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Chemical Abstracts

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CA Index Guide (Appendix I) 1994

General Subject Headings | Keyword Index

Keyword Index H-I

A publication of the Chemical Abstracts Service published by the American Chemical Society, and reproduced here with permission from the Chemical Abstracts Service.

Hafnates 23bv
Hafnium chalcogenides 23an, 23bv
Hafnium halides 23az, 23bu, 23bv, 23cl
Hafnium ores 33h
Hafnium pnictides 23y, 23bv
Hail 63c
Hair 8g, 46f, 46q
Hair preparations 41h, 59c
Hair substitutes 45b
Halates 23ar
Haldane effect 4a
Halic acids 23A, 23bb
Halide phosphates 23u, 23av
Halides 23ar, 38l
Halites 23bb
Halite-type crystals 54d
Hall effect 13d, 13k, 27a
Halleflinta 33ah
Halmyrolysis 33av
Haloalkylation 50n
Haloalkylation catalysts 11l
Halochromism 36b
Halogen acids 23a, 23bb
Halogenation 50a, 50o
Halogenation catalysts 11a, 11n
Halogen compounds 23aq, 38l
Halogen halides 23av, 23bb
Halogens 15b
Halohydrins 38o, 38r
Halomethylation 50n
Halomethylation catalysts 11m
Hamaker constant 57b
Hand 8a
Handling of materials 32b, 58e
Hanle effect 36c
Haptens 21a
Haptoglobins 48d, 48f
Harada's syndrome 30ag
Harbolite 33b
Harbors 33au
Hardening 10a, 28d
Hard materials 32f
Hardness 28d
Harrisite (rock) 33r
Hartnup disease 30a, 30l, 30ae
Harzburgite 33r
Hauynitite 33r
Hauynophyre 33r
Hawaiite 33r
Hay 16m
Hay fever 21f, 30m
Haze 59f, 63b
Head 8e
Headache 30w
Health 30ah
Health hazard 30ai, 58g, 61d
Health physics 30ai, 34g, 58g, 61d
Hearing 4g, 30e
Heart 8c
Heart, disease 30b
Heart, neoplasm 30b
Hearths 5k
Heartwater 30n
Heat 60c
Heat balance 32b, 60c
Heat capacity 60c
Heat-exchange apparatus 51l
Heating 36a, 60d
Heating systems and Heaters 5g, 5k, 5l, 12i
Heat of ablation 60d
Heat of absorption 60f
Heat of abstraction reaction
Heat of acetalization 60g
Heat of Acetolysis 60q
Heat of acetoxylation 60u
Heat of Acetylation 60r
Heat of acylation 60g, 60r
Heat of addition reactions 60g
Heat of adsorption 60f
Heat of agglomeration 60d
Heat of alcoholysis 60r
Heat of aldol condensation 60j
Heat of alkenylation 60h, 60a
Heat of alkoxycarbonylation 60r
Heat of Alkoxylation 60u
Heat of Alkylation 60h, 60a
Heat of Alkynylation 60t
Heat of Alloying 60f
Heat of allylation 60a
Heat of allylic rearrsngement 60n
Heat of aluminizing 60j
Heat of amalgamation 60f
Heat of amidation 60j, 60u
Heat of amination 60h, 60j, 60u
Heat of aminoacylation 60r
Heat of aminoakylation 60s
Heat of aminolysis 60r
Heat of aminomethylation 60s
Heat of amminolysis 60r
Heat of ammoxidation 60p, 60u
Heat of amorphization 60d
Heat of annealing 60d
Heat of aquation 601
Heat of aralkylation 60s
Heat of Arbuzov reaction 60v
Heat of aromatization 60p
Heat of arylation 60t
Heat of association 60d
Heat of atomization 60e
Heat of Beckmann rearrangement 60o
Heat of benzoylation 60r
Heat of benzylation 60a, 60t
Heat of biotinylation 60g, 60r
Heat of Birch reduction 60p
Heat of boronizing 60j
Heat of bromination 60h, 60u
Heat of butylation 60s
Heat of tert-butylation 60s
