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Databases for Chemists and Chemical Engineers

Chemical Abstracts

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CA Index Guide (Appendix I) 1994

General Subject Headings | Keyword Index

Keyword Index E-G

A publication of the Chemical Abstracts Service published by the American Chemical Society, and reproduced here with permission from the Chemical Abstracts Service.

Ear 8a, 8l, 30e
Earth 63b
Earthquake 33av
Eating utensils 5m, 5ao, 16u
Ebulliometers 5p
Ecdysis 4c
Ecdysteroids 20a, 20c, 38aa
Eclogite 33ah
Ecology 26a, 51b, 61c
Economics 51c
Eczema 30ab
Edema 30ag
Edman degradation 50e
Edman degradation catalysts 11e
Education 51c
Effervescence 55a
Effervescent substances 59d
Efflorescence 12e, 55c
Effusion 52b, 62b
Egg 3b, 16b
Egg, poultry 3b, 16b
Eggplant 16s
Egg preservation 4e, 18a
Egg white 3b, 16b
Egg yolk 3b, 16b
Ehlers-Danlos syndrome 30ab, 30ag
Eicosanoids 20a, 25a, 38a
Ejectors 5v
Ekerite 33p
Elastic deformation 28b
Elasticity 28b
Elastic materiels 59d
Elastic recoil detection 2c, 34e
Elastic tiseue 8c
Elastins 48a
Elaterite 33a
Elder 16h
Electrets 12h, 13a, 59e
Electric activation 13b, 32i
Electric activity 4d, 13b
Electric admittance 13g
Electric amplification 13g
Electnc amplifiers 5c
Electric apparatus 5c, 5h, 5n, 12h
Electric appliances 5c, 5j, 5l
Electric arc 13c
Electric birefringence 36e, 36f
Electric breakdown 13c, 13d
Electric brushes 5d
Electric cables 5d
Electric capacitance 13b
Electric capacitors 5c
Electric charge 13b, 44b, 47b
Electric circuit breakers 5d, 5ai
Electric circuits 5c
Electric coils 5c
Electric conductivity and conduction 2a, 13g
Electric conductivity transitions 13g
Electric conducton 5c, 59d
Electric conducton, ceramic 5d, 12b, 12h, 59d
Electric conductors, polymeric 5d, 46i, 59d
Electric contacts 5d
Electric corona 13d
Electric current 13f
Electric current carriers 13g
Electric current-potential relationship 13j
Electric discharge 13c, 32i
Electric discharge devices 5e
Electric double layer 13b
Electric energy 13c
Electric field 13c, 32i, 42j
Electric field gradient 13d, 32i, 54b
Electric filters 5d
Electric fuses 5d, 5ai
Electric generators 5f
Electric ground 13d
Electric impedance 13j
Electric inductance 13d
Electric insulators and Dielectrics 5d, 12h, 45b, 59e
Electricity 51f
Electric lamps 5f, 5ad
Electric meters 5f
Electric motors 5f
Electric noise 13j
Electric organ and tissue 8i
Electric potential 13d
Electric property 42d
Electric rectification 13j
Electric rectifiers 5d
Electric relays 5d
Electric resistance 13j
Electric resistors 5d
Electric resonance absorption 13b, 14b, 1k
Electric shock 13d, 30q, 58f
Electric skin effect 13j
Electric spark 13d, 32i
Electric switches and switching 5d, 13j
Electric tranaport property 13f, 27a, 62a
Electrocaloric effect 13e, 60d
Electrocapillarity 13d, 57a, 57c
Electrochemistry 13l
Electrochromic materials 59b, 59j
Electrochromism 36b, 36f
Electrode effect 13l
Electrodepoeition and
Electroplating 2a, 5f, 5u, 5ae, 13l 32a, 52b, 54e, 57a, 58b
Electrodeposits and Electroplates 45a, 54e, 57a, 59b
