ankh, Revue d'égyptologie et des civilisations africaines
In French and English. Has the table of contents. "Elle est dirigée par le professeur Théophile Obenga, égyptologue et linguiste réputé, et ses collaborateurs sont des universitaires de divers pays." Published by the Association KHEPERA, France. On the Ankh web site.
Annales Aequatoria (Mbandaka)
In French and English. Published by the Centre Æquatoria, Centre de Recherches Culturelles Africanistes, near Mbandaka, Dem. Rep. of the Congo (Kinshasa). There is an index (by subjects and dates) covering 1937-1962 and an index (subjects, authors, book reviews, maps, illustrations, dates) covering 1980 and following issues. [KF]
Annales africaines de Médecine (Kinshasa)
In French. Published by Université de Kinshasa, Faculté de Médecine, Kinshasa, R.D. Congo. Full text articles online.
Annals of Ibadan Postgraduate Medicine (Ibadan)
Biannual journal of the Association of Resident Doctors, University College Hospital Chapter. Some full text articles. Other full text articles on-line at African Index Medicus site.
Annals of Tropical Medicine & Parasitology
Journal of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Access by subscription only. Covers medical parasitology, veterinary parasitology, entomology. Often has Africa-related articles. Tables of contents of recent issues. Libraries pay $ 734.00.
Annals of Tropical Paediatrics (London)
Quarterly published for the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Access by subscription. On the "problems and achievements in child health and paediatrics in the tropics and subtropics." Table of contents of recent issues. Libraries pay $ 615.00.
Arab World Geographer (Toronto)
Has the table of contents and abstracts of articles. Includes articles on the Sudan, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa. The Editor-in-Chief is Professor Ghazi Falah, Centre for Urban & Community Studies, University of Toronto (Canada).
Archives de Sciences Sociales des Religions (Paris)
In French. Has full text articles on Afro-Latin American religions. Journal "fondée en 1956 sous l’égide du CNRS." Published by Éditions de l'École des hautes études en sciences sociales / Éditions de l’EHESS. Its purpose is "promouvoir une perspective comparative, élargie à toutes les religions, et à toutes les aires culturelles."
ARHNE Newsletter (Oslo, Norway: Institute for Nutrition Research, University of Oslo)
Full text articles in Adobe PDF format. Newsletter of the Adolescent Reproductive Health Network (ARHNe): Health System and Health Promotion Research in Eastern and Southern Africa. The program targets adolescent reproductive health and risk behaviors.
Arid Lands Newsletter
Published by the Office of Arid Lands Studies, University of Arizona (Tucson). The 1994-1996 issues are online. No. 40 (Fall 1996) features "The Convention to Combat Desertification, Part 1: Africa and the Mediterranean." It includes articles on Kenya and Mali and linkes to web resources on desertification.
Arts Council of the African Studies Association (ACASA) Newsletter
Full text on-line. See the Publications section.
Asien Afrika Latinamerika
Ceased publication. Website says "On Wednesday, January 01, 2003 this publication was discontinued." The last volume was Vol. 30, No. 6, 2002. Was on the societies and history of Asia, Africa and Latin America. The journal took a multi-disciplinary approach with contributions from political science, sociology, economics, philosophy, religion, law, linguistics and literature. Was published by Carfax, part of the Taylor & Francis Group.
Association of African Universities / Association des Universités Africaines Newsletter
The AAU is "an international non-governmental organisation set up by the universities in Africa..." The Secretariat is in Accra.
Association of American University Presses
Has ordering information for univ. press journals such as the Journal of African Economies, Journal of Democracy. Titles can be found by title, subject, individual press.
Australasian Review of African Studies, ARAS (Perth, Australia)
Published by the African Studies Association of Australasia and the Pacific (AFSAAP) twice a year in June and December. Refereed inter-disciplinary journal. Has the table of contents for some issues. Formerly the African Studies Review & Newsletter.
Autrepart (Bondy, France)
In French. Published by l’Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD) et les Éditions de l’Aube. Has the table of contents, frequent articles on African topics. Theme issues were published on Afrique noire et monde arabe, Afrique : les identités contre la démocratie, Echanges transfrontaliers et intégration régionale en Afrique Subsaharienne.
Awaaz (Nairobi, Kenya)
Kenyan journal devoted to South Asians and East Africans in history, arts and politics. "...record the history, and establish linkages with the Indian subcontinent and the South Asian Diaspora in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom." Full text articles - on Pio Gama Pinto, Asian-African relations, The role of minorities in business E.Asia and E.Africa compared, by Prof. Michael Chege, Wangari Maathai Africa’s wonder woman, by Jonathan Kariara, book reviews, etc. Based in Nairobi, Kenya.
AWEPA Bulletin
Published by European Parliamentarians for Africa, AWEPA International, Amsterdam The Netherlands Has full text of issues in Adobe PDF format; see the Publications section. Articles include topics on HIV/AIDS, health, Mozambique floods, Zimbabwe elections 2000.
