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  Education: Teaching About Africa : Stanford Program on International & Cross-Cultural Education, SPICE

Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education, SPICE
"(SPICE) serves as a bridge between Stanford University and K-14 schools by developing multidisciplinary curriculum materials on international themes."

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An Examination of War Crimes Tribunals (2005) "Lesson Three introduces students to contemporary international war crimes tribunals. Students view two lectures by Professor Stephen J. Stedman that offer detailed accounts of the Rwandan genocide and the Yugoslav wars, their causes, and the response from the international community."

Introduction to Humanitarian Intervention (2004) with case studies of Somalia, Bosnia, and Rwanda.

Regional Wars and the Peace Process (2004) with case studies Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Kashmir.

Environmental Peace/Environmental Conflict
(1995) includes harvesting of ivory in Africa. From full unit titled An Agenda for Peace: The Role of the United Nations.

Global Investigation of Child Labor: Case Studies from India, Uganda, and the United States

Why Is There Hunger in Africa? Nature Pleads Not Guilty

Introduction to Diasporas in the United States
(2002) with case studies of diasporas in the United States: Armenian, Chinese, Cuban, Irish, and Yoruba.

Mapping Africa

South Africa in World Historical Perspective

What Do We Need to Live on Planet Earth?
(1995) - "Students work in small groups to investigate the rural East African habitat where "traditional" groups such as the Masai and Kikuyu must share space...."

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