Electrode reaction 13l
Electrodes 5f, 12h
Electrodialysis 13k, 32a, 52b, 62b, 62d
Electrodiffusion 5f, 5al, 13e, 13lt, 32a, 52b, 62b
Electrography 5af, 13e, 19b
Electrohydrodynamics 13f, 62c
Electrokinetic phenomena 13k, 62b
Electrokinetic potential 13d
Electroluminescent devices 5f, 5ad
Electrolysis 13k, 5Oe
Electrolysis catalysis 11e
Electrolytes 1Oa, 32a, 55f, 59d
Electrolytes, biological 4d, 3m, 31b
Electrolytic cells 5f, 5ae
Electrolytic depolarization 13l, 42h
Electrolytic depolarizers 59d
Electrolytic polarization 13l, 42h
Electromagnetic field 14a
Electromagnetic wave 13l, 34g, 42e
Electromechanical effect 13e, 28d
Electromotive force series 13d, 13k
Electron 13h, 34c
Electron, conduction 13h
Electron, solvated 13h
Electron acceptors 6d, 13g
Electron affinity 6b, 6d, 42a
Electron angular momentum 34d, 9c
Electron beam 13i, 32j, 34c
Electron beam spectroscopy 2c, 34c
Electron bubble 13b, 34d
Electron capture 6d
Electron-capture decay 34c, 34g
Electron configuration and electron density 6b, 34d, 49a
Electron correlation 5b, 49a
Electron crystal 34d, 49a
Electron detachment 6d
Electron donors 6d, 13h
Electronegativity 6b
Electron emission 13e, 13h, 34d
Electron emission spectroscopy 2c, 34d
Electron exchange and Charge transfer 6d, 31c, 50f
Electron exchange catalysts 11f
Electron exchangers 45e
Electron gas 13h, 34d
Electron-hole plasma 13h
Electronic device packaging 13l, 58f
Electronic property 6b, 42e
Electronics 13l
Electronic structure 6b, 49a, 56b
Electron internal conversion 34a
Electron liquid 13i, 34d
Electron microprobe analysis 2e, 1kl, 34c
Electron nuclear double resonance 14b, 27b, 34b
Electron nuclear triple resonance 14b, 27b, 34b
Electron optics 34d
Electron pair production 34d
Electron-phonon interaction 13i
Electron sources 5f, 5ac
Electron spin resonance 14b, 27b
Electron spin resonance spectrometry 27b
Electron temperature 34d, 60 v
Electron transport system, biological 31c, 43d
Electron tubes 5e, 12h
Electrooptical absorption 36f, 36g
ElectroopticaI effect 13e, 36f
Electrooptical reflection 36f, 36g
Electroosmosis 5f, 5al, 13k, 52b, 62b, 62d
Electrophiles 38l
Electrophilicity 42b
Electrophoreeis and Ionophoresis 2c, 5f, 5al, 13k, 52b, 62b
Electrophotographic developers 19t
Electrophotographic development 5ag, 19b
Electrophotographic paper 19b
Electrophotographic photoconductors 5ag, 19b
Electrophotographic sensitizers 19b
Electrophotography 5ag, 13e, 19b, 2a
Electrophotography, color 19b
Electroporation 13f, 18a, 58d
Electroscopes 5f
Electrostriction 13e, 8d
Electrothermographic copying 5af, 5ag, 13e, 19b
Electrothermooptic effect 36f
Elementary-particle force 29b, 34d
Elementary-particle magnetic moment 34d
Elementary-particle potential 29d 34d, 60b
Elementary particles 34c, 39d
Elementary-particle wave function 49d
Elephant grass 16l
Elephantiasis 301, 30o
Elimination reaction 5Of
Elimination reaction, coordinative 50g
Elimination reaction catalysts 11f
Ellipsometers 5ab
Ellipsometry 36a
Elutriation 52b
Elutriators 5al
Elvanite 33p
Embedding materials 45b
Embolism 30b
Embossing 47c
Embrechite 33p
Embrittlement 28c
Embryo 4c