Heat of Cannizzaro reaction 60p
Heat of carbomoylation 60r
Heat of carbonitridation 60j
Heat of carbonization and Heat of coking 60k
Heat of carbonylation 60g, 60r
Heat of carboxylation 60g, 60r
Heat of carboxymethylation 60t
Heat of carburization 60j
Heat of cavitation 60i
Heat of cementation 60j
Heat of chain transfer 60j
Heat of chemisorption 60j
Heat of chlorination 60h, 60u
Heat of chloromethylation 60t
Heat of chlorosulfonylation 60v
Heat of chromizing 60j
Heat of Claisen rearrangement 60o
Heat of coagulation 60d
Heat of combustion 60p
Heat of compression 60e
Heat of condensation reaction 60j
Heat of conformational inversion 60e
Heat of contraction 60e
Heat of coordination 60k, 60q
Heat of Cope rearrangement 60o
Heat of coupling reaction 60j
Heat of cracking 60k
Heat of crosslinking 60i
Heat of crystallization 60f
Heat of crystal nucleation 60f
Heat of Curtis reaction 60o
Heat of cyanation 60t
Heat of cyanoethylation 60h
Heat of cycloaddition reaction 60q
Heat of cycloalkylation 60t
Heat of cyclocondensation reaction 60q
Heat of deacetylation 60m
Heat of deacylation 60m
Heat of dealkylation 60k, 60m
Heat of deamination 60m
Heat of deaquation 60k
Heat of debenzylation 60m
Heat of debromination 60l, 60m
Heat of decarbonylation 60k, 60l
Heat of decarboxylation 60k, 60m
Heat of dechlorination 60l, 60m
Heat of decomposition 60k
Heat of deformation 60e
Heat of dehalogenation 60l, 60m
Heat of dehydrobromination 60m
Heat of dehydrochlorination 60m
Heat of dehydrofluorination 60m
Heat of dehydrogenation 60l, 60p
Heat of dehydrohalogenation 60m
Heat of dehydroxylation 60m
Heat of deiodination 60l, 60m
Heat of demercuration 60m
Heat of demetalation 60m
Heat of demethylation 60m
Heat of denaturation 60d, 60f
Heat of deoxidation 60m, 60p
Heat of dephosphorylation 60n
Heat of depolymerization 601
Heat of desulfurization 60n
Heat of detonation 60p
Heat of deuteration 60t
Heat of diazotization 60t
Heat of Dieckmann condensation 60q
Heat of dielectric polarization 60e
Heat of Diels-Alder reaction 60q
Heat of dilution and Heat of concentration 60e
Heat of dimerization 60i
Heat of disproportionation 60p
Heat of dissociation 60l
Heat of double decomposition 60p
Heat of dyeing 60e
Heat of Edman degradation 60l
Heat of electrolysis 60l
Heat of electron exchange 60l
Heat of elimination reaction 60l
Heat of emulsification 60e
Heat of epimerization 60o
Heat of epoxidation 60p
Heat of esterification 60k, 60t
Heat of ethanolysis 60r
Heat of etherification 60k, 60t
Heat of ethoxylation 60u
Heat of ethylation 60s
Heat of ethynylation 60t
Heat of evaporation and Heat of condensation 60g
Heat of exchange reaction 60t
Heat of expansion 60e
Heat of extraction 60e
Heat of Favorskii rearrangement 60o
Heat of fermentation 60n
Heat of Fischer indole synthesis 60q
Heat of flow 60f
Heat of fluorination 60h, 60u
Heat of formation 60n
Heat of formolysis 60r
Heat of formylation 60s
Heat of fragmentation reaction 60l
Heat of Friedel-Crafts reaction 60s
Heat of Fries rearrangement 60o
Heat of fusion and Heat of freezing 60g
