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Abwenzi African Studies
"a registered nonprofit educational corporation promoting friendships between Americans and Africans. Since 1989 we have been linking children in Aspen, Colorado and Malawi, Central Africa as pen pals." Has photographs (galimoto-wire toy car, children, etc), information on Lake Malawi National Park, how to play the game, bao, recipes.
Blog / commentary on events in Malawi, Africa in general, Nyasanet (the Malawi on-line discussion group), African football / soccer (Zizou’s issues: football’s aesthetics vs. global ethics, African football, global inequality and self-blame), Malcolm X and pan-Africanism today. Maintained by Steve Sharra.
Aguilar, Mario I. & Laurel Birch de Aguilar - Women's Organizing Abilities: Two Case Studies of Kenya and Malawi
"research project for Organizing for Development, an International Institute [Washington, D.C.],... to
compare two cases studies in women's organizing abilities... The purpose of this comparative study is to examine how two separate societies express women's roles in decision-making."
AISI Connect Online Database. Information and Communication Infrastructure in Africa
Internet service providers in Malawi, the state of telecommuncations, locate internet / web services by type and country, list of countries with independent regulators, list of countries by number of fixed lines, list of countries by access costs, list of countries by population. Site supported by the U.N. Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) in support of the African Information Society Initiative (AISI).
Anti-Corruption Bureau in Malawi
A government Department headed by a Director appointed by the President of Malawi. Newsletter, press releases. Based in Lilongwe.
Anzinger (Gunnar) - Government on the WWW - Malawi
Has links to Malawi government sites, political related sites.
Axis Gallery - Saints, Spirits, and Strangers: Masks from Malawi
"The Maravi peoples, who comprise three main mask-producing groups (Chewa, Nyanja, and Manganja), have been settled in the region of Malawi since at least 1550. Masks were made by the mens' secret society, called Nyau,..." On an exhibit held November 2 - December 1, 2001, includes images of the masks. Axis is a Manhattan gallery specializing in South African art.
Bumas International
Management Trainers and Consultants. Offers computer consulting, web site development. Based in Lilongwe and Blantyre.
Bunda College Alumni
Site for alumni of Bunda College, University of Malawi alumni. Seeks to connect "Bunda College students, graduates and faculty members. Agriculture is one of the leading sectors of Malawi's economy. As such, key players of this sectors should be well informed and connected." Discussion forum, events, etc.
Care International in Malawi (Lilongwe)
Describes projects, country profile, photographs (such as women's micro finance training), etc.
Chancellor College
"Chancellor College, located in Zomba in the south eastern part of Malawi, is the largest of the constituent colleges of the University of Malawi. The college offers degrees in sciences, arts, social sciences, law and education." Includes Library Services.
Chinkhumba, Jobiba - "Practical Problems in Estimating the Prevalence and Direct Medical Costs of Managing Complications of Abortions in Thyolo Distrsict"
Full text of a dissertation submitted for the Degree of M. Litt in Health Care Resource Management, University of St. Andrews, St. Andrews, Scotland. "we undertook this study to find the scope and magnitude of clandestine abortions in Thyolo, one of Malawi's 24 districts." Includes a chapter on "Abortion and the Law."
Chiume, William Murray Kanyama
Malawi nationalist leader. Mr. Chiume passed away November 21, 2007.
Kanyama Chiume. Biography, photographs, articles. Site created by the Chiume family.
When a Pan-Africanist Library Burns: Kanyama Chiume, 1929-2007. Article by Steve Sharra. Also at
Video of the official funeral in Malawi -
Cichlid Fishes of Lake Malawi
Contains a FAQ on cichlids, hundreds of photographs, bibliography, checklists. Includes photos of Lake Malawi taken from the space shuttle, Columbia's flight October 1995. Maintained by Dr. Michael K. Oliver.
CIIMDA, Centre for Indigenous African Instrumental Music and Dance Practices
Offers classrom dance, instrumental courses in SADC countries (Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, and Zambia), works with government Ministries. Publishes books. Based in Pretoria, South Africa. - Computerland Limited
Malawi internet service provider. Hosts Malawi web sites. Has a directory of Christian Churches in Malawi. The managing director is Bessie Nyirenda. Based in Blantyre. [KF]
COMESA, Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa
"COMESA [formerly the PTA] exists as an organisation of free independent sovereign states which have agreed to co-operate in developing their natural and human resources for the good of all their people'. With its 19 member states and population of 300 million it forms a major integrated trading block." Has information on customs tariffs by country, road/transport including road distances, economic profiles for each country (Angola, Burundi, Comoros, D.R. Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Namibia, Rwanda, Seychelles, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe) etc. Has the text of Doing Business with COMESA: the Handbook, legal guides to establishing business, etc.