Azania: Journal of the British Institute in Eastern Africa (Nairobi, Kenya)
"The Institute promotes research into the archaeology, pre-colonial history and related studies of eastern Africa, broadly defined (roughly between the Zambezi and the Nile basins)." Has the table of contents.
Balancing Act. News Update
A free e-newsletter covering African telecoms, internet and computing. The Editor is Russell Southwood. The latest issue and all previous issues are on the web site providing a historical record of the internet and telecom in Africa. To subscribe to the e-newsletter write: Also publishes reports on the African internet market and ICT entrepreneurship. Edited by Russell Southwood.
Bamako Culture
In French. E-magazine. News of cultural events, theatre, dance, film, art, music, literature, photography, new books, directory of links to Mali cultural web sites. Part of the Afribone Mali company. Based in Bamako, Mali. [KF]
Batik, Bulletin d'Analyse sur les Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication (Dakar)
In French. Full text. Monthly e-newsletter published by OSIRIS (Observatoire sur les Systemes d'Information, les Reseaux et les Inforoutes au Senegal (Dakar) on information technology in Senegal. One can receive the newsletter by email.
Belgian Association of Africanists (BVA-ABA). e-Forum
In Dutch and French. Electronic newsletter of the Association.
Bioline International
"Access to the full text and graphics of all material on the Bioline International website is now free of charge." Titles include African Crop Science Journal (Uganda), African Journal of Biotechnology, African Journal of Food and Nutritional Security, the African Journal of Neurological Sicences (Kenya), African Population Studies, Journal of Food Technology in Africa, Ichthyological Bulletin, and others. Search across all journals for articles.
Black Arts Quarterly (Stanford, CA)
Published by the Stanford University Committee on Black Performing Arts. Short stories, poetry, art from the Diaspora and Africa.
Black Camera
Published by Indiana University Press. Journal "devoted to the study and documentation of the black cinematic experience" Essays, book reviews, film reviews, film archives news. Full text access requires a subscription. [KF]
Black Renaissance/Renaissance Noire (New York City)
Published by Africana Studies Program, New York University.

See also information about the journal from the African-American Literature Book Club. [KF]
BMC International Health and Human Rights (London)
Peer-reviewed online journal. Original research articles on health care in developing and transitional countries, and on health and human rights.

Free articles include - Policy mapping for establishing a national emergency health policy for Nigeria, Paediatric referrals in rural Tanzania: the Kilombero District Study – a case series, High-tech and low-tech orthopaedic surgery in Sub-Saharan Africa, Evaluating Niger's experience in strengthening supervision, improving availability of child survival drugs..., Cross-sectional study of morbidity, morbidity-associated factors and cost of treatment in Ngaoundere, Cameroon..., A step too far? Making health equity interventions in Namibia more sufficient, Health and economic impact of HIV/AIDS on South African households: a cohort study, Survey of the knowledge, attitude and practice of Nigerian surgery trainees to HIV-infected persons and AIDS patients, Research that influences policy and practice – characteristics of operational research to improve malaria control in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa.

Published by BioMed Central Ltd., London. (ISSN 1472-698X) is indexed/tracked/covered by PubMed.
Boletin Africanista (Évora)
In Portuguese. Editado pelo Núcleo de Estudos Sobre África, Centro Interdisciplinar de História, Culturas e Sociedades (CIDEHUS), Universidade de Évora (UE), Évora, Portugal. African studies news from the university.
Botswana Notes and Records (Gaborone, Botswana)
Published by the Botswana Society (Gaborone). Has the table of contents.
Bulletin d'AMADES [Anthropologie médicale appliquée au développement et à la santé] (Aix-en-Provence, France)
In French. Includes descriptions of Africa-related research. Published by l'Association AMADES, Anthropologie médicale appliquée au développement et à la santé. "L'association AMADES a été créée en 1988 par des médecins et des anthropologues soucieux d'une meilleure prise en compte des faits de société et de culture dans les actions de santé."
Bulletin de l’APAD
In French and English. Published by the Association euro-africaine pour l’anthropologie du changement social et du développement. Full text articles online, such as Jean Nzisabira, «Les organisations populaires du Rwanda : leur émergence, leur nature et leur évolution. Based at the Afrika-Studiecentrum, Leiden, Netherlands.
Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)
Biannual journal. The Chemical Society of Ethiopia was founded in 1983. Full text only available through payment for an article or annual subscription.
Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, Univ. of London
Has the table of contents. Published by Oxford University Press, Oxford.
Business in Africa (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Has the table of contents of the latest issue and selected full text articles online. Began publication in 1993 as SAFARA Magazine, became Business in Africa in 1996. Based in Rivonia, Johannesburg, South Africa.