Embryo preservation 4c, 4e, 18a
Emerson enhancement effect 3ld, 36c
Emery cloth and paper 5y, 45f
Emissivity 14a
Emotion 4f, 4g, 4h, 30ae
Emphysema 30aa
Empyema 30q
Emulsification 5x, 39c, 41j, 56b, 58e
Emulsifying agents 45g
Emulsions 39b, 56a
Enameled ware 5b, 12b, I9a, 32f
Enameling 12b, 19a, 32h, 58b
Enamels 12b, 12k, 19a, 45b, 59b
Enamines 38d
Enantiotropy 54d
Encapsulation 41j, 58f
Encephalitis 30w
Encephalomyelitis 30w
Encyclopedias 22b
Enderbite 33p
Enderpines 20a
Endigens 20a
Endive I6s
Endocrine system 8e, 30e
Endocrinology 30ai
Endoplasmic reticulum 37b
Endostyle 8c
Endotaxy 54c
Endothelium 8h
Endozepines 20b
Energy 42e, 60a
Energy, total 60a
Energy balance 32b, 60a
Energy level 6c, 49a, 60a
Energy level, band structure 6c, 49a
Energy level, Fermi 6c, 49a
Energy level, ground state 6c, 49a
Energy level, hyperfine structure 6c, 49b
Energy level, surface 6c, 49b, 57a
Energy level excitation 6c, 49b, 62a
Energy level splitting 6c, 13f, 27b, 49b
Energy level transition 6c, 49b, 62a
Energy-rich phosphates 23u
Energy transfer 60a, 62a
Engineer 51g
Engineering 131, 51g
Engines 5i, 12h
Engraving 5v, 5af, I9b
EnkephaIins 4Oa
Enols 38r
Enstatitite 33p
Enterohepatitis 30c
Enterotoxemia 30n
Enthalpy and Enthalpy function 60b
Entner-Doudoroff pathway 31a
Entobacterins 1b, 61b
Entrainment 62c
Entropy 60b
Entropy of activation 24a, 42f, 60b
Enuresis 30ae
Environment 26a
Environmental analysis 2d
Environmental modeling 22a, 26a 51b, 58d, 61d, 62c, 63b
Environmental pollution 58d, 61d
Environmental transport 62c
Enzyme activation energy 26b
Enzyme functional sites 26b
Enzymes 26b
Eolianite 33ao
Eosinophil 3a, 21c, 30k
Eosinophilia 30k
Epidemiology 30ai
Epididymis 8k, 30h
Epidiorite 33p
Epidosite 33ah
Epidotite 33sh
Epihalohydrins 38o, 38s
Epilepsy 30y
Epimerization and Anomerization 50i
Epimerization catalysts 11h
Epinasty 43e
Epitaxial growth kinetics 42f, 54c,  57a
Epitaxy 5u, 5al,54c, 57a, 58b
Epithelium 3b, 8h, 43b
Epoxidation 5Oj
Epoxidation catalysts lli
Epoxides 381
Epoxy group 17a
Epoxy resins lOg, 46d, 46i. 46n, 46q
Equation 5le
Equation of state 42e, 60b
Equilibrium 29e, 42e, 55b, 60b
Equivalent weight 28e
Erasers 5ah
Erbates 23bq
Erbium halides 23ay, 23bo, 23bq, 23b, 23cl
Erbium pnictides 23bp, 23bq, 23bt, 23co
Ergochromes 61c
Erlanfels 33ah
Erosion 28f, 32j
Error 42g, 51e
Erythema 30ab. 36c
Erythremic myelosis 30k
Erythroblast 3c
Erythroblastosis 30k
Erythrocruorins 48h, 48k
Erythrocyte 3a, 30j
Erythromelalgia 30ag
Erythrophore 3b
Erythropoieus 4b
Esophogus 8c, 30c
Espichellite 33p
Essences 43a
Essential 0ils 16f, 35a, 38ad
Essexite 33p
Esterification 5Od, 5Oo
Esterification catalysts lld, llm
Esters 38h, 46i
Estrogens 20b, 20c
Estromedins 20a
Estrus 4e
Estuaries 33at
Esuiite 33q
Etching 32j, 5Og
Etching catalysts 11g
Ethanolysis 5Ol
Ethanolysis catalysts 11k
Etherification 5Od, 5Oo
Etherification catalysts 11d, 11m
Ethers 38l, 46i
Ethoxylation 5Op
Ethoxylation catalysts llo
Ethylation 5On
Ethylation catalysts 11l
Ethyl group 17a
Ethynylation 5Oo
Ethynylation catalysts 11m
Etindite 33q
Etiolation la, 43e
Eucrite (rock) 33q
Eudiometers 5o, 5ae