Community Partnerships for Sustainable Resource Management in Malawi (COMPASS)
"Community-Based Natural Resource Management initiatives at national, district and local levels. Full text documents are online (First National Conference 2001, natural resource based enterprises in Malawi, Crocodile and Hippopotamus Management in the Lower Shire, etc.) COMPASS is a development activity funded by USAID/Malawi and implemented by Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI) of Bethesda, Maryland U.S.A. in collaboration with Development Management Associates of Lilongwe, Malawi."
Conversations with Malawi
Matt Dearing's extensive interviews (and video) with Malawians (former govt. Minister, University of California Professor, Sam Mchombo, sports directors, a driver, orphanage director, prison warden). Topics include life in Malawi, youth development, political economy, sports (soccer) including women's football, and Malawi youth community service. Dearing worked with a youth soccer team in Blantyre, Malawi and is Co-Director of the Sports Alliance of Malawi.
East, Central and Southern African (ECSA) Health Community
Promotes regional cooperation in health. Formerly the Commonwealth Regional Health Community for East, Central and Southern Africa. Members are Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, Seychelles, South Africa, Swaziland, Mauritius, and Bostwana. Has some full text reports such as Challenges Facing the Malawian Health Workforce in the Era of HIV/AIDS and Challenges facing the Kenyan Health Workforce in the era of AIDS. Based in Arusha, Tanzania. [KF]
Embangweni, Malawi Web
About Embangweni, Malawi and the mission station, also covers other mission stations in the Synod of Livingstonia (related to the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian). The Mission consists of a Hospital, Church, School for the Hard of Hearing, Robert Laws Secondary School and the Embangweni Full Primary School. Has the full text of "Donald Fraser and the Ngoni Church" a Lecture delivered 2002 by Dr. T. Jack Thompson, University of Edinburgh.

Also has
- the full text of "Going With God. The Biography of Reverend Alexander Caseby From 1898 until 1991" Prepared and edited by his youngest son, Ronald R. Caseby, 1993. Includes photographs. Caseby was a "Scottish missionary serving in Livingstonia, Malawi from 1919 to 1933. His career falls into three parts - the Army in France, 1915-1919, his ministries in Nyasaland,...and in Scotland."
- a short account "A Story of Travel from Scotland to Livingstonia, Malawi in 1924" by Williamina (Minnie) Caseby, wife of Alexander Caseby, and Death of Minnie Caseby.
- Malawi Mission Study Trip 2001, by Jim Nussbaumer
Embassy Avenue - Malawi Embassy in Tokyo, Japan
In Japanese. Includes photographs. Has, in English, Opportunities in Malawi's Privatisation Programme, Presented by The Privatisation Commission. [KF]
Fafchamps, Marcel and Eleni Gabre-Madhin - Agricultural Markets in Benin and Malawi: Operation and Performance of Traders
Full text aritcle in Adobe PDF. 70 pp. CSAE REP/2001-04. From the Centre for the Study of African Economies Reports series. The Centre is part of the Department of Economics, Oxford University.
FEWS Net, Famine Early Warning Systems Network - Malawi
Food Security Monthly Reports. Use the Search form to locate other articles.
First Discount House Limited
Handles Malawi Government Treasury Bills, Reserve Bank of Malawi Bills, Negotiable Certificates of Deposits, Call Money with Commercial Banks and Financial Institutions, etc. Company annual reports are online. Based in Blantyre, Malawi. [KF]
Fortune, George - University of Florida, George Fortune Collection
Razia Nanji, formerly Univ. of Florida African Language Selector, has prepared a contents list for the George Fortune collection (language and literature, Xhosa, Swahili, Ndebele, Zulu, Chinyanja. Lozi, Luvale, esp. Shona and other languages):
Freedom Foundation Trust (Blantyre)
"The First Lady founded a non-profit making charitable organization called Freedom Foundation Trust in order to achieve her vision." Describes projects, includes a biography of the founder, Madame Patricia Shanil Muluzi.
Friday in Malawi
"Malawi's social diary, reviews of events and tourist information. Weekly e-newsletter. Web site based in the U.K.
Friends of Malawi
"Friends of Malawi is a non-profit, voluntary organization made up primarily of returned Peace Corps volunteers.". Has an e-mail directory of RPCVs, books to Malawi project, links to Malawi sites, photos of Malawi. Was maintained by Don Lotter, now maintained by John Strain. http://WWW.FRIENDSOFMALAWI.ORG
Gender Issues and Activities in Malawi
Has the UN Gender Policy Statement - Malawi. Hosted by Malawi SDNP, a UNDP funded Malawi Government Programme.
