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Databases for Chemists and Chemical Engineers

Chemical Abstracts

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CA Index Guide (Appendix I) 1994

General Subject Headings | Keyword Index

Keyword Index A-B

A publication of the Chemical Abstracts Service published by the American Chemical Society, and reproduced here with permission from the Chemical Abstracts Service.

Abalone 16c
Abdomen 8a
Abdominal diaphragm 8i
Ablation 28f
Ablative materials 59a
Abortion 30g
Abrasion 28f, 32g
Abrasion-resistant materials 12f, 32d
Abrasive blasting 32g, 58a
Abrasives 12a, 12f, 45a
Abrins 61b
Absarokite 33k
Abscess 30q
Abscission 1a, 43d
Absorbed substances 59n
Absorbents 2b, 45a, 59n
Absorption 32c, 42i, 52e, 57b, 62d
Absorption apparatus 5an
Absorption kinetics 42f, 42i, 57c, 62e
Absorption oils 59k
Absorptivity 14a, 36g
Abstracting 22a
Abstraction reaction 50a
Abstraction reaction catalysts 11a
Acariasis 30o
Acaricides 1a, 41f
Acaroid resin 46a
Acceleration 6a, 6e, 29a, 34a
Accelerators 5z
Accelerometers 5n
Accidents 30q
Accommodation coefficient 6a, 6f, 62a
Acentric factor 29c, 60w
Acetalization and Ketalization 50a
Acetalization catalysts 11a
Acetals 38a, 46g
Acetate fibers 46b, 46r
Acetolysis 50l
Acetolysis catalysts 11k
Acetoxylation 50p
Acetoxylation catalysts 11n
Acetylation 31a, 50m
Acetylation catalysts 11k
Acetylene chlorides 38m
Acetyl group 17a
Acetylides 38v
Acid azides 38e, 38g
Acid-base equilibrium 4a, 30r, 42a
Acid bromides 38g, 38m
Acid chlorides 38g, 38m
Acid fluorides 38g, 38n
Acid halides 38g, 38l
Acid iodides 38g, 38n
Acidity 42a
Acidity function 42a
Acid number 2a
Acidosis 30r
Acid-resistant materials 12f, 32d
Acids 23a, 23ab, 38a, 46c
Acne 30ab
Acorn 43c
Acoustic activity 42i
Acoustic devices 5g, 5h, 5af
Acoustic impedance 42i
Acoustoelastic effect 42i
Acoustoelectric effect 13f, 42j
Acoustomagnetoelectric effect 13f, 27c, 42j
Acquired immune deficiency syndrome 21f, 30m
Acrasins 26d
Acrodynia 30y
Acromegaly 30g
Acrylic fibers 46l, 46s
Acrylic polymers lOg, 46i, 46l, 46n, 46o
Actinide alloys 32e
Actinide chalcogenides 23am, 23bi, 23bm, 23cg
Actinide compounds 23bi
Actinide halides 23ax, 23bj, 23bn, 23ck
Actinide oxides 23ae, 23am, 23ap, 23bi, 23bm, 23cg
Actinide pnictides 23x, 23bj, 23bp, 23co
Actinides 15a, 34f, 34h
Actinins 48k
Actinolitite 33af
Actinometers 5q, 5ab
Actins 48b
Activation area 42f
Activation energy 24a, 42f, 60a
Activation volume 28a, 42f, 60y
Activity 42c, 60a
Actomyosins 48b
Actuators 5m
Acupuncture 30ak
Acute-phase response 30q, 30af
Acylation 50a, 50m
Acylation catalysts 11a, 11k
Acyl groups 17a
Adakite 33l
Adamellite 33l
Adaptation 4f, 26a
Addison's disease 30e
Addition reaction 50a
Addition reaction, coordinative 50a
Addition reaction catalysts 11a
Additivity 42a