Cadernos de Estudos Africanos (Lisboa)
Published by Centro de Estudos Africanos, Instituto Superior de Ciências do Trabalho e da Empresa, ISCTE, Lisboa, Portugal. E-mail:
CAF News (Cairo, Egypt)
Published by the African Football Confederation - Confederation africain de football. "The African Football Confederation....consists of all African National Football Associations which are members of FIFA...." Full text issues online in Adobe PDF. E-mail:
CAFRAD Web News Letter (Tangier, Morocco)
In English and French. Published by the African Training and Research Centre in Administration for Development, CAFRAD. Full text issues online.
Cahiers d'etudes africaines (Paris)
Has the tables of contents of issues and subscription information. The entire contents of recent issues are indexed by (Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales, Marseille, France)
Cahiers d'outre-mer (Université de Bordeaux 3, France)
In French. Academic journal published at Université de Bordeaux 3, France. "une revue trimestrielle de géographie orientée vers la diffusion de l'approche géographique française et francophone des connaissances sur le domaine tropical." Tables of contents and abstracts are on-line.

Examples of articles - Coopération internationale et exploitation des ressources halieutiques au Gabon; La dynamique urbaine à Mayotte : l’étalement de Mamoudzou et la « périphérisation » des centres petits-terriens; Nuages, vents et pluies : scruter le « visage du firmament » en Imerina; Tourisme et réserves d’espaces pour les pratiques locales sur les littoraux de l’île Maurice; Les variations spatiales du financement des politiques publiques sportives des communes de la Réunion
Cahiers Secheresse (Romainville, France)
In French. Academic journal with full text articles on Agroforesterie, Climatologie, Désertification, Drainage, Eau, ÉnergieForesterie, Gestion de l'eau, Homme et climat, Hydrologie, Hydrogéologie, Hydraulique, Irrigation, Météorologie, Production végétale, Télédétection and other topics. Covers North, West, Central Africa. Pub. by l'Agence universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) and John Libbey - Eurotext.
Callaloo: a Journal of African-American and Africans Arts and Letters
Table of contents only unless your institution is a subscriber. In the latter case, one can get the full text of articles. Publishes original works by and critical studies of black writers worldwide. The Summer 1995 issue was a Special on Maryse Condé.
Cameroon Academy of Sciences. Journal (Buea, Cameroon)
"a multi-disciplinary publication devoted to all aspects of fundamental and applied research.... publishes topical reviews on science and technology in development, arts, humanities and culture." Abstracts on-line. Full text articles are $16.00 (for high income countries); pay by credit card.
Canadian Journal of African Studies (Toronto, Canada)
In English and French (abstracts). Journal of the Canadian Association of African Studies/Association Canadienne des Etudes Afriaines. "a multi- and sometimes interdisciplinary journal... articles and book reviews from the fields of history, political science, anthropology, sociology and African literature." Abstracts are free online.
Cass [Frank] Journals
Tables of contents only.
Centre d'étude d'Afrique noire, Institut d'études politiques de Bordeaux
Please see: Lettre de CEAN (Centre d'étude d'afrique noire, Institut d'études politiques de Bordeaux) and Travaux et documents (Centre d'étude d'Afrique noire, Institut d'études politiques de Bordeaux)
Chieftain: the Journal for Traditional Governance (Calgary, Canada)
Online journal of TAARN (Traditional Authority Applied Research Network). Full text articles such as "Queen Mothers and Social Workers: A Potential collaboration between traditional authority and social work in Ghana." [KF]
Chimera (Tallahassee, Florida)
Quarterly print and e-journal published by the USA / Africa Institute, based in Tallahassee, Florida. Full text articles in Adobe pdf are online. Articles include "Americanizing Africa and Democratizing the World? By Dr. Ali A. Mazrui. "We invite authors to contribute thought provoking discussion on various issues dealing with United States and African initiatives."
Chimurenga Library
Includes the history and background of selected African magazines
China Monitor (Stellenbosch, South Africa)
Monthly publication of the Centre for Chinese Studies, Stellenbosch University, South Africa. Full text articles on-line in PDF. No. 21, August 2007 is on The Chinese Community in South Africa (27 p. in PDF). No. 17, April 2007 is on China's involvement in African Infrastructure (20 p. in PDF).
In French and Chinese. Site for the magazine on China's relations with Africa. From the publishers of the Beijing Review, a Chinese government magazine. [KF]
Christian Science Monitor
Has the full text of the latest issue. One can search all previous articles published from Jan. 1980 to the present but access to past issues is by payment.
CIIR News (London)
Newsletter of the Catholic Institute for International Relations, London. Has full text articles on development work / human rights work, events in Zimbabwe, Somaliland, Burundi and other African countries.