Global Lives Project
"we have slowly and faithfully captured 24 continuous hours in the lives of 10 people from around the world." Includes Malawi by Jason Price and others. Film installation created by volunteer filmmakers, photographers, programmers, engineers, architects and designers. [KF] (Information About Malawi)
Information on Malawi's economy, investment, trade, tourism (links to hotels), culture. Maintained by Computerland Limited,, a Malawi internet service provider.
Harvest Help
A non-profit which "works with farmers in Malawi and Zambia, helping them to feed their families, earn a living and work towards self reliance. We promote appropriate and affordable sustainable farming methods which enable farmers to increase food production." Based in the U.K.
High Court of Malawi. Judiciary of Malawi
Judgements in criminal and civil cases. Based in Blantyre, Malawi.
International Monetary Fund - Malawi and the IMF
Full text reports on Malawi's economy. Includes "Malawi: Recent Economic Developments," "Malawi - Statistical Appendix, " "Assessing the Impact of Structural Adjustment on the Poor: The Case of Malawi" and many more reports.
Interns in Malawi
Mainly in Dutch. Concerns the medical internship of Job Calis and a colleague at Phalombe Hospital, southern Malawi, April 1999 until October 1999. Has an absract of their research on Sputum negative tuberculosis, in Chichewa and English. Includes photographs.
Journal of Peace Conflict and Military Studies (Harare, Zimbabwe)
Published by the University of Zimbabwe. Centre for Defence Studies. Some full text articles from Vol. 1, Nos. 1-2, 2000. Topics include: Pre-colonial Fortified Settlements in Northern Zimbabwe, 1550-1750 AD, the History of Umkhonto We Sizwe Between 1961–2000, The Malawi Army and the Disarming of the Malawi Young Pioneers, The Making of South Africa’s Defence Policy, 1990-99, Critical Assessment of Zimbabwe’s Demobilization and Reintegration Programmes, 1980-2000.
Kachere Series
"an initiative of the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Malawi." Publications on religion, culture and society in Malawi. Based in Zomba, Malawi. Kachere books can be purchased in the U.S. from Michigan State University Press or, for library blanket and approval programs, from Meabooks or the LC Nairobi program.
Kamkwamba, William

See the Video, Moving Windmills. of how William, when 14, saw a photograph of a windmill in a library book and created a windmill to generate electricity (in his village in Malawi).

at the T.E.D. conference in Arush, Tanzania. Background on how he got to T.E.D.

Soyapi Mumba's Blog about William.

Daily Show with Jon Stewart Interview
. October 7, 2009. Great video interview !
The KyaNgonde Language - Malawi
The Terralingua web site on endangered languages has a short piece on the KyaNgonde Language contributed by Walusako A. Mwalilino. Terralingua seeks to preserve the world's linguistic and biological diversity. The site has links to information on endangered languages.
Mail & Guardian
News on Southern Africa from this long established newspaper. The full text of past issues from June 1994 is searchable by keyword at:
Malawi Art and Craft
Sells batiks, carved chiefs' chairs, household crafts. Based in Doncaster, Melbourne, Australia. Contact details are on their website.
Malawi Broadcasting Corporation
The national radio network comprises 2 stations, Radio 1 and Radio 2. Lists the daily schedule, has biographies of programs hosts and hostesses and DJs, lists the Top 20 and Top 40 hits, . "Radio 2 FM [mainly in English] is a music intensity radio station operating 24 hours a day and covering almost all types of music both local and foreign." "The Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) was established as a parastatal in 1964." [KF]
Malawi Cichlids
In Polish and English. On Lake Malawi cichlids (fish). Has articles, photographs, screensavers, etc. Site created by "journalists, teachers...[and others]. "http://www.Malawi.PL
Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority, MACRA (Blantyre, Malawi)
Has oversight of broadcasting (both radio and television), telecommunications and postal services. Provides the full text of the Communications Act, license applications forms, etc. [KF]
Malawi Congress Party
Unofficial site. Links to Malawi-related sites. Malawi Congress Party flag. Maintained by Kubali Dick Chisenga. and and
Malawi. Constitution
The full text on the Malawi SDNP web site (a UNDP funded Malawi Government Programme.) Constitution 1 of 1997.