Adenochromes 7a, 40a
Adenoid 8g
Adenoidectomy 30aj
Adenoma 30ac
Adhesins 21a
Adhesion 57b
Adhesives 1Ob, 45g, 45h
Adhesive tapes 45e, 45g
Adiabatic change 42a
Adinole 33af
Adipose tissue 8m
Adipose tissue, disease 30a
Adipose tissue, neoplasm 30a
Adobe 10a
Adrenal cortex 8e
Adrenal cortex, disease 30e
Adrenal cortex, neoplasm 30e
Adrenalectomy 30aj
Adrenal extracts 20a
Adrenal gland 8e, 20a
Adrenal gland, disease 30e
Adrenal gland, neoplasm 30f
Adrenal medulla 8e, 30f
Adrenergic agonists 41d
Adrenergic antagonists 41d
Adrenodoxins 48h
Adsorbed substances 59n
Adsorbents 2b, 59n
Adsorption 32c, 42i, 52e, 57b, 62e
Adsorption apparatus 5an
Adsorption kinetics 42f, 42i, 57c, 62e
Adularite 33af
Aegiapite 33af
Aegirinite 33af
Aequorins 48j
Aeration 5t
Aerogels 39b, 56a
Aerosols 39b, 56a
Aerospace industry 58a
Affinity 42a
Affinity labeling 42a
Aflatoxins 61a, 61c
Agalmatolite (rock) 33af
Agglomerate 33l
Agglomerates 59a
Agglomeration 5ak, 39a
Agglomeration preventers 44d
Agglutination 21e, 39a
Agglutinin disease 21e, 30l
Agglutinins and Lectins 21a
Agglutinogens 21a
Aggregates 1Oe, 12a, 12f, 39a, 54a
Aggressins 21a
Aging 32h
Agitation 58a
Agloporite 1Oe, 12a
Aglycons 38c
Agmatite 33l
Agpaite 33l
Agranulocytosis 30k
Agriculture and Agricultural chemistry 26a, 51a
Agrochemical formulations 1a
Agrochemicals 1a
Aillikite 33l
Aiounite 33l
Air 63b
Air, respiratory 4a
Air analysis 2d, 63b
Air bladder 8l
Air conditioning 5j, 58a
Aircraft 5ao
Airglow 36d, 63c
Air pollution 58d, 63b
Air purification 5j, 5t, 52a, 58a
Akerite 33l
Alarm devices 5ak
Alaskite 33l
Albedo (reflection phenomenon) 36a
Albertite 33a
Albinism 30r
Albinism, plant 43c
Albitite 33l
Albuminoids 48a
Albumins 48a
Alchemy 51d
Alcoholic beverages 16w, 59e
Alcohols 38r, 46d
Alcoholysis 50l
Alcoholysis catalysts 11k
Aldehydes 38h, 46g
Aldocyanoins 38c
Aldol condensation 50d
Aldol condensation catalysts 11d
Aldosteronism 30e
Aldrich syndrome 30l
Aleurone 43a
Alfalfa 16m
Algarite 33a
Algicides 1c
Algorithm 22a, 51e
Alicyclic compounds 38k
Alkadienes 38p, 46j
Alkadiynes 38p
Alkali metal alloys 32d
Alkali metal bromides 23b, 23aq, 23ar
Alkali metal chalcogenides 23b, 23z
Alkali metal chlorides 23b, 23aq, 23ar
Alkali metal fluorides 23b, 23ar
Alkali metal halides 23b, 23ar
Alkali metal hydrides 23c, 23bc
Alkali metal hydroxides 23c, 23f, 23ac
Alkali metal iodides 23b, 23ar, 23bb
Alkali metal oxides 23b, 23z, 23ad
Alkali metal pnictides 23c, 23o
Alkali metals I5a
Alkali metals, compounds 23b
Alkali metal sulfides 23b, 23z, 23ai
Alkaline earth alloys 32d
Alkaline earth chalcogenides 23d, 23z
Alkaline earth chlorides 23d, 23aq, 23as
Alkaline earth compounds 23d
Alkaline earth fluorides 23d, 23ar, 23as
Alkaline earth halides 23d, 23as
Alkaline earth hydroxides 23e, 23g, 23ac
Alkaline earth metals I5a