Eukaryote 26b
Eulysite 33q
Euremite 33q
Eurite 33q
Europium chalcogenides 23an, 23bm, 23bq, 23br, 23ch
Europium halides 23ay, 23bo, 23bq, 23bs, 23cl
Europium ores 33h
Eutectics 55a
Eutectoids 55a
Eutrophication 33av
Evans-Polanyi equation 24a, 42b, 42f, 60a, 60c, 60g
Evaporation 52b, 55c, 58d
Evaporators 5al
Evolution 18a, 26b, 51b
Exchange, quantum mechanical 6b, 27a, 49b
Excahnge reaction 50o
Exchange reaction catalysts 11n
Exciplexes 6f
Exciton 13i, 39d
Excretions 8m
Exercise 4d
Exfoliatins 61c
Exfoliation 58d
Exhalite 33ao
Exhaust gases 59p
Exhaust systems 5v
Exinite 33c
Exochelins 40a
Exophthalmos 30j
Exothermic materials 59e
Exotic atoms 6a, 34e
Exotic molecules 6f, 34e
Exotic nuclei 34a, 34e
Exotic particle exchange 34e
Exotic particle internal conversion 34e
Expantion, Dilation, and Elongation 28a, 28b, 60b
Expansion joints 5ai
Expectorants 41g
Explosibility 42b
Explosion 32j, 58d, 58g
Explosives 5i, 59e
Exposure meters 5ab
Extensometers 5p
Extracellular matrix 37c
Extraction 32b, 41j, 52c
Extraction apparatus 5am
Extrusion 32j, 62c
Extrusion apparatus 5v
Extrusion apparatus for plastics and rubbers 5v
Extrusion of plastics and rubbers 47c, 62c
Exudate 9a
Eye 8a, 8l
Eye, disease 30i
Eye, neoplasm 30j
Eyeglasses 5aa
Eyestalk 8e

General Subject Headings | Keyword Index

Fabry's disease 30t
Fading 36b
Fanconi's syndrome 30ae
Fans 5v
Farsundite 33q
Fasteners 5ai
Fat body 8m
Fatigue, biological 4d
Fatigue, mechanical 28d
Fats snd Glyceridic oils 16b, 16f, 26d, 35a, 38h, 64a
Fat substitutes 16d, 16g, 26d, 35b
Fatty acids 25a, 38a, 46c
Fatty materials 59e
Favism 30j
Favorskii rearrangement 5Oi
Favorskii rearrangement catalysts llh
Feather 8g
Feces 8m
Feed 26c
Feed analysis 2d
Feed contamination 16d
Feed energy 26d
Feeding 4d, 26c
Feeding apparatus 5v
Feeding experiment 26c
Feeding techniques 4d, 5v, 26c
Feldspar-group minerals 12d, 33e
Feldspathoid 33e
Fels 33ah
Felsite 33q
Felting 47b
Feltproofing 44c, 47b
Felty's syndrome 30v
Fenite 33ah
Fennel 16p
Fenugreek 16p
Fergusite 33q
Fermentation 18a, 31a, 5Oh, 58d
Fermentation apparatus 5ae
Fermi fluids 55a
Fermi glasses 55a
Fermi resonance 6d, 49b
Ferrates 23cd
Ferredoxins 48h
Ferrichlorite 33e
Ferricrete 33ao
Ferrite substances 23cd, 59j
Ferrtins 48g
Ferroalkremite 33q
Ferroalloys 32f
Ferrodiorite 33q
Ferroelastic domain 28b, 59d, 59f
Ferroelasticity 28b
Ferroelastic substances 59d, 59f
Ferroelectric domain 13a
Ferroelectricity 13a
Ferroelectric substances 32f, 59e, 59f
Ferrofluids 59j
Ferroic substances 59f
Ferrolite 33d
Ferropicrite 33q
Ferroxanes 23ac, 23cd, 38w, 46l
Fertility 4e, 30g
Fertilization 4e
Fertilizer analysis 2d, 53a
Fertilizer experiment 53a, 53d
Fertilizers 26d, 53a
Fescue 16l
Fetal alcohol syndrome 30x, 61d
Fetoproteins 481
Fetuins 48d, 48e
Fever and Hyperthermia 30ag
Fiamme 33at
Fiber optics 51f
Fibers lOc, 45b, 46q, 47a
Fibril 45b
Fibrinogen degradation products 40a, 48d, 48e
Fibrinogens 48d, 48e
Fibrinolysis 4a, 30l
Fibrinolytics 41b
Fibrins 48d, 48e
Fibroblast 3a
Fibroins 48a
Fibroma 30ac
Fibronectins 48e
Fibrosis 30ag
Fibrous materials 45b
Fiddlehead 16s