Malawi Development Corporation (Blantyre)
A statutory body wholly owned by the Malawi Government. "MDC's mission is to develop the agricultural, commercial and industrial sectors and the mineral resources of Malawi." It promotes "industrial and commercial activities through investment alone or in partnership with domestic and/or foreign private investors." [KF]
Malawi Electoral Commission, MEC
Statutory body responsible for conducting elections. Political parties, party manifestoes, candidates lists, number of registered voters by constituency, election results by district and constituency, reports on elections,, election complaints. See also the former site on the 2004 May 20 presidential and parliamentary elections, Based in Blantyre, Malawi. [KF]
Malawi. Embassy. Tokyo, Japan
Information on Malawi, business investment, tourism, questions about Malawi.
Malawi. Government
Official site. Government directory with addresses, Members of Parliament, the recent publications page includes full text reports such as A List of Government Hospitals & Health Institutions, report on the education sector, the Malawi National Land Policy and many other documents.
Malawi Home Page
The home page of Nyasanet moderator, Dr. Llolsten Kaonga. Has documents of political importance, an audio file of the Malawi national anthem, contains a link to the Malawi final draft constitution (May 1994), and links to Malawi-related sites. A new feature is the Online Journal with draft versions of papers accepted for publication. The first is "Malawi Agriculture, Poverty and Employement" by Thandika Mkandawire (Dec. 1997).

One can join Nyasanet, the Malawi discussion group, thru the home page or Send email to:
In the *body* of the message, type the command: subscribe nyasanet firtsname lastname
where firstname is your first name and lastname is your last name. Leave the subject heading blank.
Malawi Industrial Relations Court
The Industrial Relations Court has original jurisdiction over labour disputes and other issues relating to employment in Malawi. Includes many full text sample cases. Based in Limbe, Malawi.
Malawi Investment Promotion Agency
Malawi. Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security
Malawi. Ministry of Finance
Has press releases, the Malawi Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (final draft, in Adobe pdf), reports on parastatals. [KF]
Malawi. Ministry of Information
Official government site. Information on social, historical, political, geographical, educational and cultural issues for Malawi. Directory of diplomatic missions, government ministries, short history, economic indicators, the national flag, national crest, investment incentives, the economy, travelers information, trade contact addresses, basic words in Chichewa, etc. [KF]
Site for Doug Miller and others, missionaries in Malawi. "sent by the Brethren in Christ Church of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania." Has a weekly e-mail newsletter, journals, letters. They are in Mangochi, Malawi.
Malawi. National Statistical Office (Zomba)
Has Malawi: An Atlas of Social Statistics,2002 (poverty, health, education, living conditions), time series databank, the latest inflation rate, census figures, monthly indicators (trade, agriculture, tourism, finance, banking, etc.), text of the 1998 Population and Housing Census with tables for download to Excel; the latest Monthly Statistical Bulletin, the latest Malawi in Figures, the latest Statistical Yearbook. Has summaries about Results of 2000 Malawi Demographic and Health Survey; Medium scale business survey 1998: statistical tables; Summary tables of inflation rates and the Consumer Price Index for National, Urban and Rural areas; a summary and some tables from the Annual Economic Survey (1994-1998),, population projections, poverty profile, summary for the 2002 Malawi DHS EdData Survey (MDES) providing information on education among children of primary school age (age 6-13). [KF]
MalawiNet Ltd.
Malawi internet service provider, offers web hosting, runs a Blantyre internet cafe. Links to other Malawi sites. [KF]
Malawi Network of AIDS Service Organisations, MANASO
"a national networking and coordinating body for AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) established in 1996 in Malawi and exists to contribute towards the reduction of HIV/AIDS" Includes a directory of member organisations with address / contact person. Based in Blantyre, Malawi.
Malawi. Office of Director of Public Procurement
Regulates "public procurement to ensure transparency, accountability and value for money and maximise the potential for public procurement to support sustainable development." The Office does not purchase goods and services for the government but provides oversight in all public procurement.... Tenders, text of Acts, issues of their magazine, The Public Procurer (very large files), Based in Lilongwe, Malawi.
Malawi Point
In German and English. Site about raising Cichlids (fish) from Lake Malawi in aquariums, with many photographs. Aquarium design, feeding, water chemistry, lighting, heating, plants, etc. Maintained by Werner Hieber.
Malawi Presidential and Parliamentary Elections 1999
Directory of parties, statistics on registered voters, presidential & parliamentary candidates, presidential results by district, the cabinet. The elections were run by the Malawi Electoral Commission. Site hosted by Malawi SDNP, a UNDP funded Malawi Government Programme executed by the National Research Council of Malawi. [KF]
Malawi Project
A non-profit, founded in the early 1990s, which sends medical supplies and other economic development assistance to Malawi. U.S. medical personnel work with Malawi medical personnel. Projects include Blessings Hospital in Lumbadzi. Based in Indianapolis, Indiana. [KF]
Malawi: Recent Economic Developments (1997)
The full text of International Monetary Fund Staff Country Report No. 97/107 in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, 48 pages.
