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Databases for Chemists and Chemical Engineers

Chemical Abstracts

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CA Index Guide (Appendix I) 1994

General Subject Headings | Keyword Index

Keyword Index C-D

A publication of the Chemical Abstracts Service published by the American Chemical Society, and reproduced here with permission from the Chemical Abstracts Service.

Cabbage 16r
Cables, mechanical 5ai
Cachexia 30af
Cadaver 8m, 61a
Cadmates 23bg
Cadmium borate halides 23h, 23ax, 23bg, 23bh, 23ck
Cadmium calcium halide phosphates 23e, 23f, 23v, 23as,
     23aw, 23ax, 23bg, 23bh, 23ck
Cadmium chalcogenides 23am, 23bg, 23bh, 23cg
Cadmium chromium chalcogenides 23am, 23ao, 23bg, 23bh, 23by,
    23cg, 23ci
Cadmium halide phosphates 23v, 23aw, 23ax, 23bg, 23bh, 23ck
Cadmium halide pnictides 23x, 23ax, 23bg, 23bh, 23bi, 23ck, 23co
Cadmium halides 23ax, 23bg, 23bh, 23ck
Cadmium halide vanadates 23ax, 23bh, 23bx, 23ck
Cadmium ores 33h
Cadmium pnictides 23x, 23bh, 23cn
Cage effect 42i
Calamondin 16i
Calcareous substances 33c
Calcification 30s, 31a
Calcination 5k, 60d
Calcinosis 30s
Calciphylaxis 30s
Calciphyre 33ag
Calcium chalcogenides 23d, 23e, 23z
Calcium halide phosphates 23e, 23f, 23v, 23as, 23aw
Calcium halides 23d, 23f, 23as
Calcium ores 33h
Calcium pnictides 23e, 23f, 23o
Calcrete 33an
Calculation 51e
Calculi 30a
Calculi, biliary 30c
Calculi, renal 30ae
Calculi, urinary 30ae
Calderas 33at
Calendering 47c
Calibration 2c, 5o
Caliche 33c
Californium chalcogenides 23am, 23bj, 23bk, 23bl, 23bm, 23cg
Californium halides 23as, 23bj, 23bk, 23bl, 23bn, 23ck
Californium pnictides 23x, 23bj, 23bk, 23bl, 23bp, 23co
Calmodulins 48g, 48k
Calorific value 42b
Calorimeters 5o
Calorimetry 2e, 60a
Calsequestrins 4ag
Calvin cycle 31b 36c
Cameras 5h, 5aa 5af, 5ah
Camouflage 51h
Camporite 33n
Camptonite 33o
Canada-Cronkhite syndrome 30af
Canadite 33o
Canals lOd
Candelillia wax 64a
Candles 5ac, 59a
Cannabinoids 61a
Canned foods 16w
Canning 5k, 16u
Cannizzaro reaction 5Oj
Cannizzaro reaction Catalysts 11i
Canola 16d
Canola meal 16g
Canola oil 16d, 16f, 35a
Cans 5b, 16u
Capillarity 57a, 57c
Capillary tubes and channels 5x, 57a
Capillary vessel 8b, 30a
Caps 5ai
Capsaicinoids 38h
Capsicum 16r
Capsules 5b, 39b, 45a
Caramel (color) 16w, 46H
Caraway 16p
Carbamoylation 50m
Carbanions 38e
Carbenes (bituminous components) 33a
Carbenes (methylene derivatives) 38e
Carbide ozides 23j, 23ad
Carbides 23j, 32e
Carbocations 38u
Carbocer 33a
Carbodiimides 38g
Carbohydrates and Sugars 26c, 30s 38f, 38h, 46H, 46f, 53b
Carbonaceous materiais 33c
Carbonates 23k, 38j, 38z
Carbonatite 33o
Carbon black 44a, 59a
Carbon fibers l5b
Carbon halides 23at
Carbonite 33c
Carbonitridation and Cyanidation 32h, 5Oc
Carbonitridation catalysts 11c
Carbonitrides 23k, 23t
Carbonization and Coking 32a, 5Oe
Carbonization catalysts 11e
Carbon metabolic pathway 31a, 31b
Carbon number 2a
Carbonodithioates 23k, 23aj, 38z
Carbonothioates 23k, 23aj, 38z
Carbonotrithioates 23k, 23ak, 38z
Carbon paper l9b, 45f
Carbonylation 50a, 5Om
Carbonylation catalysts 11a, 11l
Carbonyl compounds 38g, 46g
Carbonyl group 17a
Carbonyls 23k
Carbopbosphiles 38j
Carboranes 23h, 23k, 38k, 38v