Clio en Afrique
In French. No. 1, printemps 1997, of an electronic journal from the Groupe de recherche (GDR) 1118 du CNRS, "Histoire de l'Afrique: Mémoires et Identités (XVIIème-XXème siècles)". Based at the Université de Provence.   The first issue includes:
  • "L'Afrique du sud a la recherche de son passe. Une enquete historiographique".
  • a selective list of French doctoral theses from 1995-janv.1997
  • African history titles, in French, published 1995-1997
  • the table of contents of Islam et sociétés au sud du sahara, no. 10, déc. 1996
  • summaries of two theses
  • conferences held
Club du  Sahel. Bulletin (Paris)
In English and French. Has some full text issues in Adobe .pdf format. Select the Publications section. The Club du Sahel is an informal network of some OECD and West African countries, based in Paris.
CODESRIA Bulletin (Dakar, Senegal)
"The aim of CODESRIA quarterly Bulletin is to stimulate discussion, exchange information and encourage research cooperation among African researchers." The Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa / Conseil pour le Developpement de la Recherche en Sciences Sociales en Afrique is a Pan-African NGO estab. in 1973. Has the table of contents.
Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East (CSSAAME)
The tables of contents. Full text for Vol. XXII | Nos. 1& 2 (2002). Index for Vols. 1-19, 1981-1999. Libraries pay $45. Editorial office: Department of History, Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois. Publisher: Duke University Press Journals Division, Durham, NC. [KF]
Computing and Communications Africa
Published by African IT Exhibitions & Conferences (AITEC). Offers free subscriptions to computer professionals. Based in the U.K.
Conflict Trends (Durban, South Africa)
Full text articles online. Published by the African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD). Issues have focused on democracy, Nigeria, water issues, mercenaries in Africa, Southern Africa, conflict resolution. [KF]
Congo Debout (Brussels)
In French. Published by the Independent Media Center, "a collective of independent media ogranizations and hundreds of journalists offering grassroots, non-corporate coverage of major protests." Commentary on DRC political events. Has, in Adobe PDF format, Congo Debout, No. 1, juillet 2000, pub. in Brussels.
Congo-Meuse (Bruxelles, Belgium)
In French. Annual "publication du Centre d'Études des Littératures belge et congolaise de Langue française (CELIBECO), réalisée en coopération avec les Archives et Musée de la Littérature (AML),..." Has the table of contents.
Corporate Africa (London)
Online edition of the print quarterly, has the table of contents and selected full text articles such as a profile of Tito Mboweni, Governor of the South African Reserve Bank, West Africa Oil and Gas, AIDS in Africa, Worldspace's satellite radio, etc. Published by Times Publications Ltd. The Times Publs. Ltd. web site also has a political risk section.
Covert Action Quarterly (Washington, D.C.)
Has the tables of contents and a few full-text articles.
Critical African Studies
Sponsored by the Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh. Full text articles and abstracts are on-line. "seeks to return Africanist scholarship to the heart of theoretical innovation within each of its constituent disciplines."
Critical Arts (Durban, South Africa)
Published by Culture, Communication and Media Studies, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa. Table of contents. Full text of 1981-1992 issues is online, from Michigan State University.
Current Bibliography on African Affairs (Amityville, New York)
A quarterly bibliography forAfrican Studies and related subjects. Published by Baywood Publishing Co.
Dans les Media Demain (Antananarivo)
In French. "L'hebdomadaire économique malgache d'information et d'analyse." Weekly news magazine.
Democracy Watch: A bulletin of the Transition Monitoring Group (Lagos)
Published by Media Rights Agenda ".an independent, non-governmental organisation established for the purpose of promoting and protecting press freedom and freedom of expression in Nigeria." Site hosted by Internews Network. [KF]
Démocratie et Développement (Cotonou, Benin)
In French and English. Journal of GERDDES- Afrique, Groupe d'Etudes et de Recherches sur la Démocratie et le Développement Economique et Social,
an independent Pan-african NGO created in 1990 by African intellectuals. Has the table of contents.
Development Issues (The Hague, Netherlands)
Has the full text, in Adobe PDF, of the magazine. Published by the Institute of Social Studies (The Hague, Netherlands).
Development Southern Africa (Development Bank of Southern Africa, Sandton, South Africa)
Has the table of contents. Libraries pay US$380 per year. Published by Routledge, part of Taylor & Francis.
La Diaspora
In Spanish. "Información Bimensual para la Comunidad Guineo-Ecuatoriana en el extranjero." This is the web presence of the print journal for Eq. Guineans in exile.
Directory of Open Access Journals
Find full text articles by keyword. Some Africa-related titles listed are African Journal of Biotechnology, African Journal of Environmental Assessment and Management, African Journal of Neurological Sciences, African Population Studies. "We define open access journals as journals that use a funding model that does not charge readers or their institutions for access." Based at Lund University Libraries, Lund, Sweden. Hosted by Lund University Libraries (Lund, Sweden) and supported by the Open Society Institute (Budapest, Hungary) and SPARC (The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition, Washington, DC).