Field theory 34e, 49c
Fig 16i
Figure of merit 42e
Filaments 59f
Filamins 48b
Files (mechanical) 5ao
Filiferines 38aa
Filling apparatus5v
Filling materials lOf, 12h, 44b
Films 54e, 57a, 59b
Filterability 42e
Filter cake 59g
Filter flasks 5b
Filter paper 45f, 59f
Filters and Filtering materials 5am, 12h, 59f
Filtration 30ak, 41k, 52c
Fin 8a
Fine structure constant 14d
Fingerprints 51c, 61a
Finishing 47b
Fire 58g, 61a
Fire boxes 5k
Firedamp 59g
Fire point 42e
Fireproofing lOc, 47a, 47b, 58b, 58g, 59b
Fireproofing agents 44c, 44d, 45b, 47b, 58g
Fire-resistant materials 58g, 59g
Firing, heat-treating process 5k, lOc, I2e, 60d
Firing of furnaces lOc, 32b
Fischer indole synthesis 50l
Fischer indole synthesis catalysts llj
Fish 16b
Fish nets 5ao
Fission 34c
Fission fragments and products 34c
Flagella 37c
Flagellins 48b
Flame 58g
Flammability 42e
Flares 5j, 5ad
Flash index 42e
Flash lamps 5f, 5ad, 12h
Flash point 42e
Flatulence 30c
Flavanols 38r
Flavins 38i
Flavodoxins 48c
Flavonoids 38i
Flavoproteins 48c
Flavor 16v
Flavoring materials 16w
FIax 46r
Flaxseed 16g
Flexibility 28b
Flexirubins 7a
Flexoelectricity l3a
F!oating materials 59g
Flocculating agents 32b, 59g
F!occulation 5am, 32b, 39a, 52a, 55e
Flocculation reaction 2d
Flocks 45c
Floors 1Od
Flotation 5am, 32b, 52c
Flotation agents 2b, 32b
Flours and Meals 16g
Flow 13f, 27d, 29a, 58e, 62c
Flower 43a
Flowmeters 5p
Flue dust 1Oh, 59p
Flue gases 59p
Fluidization 32b, 62c
Fluidized beds and systems 5k, 5ae
Fluid mechanics 13f, 29b
Fluids 55a
Fluorescence 36d
Fluorescence quenching 36d
Fluorescent brighteners 44a
Fluorescent substances 59k
Fluoridation 58h
Fluoride nitrides 23t, 23ar
Fluorides 23aq, 38n
Fluorination 5Oa, 5Oo
Fluorination catalyst 11a, 11n
Fluorohydrins 38o, 38s
Fluorometers 5ac
Fluorometry 36d
Fluoropolymers 46j, 46n
Fluoroscopes 5a, 5aa
Fluoroselenates 23ag, 23ar
Fluorosulfates 23ah, 23ar
Fluorosulfites 23ai, 23ar
Fluxes 32b
Foam fractionation 52c
Foaming 39c, 56b
Foaming agents 1Oa, 45g
Foams 12e, 39c, 56b
Foam volume 28a, 39c
Fog 39b, 56a, 63c
Foidite 33q
Foidolite 33q
Food 26c
Food analysis 2d
Food contamination 16d
Food functionaI properties 16d, 16v
Foot 8a
Foot-and-mouth disease 30p
Footprints 51c, 61a
Footwear 45c
Force 13l, 29b
Force constant 28b, 29b
Forest 43a
Forest litter 53a, 53b
Forestry 1e
Forging 32j
Formation constant and Stability constant 42e
Formolysis 50l
Formolysis catalysts 11k
Formylation 5Om
Formylation catalysts 11l
Formyl group 17a
Fossils 33d
Fouling 58e
Fouling control agents 1a, 1b, 1c, 45b, 59g
Foundries 32b
Fourchite 33q
Fowl pox 30p
Foyaite 33q
Fractals 51e
Fractrography 32j
Fracture 28c
Fragmentation reaction 5Oe
Fragmentation reaction catalysts 11e
Francium halides 23b, 23c, 23ar
Franck-Condon principle 6c, 49b, 62a
Franz-Keldysh effect 36f
Free energy 60c
Free energy function 60c
Free energy of activation 24a, 42f, 60c
Freemartin 30g
Freeze drying 41k, 52a, 58d
Freezing 52d, 55d
Freezing point 55d, 60x
Frequency 29b, 42k
Frequency factor 42f
Fretting 32j
Friction 28e
Friction materials 12h, 32f
Friedel-Crafts reaction 5Om, 5On
Friedel-Crafts reaction cataIysts 11l