Malawi SDNP, Malawi Sustainable Development Network Programme
Malawi internet service provider. "...a UNDP funded Malawi Government Programme executed by the National Research Council of Malawi to assist with development of Internet and Information Services with emphasis on sustainable development" Hosts discussion lists such as ecoagric ecological, agriculture mailing list, an NGO list, etc. Target group: development agencies, research and extension workers, natural resources managers, organic farmers etc.) Offers training, e-mail, web hosting. News on telecom developments in Malawi.
Malawi SDNP - Environment in Malawi
Has the full text of the State of the Environment report, Malawi's National Environmental Policy, the Environment Management Act, impact assessment guidelines, the National Environmental Action Plan, the site for the Co-ordination Unit for the Rehabilitation of the Environment (Blantyre), and the National Herbarium & Botanic Gardens.
Malawi Telecommunications Limited (MTL) (Blantyre)
Newly privatized telecommunications company offering Telephone, Telefax, Telex and Data Communication Lines. Has telephone / fax/ telex directory online, tariffs for phone, telex and fax directory, internet service, projects, contact addresses. [KF]
Malawi Tourism Guide
"This site is brought to you by members of Malawi's travel and tourism industry - accommodation providers (hotels, lodges and resorts), tours & safari companies, car hire & air charter firms." Tourist industry news, Links to Charity Projects in Malawi.
Malawi, The Warm Heart of Africa
Videos, music, history, links to Malawi sites especially tourism and travel information. Comments by visitors to Malawi. Maintained by Fukula Nyekanyeka.
Malawi Update
Malawi Update is an electronic newsletter produced by the Scottish Malawi Network and compiled by Jack Thompson from reports from Malawian contacts. A hard copy edition is also available. It covers political, economic, cultural events. Email subscriptions are free, write to Peggy Owens:
Current news from Reuters, the U.N.'s IRIN, business news, sports, classified ads, exchange rates, photographs of current events, an instrumental audio file of the Malawi national anthem. [KF]
"Mandela Supports Ngwazi" - Donal Brody
Article (1998) with photographs (Banda and Vorster) by Dr. Brody, antiquarian bookseller, on the former Malawi President's (Hastings Banda) South Africa policy.
Marion Medical Mission
A non-profit, begun in 1985, with team members from Baptist, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Lutheran and Presbyterian Churches. Has a program to provide wells for safe drinking water in villages ("over 2100 installed in the last 12 years") builds schools, provides hospital supplies. Works in northern rural Malawi. Has their annual reports, newsletters and a Shallow Wells Field Manual online. Based in Marion, Illinois.
Michigan State Univ., Program on the Lakes of East Africa
"(PLEA) is a research, training, and service program of the African Studies Center of Michigan State University in collaboration with the fisheries research institutes of Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, and Uganda. PLEA does research on Lakes Victoria and Malawi on the Anthropology and Sociology of fisheries management and development, women and gender, environmental policy, the socioeconomic impacts of species introductions, and relations of production . PLEA trains African and international scholars in fisheries socioeconomics and provides bibliographic databases, conferences, and consultancies.". Maintained by Doug Wilson.
Miles, M - Disability & Social Responses in Some Southern African Nations
Subtitle: Angola, Botswana, Burundi, D.R. Congo (ex Zaire), Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia, Zimbabwe. A bibliography, with introduction and some historical items.
A partially annotated bibliography, with c. 1,400 items, covering monographs, journal articles, chapters of larger works, dissertations, theses, government publications, conference papers. There is a section on Historical Material Across Sub-Saharan Africa. For additional citations to, mainly medical articles, see CIRRIE's Database, which can be searched by individual African country, by topic, title, and author. Hosted on the site of the Center for International Rehabilitation Research Information and Exchange, based at the State University of New York, Buffalo, New York. [KF]
Minibus Media
Sells a DVD on the 2004 Malawi Presidential Election called "Making of a President". Online movie trailer.Minibus Media was created in 2004 in Malawi by Hans-Christian Goertz and Mirella Domenich to produce documentaries on human rights issues in young democracies. In progress is a film on the third Mozambique general election, "And the Struggle Still Continues." Hivos, a Dutch development agency supported the DVD production. IDFA article. ConectaSur article. [KF]
Mlambe Consulting Firm (MCF)
Provides Organisation Development and Project Management. Established in 2000. Offers training programs in working with donor funded projects and fundraising skills. Based in Blantyre, Malawi.
