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Namibia Government Gazettes

Where to Obtain Them


The following message on obtaining the printed Government Gazettes has been slightly edited. [KF]

Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 17:44:00 -0500
From: Werner Hillebrecht <werner@NATLIB.MEC.GOV.NA>
Subject: Govt Gazettes

The National Library often gets requests for government gazettes.
There is considerable confusion about where to get them, as a
result of Namibia not having a government printer and putting
the Gazette printing out on tender.

The following information has been researched by Margrit Hoffmann
from the National Agricultural Information Centre (thank you Margrit!):

1. The Govt Gazette Office at the Ministry of Justice
(tel: 2805111 Mrs Isaacs) has some back issues of bound quarterly
volumes of the Gazette. Stock is incomplete and binding of
quarterly volumes has ceased. No unbound copies of single
gazettes are available from this office.

2. The same office sells annual volumes of the Laws of Namibia.
Back issues are available, and this service will continue.
Price ca. N$ 120 per year

3. The current tender for Gazettes from Sep.1995 to August 1998
is held by Central Bureau Services, tel. 223466/223672, fax 223899.
Single copies for this period are available from them as long as
stocks last.

4. The previous tender was to Windhoek Stationers. They still
keep some issues for the time 1990-August 1995, as long as stocks
last. Tel.. 262177, fax 217775 (contact person: Mike).

5. Any Gazette that is no longer kept by the above sources,
including the old South West Africa Official Gazettes, can
theoretically be photocopied at the National Library. Unfortunately
our photocopier is almost permanently out of order, ....

Alternatively, the National Archives also has a complete collection
of Gazettes and a photocopier .......
Werner Hillebrecht
National Library of Namibia, P/Bag 13349, Windhoek
Fax +264-61-229808

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