Discovery and Innovation (Nairobi)
"journal of the African Academy of Sciences (AAS) and the Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS)." Has tables of contents. Libraries outside Africa pay $90.
See also:
Drillbits & Tailings
Electronic newsletter of Project Underground, which supports communities threatened by the mining & oil industries. Carries news on protests against oil companies in Nigeria. Based in Berkeley, California.
Droit et Lois (Cotonou, Benin)
In French. Legal journal. Table of contents and some full text articles on-line. Published from 2004. "a pour objectif principal de faire connaître le droit positif béninois, à savoir les textes législatifs et réglementaires, mais également l’état de la doctrine et de la jurisprudence."
eAfrica. Electronic Journal of Governance and Innovation (Johannesburg)
Published by the South African Institute of International Affairs, Nepad and Governance project. Full text issues are online. Vol. 1, May 2003 in Adobe pdf. Receive issues by email.
East African Journal of Human Rights and Democracy (Nairobi)
Published by the East African Human Rights Institute, an independent Non Governmental Organization.
Eastern Africa Journal of Humanities & Sciences (Nairobi, Kenya)
Full text articles. Published by the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Department of Research, Nairobi, Kenya. [KF]
Eastern Africa Social Science Research Review (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)
Published by the Organization for Social Science Research in Eastern Africa. An interdisciplinary journal on the economy, politics, society of Eastern and Southern Africa. Free sample issue and abstracts. Full text access to Project Muse members. Edited by Bahru Zewde and M.A. Mohamed Salih. and
Eastern Africa Social Science Research Review (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)
Has the table of contents and abstracts. Bi-annual journal published by the Organization for Social Science Research in Eastern Africa (OSSREA).

See also -
Eastern Africa Social Science Research Review (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)
Has the table of contents / abstracts. Published by the Organization for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa, OSSREA. OSSREA also publishes the OSSREA News Letter.
L'Echo des Frontieres. Bulletin Régional de suivi des échanges transfrontaliers
Academic bulletin, in French, on trade, economic relations between Benin, Cameroun, Chad, Niger, and Nigeria. Has the full text. "...rédigé à Cotonou par le LARES. "Ce site fait partie du réseau Refer mis en place par l'AUPELF-UREF."
Echos du SITRASS
In French. Bulletin on "les analyses et nouvelles du secteur des transports en Afrique sub-saharienne." Some full text issues. Published by SITRASS, Solidarite Internationale sur les Transports et la Recherche en Afrique Sub-Saharienne of the Laboratoire d'economie des transports (Lyon, France).
Ecquid Novi: African Journalism Studies (Stellenbosch and Madison, WI)
African media studies and journalism. Published by the University of Wisconsin Press in cooperation with the Institute for Media Analysis in South Africa (iMasa) and the Department of Journalism, Stellenbosch University.
ELDIS Joint Serials Database - Development/Environment
Retrieve lists of journals in the areas of development and the environment. Information is provided on which European library has the journal, subscription information, and specific features of the journals. The Electronic Development and Environment Information System (ELDIS) is sponsored by DANIDA and the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex.
Electronic Journal of Africana Bibliography
Refereed online journal from the University of Iowa Libraries. Issue No. 1 (Nov. 1996) is "Guides, Collections, & Ancillary Materials to African Archival Resources in the United States" by John Bruce Howell and Yvette Scheven. This Guide includes lists of inventories, finding lists, annual reports, etc. [KF]
Electronic Journal on Information Systems in Developing Countries (Sarawak, Malaysia)
Has full text papers in Adobe PDF format. "A Champion in Our Midst: Lessons Learned from the Impacts of NGO's Use of the Internet" by Scott McConnell (in Vol. 2) cites examples from Uganda. A joint publication of the Universiti Malaysia, Sarawak City; University of Hong Kong, Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Netherlands; Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands.
Electronic Journals by Subscription
Many universities pay for access to electronic journals which are therefore available only to members of the university community. Please check with your librarian about electronic journals at your institution. For example, Stanford users may find e-journals at:
Emotion. Magazine du Showbiz et de la Femme (Cotonou, Benin)
In French. Online site for the print magazine. Has information on Director and Editor, Éric Huannou.
ENAS - Electronic Technology Group, African Studies Association (U.S.)
ENAS is a newsletter for the exchange of information on the uses, developments and critiques of new electronic media. The 1996-1997 issues are online. Edited by Brian M. Murphy.
English in Africa
"founded in 1974 to provide a forum for the study of African literature in English.... published twice a year (in May and October) by the Institute for the Study of English in Africa at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa." Index of authors and subjects, table of contents of recent issues. Libraries pay $22 per year for subscriptions. [KF]
Eritrea Profile
E-journal from the Eritrean Network Information Center (ENIC). Maintained by Abubaker Beshir.