Carbozylation 50a, 5Om
Carboxylation catalysts 11a, 11l
Carboxyl group 17a
Carbosylic acids 38a, 38h, 46c
Carboxymethylation 5On
Carboxymethylation catalysts 11m
Carboxysome 37a
Carburan 33a
Carburetion 58e
Carburetors 5n, 5x
Carburization 32h, 5Oc
Carburization catalysts 11c
Carbynes (methylidyne derivatives) 38ae
Carcinogens 61a
Carcinoid 30ac
Carcinoma 30ac
Cardamom 16p
Cardenobufotoxins 61c
Cardiolipins 25c
Cardiotonics 41a
Cardiovascular agents 41a
Cardiovascular system 8b, 30a
Cardoon 16r
Cardo polymers 46d, 46g
Cards 45e
Carnallitite 33an
Carnauba wax 64a
Carotenes and Carotenoids 25a, 38p, 38ad
Carotenoproteins 48b
Carotid body 8j
Carotid sinus 8b
Carpets 45c, 59o
Carrageen 16o
Carriers 59a
Carrot 16r
Cartilage 8i
Cartridges 5i
Casamino acids 38a
Cascara sagrada 41h, 43b
Caseins 16a, 48j
Cashew 16n
Cassava 16d, 16r
Casting process 5k, 32a
Cast metals and alloys 32e
Castor bean 43c
Castoreum 8m, 38h, S9c
Castor oil 35a
Castration 30aj
Cataclasite 33ag
Catalysts and Catalysis 12g, 24a, 50i
Cataract 30j
Catatonia 30w
Catecholamines 20a, 20b, 41d
Catechu (resin) 46o
Catenanes 38k
Cathartics 41b
Cathode effect 131
Cathode-ray tubes 5e, 5h, 5aa, 5Hh 12g
Cathodes 5f
Cathodochromism 36b
Cation exchange 5am, 6d, 12e, 32b 52c, 57b
Cation exchangers 45e
Cations 6d, 13i, 38j
Catlinite 33c
Catsup 16t
Caulillower 16r
Caulking compositions 45g
Causality 51f
Caves 33at
Caviar 16b
Cavitation 32b, 42j
Ceilings 10d
Celeriac 16r
Celery 16r
Celiac disease 30c
Cell 26a
Cell aging 4b, 26a
Cell cycle 4b
Cell differentiation 4b, 26a, 43d
Cell division 4b
Cell envelope 37a
Cell junction 37a
Cell membrane 37a
Cell morphology 4b, 26a
Cell nucleolus 37a
Cell nucleus 37a
Cellophane 45f, 46b
Cell proliferation 4b, 26a
Cell wall 37a
Cement 10H, 12g
Cementation 32h, 50c
Cementation Catalysts 11c
Centipedegrass 16l
Centrifugation 52a
Centrifuges 5ak
Cephalins 25c
Ceramic materials and wares 10a 12a, 12j, 12k, 45a, 46r, 51a, 54f
Ceramides 25d
Cerates 23bq
Cereal 16d
Cerebral palsy 30x
Cerebrins 25d
Cerebrosides 25b, 25e
Cerebrospinal fluid 9a
Ceresin 33f, 64a
Cerides (lipids) 25a
Cerilipins 25a
Cerium chalcogenides 23an, 23bm 23bq, 23br, 23ch
Cerium halides 23ay, 23bn, 23bq 23bs, 23ck
Cerium ores 33h
Cerium pnictides 23y, 23bp, 23bq, 23bt, 23co
Cermets 12b, 12c, 32e
Ceroids 7a
Cerumen 8m, 64a
Cesium halides 23b, 23c, 23ar
Cesium ores 33h
Cesium tin halides 23b, 23c, 23m 23o, 23ar, 23at
Cetane number S9g
Chaff 16e
Chains, chemical 6h
Chains, mechanical 5ai
Chain transfer 50c, 50i
Chain-transfer agents 44d
Chain-transfer catalysts11c
Chalk 10f, 12d, 33an
Chalkboards 5ah
Chalking 58a
Challengerite 33o
Chalones 4b
Chancarite 33o
Channeling radiation 14a
Chaos (theoretical) 29a, 42c, 49a
Charcoal 59a
CHARGE association 30af
Charge-density wave 13i
Charge-transfer complexes 23g
Charles Iaw 28a, 42e
Charnockite 33o
Charnoenderbite 33o
Charoitite 33ag
Chars 59a
Chuyote 16i
Chediak-Higashi syndrome 30k
Cheek 8a
Cheese 16a
Cheese substitutes 16a, 16v
Chelating agents 2b, 38j, 41g, 45e
Chelins 40a
Chemical Abstracts Service 22a
Chemical compounds 59a
Chemical engineer 51g
Chemical engineering 51g
Chemical engineering design 58a
Chemical formula 6h
Chemical industry 51h
Chemically resistant materials 32f, 59a