Alkaline earth ores 33g
Alkaline earth oxides 23d, 23z, 23ad
Alkaline earth pnictides 23e, 23o
Alkalinity 42a
Alkali-resistant materials 32d
Alkaloids 38c
Alkalosis 30r
Alkanes 38o, 46j
Alkaptonuria 30r
Alkenediynes 38p
Alkenes 38p, 46j, 46o
Alkenylation 50a, 50m
Alkenylation catalysts lla, 11l
Alkenyl halides 38l
Alkenynes 38p
Alkoxycarbonylation 50m
Alkoxycarbonylation catalysts 11k
Alkoxylation 50p
Alkoxrylation catalysts llo
Alkremite 33l
Alkyd resins 46c, 46d, 46i, 46p
Alkyl astatides 38m
Alkylating agents, biological 41c
Alkylation 50a, 50m
Alkylation catalysts lla, 11l
Alkyl azides 38e
Alkyl bromides 38m
Alkyl chlorides 38m
Alkylene halides 38l
Alkyl fluorides 38n
Alkyl groups 17a
Alkyl halides 38l
Alkyl iodides 38n
Alkynes 38p
Alkynylation 50n
Alkynylation catalysts 11m
Alkynyl halides 38m
Allantoic fluid 9a
Allantois 8e, 8h
Allelochemicals 1a, 20a
Allelopathy 43c
Allergens 21a
Allergy 21e, 30l, 61d
Allergy inhibitors 41b, 41c
Alligator 16
Allite 33an
Allivalite 331
Allomones 20a
Allophycocyanins 48b
Allosterism 26b
Allotropy 54d
Alloys 32d
Allspice 16p
Alluvial deposits and Alluvium 33a
Allylation 50m
Allylation catalysts 11l
Allylic compounds 38ae, 46t
Allylic halides 38l
Allylic rearrangement 50h
Allylic rearrangement catalysts 11h
Almond 16n
Alnoite 33l
Alopecia 30ab
Alport's syndrome 30af
Alstroem syndrome 30af
Aluminates 23g
Aluminazanes 23g, 23t, 38v, 46l
Aluminizing 32h, 50c
Aluminizing catalysts 11c
Aluminosilicates 23g, 23n
Aluminoxanes 23g, 23ac, 38v, 46l
Aluminum calcium halide oxides 23d, 23f, 23g, 23i, 23z,
     23ad, 23as, 23at, 23av
Aluminum chalcogenides 23g, 23i, 23aa
Aluminum halides 23g, 23i, 23at
Aluminum ores 33g
Aluminum pnictides 23g, 23j, 23q
Alums 23f
Alvikite 33l
Alyphite 33a
Amalgamation 32a
Amalgamators 5ad
Amaurotic familial idiocy 30t, 30x
Amber 33f
Ambergris 59c
Ambonite 33l
Amdermite 33k
Amebicides 1c, 41f
Amenorrhea 30g
Americium chalcogenides 23em, 23bi 23bk, 23bl, 23bm, 23cg
Americium pnictides 23x, 23bj, 23bk, 23bl, 23bp, 23co
Americyl compounds 23bk
Amidation 50d, 50p
Amidation catalysts 11d, 11n
Amide group 17a
Amides 23s, 38h, 46d
Amidines 38c, 46e
Amidomercurisulfates 23s, 23ah, 23bi
Amidophosphates 23s, 23u
Amidoselenates 23s, 23ag
Amidotriphosphates 23s, 23u
Amidoximes 38d
Amidrazones 38o
Aminals 38d
Amination 50a, 50d, 50p
Amination catalysts 11a, 11d, 11n
Amines 38d, 46e
Aminimides 38t
Amino acids 30r, 38a, 38d, 46c, 46e
Aminoacylation 50m
Aminoacylation catalysts 11k
Aminoalkylation 50m
Aminoalkylation catalysts 11l
Amino group 17a
Aminolysis 50l
Aminolysis catalysts 11k
Aminomethylation 50n
Aminomethylation catalysts 11m
Aminoplasts 38d, 46e, 46n
Ammines 23s
Ammonia liquor 59i
Ammoniates 23s, 23be
Ammonification 31c, 53a
Ammonite (fossil) 33d
Ammonium copper halides 23s, 23au, 23aw, 23bf, 23cj