Mlambe Foundation
In English and Dutch. "aims to contribute to the conservation of cultural heritage in Malawi and to promote cultural and economic sustainable development in the country..." Projects include establishing the Tisunge! Lower Shire Heritage Centre, publishing books on Malawi oral literature and traditional religion, producing cases to protect chiefs' royal stools. Has links to Malawi cultural heritage sites. Based in Hilversum, Netherlands. [KF]
MTL E-Directory [Phone Directory]
Directory of telephone / fax/ telex numbers. Covers private individuals, business, and government institutions. From Malawi Telecommunications Limited (MTL), a telecommunications provider based in Blantyre.
Multi-Site Teacher Education Research Project (MUSTER)
Multi-year project to "enhance understanding of how new teachers acquire the skills needed to teach in different systems, and identify which professional learning experiences, (including practice), are most useful and valuable to new teachers." Project co-ordinated from the Centre for International Education, University of Sussex Institute of Education in partnership with universities in Ghana, Lesotho, Malawi, South Africa and Trinidad. Has full text Discussion Papers and Research Reports (in MS Word and Adobe pdf) on Ghana, Lesotho, Malawi, South Africa.
[Muluzi] Dr. Bakili Muluzi Institute
The Institute was founded Feb. 2003 by the President of Malawi. "The overall mission of the BMI is to build capacity for the efficient leadership and management of public and private sectors and in civil society. The Institute will develop...research and training programs and services."
Muyebe, Stanlaus - The Religious Factor within the Body of Political Symbolism in Malawi, 1964-1994: A Bibliographical Essay
"To what extent do the politicians in Africa use the cultural symbols as a tool for
construction of political realities in African countries?" "Malawi is identified as a case study. Interconnections between the cultural traditions in Malawi
and the politics in Malawi are identified and analyzed."

The first 25 pages are free online in .pdf format. Or pay $6 thru credit card to access the entire book online. The book is also in print form from
Mzuzu Academy
"Mzuzu Academy project was formed with an aim of providing a model private secondary school in Malawi..." It is a non-profit registered in Everett, Washington.
The Nation (Malawi) - Malawi National Archives
Article from The Nation (Blantyre) newspaper on the Malawi National Archives. On the site of Afrol. com is based in Oslo, Norway. [KF]
National Archives of Malawi
"the official repository of Government records as well as records belonging to private institutions and individuals,..." Under the Printed Publications Act, "every publisher in the country is obliged to deposit a copy of his or her publications with the National Archives." Based in Zomba, Malawi.

Malawi National Bibliography 1997-2001. List of Publications Deposited in the Library of the National Archives of Malawi. Published by the National Archives of Malawi. (Zomba, 2001). 114 pages in PDF (takes a while to download)

Index to Secretariat Records (1891-1939) Held by the Central African Archives.
89 pages in PDF (28 MB, takes a while to download).

National Democratic Alliance
"The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) is a pressure group that was formed on 3rd January, 2001 inorder to restore democracy in Malawi." Party constitution, aims, policies Based in Blantyre, Malawi.
National Research Council of Malawi (Lilongwe)
"Promoting Science And Technology-Led Development in Malawi." Supports research on Food Policy (Household Food Security and Nutrition), Structural Adjustment Programmes, Housing, Water Supply and Sanitation, Health Sciences, Environment, Gender and Development, Economic Empowerment of the Poor (Poverty Studies) etc.
Netherlands Institute for Southern Africa (NIZA)
"As part of the NIZA media campaign 'Freedom of Expression: Making the Waves', three journalists/media activists travel through Malawi, Zimbabwe, and Angola from August 11 to 26 [1998]. Has from that trip a short article, "Malawi-Freedom for Those Who Own a Press".
Nyakyusa Homepage
The Nyakyusa live in Tanzania and Malawi. Has a bibliography on the Nyakyusa including journal articles, stories in Nyakyusa, information on a Nyakyusa dictionary for sale produced by a team including Knut Felberg maintainer of the page.
Malawi discussion group. The listowner is Dr. Llolsten Kaonga. To Join, send email to:
In the *body* of the message, type the command: subscribe nyasanet firtsname lastname
where firstname is your first name and lastname is your last name. Leave the subject heading blank.