Fries rearrangement 5Oi
Fries rearrangement catalysts 11h
Fringelite 33f
Frits 1Of, 12h
Fritting 12b
Frog 16b
Frost 63c
Frost point 55b
Frozen desserts 16a, 16w
Frozen foods 16w
Fruit 16g, 43a
Fruit and vegetable juices 16i
Fuel briquets 59g
Fuel-cell electrolytes 5c, 55f, 59e
Fuel cells 5c
Fuel gases 59g
Fuel gas manufacturing 59g
Fuel oil 59g, 59k
Fuel oil additives 59g
Fuels 59g
Fuels, diesel 59g
Fuels, jet aircraft 59g
Fuels, rocket 59g
Fugacity 29c, 60c
Fulgurite 33q, 33at
Fullerenes 38k
Fuller's earth 33c
Fulvanic acids 53b
Fulvenic acids 38b, 53c
Fulvic acids 38b, 53b
Fulvinic acids 38b, 53c
Fulvonic acids 38b, 53c
Fumaroles 33at
Fumes 59p
Fumigants 1c
Fumigation 1a
Functional groups 6h
Fungicide resistance 1c, 41a, 41i
Fungicides and Fungistats 1c, 41a. 44c, 44d
Funnels 5v, 5am, 12h, 59g
Fur 8g, 46f, 46q, 47b
Furnaces 5k, 5m, 12h
Furnaces, blast 5k
Furnaces, electric 5k, 5m, 12h
Furniture 5m
Furocoumarins 38i
Fur substitutes 45c
Fusel oil 59f
Fuses, explosives 5i
Fusibility 55d
Fusinite 33d
Fusion, biological 4d
Fusion, reactive 55d

General Subject Headings | Keyword Index

Gabbro 33q
Gabbronorite 33q
Gadolinium halides 23ay, 23bo, 23bq, 23bs, 23cl
Gadolinium ores 33h
Gadolinium pnictides 23y, 23bp, 23bq, 23bt, 23co
Galactolipids 25a
Galactoproteins 48e
Galactosides 38f
Galaxies 63a, 63b
Galbanum gum 46a
Gallates 23i
Gallbladder 8c, 30c
Gallium chalcogenides 23i, 23aa
Gallium halides 23i, 23at
Gallium ores 33h
Gallium pnictides 23i, 23j, 23q
Gall (plant tumor) 43d
Galvanization 32i, 58b
Galvanized iron and steel 32j
Galvanostats 5e
Galvanotaxis 13b, 26e
Gambier 46p
Gamboge 46p
Gamete and Germ cell 3b, 43a
Gamma ray 14a, 32k
Ganch 33ao
Ganglionic blocking agents 41d
Gangliosides 25a, 25b, 25e
Gangliosidosis 30t
Gangrene 30q
Gardner's syndrome 30ag
Carnet group minerals 33f
Garnetite 33ah
Garnet-type crystals 54d
Gas analysis 2d
Gas appliances 5j, 5l
Gases 55a
Gas generators 5ae
Gaskets 5aj
Gas oils 59g, 59k
Gasoline 59h, 59k
Gasoline additives 59h
Gastrectomy 30aj
Gastric juice 9a
GastrointestinaI hormones 20a
Gaucher's disease 30l, 30t
Gauteite 33q
Gazha 33ao
Gears 5s
Gedritite 33ah
Gelatins 46e, 46f, 48a, 48e
Gelation 39c, 55d, 56b
Gels 39b, 56a
Gel strength 28d
Gems 33f, 59h
Gene 18a
Gene, animaI 18a
Gene, microbiaI l8a
Gene, plant 18a
Genetic code 18c
Genetic element 18a
Genetic engineering 18a
Genetic inheritance 18b
Genetic linkage group l8c
Genetic mapping 6h, 18b
Genetic methods 6h, 18b
Genetic polymorphism 18b
Genetics 18b, 21d, 26c, 51b
Genetic selection 18b
Genetic vectors 18b, 37b
Genipap 16j
Genitourinary tract 8f, 8j
Genome 3b, 18c, 37c, 43e
Geochemistry 51b, 51d
Geochronology 51d
Geode 33at
Geography 51d
GeologicaI age 33av
GeologicaI age determination 33av
Geological fluid inclusions 33au
Geological formations 33at
GeologicaI hydrothermaI fluids 33au, 53a, 53d
GeologicaI materials 33au
Geological sediments 33d, 39d
GeologicaI solid inclusions 33au, 53a
GeologicaI temperature 33av, 60w
GeologicaI weathering 33av, 53a
Geology 51d
Geophysics 51d, 51f
GeothermaI energy 60a
Geotropism 33av, 43e
Germacronolides 38ad