Ammonium halides 23s, 23au
Ammonium nitrate polyphosphates 23t, 23u, 23v
Ammonium tin halides 23m, 23o, 23s, 23at, 23au
Ammonolysis 50l
Ammonolysis catalysts 11k
Ammoxidation 50j, 50p
Ammoxidation catalysts 11i, 11n
Ammunition 5j
Amnesia 30y
Amnion 8d, 8h
Amniotic fluid 9a
Amorphization 54a
Amorphous substances 12k, 32e, 54a, 56a
Ampelite 33af
Amperometry 2a, 5h, 13f
Amphibole-group minerals 33e
Amphibolite 33ag
Amphiphiles 38d
Amphoteric substances 59d
Ampuls 5a, 12g, 41h
Amygdaloid 33l
Amyloidosis 30r
Amyloids 38g, 48e
Anabiosis 4f
Anabolic agents 31a, 41c
Anaerobiosis 30b, 30z
Analcimite 33l
Analcimolite 33l
Analgesia 41i
Analgesics 41e
Analysis 2a, 5o, 13k, 36a, 42g, 51b
Analytical numbers 2a
Anaphylatoxins 21a, 61b
Anaphylaxis 21e, 30l, 61d
Anapole 27a
Anatexis 33aw
Anatexite 33l
Anatomy 51a
Andesinite 33l
Andesite 33m
Androgens 20c, 38aa
Andrology 30ai
Anelasticity 28e
Anemia (disease) 30j
Anemometers 5p
Anesthesia 41e, 41i
Anesthetics 41e
Aneurysm 30a
Anhydrides 38d
Anhydrosulfides 23ai, 38e
Anilides 38h
Animal 26b
Animal breathing 4a, 30z
Animal cell 8b, 26b
Animal cell line 3a, 18a
Animal growth 4a
Animal growth regulators 20a, 26c
Animal metsabolism 30r, 31a
Animal nutrition 4a, 26c
Animal respiration 4a, 31c
Animal tissue 8b
Animal tissue culture 8b, 18a
Anion erchange 5am, 6d, 32b, 52c, 57b
Anion exchangers 45e
Anions 6d, 13i, 38d
Anise 16p
Anisotropic coupling constant 6c, 49b
Anisotropic substances 59a
Anisotropy 42c
Ankaramite 33m
Ankaratrite 33m
Ankyrins 48b
Annealing 32h, 60d
Annexins 25a
Annihilation radiation 14a
Annulenes 38k
Anode effect 13l
Anodes 5f
Anodization lOc, 19a, 32h, 54e, 57a, 58b
Anorthoclasite 33m
Anorthosite 33m
Ansa compounds 38k
Antacids and Antiflatulents 41b
Antagonism 26a
Antennas 5c, 5h
Anthelmintics 1b, 41f
Antheridiogens 1d, 20c
Anthesins 1d, 20c
Anthocyanidins 7a, 38c
Anthocyanins 7a, 38f
Anthoxanthins 7a
Anthracene oil 38q, 59o
Anthracnose 43c
Anthracosis 30aa, 61e
Anthracyclines 38k, 41c
Anthraxolite 33a
Antbropology 51a, 51e
Antiaromaticity 6b, 6g, 42c
Antiarrhythmics 41a
Antiarteriosclerotics 41a
Antibiotic resistance 1c, 41a, 41c, 41i
Antibiotics 1c, 41a, 41c, 53b
Antibodies 21b
Anticholesteremics and Hypolipemics 41c
Anticoagulants and Antithrombotics 41b
Anticonvulsants and Antiepileptics 41e
Antidepressants 41e
Antidiabetics and Hypoglycemics 41c
Antidiuretics 41g
Antielements 15a, 34f
Antiemetics 41b
Antifoaming agents 44d, 45g
Antifogging agents 44b, 59a
Antifreeze substances lOa
Antifriction materials 12f, 32e, 45a
Antigens 21a
Antihistaminics 41b, 41g
Antihypertensives 41a
Antihypotensives 41a
Anti-infective agents 41a
Antimalarials 41f
Antimatter 34f, 63a
Antimonates 23O
Antimony bismuth thallium chalcogenides 23i, 23j,
    23p,23q,23r, 23aa, 23ab
Antimony chalcogenide halides 23p, 23r, 23aa, 23au
