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  Countries: Nigeria: 1999 Election  

All Peoples Party
Site has closed down. One of the major political parties in Nigeria contesting the 1999 presidential election. Site maintained by the North America Secretariat of the APP.
Election Special (Feb. 25, 1999)
Has an audio report.
Who's Who in Nigeria's Election
(Feb. 18, 1999)
Carter Center
Use the Activities by Country link to locate the Center's election and health work in Nigeria. This retrieves, for ex. the full text report, "Observing the 1998-1999 Nigeria Elections" 77 p. (in Adobe pdf). "The Carter Center in Atlanta, Ga., is a nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy institute founded by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, in 1982."
Election Special:
Ekwueme, Dr. Alex I.
Site has closed. Member of the Peoples Democratic Party. Was a 1999 Presidential Candidate contender. Biography, speeches, etc. To see the old site use the Wayback Machine.
Falae, Chief Olu
Site has closed down. Presidential candidate for his party, the Alliance for Democracy, was also the presidential candidate for the All Peoples Party. Biography, speeches, etc. Chief Falae came in second in the Feb. 27 presidential election with 37.2% of the vote.
International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES) - Nigerian Election Information
National Endowment for Democracy. The 1999 Elections and the Future of Nigeria
Report of a 1999 conference whose sessions included "Assessing the Elections: How Free and Fair?"; and "Prospects for Democracy in Nigeria." Includes the acceptance speech of Clement Nwankwo on behalf ot Nigeria's Transition Monitoring Group which won the NED 1999 Democracy Award.
Nigeria Congress
Has the 1999 election results.
Nwangwu, Chido - "Nigeria's Presidential Election: Is it just for the Highest Bidder?"
Nwangwu is founder & publisher of USAfrica.
Obasanjo, General Olusegun
Site has closed. 1999 Presidential Candidate of the People's Democratic Party and winner of the Feb. 27, 1999 presidential election with 62.8% of the vote. Has a biography, speeches, local government election results, etc.
Washington Times. Special International Report. Nigeria
Published Sept. 30, 1999.

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