Germanates 23k
Germanium chalcogenide halides 23k, 23l, 23aa, 23at
Germanium chalcogenides 23k, 23l, 23aa
Germanium halides 23l, 23at
Germanium ores 33h
Germanium pseudohalides 23l, 23be
Germasesquioxanes 23l, 23ac, 38w, 46l
Germasesquithianes 23l, 23aj, 38w, 46l
Germ-free environment 21d
Germination 1a, 43f
Germoxanes 23l, 23c, 38w, 46l
Getters 58h
Geysers 33au
g-factor 14d, 27a
Ghee 16b, 35a
Gibberellins 1d, 20c, 38a
Gibbs-Duhem-Margules equation 42h, 60w
Gigantism 30g
Gill 8l
Gillespie syndrome 30u
Gibonite 33b
Ginger 16p
Gingiva 3d, 30d
Ginseng 16a
Gizzard 3d
Glaciers 33au
Gladkaite 33r
Gland 8b
Glanders 30n
GIass, nonoxide 12a, 12b, 12k, 54a
Glasa oxide lOb, 12a, 12b, 12j, 12k, 45a, 54a
Glass ceramics 12a, 12b, 12k
Glass fibers 1Oc, 12b, 46r
GIass structure 54a, 56a
GIass substitutes 12c, 12k, 45d, 54a
Glass temperature and transition 55b, 60l
Glaucoma (disease) 30j
Glaucophanite 33r
Glazes 12b, 12c, 12k, 19a, 59b
Glazing 12b, 12c, 19a, 58b
Gleyans 33c
Gliadins 48j
Glimmerite (rock) 33r
Globins 48l
Globosides 25b, 25e
Globulins 48c
Glove boxes 5b, 5ae, 12g, 12h
Gloves 45c, 45h
Gluconeogenesis 31b
Glues 45g, 46f
Gluing 58e
Glutelins 48d
Glutenins 48d
Glutens 48l
Glycerides 25a, 38h
Glycinins 48d
Glycocalyx 37c
Glycogenosis 30s
Glycogenosome 37b
Glycolate pathway 31b
Glycolipids 25a
Glycolipopeptides 40a
Glycolipoproteins 48e, 48g
Glycollecithins 25c
Glycols 38r, 46d
Glycolysis 31b
Glycopeptides 40a
Glycophorins 48f
Glycophospholipids 25a
Glycophosphopeptides 40a
Glycophosphoproteins 48e, 48j
Glycoproteins 48d
Glycoproteins, specific or class 48e
Glycosaminoglycans 38g, 48e
Glycosidation 31b, 5Oo
Glycosidation catalysts 11m
Glycosides 38f
Glycosphingolipids 25a, 25d
Glyoxylate cycle 31b
Glyoxysome 37 b
Gneiss 33ah
Gnotobiosis 21d
Goiter 30i
Goldberg syqdrome 309
Gold chalcogenides 23al, 23bf, 23cg
Gold halides 23aw, 23bg, 23cj
Gold ores 33h
Goldware 5m, 5ao, 51a
Golgi apparatus 37b
Gonadotropins 20c
Gondite 33r
Goniometers 5p
Gonorrhea 30n, 30o
Gonyautoxins 61c
Gooseberry 16h
Gorsky effect 28c, 54a
Gout 30s, 30v
G proteins 30t, 46e, 46f, 48f
Graft and Grafting, biological 43a
Grahamite 33b
Gram 16m
Gram atom 28e
Granatite 33r
Granite 1Of, 33r
Granitization 33av
Granodiorite 33r
Granofels 33ah
Granogabbro 33ah
Granolite 33r
Granophyre 33r
Granosyenite 33r
Granular substances 39a, 54e
Granulating apparatus 5y
Granulation 39a, 41k, 54e, 58e
Granulation tissue 8c
Granulite (rock) 33ah, 33ao
Granuloma 30ac
Granulomatous disease 30k
Grape 16i
Grapefruit 16i
Grapefruit juice 16j
Grape juice 16j
Grapestone 33ah
Graphic arts 51a, 58e
Graphitite 33ah
Graphitization 50h
Graphitization catalysts 11g
Graphitized carbon black 59a
Graptolite 33d
Grass 16l, 43a
Grassland 43a
Grates 5am
Gravel 33d
Graves disease 30i
Gravitation 29c, 63a
Gravitometers 5p
Graviton (gravitational quantum) 29c, 39d
Gravy 16w
Grayanotoxins 61c
Graystone 33r
Graywacke 33ao
Grease 35a
Greenhouses 26a
Greensand 33a, 33ao
Greenschist 33ah
Greenstone 33r
Greisen 33ah
Grignard reaction 50b
Grignard reaction catalysts 11b
Grignard's reagents 38w
Griquaite 33r
Grog lOf, 12d, 32b
Grommets 5aj