Eritrea Profile
Published by the People's Front for Democracy and Justice, PFDJ. On the Shaebia web site.
Estudios de Asia y África
In Spanish. Published by El Colegio de México, Mexico. Full text articles online.
Ethiopian Journal of Health Development (Addis Ababa)
Official journal of the Ethiopian Public Health Association. Full text articles. Published by the Department of Community Health, Addis Ababa University.
Fafunwa Foundation Internet Journal of Education (Lagos, Nigeria)
"The main objectives of this journal is to make the works of Nigerian scholars in the field of Education more visible to the rest of the world." "The criteria for selection will be the quality of the articles and the depth of their contribution to educational research or educational policy and practice not only in Nigeria but in other parts of the world." Full text articles [see links at the top] include "Languages And The National Policy On Education." [KF]
Le Fait Missionnaire (Lausanne, Switzerland)
In English and French. Has the table of contents for this print journal on missionary history in Africa. A selection of articles are online in Adobe pdf. Includes conference announcements, a directory of sites on Religion in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Angola, and Namibia, and links to related sites. [KF].

Full text online:
N° 3/september 1996. Of God and Caesar...The Relation between Christian Churches and the State in post-colonial Mozambique, 1974 81

N° 2/décembre 1995. Stratégie missionnaire et tactiques d'appropriation indigènes. La Mission Romande au Mozambique

N° 4/march 1997. Mothers and Daughters. The Training of African Nurses by Missionary Nurses of the Swiss Mission in South Africa

N° 1/mai 1995. Ethos Missionnaire et esprit du capitalisme. La Mission Philafricaine en Angola, 1897-1907
The Farmer (Harare, Zimbabwe)
Weekly "African Farming News Magazine" for farmers anywhere in Africa. Mainly Zimbabwe news. Has an e-mail subscription to the magazine for U.S.$32.00.
Feminist Africa
An e-journal "forum for progressive, cutting-edge gender research and feminist dialogue focused on the continent." Full text articles online. Produced by the African Gender Institute, University of Cape Town and its Strengthening Gender & Women's Studies for Africa's Transformation (GWS Africa) Project.
FESPACO Newsletter
In French and English. Published by ESPACO,  Festival Panafricain du Cinéma et de la Télévision de Ouagadougou. Has some full text articles and photographs online.
Filosofia Theoretica: Journal of African Philosophy, Culture and Religions
Published by the Calabar School of Philosophy, a scholarly forum. Published twice a year. It is an open access journal. Issues are free online at African Journals Online, AJOL. The Editor, as of Dec. 2014, is based at the University of Calabar, Nigeria. [KF]
Findings and Best Practices Infobriefs
The articles in Findings (No. 1, 1992 to date) describe work by the World Bank and member governments in Africa on environmental issues, education, agricultural research, food security, health, urban services, women's issues, transport, finance for development, etc.  Published by the World Bank.
The Fool's Cap, (Foolscap), the African Court of Humour Rights
E-magazine "dedicated to monitoring humorous activities throughout Africa, with particular attention to Nigeria." Published by Foolscap Media. "Our weapons are loads of cartoons, humour, satire, parody, witty short paragraphs and common sense." The editor is Bisi Ogunbadejo, "one-time editorial cartoonist/group art editor of the respected Guardian Newspapers (Nigeria), and editor of its Lagos Life weekly." Features the work of other African cartoonists (Ghana, Tanzania, Nigeria). One can subscribe to the "Sychophant Noiseletter." Based in London. [KF]
Footsteps (Peterborough, NH)
Print magazine on African & African American history for middle school children (ages 10-14). Has a full text article on Africans in the United States, by Harvard Prof. J. Lorand Matory. Each issue of the magazine focuses on a different theme. Has teachers' guides for its Liberia issue by Jo Sullivan, for the Mansa Musa: King of Mali issue. Published by Cobblestone Publishing, Peterborough, NH.
Forced Migration Review
Has full text articles. Published by the Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford, Oxford, U.K.
Foreign Affairs
Has a list of Africa-related articles published in the well-known journal of the Council on Foreign Relations and from related journals. There is an author index.
Foreign Affairs Bulletin - Kenya. Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (Nairobi)
Has the full text in Adobe PDF format of recent issues.
Fortune and Class Weekly (Lagos, Nigeria)
Blog to publicize the print business weekly magazine. Published by Fortune and Class Limited, Lagos, Nigeria.
Gazette du MALD
In French. Monthly e-newsletter of the Laboratoire Mutations Africaines dans la Longue Durée (unité mixte de recherche CNRS-Université Paris-I). Le MALD (directeur Pierre Boilley) réunit trois centres : le Centre d'Études Juridiques et Politiques du Monde Africain (CEJPMA), le Centre de Recherches Africaines (CRA) et le Laboratoire d'Anthropologie Juridique de Paris (LAJP). Older issues are online. Includes lists of theses.