Antimony chalcogenides 23O, 23r, 23aa
Antimony halide oxides 23r, 23ad, 23au, 23av
Antimony halides 23p, 23r, 23au
Antimony halide sulfides 23r, 23ai, 23au
Antimony ores 33g
Antineoplastons 41d
Antiobesity agents 41g
Antioxidants 41g, 44d, 59m
Antiozonants 44d
Antiparticles 34c, 34f
Antiperspirants 59c
Antiplasticization 47c
Antiplasticizers 44b
Antipyretics 41e
Antiques 51a, 51e
Antiserums 21a, 41c, 61e
Antistatic agents 44b, 44c, 47b
Antistripping agents 10e
Antitoxins 21b, 41c, 61e
Antitussives 41g
Antivenoms 21b, 41c, 61e
Antoine equation 29c, 60w
Antsuka 10a
Anuria 30ad
Anxiety 4g, 4h, 30ae
Anxiolytics 41e
Aortic body 8j
Apatite-group minerals 33e
Apatitite 33m
Aphanite 33m
Apheresis 30ak
Aphrodisiacs 41g
Aplite 33m
Apnea 30z
Apodization 2e, 52d
Apogranite 33ag
Apparatus 12f
Appendix 8c
Appetite 4g
Appetite depressants 41g
Appetite stimulants 41g
Appinite 33m
Apple 16h
Apple canker 43c
Apple juice 16j
Appliances 5j, 5l
Applicators 5t
Apricot 16h
Aquaculture 1e
Aquariums 5a
Aquation 50e
Aquation catalysts 11e
Aralkylation 50n
Aralkylation catalysts 11l
Aralkyl bromides 38m
Aralkyl chlorides 38m
Aralkyl halides 38m, 38n
Aramonite 33c
Arbuzov reaction 50p
Arbuzov reaction catalysts llo
Archaeology 51e
Architecture 51a
Arendalite (rock) 33ag
Arenite 33an
Argentates 23bg
Argillite 10e, 33an
Ariegite 33m
Arkose 33an
Ark shell 16c
Armor plate 5ah, 12f
Aromatic compounds 38k
Aromatic hydrocarbons 38q, 46k
Aromaticity 6b, 6g, 42c, 49a
Aromatization 31a, 50j
Aromatization catalysts 11i
Arrowroot 16q
Arsenate halides 23p, 23at
Arsenate hydroxides 23p, 23ac
Arsenates 23p
Arsenic acids 23a, 23p, 38a
Arsenic chalcogenide halides 23p, 23r, 23ab, 23au
Arsenic chalcogenides 23p, 23r, 23ab
Arsenic halide oxides 23r, 23ad, 23au, 23av
Arsenic halides 23p, 23r, 23au
Arsenic halide sulfides 23r, 23ai, 23au
Arsenic ores 33g
Arsenides 23q
Arsenites 23q
Arsenodithioates 23p, 23aj
Arsenodithioites 23q, 23aj
Arsenothioates 23p, 23aj
Arsenothioites 23q, 23aj
Art 51a
Arteriosclerosis 30a
Artery 8b
Artery, disease 30a
Artery, neoplasm 30a
Arthritis 30v
Arthrocyanotannins 7a
Arthus phenomenon 21e, 30m
Artichoke 16q
Arylation 50o
Arylation catalysts 11m
Aryl azides 38e
Aryl bromides 38m
Aryl chlorides 38m
Aryl fluorides 38n
Aryl groups 17a
Aryl halides 38m
Aryl iodides 38n
Arynes 38p, 38q
Asafetida 46O
Asbestos lOe, 12d, 33e, 46r
Asbestosis 30aa, 61e
Ascites, syndrome 30af
Ascitic fluid 9a
Ashes (residues) lOh, 12d, 59p
Ashing 2e, 5j
Asparagus 16q
Asphalt lOe, 33a
Asphaltenes 33a
Asphaltites 33a
Asphyxia 30z
Aspirators 5a
Asteranes 38k
Asthenia 30af
Asthma 21f, 30m, 30aa
Astringents 41b
Astronautics 51a
Astrophysics 51f, 63a
Asymmetric synthesis and induction 50q
Asymmetry and Dissymmetry 42k
Ataxite (rock) 33m
Athlete's foot 30ab
Atmosphere 63b
Atmosphere, environmental 26a