Grorudite 33r
Grospydite 33r
Group IB element alloys 32e
Group IB element chalcogenides 23ai, 23bf. 23cf
Group IB element compounds 23be
Group IB element halides 23sw, 23bf, 23cj
Group IB element pnictides 23x, 23k, 23cn
Group IB elements 15a
Group IIB element alloys 32e
Group IIB element chalcogenides 23 m, 23bh, 23cg
Group IIB element compounds 23bg
Group IIB element halides 23ax, 23bh 23ck
Group IIB element pnictides 23x, 23bh, 23cn
Group IIB elements 15a
Group IIIA element alloys 32d
Group IIIA element chalcogenides 23i, 23z
Group IIIA element compounds 23g
Group IIIB element halides 23I, 23at
Group IIIA element pnictides 23j, 23q
Group IIIA elements 15a
Group IIIB element alloys 32e
Group IIIB element chalcogenides 23am, 23bm, 23cg
Group IIIB element compounds 23bi
Group IIIB element halides 23az, 23bn, 23ck
Group IIIB element pnictides 23x, 23bo, 23co
Group IIIB elements 15a
Group IIIA element alloys 32d
Group IIIA element chalcogenides 23l, 23as
Group IIIA element compounds 23j
Group IVA element halides 23l, 23at
Group IVA element pnictides 23m, 23q
Group IVA elements 15a, 15b
Group IVB element alloys 32e
Group IVB element carbides 23j, 23bu
Group IVB element chalcogenides 23an, 23bu, 23ch
Group IVB element compounds 23bu
Group IVB element halides 23az, 23bu 23cl
Group IVB element pnictides 23y, 23bv, 23cp
Group IVB elements 15b
Group VA element alloys 32d
Group VA element chalcogenides 23r, 23aa
Group VA element compounds 23o
Group VA element halides 23r, 23au
Group VA element pnictides 23e
Group VA elements 15a, 15b
Group VB element alloys 32e
Group VB element chalcogenides 23an, 23bw, 23ci
Group VB element compounds 23bw
Group VB element halides 23az, 23bw, 23cm
Group VB element pnictides 23y, 23bw, 23cp
Group VB elements 15b
Group VIA element alloys 32d
Group VIA element chalcogenides 23ab
Group VIA element compounds 23z
Group VIA element halides 23ab, 23av
Group VIA elements 15b
Group VIB element alloys 32e
Group VIB element chalcogenides 23ao, 23by, 23ci
Group VIB element compounds 23by
Group VIB element halides 23az, 23bz, 23cm
Group VIB element pnictides 23y, 23bz, 23cp
Group VIB elements 15b
Group VIIB element alloys 32e
Group VIIB element chalcogenides 23ao, 23ca, 23cj
Group VIIB element compounds 23cs
Group VIIB element halides 23az, 23ca, 23cm
Group VIIB element pnictides 23y, 23ca, 23cp
Group VIIB elements 15o
Group VIII element alloys 32e
Group VIII element chalcogenides 23ao, 23cc, 23cj
Group VIII element compounds 23cc
Group Vlll element halides 23ba, 23cc, 23cn
Group VIII element pnictides 23z, 23cd, 23cp
Group VIII elements 15b
Grout 10a, 45g
Grueneisen constant 28a, 54b
Guaiacum (resin) 46p
Guainolides 38i, 38ad
Guano 53a
Guava 16j
Guayule (rubber) 46h
Gudden-Pohl effect 13f
Guggulu gum 46b
Guided missiles 5ap
Guinier-Preston zone 39d, 54e, 56c
Gum ammoniac 46b
Gum benzoin 46b
Gummite 33d
Gums and Mucilages 46a
Gunn effect 13j, 14b
Guns 5j
Gutta-percha 46h
Guttation 43e
Gymnemic acids 38b
Gynecology 30ai
Gynecomaatia 30f
Gypcrete 33ao
Gypsarenite 33ao
Gyroscopes 5n

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