Chemical oxygen demand 58d
Chemical potentiaI 13d, 60c, 60v
Chemicals 59a
Chemical Titles 22b
Chemical warfare agents 51h, 61a
Chemisorbed substances 59rl
Chemisorption 5an, 32c, 42i, 50c 52e, 57b, 62e
Chemistry 51b
Chemists 51g
Chemokinesis 4g, 21d
Chemotactic factors 4g, 21d, 26e
Chemotaxis 4g, 21d, 26e
Cherenkov radiation 14a
Cherry 16i
Chert 33an
Chewing gum 16w
Chiari-Frommel syndrome 30f
Chicken cholera 30m
Chickpea 16m
Chicle 46a, 46h
Chicory 16r
Chimneys 10d
China 5m, 12b
Chinese cabbage 16r
Chinite 33o
Chirality 6i
Chloramines 38d, 38l
Chlorates 23aq
Chlorides 23aq, 38m
Chlorination 50a, 50o
Chlorination catalysts 11a, 11n
Chlorine water 2b
Chlorite-group minerals 33e
Chlorites 23aq
Chloritite 33ag
Chloritolite 33ag
Chlorocruorins 48g, 48k
Chlorohumic acids 53b
Chlorohydrins 38o, 38s
Chloromethylation 50n
Chloromethylation catalysts 11m
Chlorophyllides 38v
Chlorophyllins 38v
Chlorophvlls 7a, 38v
Chloroplast 37c
Chlorosis of plants 43c
Chlorosome 37a
Chlorosulfates 23ah, 23aq
Chlorosulfonylation 5Oq
Chlorosulfonylation catalysts 11o
Chocolate 16f
Cholecystectomy 30aj
Choleic acids 38a, 38aa
Cholera 30m
Choleretica 41b
Cholinergic agonists 41d
Cholinergic antagonists 41d
Chondroblast 3a
Chondroclast 3n
Chondrocyte 3a
Chondrules 63a
Chorioallantois 8e
Chorion 8e, 8h
Chromaffin system 8e, 8j
Chromates 23by
Chromatid 18a, 37a
Chromatin 18a, 48i
Chromatographs 5ak
Chromatographs, column and liquid 5ak
Chromatographs, gas 5ak
Chromatographs, gel 5ak
Chromatographs, paper 5ak
Chromatographs, supercritical fluid 5al
Chromatographs, thin-layer 5al
Chromatography 2c, 52a, 57b
Chromatography, column and liquid 2c, 52a, 57b
Chromatography, gas 2c, 52a, 57b
Chromatograpby, gel 2c, 52a, 57b
Chromatography, paper 2c, 52a, 57h
Chromatography, supercritical fluid 2c, 52a, 57c
Chromatography, thin-layer 2c, 52a, 57c
Chromatoid body 37b
Chromatophore, animal cell 3b
Chromatophore, bacterial 37a
Chromitite 330
Chromium chalcogenides 23ao, 23by, 23ci
Chromium copper chalcogenides 23ao, 23by, 23cg, 23ci
Chromium halide oxides 23ad, 23ae, 23ap, 23av, 23az, 23by, 23bz, 23ci, 23cm
Chromium halides 23az, 23by, 23bz, 23cm
Chromium ores 33h
Chromium pnictides 23y, 23by, 23bz, 23cp
Chromizing 32h, 50c
Chromizing catalysts 11c
Chromogranins 48k
Chromomembrins 48k
Chromophores and Chromophoric systems 38j
Chromosome 18a, 37a
Chromyl compounds 23by
Chronoamperometry 2a, 5h, 13f
Chronocoulometry 2a, 13g
Chronopotentiometry 2a, 5g, 13e
Chyle 8g, 9b
Chylomicrons 37a, 39d
Chyme 8d
Cilia 37b
Cinders 59p
Cinerins 38b
Cinnamon (spice) 16p
Circular dichroism 36e
Circulation 4a, 30b, 30ak
Cirrhosis 30d
Citrus 16i
Civet (secretion) 59c
Cizlakite 33o
Cladding 12g, 32f, 32h, 47a, 58b
Claisen rearrangement 5Oi
Claisen rearrangement catalysts 11h
Clam 16c
Clamps 5ai
Clapeyron equation 29c, 55c, 60w
Clarification 58a
Clasolite 33an
Classical mechanics 29a
Classification 22a, 58a
Clathrins 48l
Claudication 30a
Clausius-Mosotti law 13a
Clay minerals lOf, 33e, 53a
Clays 12d, 33c
Claystone 33an
Cleaning 5u, 58a
Climacteric (animal) 4e
Climacteric (plant) 31d
Climate 26a, 63b
Clinkers lOf
Clinostat 5a
Clitoris 8j, 30h
Cloaca (anatomical) 8c
Clocks 5r
Closure devices 5ai
Cloudberry 16h
Cloud chambers 5q
Cloud point 55e