Heat of gelation 60g
Heat of glycolysis 60l
Heat of glycosidation 60t
Heat of graphitization 60n
Heat of Grignard reaction 60i
Heat of haloalkylation 60s
Heat of halogenation 60h, 60t
Heat of halomethylation 60t
Heat of Hill reaction 60n
Heat of Hofmann degradation 60l
Heat of hot-atom reaction 60n
Heat of hydration and Heat of dehydration 60i, 60m
Heat of hydrazinolysis 60r
Heat of hydride shift 60n
Heat of hydride transfer 60n
Heat of hydroalumination 60h
Heat of hydroboration 60h
Heat of hydrobromination 60h
Heat of hydrochlorination 60h
Heat of hydrocracking 60k
Heat of hydrocyanation 60h
Heat of hydrofluorination 60h
Heat of hydroformylation 60g
Heat of hydrogenation 60i, 60p
Heat of hydrogen bonding 60e
Heat of hydrogenolysis 60l, 60q
Heat of hydrogen shift 60n
Heat of hydrogen transfer 60n
Heat of hydrohalogenation 60h
Heat of hydrolysis 60r
Heat of hydrometalation 60h
Heat of hydrosilylation 60i
Heat of hydroxyalkylation 60s
Heat of hydroxyethylation 60s
Heat of hydroxylation 60i, 60v
Heat of hydroxymethylation 60t
Heat of ignition 60p
Heat of imination 60k, 60u
Heat of immersion and Heat of wetting 60e
Heat of inclusion reaction 60n
Heat of insertion reaction 60i
Heat of iodination 60h, 60u
Heat of ion exchange 60e
Heat of ionization 60n
Heat of ion-molecule reaction 60n
Heat of ion-pairing 60e
Heat of isomerization 60D
Heat of isopropylation 60s
Heat of Knoevenagel reaction 60k
Heat of Kolbe's electrochemical reaction 60j
Heat of lactonization 60q
Heat of lithiation 60u
Heat of magnetization 60e
Heat of Maillard reaction 60j
Heat of Mannich reaction 60k
Heat of Menshutkin reaction 60u
Heat of mercuration 60i, 60u
Hest of Merrifield synthesis 60j
Heat of metalation 60i, 60u
Heat of methanation 60q
Heat of methanolysis 60r
Heat of methoxycarbonylation 60r
Heat of methoxylation 60v
Heat of methylation 60s
Heat of methylenation 60t
Heat of micellization 60e
Heat of Michael reaction 60h
Heat of mixing 60e
Heat of molecular dynamics 60e
Heat of molecular orientation 60f
Heat of molecular rotation 60f
Heat of mutarotation 60o
Heat of neutralization 60o
Heat of nitration 60u
Heat of nitridation 60j
Heat of nitrification 60o
Heat of nitrogen fixation 60q
Heat of nitrosation 60u
Heat of ordering 60g
Heat of oscillating reaction 60p
Heat of oxidation 60p
Heat of oximation 60k
Heat of oxychlorination 60u
Heat of oxygenation 60p
Heat of oxymercuration 60i
Heat of oxymetalation 60i
Heat of ozonization 60i, 60p
Heat of passivation 60o
Heat of Perkin reaction 60k
Heat of peroxidation 60p
Heat of phenylation 60t
Heat of phosphonylation 60v
Heat of phosphorylation 60v
Heat of photolysis 60l
Heat of polymer degradation 60l
Heat of polymerization 60i, 60k
Heat of precipitation 60g
Heat of Prins reaction 60h
Heat of protonation 60n
Heat of Pummerer reaction 60o
Heat of quaternization 60u
Heat of racemization 60o
Heat of radiolysis 60l
Heat of reaction 60g
Heat of rearrangement 60o
Heat of recrystallization 60g
Heat of redistribution reaction 60p
Heat of redox reaction 60o
Heat of reduction 60p
