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  Countries: South Africa: Language and Linguistics


Information on South Africa's eleven offiicial languages. Translation sources, dictionaries, radio stations, links to related sites, maps. Hosts an online Northern Sotho) - English Dictionary. Origins of some South African place names as provided by David Joffe. Based in Pretoria, South Africa.
African Voices
Offers cd-rom multimedia language courses in Xhosa, Zulu. The Speak Xhosa With Us multimedia course grew out of a joint development venture between the University of Cape Town's Multimedia Education Project. Site has cultural information and reviews from South African newspapers. Based in Diep River, South Africa. or
Afrikaans Ensiklopedie
"A free online encyclopedia in afirkaan language with a lots of articles frequently updated." Has ads on the site. Book reviews in Afrikaans. Maintained by Maite Castagna.

Afrikaans Web Sites - Yamada Language Center, Univ. of Oregon
Includes an Afrikaans dictionary, literature, the South African newspaper Die Burger
Alternation (Durban, South Africa)
Journal published by the interdisciplinary Centre for the Study of Southern African Literature and Languages, University of Durban-Westville, South Africa. Volumes Vol 2. No. 2. 1995 and Vol 6. No. 1. 1999 are online. [KF]
Boston Language Institute (Boston, Massachusetts)
Has 30-hour each Yoruba and Zulu programs at all levels for $695 each course. Its Bookstore (using offers language titles but you would do better to search Amazon directly which has a larger selection.
Comparative Bantu On-line Dictionary Project
"started in 1994 by Larry Hyman and John Lowe to produce... a lexicographic database to support and enhance the theoretical, descriptive, and historical linguistic study of the languages in the important Bantu family." Download the Bantu MapMaker for making linguistic maps on a Mac. It comes with maps of Africa and an inventory of about 500 Bantu languages names with their locations. Has searchable dictionaries in many languages, a searchable Bantu bibliography, a searchable Tanzania Language Survey and links to related sites.
Digital Dialects
Interactive activities for learning languages. Language learning games in Afrikaans, Arabic, Somali, Swahili.
Ethnologue - South Africa
From the publication, Ethnologue: Languages of the World, 13th ed. (Dallas, Tx.: Summer Institute of Linguistics, 1996), edited by Barbara F. Grimes. Provides no. of speakers, dialects, linguistic affiliation, etc.
Fortune, George - University of Florida, George Fortune Collection
Razia Nanji, formerly Univ. of Florida African Language Selector, has prepared a contents list for the George Fortune collection (language and literature, Xhosa, Swahili, Ndebele, Zulu, Chinyanja. Lozi, Luvale, esp. Shona and other languages):
Indiana University Libraries. African Language and Literature Collection
Search for published materials and field recordings in African languages. There is a list of Periodicals on African Linguistics and in African Languages and a list of films in African languages.
Intec Distance Learning
Intec College, Cape Town, South Africa, offers a distance education courses in Xhosa and Zulu.
Ipheji labakhuluma isiZulu
In Zulu. Zulu web-directory, discussion forums and chat room. Maintained by Benjamin Fredlund.
Khuluma, Beginner's Course in Zulu
By Beverley Muller & Sihawukele Ngubane. Page to advertise the book and tape. Has audio files.
Sounds of the Worlds Animals
Provides the Afrikaans (English, Portuguese, etc.) words, text only, no audio files, for sounds made by animals. Site maintained by Catherine Ball, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Linguistics, Georgetown University.
South African Languages Web
Describes each of the official and unofficial languages. Gives general words/phrases, a pronunciation guide, text examples, suggested books, related web sites, a chart and table showing percentage and number of speakers per language. The Constitution on language, extinct languages, language programs in South Africa, downloadable fonts.Offers translation services for South African languages. Created by Jako Olivier. or
Towards a National Language Plan for South Africa
Summary of the Final Report of the Language Plan Task Group (LANGTAG). Presented to the Minister of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology, Dr B.S. Ngubane 8 August 1996.
TravLang's Translating Dictionaries
Free translation of words from Afrikaans to English, English to Afrikaans, Afrikaans to German, German to Afrikaans. Has a Foreign Language for Travelers page which includes for Afrikaans, Zulu, and Sesotho a pronunciation guide, sound files, basic words and words for numbers, dates and time, travel, places, etc. You can download a freeware windows multilingual translating dictionary. Maintained by physicist Dr. Michael Martin.
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Language Materials Project,Teaching Resources for Less Commonly Taught Languages
Find print publications for some African languages (dictionaries, grammars, readers, references, audio resources) for beginning to advanced levels. [Those with access to World Catalog from OCLC can locate additional print publications in African languages.
Vriende van Afrikaans
Yahoo - Afrikaans Page
Links to many online language sources.
Zulu Online Dictionary - isiZulu
Zulu-English/English-Zulu online dictionary. Includes a discussion forum where readers can suggest new entries and translations.

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