Atomic beam, magnetic resonance 6a, 14c, 27c, 34b
Atomic beams 6a
Atomic integral 49d
Atomic nuclei 6a, 34a, 39b
Atomic number 6a
Atomic orbital 49d
Atomic scattering factor 6a, 14d
Atomic volume 6a, 28a, 60y
Atomic weight and mass 6a, 28e
Atomization, dissociative 32a, SOe, 50f
Atomization, spraying 32a, 58a
Atomizers, dissociative 5y
Atomizers, spraying 5z
Atoms 6a, 39b
Atoms and Molecules 63a
Atrophy 30af
Audio-visual aids 5af, 51c
Augen-gneiss 33ag
Auger process 13h
Augitite 33m
Aurates 23bf
Aureole 33at
Aurora 36d, 63b
Austenitic structure 54e, 56c
Autoclaves 5j, 5ad
Autoimmune disease 21f, 30a, 30m
Autolysis 4a, 30af
Automation 58c
Automobiles 5ao
Auxochromes 38j
Avachite 33m
Aversion factors 26e
Avian leukosis 30ac
Aviation and Aeronautics 58a
Avidins 48e
Avocado 16h
Avogadro number 6a, 6f
Avogadro's law 28a
Awards 51g
Axinite-group minerals 33e
Azeotropes and Azeotropy 55c, 55f
Azides 23t, 38e
Azidosulfates 23t, 23ab
Azines 38e
Azlactones 38i
Azo compounds 38e
Azodisulfates 23t, 23ah
Azoferredoxins 48h
Azoxy compounds 38e
Azurins (proteins) 48g

General Subject Headings | Keyword Index

Bacteria 21e, 32a
Bactericide resistance lc, 41a, 41i
Bactericides, Disinfectants, and Antiseptics lc, 41a, 44c, 44d
Bactericidins 21b
Bacteriochlorophyllins 38v
Bacteriochlorophylls 38v
Bacteriocins 26e
Bacteriology 5lb
Bacteriolysins 21b
Bacterioopsins 48e
Bacteriopheophytins 38y
Bacteriorhodopsins 48b, 48e
Bacterioruberins 38ad
Baffles 5m
Bagasse 46a
Bags 5a, 41h, 45d, 45f
Bahamite 33an
Bahiaite 33m
Bainitic structure 54e, 56c
Bakery products 16e
Balances 5s
Balata 46h
Balgarite 33m
Balkhashite 33a
Balloons 5ap
Balsams 46a
Bamboo 161
Banakite 33m
Banana 16h
Banatite 33m
Bands and Ribbons 45c, 45d
Bannayan-Zonana syndrome 30af
Baobab 16h
Barium chalcogenides 23d, 23e, 23z
Barium halides 23d, 23e, 23as
Barium ores 33h
Barium pnictides 23e, 23o
Bark 43b
Barkhausen effect 13a, 27d
Barley 16d
Barrels 5a
Bartholin's gland 8j, 30h
Basalt lOe, 12d, 33m
Basanite 33m
Basanitoid 33m
Basement membrane 8h
Bases 23f, 38e
Basicity 42a
Basil 16p
Basite 33n
Basophil 3a, 21c, 30k
Bathing 41h
Bathochromic effect 36i
Batholith 33at
Bath preparations 41h, 59c
Bathrooms lOc
Baths, apparatus 5b, 5j, 5n
Baths, compositions 32a
Batteries, primary 5c
Batteries, secondary 5c
Battery electrolytes 5c, 55f, 59d
Batu gum 46a
Bauchite 33n
Bauschinger effect 28c
Bays 33at
Bazhenite 33an
Bdellium gum 46a
Beaches 33at
Beachrock 33an
Beamstrahlung 14a
Bean 16m, 16r
Bearings 5s, 12f
Beaters 5x
Beckmann rearrangement 50i
Beckmann rearrangement catalysts 11h
Beckwith syndrome 30af
Beebread 26b
Beer 16w, 59f
Beerbachite 33n
Beer's law and Beer-Lambert law 36g
Beer substitutes 16v, 16w, 59f
Beeswax 8m, 64a
Beet 16r
Beforsite 33n
Behavior 4f
Behcet's syndrome 30af
Beilby layer 32k 57c
Bekinkinite 33n
Belemnite 33d