Heat of Reformatskii reaction 60i
Heat of reforming 60q
Heat of relaxation 60f
Heat of renaturation 60e, 60g
Heat of resolution 60f
Heat of ring cleavage 60q
Heat of ring closure 60q
Heat of ring contraction 60q
Heat of ring enlargement 60q
Heat of saccharification 60q
Heat of saponification 60r
Heat of Schmidt reaction 60o
Heat of sherardization 60j
Heat of siliconization 60j
Heat of silylation 60i, 60v
Heat of Simmons-Smith reaction 60q
Heat of solubilization 60f
Heat of solution 60f
Heat of solvation 60q
Heat of solvolysis 60q
Heat of sorption 60f
Heat of spinodal decomposition 60g
Heat of spreading 60f
Heat of Stevens rearrangement 60o
Heat of sublimation and Heat of condensation 60g
Heat of substitution reaction 60r
Heat of sulfation 60v
Heat of sulfonation 60v
Heat of sulfonylation 60v
Heat of sulfuration 60v
Heat of sulfurization 60j, 60v
Heat of supersaturation 60f
Heat of swelling 60f
Heat of tautomerization 60o
Heat of telomerization 60i
Heat of thermal decomposition 60l
Heat of transalkylation 60t
Heat of transamination 60u
Heat of transesterification 60v
Heat of transfer and Heat of transport 60f
Heat of transition 60f
Heat of trimerization 60i
Heat of tritiation 60v
Heat of Ullmann reaction 60k
Heat of Vilsmeier reaction 60s
Heat of vinylation 60h, 60s
Heat of vulcanization 60i
Heat of Wagner-Meerwein rearrangement 60o
Heat of water gas shift reaction 60v
Heat of Wittig reaction 60k
Heat of Wolff resrrangement 60o
Heat pipes 5x
Heat pumps 5k
Heat-resistant materials 12i, 32f, 59h
Heat-sensitive materials 59h
Heat shields 5aj
Heat-shrinkable materials 45d, 59h
Heat sinks 5l
Heat stabilizers 44d, 59m
Heat transfer 27b, 32b, 58e, 62a
Heavy-atom effect 42e
Heavy-ion beams 6e, 13i, 34e
Heavy media and liqids 32b
Hedrumite 33s
HeLa cell 3b, 30ac
Helenite 33f
Helicenes 38q
Helicity 34e
Helicon 13i, 14a, 27d, 39d
Heliotropism 36d
Helium-group gas chalcogenides 23ab, 23bb
Helium-group gases 15b
Helium-group gases, compounds 23bb
Helium-group gas halides 23aw, 23bc
Hemagglutination 21e
Hemalbumins 48a, 48h
Hematocrit 5q
Hematoma 30b, 30q
Hematopoiesis 4b
Hematopoietic precursor cell 3b, 21c
Hematosides 25a. 25b, 25e
Hemerythrins 48g, 48k
Hemichromes 48h
Hemins 38w
Hemipelagite 33ao
Hemochromstosis 30t
Hemochromes 48h, 48
Hemocyanins 48g, 48s
Hemocyte 3a
Hemoglobins 30j, 48h, 48k
Hemoglobins, carbonyl- 48h, 48k
Hemoglobins, met- 48h, 48s
Hemoglobins, oxy- 48h, 48k
Hemolymph 9a
Hemolymph-coagulation factors 4a
Hemolysins 21b, 61c
Hemolysins 0 21b
Hemo!ysins S 21b
Hemolysins S' 21b
Hemolysis 4b, 21e, 30l
Hemolytic index 30b
Hemopeptides 40a
Hemopexins 48d, 48h
Hemophilia 30l
Hemopoietins 20a
Hemoproteins 48g
Hemorrhage 30b, 30q
Hemorrhagins 61c
Hemosiderins 48b
Hemosiderosis 30t
Hemostatics 41c
Hemotoxins 61c
Hemovanadins 7a
Hen clam 16c
Henry's law 29d, 55g, 60w
Hepatectomy 30aj
Hepaticogastrostomy 30aj
Hepatitis 30d
Hepatolenticular degeneration 30d, 30t, 30w
Hepatopancreas 8d
Herbicide antidotes 1d
Herbicide extenders 1d
Herbicide resistance 1d
Herbicides 1d
Hermaphroditism 4e, 30g