Clouds 63c
Clove 16p
Clover 16m
Cluster compounds, coordinative 23g, 38v
Clusters 6f, 38v
Clutches 59, 12h
Coacervates 39a, 39d, 55b
Coacervation 39a, 41j, 52a, 52c, 55e
Coagulating gland 8k, 30h
Coagulation 39a, 45a, 52a, 55e
Coal 1Of, 12d, 33c
Coal, brown 1Of, 33c
Coal components 33c
Coalescence 39a
Coal gasification 58b
Coal gasification catalysts 11c
Coal liquefaction 58b
Coal liquefaction catalysts 11c
Coal liquids 59a
Coal treatment 58b
Coating materials 1Od, 12g, 12k, 19a, 32f, 44b, 45a, 45d, 57a, 59a
Coating process 5u, lOc, 12e, 19a, 32h, 47a, 54e, 57a, 58b
Coating removers 45a, 59a
Cobaltates 23cc
Cobalt borate halides 23h, 23ba, 23cc, 23cn
Cobalt chalcogenide pnictides 23z, 23ao, 23cc, 23cd, 23cj, 23cp
Cobalt chalcogenides 23ao, 23cc, 23cj
Cobalt halides 23ba, 23cc, 23cn
Cobalt ores 33h
Cobaltoxanes 23ac, 23cc, 38v, 46l
Coccidiosis 30o
Coccidiostats 41f
Coccolith 33d, 37b
Cocite 33o
Cockayne's syndrome 30ag
Cocoa butter 16f, 35a
Cocoa butter substitutes 16f, 16v, 35a, 35b
Cocoa products 16f
Coconut 16f, 46r
Coconut oil 16f, 35a
Cocoon 4c
Cocytotaxins 21c
Code 22a
Cod-liver oil 16b, 35a
Codon 18c
Coenzymes 26b
Coercive force, magnetic 27e
Coffee leaf disease 43c
Coffee products 16f
Coffee substitutes 16f, 16v
Cohen syndrome 30t
Cohesion 57b
Coils 5s
Coins 59b
Coke 32a
Coke ovens 5k
Cold 60c
Cold resistant materials 59h
Collagens 46e, 46f, 48a, 48e
Collecting apparatus 5b
Colligative property 42c
Collimators 5aa
Collision 42c
Colloids 39b, 56a
Color .36a
Color centers 54a
Colored substances 59b
Colorimeters 5aa
Colorimetry 36a
Coloring lOc, 12e, 32i, 36a, 47a
Coloring materials 16w, 44a
Color reaction catalysts 11d
Color reactions 36b, 5Od
Colostrum 9a, 16a
Columns and Towers 5u
Coma 30y
Comb 8a
Combinatorial library 18c, 22b
Combustibles 59c
Combustion 50j, 58c
Combustion catalysts 11i
Combustion gases 59p
Comedo 30ab
Comendite 33o
Comets 63a
Comfrey 16r
Common cold 30p
Communication 14b, 14c, 22a
Compaction 12e, 28a, 39a, 41j, 58c
Compasses 5O
Compensation point 27f, 60x
Complement 21b
Complementation, genetic 18b
Complexons 2b, 38j
Composites 32f
Composition 42c
Compost 53a
Compression and Compressibility 28a, 28b, 41j, 60a
Compressors 5u
Compton effect 14c, 34h
Computer application 22a
Computer program 22a
Computers 5c, 5m, 5ag
Conalbumins 48a, 48e, 48g
Concentration condition 42c, 55f
Concentration process 52a, 55f
Concentrators 5al
Concrete lOa, 12c, 12g
Concretions 33an
Condensation, physical 52a, 55b
Condensation products 46b
Condensation reaction 50d
Condensation reaction catalysts 11d
Condensers 5al
Condiments 16w
Cones 5b, 56a
Confectionery 16w
Configuration 6i
Conformational inversion 6i
Conformation and Conformers 6i
Conglomerate 33ao
Conglutination 21e
Conglutinins 21a
Conglycinins 48d
Congressite 33o
Congruence 55d
Coniosis 30aa
Conjugation 6b, 6g, 49a
Connectins 48b
Connective tissue 3a, 8c, 30v
Consistency 62c
Constant 42g
Contact 57a
Contact angle 57b, 57d
Contacting apparatus 5u
Containers 5a, 12g, 41h, 45f
Continents 33at
Contraceptives 5a, 41g
Contraction 28a, 28b
Control 58c
Control apparatus 5m
Controlled atmospheres 32a
Converters 5k, 12g
Conveyors 5u
Convulsion 30y
Cooking 16u, 60d
Cooking utensils 5m, 5ao, 16u
Cooling 27b, 32i