GEFAME, Journal of African Studies (Ann Arbor)
Published by the University of Michigan Library and the Center for Afro-American and African Studies, University of Michigan. A peer reviewed journal. Vol. 1, No. 1, 2004 is A Tribute to Professor Lemuel Johnson [Sierra Leonean literature professor and poet]. Has an Events in Africa section. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Articles include:
Aspects of African Diaspora: Blood Letting or Transfusion?
by Eldred Durosimi Jones
African Academics And African Universities In the Twenty-First Century: Needs And Responsibilities by Eldred Durosimi Jones
Democracy and the Performance of Power: Observations from Nigeria by Moses Ebe Ochonu
[Géopolitique Africaine] African Geopolitics (Paris)
In English and French (Géopolitique Africaine). Quarterly journal, launched Nov. 2000. Full text articles on-line. Interviews with African Presidents and other foreign policy figures. Articles grouped by issues (conflict prevention, democracy, terrorism, African armies, etc.) Andre Soussan is the publisher and editor-in-chief. [KF]
Ghana Journal of Development Studies (Navrongo, Ghana)
Published by the Faculty of Integrated Development Studies, University for Development Studies, Navrongo, Ghana. Articles abstracts online. Full articles require payment.
Ghana Review (London)
Online and print magazine published by Micromedia Consultants Ltd. News, sports, business news, news from Parliament, an Election 2000 page, court news, arts & culture, education, health. Includes links to Ghana-related pages.
Ghana Studies (College Station, TX)
Journal of the Ghana Studies Council. Has the table of contents, editorial board. The Ghana Studies Council is "an associate organization of the African Studies Association (ASA) of the USA."
Ghana Studies Council. Newsletter
Full text issues on-line. "The Ghana Studies Council (GSC) is an organization of scholars based in Africa, the United States, Europe, and Asia..."
Global Review of Ethnopolitics (Bath, England)
Peer-reviewed online journal which receives additional support from the Specialist Group on Ethnic Politics of the Political Studies Association of the UK. Topics include Kristin Henrard's "Post-Apartheid South Africa's Democratic Transformation Process: Redress of the Past, Reconciliation and 'Unity in Diversity" (in Adobe pdf), and I. William Zartman's "The Timing of Peace Initiatives: Hurting Stalemates and Ripe Moments" (in Adobe pdf). Based at the Department of European Studies, University of Bath, Bath, England. [KF]
Global South
E-magazine. Full text articles online. Articles such as "Patterns of Corruption in Institutions of Higher Learning in Zimbabwe", "Same-sex Marriage is African".
Google Magazines
Full text online issues of selected magazines. Scanned by Google.

Black World / Negro Digest
Crisis (NAACP)
Ebony - includes issues on Nelson Mandela (May 1990 - Vol. 45, No. 7 and Aug 1994 - Vol. 49, No. 10)
Ebony Jr.
Jet - includes issues on Nelson Mandela and May 23, 1994 - Vol. 85, No. 3
LIfe Magazine - includes Dec. 4, 1964 on Belgian and American hostages in the Congo
Harvard Africa Policy Journal
Annual published by Kennedy School graduate students at the John F. Kennedey School of Government, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Includes articles on Somali pirates, Tanzania inflation, aid effectiveness, AFRICOM, Turkey's trade with Africa, agricultural policies, corruption, Johannesburg city, interviews with Chinua Achebe, Desmond Tutu, Stephen Lewis, Tony Leon.
History in Africa
Edited by Dr. David Henige, University of Wisconsin. "focuses on historiographical and methodological concerns and publishes textual analysis and criticism, historiographical essays, bibliographical essays, archival reports and articles on the role of theory and non-historical data in historical investigation....Published Annually."
Horn of Africa Bulletin (Uppsala, Sweden)
Published by the Life and Peace Institute. "monthly newsletter compiling analyses, news and resources on issues related to conflict and peacebuilding in the Horn of Africa region." Full text on-line from 2008.
Covers Somalia, Somaliland, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti, Sudan, etc.
Human Rights Dialogue (New York)
Published by the Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs. Has the table of contents. The Winter 2000 issue has the full text online and includes "Why More Africans Don't Use Human Rights Language" by Chidi Anselm Odinkalu.
Humanities Review Journal (Ile-Ife, Nigeria)
Published by the Humanities Research Forum, at the Department of Dramatic Arts, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. Article abstracts are on-line. Articles are free to developing countries. There is a charge for others. Topics: Theatre Arts, Philosophy, English Language, Literature in English, History, Music, Communication Arts, Anthropology, Library Studies, Information Science, Cultural Studies, Sociology and other relevant disciplines.
ICAAP/Sociosite Journals Database and Distribution Centre
Find full text articles in quality scholarly journals. Most are free access. Categories are Environmental Studies, History, Humanities, Philosophy, Political Science, Religious Studies, Sociology, Biology, Mathematics, Medicine. From the International Consortium for the Advancement of Academic Publication (ICAAP) in association with Sociosite, affiliated with Athabasca University, Alberta, Canada.