Pendulum Project (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
A non-profit involved in the care of orphans and other vulnerable children in regions severely affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. See a video which includes an interview with Vice President Justin Malewezi of Malawi (requires sound card, speakers or headset). [KF]
Project on Defense Alternatives, PDA (Cambridge, MA)
The PDA and the Study Group on Alternative Security Policy, (Bonn, Germany) provide the full-text of two reports, "Building Confidence into the Security of Southern Africa" and "Key Issues in Current South African Defense Planning". The reports concern the direction of South African defence planning and the development of regional military co-operation. \
Radio Maria Malawi
"Radio Maria was established [in Italy by priests and lay people] for the salvation of souls,...." It broadcasts religious and social programmes 24 hours a day. There are no audio files on the web site. "The primary language used for broadcasting is Chichewa/Chinyanja, the national language of Malawi. Few other programs are in Yao." or
Reserve Bank of Malawi
Is the central bank of Malawi. Began operations in 1965 in Blantyre. Has the full text of the 2000/2001, 2001/2002 Budget Statements, full text of "Exchange and Interest Rate Determination in Malawi: Past and Present" (from the Research and Statistics Department, February 9, 2000), Minutes of the Monetary Policy Committee, Speeches of the Governor of the bank, text of the Monthly Economic Review, Economic Data, Monetary Statistics, etc. Based in Lilongwe.
Scientifc African Music Collection
Produced a cd, Ghana Popular Music, 1931-1957, includes audio files of historical music (requires sound card, speakers or headset). History of the Union Trading Company of Basel which recorded (from 1931 + ) West African popular music. Also musicians from Malawi (Donald Kachamba, the Kambazithe Makolekole Band). Articles, musician profiles, audio files, photographs. Site of Henrik Bettermann. [KF]
Soil Fertility Network for Maize-based Farming Systems in Malawi and Zimbabwe.
" a grouping of staff from NARS working to help smallholder farmers in
Malawi and Zimbabwe produce higher, more sustainable and profitable yields from their maize-based cropping systems through improved soil fertility technology and better management of organic and inorganic fertilizer
inputs." Includes papers from the 1997 workshop. Based in Harare.
Southern African Development Community, SADC
From MBendi Information Services. Background of SADC, very useful basic and directory information.
Southern African Missiological Society - Malawi
Publishes a journal, Missionalia. Has full text articles from older issues of Missionalia,such as Presbyterian ecclesiology in southern Malawi, 1881-1993, by Kenneth R. Ross and an annotated directory of Christian mission and mission studies sites. The African independent churches section has a directory of researchers, a discussion forum, and links to full text papers and articles. Based in Menlo Park, South Africa.
Southern African Regional Poverty Network
Established by the Human Sciences Research Council, Pretoria. Its purpose is "To provide a facility for raising the level and quality of public debate on poverty across the Southern African Development Community - SADC." Has full text papers from a 2001 conference on Land Reform and Poverty Alleviation in Southern Africa, also additional papers on HIV/AIDS and land in KwaZulu-Natal, poverty issues by country and poverty indicators by country, and an online newsletter. [KF]
Southern African Research and Documentation Centre (SARDC). Elections 99 - Malawi
News articles on the June 1999 election. SARDC is in Harare, Zimbabwe.
Southscan (London)
E version of the respected print bulletin of Southern African affairs. Has the full text of recent issues and the table of contents for issues from 1994 +
Taxina - Vic Kasinja
Cartoons, by Vic Kasinja, which appear weekly in the Daily Times newspaper. From Vic Kasinja Productions.
Tikondane Hospice of Malawi
Hospice, in Limbe, Malawi, for the terminally ill.
Timve Mgazine
On-line Malawi lifestyle magazine. News, entertainment, music, fashion, sports and features on Malawi. Based in Blantyre, Malawi.
United Democratic Front
Former ruling political party, headed by Bakili Muluzi. History of the party, its political ideals, information on the the UDF and women, the UDF Young Democrates, people in Malawi with disabilities, photographs, videos. Based in Limbe, Malawi.
United Nations. ReliefWeb
Current news on Malawi. Managed by the UN Dept. of Humanitarian Affairs.
Current news:
Main page:
United Nations Development Program. Sustainable Development Networking Programme - Malawi
Has "SDNP Malawi Project Document. Draft." prepard by Dr. Paulos Nyirenda, Dr. Joseph J. Uta, Richard Labelle (1995.36 p.) which covers environmental issues, the state of telecommunications, role of SDNP in Malawi. See also Malawi SDNP, Malawi Sustainable Development Network Programme.
U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members - Malawi
Provides a list of the President, Cabinet members, the Governor of the Central Bank, the country's Ambassador to the U.S., and its U.N. Representative.
U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. World Factbook - Malawi
Map, information on geography, people, government, economy, transportation, communication, defense, etc.
U.S. Department of Justice. Foreign Agents Registration Act.