Cooling agents 59c
Cooling apparatus 5k
Cooperative phenomena 26b, 42d
Coordination 6h, 50e, 50k
Coordination catalysts 11d, 11j
Coordination compounds 23g, 38v
Coordination number 6h
Coorongite 33a
Copals 33f, 46a
Cope rearrangement 50i
Cope rearrangement catalysts 11h
Copper chalcogenide halides 23al, 23aw, 23be, 23bf, 23cg
Copper chalcogenide pnictides 23x, 23al, 23be, 23bf, 23bg, 23cg, 23cn
Copper chalcogenides 23al, 23be, 23bf, 23cg
Copper halides 23aw, 23bf, 23cj
Copper ores 33h
Copper silver chalcogenides 23al, 23am, 23bf, 23bg
Copper silver halides 23aw, 23ax, 23bf, 23bg
Coprolite 33d
Coprophagy 4f, 30w
Copying paper l9a, 45f
Copying process 5af, l9a, 36a
Coquina (limestone) 33ao
Corallite 33ao
Cordaite 33d
Cords 5ai
Corganite 33o
Corgaspinite 33o
Coriander 16p
Cori cycle 31a
Coriolis effect 29a
Cork 59q
Corn 16e
Corncob 16e
Corneite 33ag
Cornelia de Lange syndrome 30ag
Cornieule 33ao
Corn oil 16e, 16f, 35a
Cornubianite 33ag
Corpus allatum 8e
Corpus cardiacum 8e
Corpus luteum 8e, 8k, 30h
Correlation energy 6b, 49a, 60b
Correspondence principle 49a
Corresponding state 42e, 55c
Corriphyrins 7a
Corrosion 13k, 32i, 50j
Corrosion inhibitors 10a, 32i
Corrosion prevention 32i
Corrosive substances 32i
Corticosteroids 20a, 20c, 38aa
Cortlandtite 33o
Corundolite 33ag
Coryza 30p
Cosmetics 59c
Cosmic ray 34g, 63a
Cosmic spherules 39d, 39e, 63a
Cosmic strings 63a
Cosmochemistry 63a
Coticule 33ag
Cottage cheese 16a
Cotton 46r
Cotton effect 36f
Cottonseed 16f
Cottonseed meal 16f, 16g
Cottonseed oil 16f, 35a
Cotyledon 43a, 43c
Cough 30z
Coulometers 5c
Coulometry 2a, 13g
Coumarone-indene resins 46k, 46q
Counters 5o
Coupling agents 44a
Coupling factors, biological 31a, 31d
Coupling reaction 50d
Coupling reaction catalysts 11d
Cowberry 16h
Cowpea 16m
Cowper's gland 8k
Crabmeat 16c
Crabtree effect 31a
Crack 28c
Cracking 50e
Cracking catalysts 11e
Cranberry 16i
Cranium 8i
Crankshafts 5s
Crayfish 16c
Cream 16a
Cream substitutes 16a, 16v
Creep 28b
Crenic acids 38b
Creosote 59o
Creosote oil 59o
Cress 16r
Cretinism 30i
Crinanite 33o
Critical constant 55c, 60x
Critical solution state and phenomena 55c, 55f
Critical solution temperature 55c, 55f, 60x
Critical state and phenomena 55b
Crop (bird gullet) 8c
Crop rotation 1e
Crosslinking 47c, 50c
Crosslinking agents 44a
Crosslinking catalysts 11c
Crowberry 16h
Crown compounds 38l
Crucibles 5b, 5k, 12g
Crucifer 16r
Crushing strength 28c
Crustacean 16c
Crying cat syndrome 30x
Cryoconite 33d, 33ag
Cryodeposits 59b
Cryogenic materials 59d
Cryogenics 58c, 60c
Cryoglobulins 48c
Cryoprotectants 41g
Cryoscopes 5p
Cryostats 5j, 5n
Cryotrons 5d
Cryptands 38k, 38l
Cryptates 23g, 38v
Cryptorchidism 30h
Crystal defects 54a
Crystal dendrites 54b
Crystal field 13c, 54a
Crystal field theory and Ligand
field theory 54b
Crystal growth 32a, 54b
Crystal growth apparatus 5al
Crystal growth kinetics 42f, 54c
Crystal lattice dynamics 54b
Crystal lattice energy 54b, 60a
Crystal lattice statics 54b
Crystal lattice sum 54b
Crystallinity 54b, 54e, 56c
Crystallins 48l
Crystallites 39b, 54b
Crystallization 12e, 32a, 39b, 47c, 52d, 54b, 55d, 55e, 58c
Crystallization apparatus 5ai
Crystallization kinetics 42f, 54c
Crystallography 51b, 51d, 51f
Crystal morphology 54b