Identity, Culture and Politics (Colombo and Dakar)
"A biannual publication of International Centre for Ethnic Studies, Colombo, Sri Lanka and the Council for the Development of Social Science Research....., Dakar, Senegal. It aims at dissemination of knowledge and exchange of ideas and projections amongst African and Asian scholars and activists." Some full text articles.,%20Culture%20and%20Politics.htm
Ijele: Art eJournal of the African World
Vol. 1, No. 1, March 30, 2000 + Ijele is a refereed electronic journal on "modern and contemporary art and photography, iconography, symbolism, and aesthetics of Africa and of African artists around the world." Published three times a year by Africa Resource Center.
Impumelelo - Interdisciplinary Electronic Journal of African Sport (Athens, Ohio)
"a fully refereed online journal that is published semiannually. The Interdisciplinary Journal of African Sport seeks papers that analyze African sport from political, communication, sociological, anthropological, historical, and sports science perspectives." Based at Ohio University, Athens, Ohio. [KF]
Indian Ocean Newsletter (Paris)
Requires payment to read the articles. Published by Indigo Publications, Paris. Eur 860 p.a.
Indian Ocean Review (Perth, Australia)
Published by the Indian Ocean Centre, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Western Australia. Has the table of contents.
Indilinga African Journal of Indigenous Knowledge Systems (Pietermaritzburg, South Africa)
Published by New Dawn Publishers, Pietermaritzburg. Full text abstracts free. Full text articles require subscription. Libraries pay $30 for 2 issues per year. See also the African Journals Online site.
Insight on Africa (New Delhi, India)
Published by the African Studies Association of India, New Delhi. Bi-annual journal "covering contemporary African affairs, both from academics and policy perspectives." "it focuses on though not confined to, foreign policies and development issues of African countries and Afro-Asian relations." Table of contents online. ISSN: 0975-0878 (Print).
L'Intelligent d'Abidjan
In French. Print and online magazine. Published by SOCEF-NTIC, Société de Communication, d’Edition, de Finances et des Nouvelles Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication.
International Journal of African Historical Studies (Boston)
Published by the African Studies Center, Boston University.
International Journal of Ethiopian Studies (Los Angeles, California)
Published by Tsehai Publishers. "an interdisciplinary, refereed journal dedicated to scholarly research relevant to or informed by the Ethiopian experience. IJES publishes two issues a year of original work in English and/or Amharic...." Based at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California.
International Journal of Humanistic Studies (Manzini, Swaziland)
"annual peer-reviewed Journal....Contributions are accepted from the fields of Philosophy, English Language, Literature, History, Theatre Arts, Music, Communication Arts, Anthropology, Library Studies, Information Science, Cultural Studies, Sociology and other relevant disciplines." Editor based at the Department of African Languages and Literature, University of Swaziland, Kwaluseni, Swaziland.
Interventions: the International Journal of Postcolonial Studies
Has the table of contents. Focuses on the following aspects of postcolonial research, theory and politics:
"The histories of imperialism and colonialism, The role of culture (academic, literary and popular) in the operation of imperialism and in the formations of national resistance, The role of religion and culture in new nationalisms, The contemporary politics of identity; race and ethnicity; gender and sexuality, The economics of neo-colonialism, Diaspora and migrancy, etc. Published by Routledge (Taylor & Francis group).
Ìrìnkèrindò: a journal of African Migration (New York City)
"devoted to the study of African migration and immigration to other parts of the world." E-journal with full text articles such as -
The Antinomies of Globalization: Causes of Contemporary African Immigration to the United States of America;
Searching for Fortune: The Geographical Process of Nigerian Migration to Dublin, Ireland;
Nigerian Physical Therapists’ Job Satisfaction: A Nigeria – U.S.A. Comparison;
(In)Visibility and Duality of the Civil Rights and Yoruba Movements: 1950s-1990s; and other topics.
Editors are Mojúbàolú Olúfúnké Okome and Bertrade Ngo Ngijol-Banoum. [KF]
Islam in Africa Newsletter
Published by PRISM, Project for the Research of Islamist Movements. "analyzes information, political, religious, and social developments, events, or documents on Radical Islam and Islamic movements in Africa." See Vol. 1, No. 2, June 2006. Based at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, Herzliya, Israel.
Issue: a Journal of Opinion
Published by the African Studies Association (US).  Has the tables of contents of all issues from Vol. 1, 1971.
Itinerario, European Journal of Overseas History  (Leiden)
Quarterly journal of the Institute for the History of European Expansion, Leiden University. Has the table of contents of past issues.
IWALEWA Forum, Working Papers in African Art and Culture
Table of contents only. Published by Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, Koln, Germany.

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