See FARA First semi-annual report and Second semi-annual report. Lists individuals or companies "engaging in political activities for or on behalf of foreign governments, foreign political parties and other foreign principals." [KF]
United States. Department of State. Report on Human Rights Practices - Malawi
2008 Report, 2007 Report, 2006 Report, 2005 Report, 2004 Report, 2003 Report, 2002 Report, 2001 Report, 2000 Report, 1999 Report, 1998 Report, 1997 Report, 1996 Report, 1993-1995 Reports.
University of Malawi. Bunda College of Agriculture
University of Malawi. Centre for Language Studies
"The Centre's main responsibility, is to promote and develop Malawian languages. To do this, the Centre will conduct research/ consultancy in Malawian languages such as Chichewa, Chitumbuka, Chiyao, Chisena, Chiitonga, Chilomwe etc." Hosts MaLex - Malawi Lexicon Project. Publishes Malilime Journal, has a Chichewa dictionary project.
University of Malawi. Centre for Social Research
Conducts applied social and economic policy research. Has Gender and Women Studies in Malawi.
A National Database, 1980-2000, by: Paul Kakhongwe, 2000. This is an annotated bibliography of research reports, books, dissertations, journal articles, seminar papers, conference and workshop proceedings etc.on Malawi held in the Centre's library and other Malawi libraries. Based in Zomba, Malawi. [KF]
University of Malawi. College of Medicine
Includes information on the Library.
University of Malawi. Polytechnic
University of Oregon. Libraries - African Political Ephemera and Realia Project
"online collection of ephemeral material - pamphlets, t-shirts, cloths, posters, ......- that documents the material culture of politics in Sub-Saharan Africa." Includes Malawi calendars, clothing depicting Hastings Banda, Bakili Muluzi, Pope John Paul II, Cloth from Cameroon depicting Paul Biya. Malawi political party publications. Bowl promoting a Malawi candidate, posters, wall hanging commemorating the wedding of President Bakili Muluzi, posters for Abdoulaye Bathily and Abdoulaye Wade in the 2007 Senegal presidential election, kanga with three portraits of Barack Obama. Materials were digitized and returned to their respective owners. Suggested bibliography. [KF]
University of Pennsylvania Malawi Page and Search Engine
Page created by Julie Sisskind, now maintained by Ali Dinar. UPenn also has a search facility where one can input keywords to receive information found on their very extensive web site.
Wildlife and Environmental Society of Malawi
Dedicated to "conservation of natures resources, including land, forestry, animals, bird-life, flora and fauna, rivers and lakes." Based in Limbe, Malawi.
World Bank - Capacity Building in Africa
March 2005 Report assesses World Bank support for public sector capacity building in Africa over the past 10 years based on country studies of Benin, Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Mali, Mozambique.
World Health Organization. Traditional Medicine Strategy
"up to 80% of people in the south use it as part of primary health care. The situation has given rise to concerns among health practitioners and consumers on the issue of safety, above all, but also on questions of policy, regulation, evidence, biodiversity and preservation and protection of traditional knowledge." WHo released 'a global plan..... The strategy provides a framework for policy to assist countries to regulate traditional or complementary/alternative medicine (TM/CAM) to make its use safer, more accessible to their populations and sustainable."

Has full text reports such as -
Report of the Consultation on AIDS and Traditional Medicine: Prospects for Involving Traditional Health Practitioners (Francistown, Botswana, 23-27 July 1990), WHO/TRM/GPA/90.1, WHO Geneva, 1990 (full text in Adobe PDF with profiles on Botswana, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Zimbabwe). [KF]

Producing National Drug and Therapeutic Information - The Malawi Approach to Developing Standard Treatment Guidelines. By C.J. Forshaw, 1995, 42 pages. Full text in Adobe pdf and MS Word.
Xuma, Dr. Alfred Bitini (1893-1962) - Donal Brody
Brief article on the life of the physician and President-General, African National Congress, 1940-1949. Includes an account by the late Malawi President, Hastings Banda on Xuma. In two parts, by Dr. Donal Brody, antiquarian bookseller.
Part One:
Part Two:
Young Politicians Union, YPU
"an inter-party youth organization consisting of young people of all political parties who assist in promoting unity and multi-partism and encourages the youth to participate in active politics." Works on conflict resolution between political parties. Funded by the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung. Based in Lilongwe, Malawi.
Zambezi Society (Harare)
"conservation group devoted solely to looking after the Zambezi, the finest and wildest river in Africa." Projects include biodiversity in Mozambique, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, elephant research, black rhino protection, eco-tourism, Victoria Falls environmental problems. Has photographs, publications list, a map. [KF] - Business Directory for Malawi
A Malawi business directory. Search by company type, company name, product, or keyword. is managed by and Plessey Malawi. is a Malawi internet service provider.

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