Crystal nucleation 12e, 32a, 44b, 47c, 54c
Crystal orientation 54c, 56c
Crystals 54a
Crystal structure 54c, 56a
Crystal structure, mineral 12d, 33e, 54c
Crystal structure determination 54c
Crystal structure-property relationship 54c
Crystal structure types 54d
Crystal whiskers 54b
Cucumber 16r
Cucurbita 16s
Cucurbitacins 38ad
Culture media 26e
Cumin 16p
Cumulenes 38p
Cupolas 5k
Cuprates 23bf
Cupreins 48g
Cuproxanes 23ac, 23bf, 38w, 46l
Curare 61b
Curd 16a
Curie point, ferromagnetic 27f, 60x
Curie Weiss law 13a, 27e
Curium chalcogenides 23am, 23bj, 23bk, 23bl, 23bm, 23cg
Curium pnictides 231, 23bj, 23bk 23bl, 23bp, 23co
Currant 16i
Curtin-Hammett principle 42b
Curtius reaction 50i
Curtius reaction catalysts 11h
Curve 51e
Cuselite 33o
Cushing's disease 30f
Cushions 5ai
Cuticle, piant 43b
Cutins 43b
Cutlery 5m, 5ao, 16u
Cutting 32i
Cutting apparatus 5v
Cuvettes 5b
Cyanates 38y, 38z
Cyanation 50o
Cyanation catalysts 11m
Cyanides 23k, 23t, 38z
Cyanines 38ae, 44a
Cyano compounds 38j
Cyanoethylation 50a
Cyanoethylation catalysts 11a
Cyanogen halides 23k, 23t, 23at
Cyano group 17a
Cyanohydrins 38k, 38r
Cyanolipids 25a
Cyanosis 30ag
Cybernetics 51e
Cyclic compounds 38k, 46g
Cyclitols 38f
Cycloaddition reaction 50l
Cycloaddition reaction catalysts 11j
Cycloalkadienes 38p
Cycloalkadiynes 38p
Cycloalkanediones 38i
Cycloalkanes 38o
Cycloalkanols 38r
Cycloalkanones 38i
Cycloalkenediynes 38p
Cycloalkenes 38p, 46g, 46j
Cycloalkenethiones 38ae
Cycloalkenols 38r
Cycloalkenones 38i
Cycloalkylation 50o
Cycloalkylation catalysts 11m
Cycloalkyl bromides 38m
Cycloalkyl chlorides 38m
Cycloalkyl halides 38m
Cycloalkynes 38p
Cyclocondensation reaction 50l
Cyclocondensation reaction
catalysts 11j
Cyclophanes 38q
Cyclosilathianes 23m, 23aj, 38x, 46m
Cyclosilathioxanes 23n, 23ad, 23aj,38x, 46m
Cyclosilazanes 23m, 23t, 38x, 46g,46m
Cyclosiloxanes 23n, 23ad, 38x, 46g,46m
Cyclotron radiation 14a
Cyclotron resonance 14b, 14c, 27b
Cyclotrons 5z
Cylinders 5b, 5s, 56a
Cyst, microbial 37b
Cyst, pathological 30ac, 30ag
Cystic fibrosis 30d, 30t
Cytochromes 48g
Cytolysis 21e
Cytometry 2d, 37b
Cytoplasm 37b
Cytoprotective agents 41d
Cytoskeleton 37b
Cytotaxins 21c
Cytotolic agents 41d

General Subject Headings | Keyword Index

Dacite 33o
Dairy industry 5u, 16u
Dairy products 16a
Dalmatianite 33ag
Damkjernite 33o
Dammar 46a
Dams 10d
Dandelion 16s
Dandruff 30ab
Dark matter 34f, 63a
Deacetylation 31a, 50g
Deacetylation catalysts 11f
Deacylation 31a, 50g
Deacylation catalysts 11f
Deafness 30e
Dealkylation 31a, 50e, 50g
Dealkylation catalysts 11e, 11f
Deamination 31c, 50g
Deamination catalysts 11g
Deaquation 50e
Deaquation catalysts 11e
Death 4b, 26a, 30a, 61a
Debenzylation 50g
Debenzylation catalysts 11g
Debromination 31b, 50f, 50g
Debromination cataiysts llf, llg
Debye screening 13c
Debye temperature 54b, 60x
Debye-Wailer temperature factor 14d, 54b
Decalcomanias 12g, l9d, 59i
Decantation 5al, 52a
Decapacitation factors 20a
Decarbonylation 31a, 50e, 50f
Decarbonylation catalysts 11e, 11f
Decarboxylation 50e, 50g
Decarboxylation catalysts 11e, 11f
Decay 61a
Dechlorination 31c, 50f, 50g
Dechlorination catalysts 11f, 11g
Decoloration number 36b
Decolorization 36b, 47a
Decolorizing agents 44a
Decomposition 50e