Bellows 5t
Bells 5ak
Belts 5s, 5u, 5ah
Bending 28b
Bending strength 28c
Benmoreite 33n
Benthos (sea bottom) 33at
Bentonite lOe, 12d, 33c
Benzenecarboxylic acids 38a
Benzene ring 6i, 38q
Benzocycloalkenols 38r
Benzoylation 50m
Benzoylation catalysts 11k
Benzylation 50n
Benzylation catalysts 11m
Beresite 33ag
Bergalite 33n
Beriberi 30u
Beringite 33n
Berkelium chalcogenides 23am, 23bj, 23bk, 23bl, 23bm, 23cg
Berkelium pnictides 23x, 23bj, 23bk, 23bl, 23bp, 23co
Bermuda grass 16l
Berry 16h, 43a
Beryllates 23e
Beryllium halides 23d, 23e, 23as
Beryllium ores 33h
Beryllium pseudohalides 23e, 23be
Betacyanins 7a, 38j
Beta decay 34c, 34g
Betaines 38u
Betalains 7a
Betatrons 5z
Betaxanthins 7a
Betulaprenols 38ad
Beverages 16w
Bezoar 8d
Bicyclic compounds 38k
Bifidus factors 26c
Bilberry 16h
Bile 9a
Bile acids 9a
Bile pigments 7a, 9a
Bile salts 9a
Biliary tract 8c, 30c
Biliproteins 48a
Bill 8a
Binding materials lOe, 12a, 12f, 45a
Bins 5b
Bioassay 2b, 5la
Bioautography 2b
Biochemical oxygen demand 58d
Biochemistry 51a, 51b
Biocides 1a, 41a, 44c, 44d
Biodegradable materials 59a
Biography 51e, 51g
Biological action 26a, 58a
Biological materials 26a
Biological transport 4a, 43d, 62b
Biological warfare 51h
Biological warfare agents 51h, 61a
Biology 51a
Biomass 59a
Biomathematics 51a, 51e
Biophysics 51a, 51f
Biopolymers 46f
Bios 31c
BioSciences Information Service 22a
Biosensors 5g, 5n, 5r, 5ac, 59m
Biota (ecological unit) 26a
Biotechnology 18a, 51b, 51g
Biotinylation 50a, 50m, 50o
Biotinylation catalysts 11a, 11k
Biotitite 33n
Birbirite 33ag
Birch reduction 50k
Birch reduction catalysts 11j
Bird's-foot trefoil 16m
Birefringence 36e
Birefringence, fiow 36e
Bismuthates 23q
Bismuth chalcogenide halides 23q, 23ab, 23au
Bismuth chalcogenides 23q, 23r, 23ab
Bismuth halide oxides 23q, 23r, 23s, 23ad, 23au, 23av
Bismuth halides 23q, 23s, 23au
Bismuth ores 33h
**alpha-Bitter acids 38a
**beta-Bitter acids 38a
Bitterness 4h, 16v
Bitter principles 16w
Bitumens 33a
Bituminoids 33a
Bituminous materials 10e, 33c
Blackberry 16h
Blackbody 14a
Black rot 43c
Black salsify 16r
Black sands 33a
Black spot 43c
Blacktongue 30u
Bladder 8f, 30ad
Blades 5v, 5an
Blanching 16u
Blasting 58a
Blasting gelatin 59e
Blastomylonite 33ag
Bleaching 36b, 47a, 47b
Bleaching agents 44a, 59a
Blindness 30j
Blister 30ab
Bloat 30c
Blood 9a, 30j
Blood analysis 2d
Blood-brain barrier 4a
Blood coagulation 4a, 30k
Blood-coagulation factors 4a
Blood corpuscle 3a, 30j
Blood-group incompatibility 21f, 30j, 30m
Blood-group substances 21a
Blood plasma 9a
Blood platelet 3a, 30l
Blood platelet aggregation inhibitors 41b
Blood preservation 41i
Blood preservatives 41g
Blood pressure 4a, 30a
Blood serum 9a
Blood substitutes and Plasma expanders 41b
Blood sugar 30s
Blood transfusion 30ak
Blood vessel 8b
Blood vessel, disease 30a