Decomposition catalysts 11e
Decompression sickness 30q
Decongestants 41g
Decontamination 61c
Decoration 12e, 32i
Decorporation 31b, 34h, 61c, 61d
Decrepitation 58c
Defecation 4b
Defect in solid state 54e
Defoliants 1c
Deformation 28b, 29a, 29d, 32i
Degreasing 32i
Degree of freedom 29e, 60a
De Haas-Sbubnikov effect 13j, 27a
De Haas-van Alphen effect 27e
Dehalogenation 31c, 50f, 50g
Dehalogenation catalysts 11f, 11g
Dehiscence 43e
Dehydration, biological 4h, 30ae
Dehydration, chemical 12e, 50f, 52a
Dehydration catalysts 11f
Dehydrobromination 50f
Dehydrobromination catalysts 11f
Dehydrochlorination 31c, 50f
Dehydrochlorination catalysts 11f
Dehydrofluorination 50g
Dehydrofluorination catalysts 11f
Dehydrogenation 31c, 50f, 50j
Dehydrogenation catalysts 11f, 11i
Dehydrohalogenation 50f
Dehydrohalogenation catalysts 11f
Dehydroxylation 50g
Dehydroxylation catalysts 11g
Deiodination 31c, 50f, 50g
Deiodination catalysts 11f, 11g
Deliquescent substances 59n
Delivery apparatus 5u
Delta particles 34c
Demagnetization 27e
Demercuration 50g
Demercuration catalysts 11g
Demetalation 50g
Demetalation catalysts 11g
Demethylation 31a, 50g
Demethylation catailysts 11g
Demineralization 58c
Denaturants 59d
Denaturation 6f, 55g
Dendritic organ 8b
Dendritic polymers 46h
Dengue 30p
Denitrification 31c, 53a
Denitrification catalysts 11e
Densification 12e
Densitometers 5ab
Densitometry 2c
Density 28e
Density-functional theory 29e, 49c
Dental materials and appliances 12g, 41f, 15d
Dentifrices 59c
Dentistry 30ai
Deodorants 44c 59c
Deodorization 17b
Deoxidation 50g, 50k
Deoxidation catalysts 11f, 11j
Deoxyribonucleic acid formation 18c, 31b
Deoxyribonucleic acid formation factors 18c, 48c
Deoxyribonucleic acid repair 18c, 31b
Deoxyribonucleic acids 18c, 38f
Deoxyribonucleic acid sequence
determination 6h, 18d
Deoxyribonucleic acid sequences 6h, 18d
Deoxyribonucleohistones 48i
Deoxyribonucleoprotamines 48i
Deoxyribonucleoproteins 48i
Dephosphorylation, biological 31d
Dephosphorylation, synthetic 50g
Dephosphorylation catalysts 11g
Depolarization 42h, 58c, 58f
Depolymerization 31a, 50e
Depolymerization catalysts 11e
Deprimerones 40a
Depsides 38h
Dermatitis 21f, 30m, 30ab, 61d
Dermatomyositis 30ab
Desert varnish 33d
Desiccators 5ai
Design 58c
Desmins 48b
Desolvation 50f, 52a
Desolvation catalysts 11f
Desorption 32c, 42i, 52e, 57c, 62e
Desorption kinetics 42g, 42i, 57c, 62e
Destructive distillation 50f, 58c
Desulfurization 50g, 58c
Desulfurization catalysts 11g
Detergency 42d
Detergents 12g, 45f
Detonation 58d
Detonation wave 29c
Detonators 5i
Detoxication 31b, 61c
Deuteration 50o
Deuteration catalysts 11m
Development, mammalian 4c
Development, nonmammalian 4c
Developmental stages 4c
Devitrification 55d
Dew 63c
Dewberry 16h
Dew point 55b
Diabase 12d 33p
Diabetes insipidus 30g
Diabetes mellitus 30f, 30s
Diagenesis 33aw
Diagnosis 30b
Diallagite 33p
Dialysis 30ak, 32a, 52b, 62d
Dialyzers 5f, 5ai
Diamictite 33ao
Diamond-type crystals 54d
Diapers 45c
Diaphthorite 33ah
Diarrhea 30c
Diarylheptanoids 38q
Diatexite 33p
Diathermy 30ak, 60c, 60d
Diatremes 33at
Diazoamino compounds 38d, 38e
Diazo compounds 38e
Diazonium compounds 38u
Diazo process 5af, l9b
Diazotization 50o
Diazotization catalysts 11m
Dichroism 36e