Blood vessel, neoplasm 30a
Bloom's syndrome 30r
Blowers 5t
Blowing agents 44a
Blowpipes 5t
Blueberry 16h
Bluegrass 16l
Blueprints 19a
Blueschist 33ag
Bobbins 5ao
Body, anatomical 8a, 8b, 26b
Body fluid 8m
Body space 8m
Body temperature 4b, 8m, 60w
Body weight 4b, 8m
Bogs 33at
Bohr effect 4a
Boiler plate 32e
Boilers 5k
Boiler scale 32h
Boiling 55c, 58a
Boiling point 55c, 60x
Bojite 33n
Bolts 5s, 5ai
Bombs (apparatus) 5ad
Bombs (explosives) 5j
Bombs (volcanic) 33n
Bond 6g
Bond angle 6g
Bond cleavage 50e
Bond energy 6f, 60a
Bond formation 50q
Bond length 6g
Bond order 6b, 6g
Bone 8i
Bone, disease 30u
Bone, neoplasm 30u
Bone marrow 8i
Bone marrow, disease 30j
Bone marrow, neoplasm 30k
Bone meal 16b, 53a
Boninite 33n
Books 22b, 45e
Boranes 23g
Borates 23g
Border disease 30af
Boride carbides 23h, 23j
Borides 23h
Borjeson-Forssman-Lehmann syndrome 30af
Borolanite 33n
Boron acids 23a, 23h, 38a
Boron halides 23h, 23i, 23at
Boronic acids 23h, 38a
Boronizing 32h, 50c
Boronizing catalysts 11c
Boron ores 33h
Boron pnictides 23h, 23j, 23q
Borosilicates 23h, 23n
Boroxanes 23h, 23ac, 38v, 46l
Borrmann effect 14d
Bose-Einstein condensation 60x
Bose fluids 55a
Bostonite 33n
Botany 51b
Bottle caps 5ai
Bottles 5b, 12g, 41h
Botulism 30r, 61d
Boyle's law 42e
Boysenberry 16h
Brain 8i
Brain, disease 30w
Brain, neoplasm 30w
Brakes (mechanical) 5ai, 12h
Bran 16d, 16e
Brandbergite 33n
Brassins 1d, 20c
Bread 16e
Breaking strength 28c
Breccia 33an
Bremsstrahlung 14a
Brewing 16u, 58d
Bricks 10a, 12c, 12g, 12j
Bridges 10c
Brightening 32h
Brillouin effect 36a
Brillouin zone 6c, 49a
Brines 63c
Briquets 10d, 45a
Bristles 5ao
Brittleness 28c
Brittle substances 12a, 32e
Broad bean 16m
Broccoli 16r
Broggite 33a
Bromates 23aq
Bromides 23aq, 38m
Bromination 50a, 50o
Bromination catalysts 11a, 11n
Bromine number 2a
Bromine water 2b
Bromites 23aq
Bromohydrins 38o, 38r
Bronchi 8l, 30aa
Bronchodilators 41d, 41g
Bronzing 19a, 32h, 47a, 58b
Bronzitite 33n
Brownian movement 62b
Browning 16u, 36b
Browntop 16l
Brush border 37a
Brushes (apparatus) 5t
Brussels sprout 16r
Bubble chambers 5q
Bubble point 39b, 55a
Bubbles 39b, 55a
Bubbling 5u, 39b, 55a
Buchite 33ag
Buckets 5b
Buckwheat 16e
Budd-Chiari syndrome 30d
Buffalo grass 16l
Buffer action 42a
Buffer substances and systems 2b, 59a
Bugite 33n
Building materials 10a, 10b, 10c, 12g, 32e, 45a
Buildings 10d
Bulb (plant) 43c
Bulgarite 33n
Buoyancy 28a
Buoyant articles 45d
Buoys 5ai
Burets 5o, 5u, 12g
Burgasite 33n
Burn 30q
Burners 5k
Bursa 8i, 30v
Bursting strength 28c
Bushings 5s
Butter 16a, 16b, 35a
Buttermilk 16a
Butternut 16n
Butter substitutes 16a, 16b, 16v, 35a, 35b
Buttons 5ai
Butylation 50n
tert-Butylation 50n
Butylation catalysts 11l
tert-Butylation catalysts 11l
tert-Butyl group 17a

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