Dichrometers 5ab
Dictionaries 22b
Dieckmann condensation 50l
Dieckmann condensation catalysts 11j
Dielectric constant and dispersion 13a, 36f
Dielectric depolarization 13a, 42h
Dielectric loss 13a
Dielectric polarization 13a, 13c, 42h
Dielectric property 13a
Dielectric relaxation 13a
Dielectric strength 13b, 13c, 13d
Dielectrophoresis 2c, 13k, 52b, 62b
Diels-Alder reaction 50l
Diels-Alder reaction catalysts 11j
Dienophiles 38k
Dies 5v
Diet 26c
Dietary energy 26c
Dietary fiber 26d
Diffraction 14a, 29a, 42c
Diffraction gratings 5ab
Diffractometers 5p, 5ab
Diffractometry 2c, 14a, 29a
Diffusion 5al, 32a, 52b, 62b
Digesters 5ad
Digestibility 26c
Digestion, biological 4c
Digestion, chemical 50e, 52c, 58d
Digestive juice 9a
Digestive tract 8c, 30c
Digestive tract content 8c
Dikamali gum 46a
Dike 33at
Dilatancy 42d
Dill 16p
Dilution 55f
Dimensional analysis 42h
Dimensionless number 62a
Dimerization 50c
Dimerization catalysts 11c
Dimers 46l
2,4-Diritrophenyl group 17a
Diodes 5e
Diopsidite 33p
Diorite 33p
Dioxygenyl compounds 23ac
Diphosphates 23v
Diphosphites 23w
Diphtheria 30m
Dipole 13b
Dipole moment 13a, 34a, 34c
Dipping apparatus 5u
Dipping fluids 1b
Dipyrromethenes 38l
Discharging apparatus 5u
Discoloration 36b
Discoloration prevention 44d
Disease 30a, 61d
Diselenides 23ag, 38z
Dishes 5b, 5m, 12h, 16u
Dishwashing 5z, 58a
Disjoining pressure 29c, 57a
Disks 5s
Dispensing apparatus 5u
Disperse systems 39b, 55a, 56a
Dispersing agents 45g
Dispersion 39c, 56b
Disproportionation 50j
Disproportionation catalysts 11i
Dissipative structures 29e, 56b, 60v
Dissociation 50e
Dissociation catalysts 11e
Dissociation pressure 29d, 60w
Distemper (disease) 30p
Distillation 52b
Distillation apparatus 5al
Distillery 58e
Distributing apparatus 5u
Distribution function 29e, 51f, 56b
Disulfates 23ah
Disulfide group 17a
Duulfides 23ai, 38ab, 46q
Disulfites 23ai
Diterpenes and Diterpenoids 38ad
Dithionates 23ak
Dithionites 23ak
Ditroite 33p
Diuresis 4c, 30ae, 41i
Diuretics 41g
Documents 22a
Dolerite 33p
Dololutite 33ao
Dolostone 33ao
Donnan equilibrium 29c, 62d
Doors l0d
Doppler effect 14a, 29b
Doreite 33p
Dosimeters 5q, 12h
Dosimetry 34g
Double bond 6g
Double decomposition 50j
Double decomposition catalysts 11i
Dough 16e
Down's syndrome 30x, 30ah
Drag coefficient 62a
Dragon's blood 46p
Drawing, forming 28b, 32i
Drawings, graphic 19b, 22a
Driers 44b
Drilling fluids and muds 58f
Drills 5ao
Dropping devices 5u
Drops 39d, 55a
Dropsy 30ag
Drought 43f
Drowning 30a, 30q
Drug bioavailability 41i
Drug biotransformation 31a, 41i, 61e
Drug dependence 41i, 61a
Drug interactions 41i, 61a
Drug resistance 41i
Drug tolerance 41j, 61a
Drusite 33p
Drying 1a, 12e, 41j, 52a, 58d
Drying agents 59d
Drying apparatus 5al
Ductility 28b
Dumping syndrome 30c
Dungannoite 33p
Dunite 33p
Durbachite 33p
Dust lOh, 39a 59p
Dusting apparatus 5u
Dwarfism 30f
Dyeing 47a
Dyeing apparatus 5ae
Dyes 38j, 44a
Dyes, anthraquinone 44a
Dyes, azo 44a
Dyes, cyanine 44a
Dyes, reactive 44a
Dynamics 29a
Dynamite 59e
Dynamometers 5p
Dyneins 48b
Dysentery 30c, 30n
Dysmenorrhea 30g
Dyspepsia 30c
Dyspnea 30z
Dysprosium halides 23ay, 23bn, 23bq, 23bs, 23ck
Dysprosium ores 33h
Dzotsenidite 33ah

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