Hernia 30v
Heterocyclic compounds 38k, 46g
Heterogeneity 42c
Heterohelicenes 38q
Heterokaryosis 26e
Heterophanes 38q
Heteropoly acids 23a, 23ac
Hexaphosphates 23v
Hexathionates 23ak
Hexosamines 38d, 38f
Hexoses 38f
Hibernation and Estivation 4f
Hide 46f, 47b
Hide powder 46f
Hide substances 46f
Hide substitutes 59h
Hill reaction 31d, 50h
Hip 8i
Hirsutism 30i
Histiocyte 3a, 30l
Histiocytosis 30l
Histochemistry 51a
Histocompatibility antigens 21a
Histones 43f
Histoplasmins 21a
History 51d
Hodgjin's disease 30ac
Hodoscopes 5q
Hofmann degradation 50f
Hofmann degradation catalysts 11f
Holders 5aj
Hole 13i, 39d
Holmium halides 23ay, 23bo, 23bq, 23bs, 23cl
Holmium pnictides 23y, 23bp, 23bt, 23co
Holochromes 48i
Holography 5aa, 5ag, 5ah, 14a,
Homeopathy 30ak
Homeostasis 4d
Homogeneity 42c
Homogeneity index 42d
Homogenization 5x, 39c, 55a
Homologous series 6h
Homosexuality 4g
D-Homosteroids 38aa
Honey 8m, 16b
Honeycomb 8m
Honeydew 8m
Hoods 5aj
Hoof 8g
Hooibergite 33s
Hordeins 48j
Hormones 26c
Horn 8g
Hornblendite 33s
Hornfels 33ah
Hornstone 33ao
Horseradish 16s
Horticulture 1e
Hoses 5x
Hospitals 30ai
Hot-atom reaction 50n
Hot cells 5b, 5am, 12s
Household furnishings 5i
Huckleberry 16h
Huggins viscosity constant 62c
Humacite 33f
Humectants 59h
Humic acids 38b, 53b
Humidification 58e
Humidity 63b, 63c
Humins 33d, 53c
Humulinic acids 38b
Humus and Humic substances 53b
Hund's law 6d, 49b
Hunger 4g, 30u
Hyalins 48e
Hyaloclastite 33s
Hybridoma 18b, 30ac
Hydramides 38o
Hydrates 23ac, 23be
Hydration, biological 4d
Hydration. chemical 10c, 50b
Hydration catalysts 11b
Hydration number 2a, 6i, 54d, 56b
Hydraulic fluids 59b
Hydraulic systems 5i
Hydrazides 38o
Hydrazidines 38o
Hydrazinolysis 50l
Hydrazinolysis catalysts 11k
Hydrazo compounds 38o
Hydrazones 38o
Hydrides 23bc
Hydride shift 50h
Hydride shift catalytic 11g, 11h
Hydride transfer 50h
Hydride transfer catalysts 11g
Hydroalumination 50b
Hydroalumination catalysts 11b
Hydroaromatic compounds 38q
Hydroboration 50b
Hydroboration catalysts 11b
Hydrobromination 50b
Hydrobromination catalysts 11b
Hydrocarbon oils 38q, 59k
Hydrocarbons 38o, 46j, 46q, 59k
Hydrocele 30ae
Hydrocephalus 30w
Hydrochlorination 50b
Hydrochlorination catalysts 11b
Hydrocracking 50e
Hydrocracking catalysts 11e
Hydrocyanation 50b
Hydrocyanation catalysts 11b
Hydrofluorination 50b
Hydrofluorination catalysts 11b
Hydroformylation 50a
Hydroformylation catalysts 11a
Hydrogenation 50b, 50k
Hydrogenation catalysts 11b, 11j
Hydrogen bond 6f, 6g
Hydrogen chalcogenldes 23ab, 23bc
Hydrogen halides 23a, 23aw, 23bb, 23bc
Hydrogenic atoms 6a
Hydrogenolysis 50e, 50k
Hydrogenolysis catalysts 11e, 11j
Hydrogen pnictides 23s, 23bc
Hydrogen shift 50h
Hydrogen shift catalysts 11g, I11h
Hydrogen transfer 50b
Hydrogen transfer catalysts 11g
Hydrohalogenation 50b
Hydrohalogenation catalysts 11b
Hydrolysis 50l
Hydrolysis catalysts 11k
Hydrometalation 50b
Hydrometalation catalysts 11b
Hydrometers 5p
Hydroperoxides 23af, 23bd, 38r
Hydroperoxy group 17a
Hydrophile lipophile balance value 57d
Hydrophilicity 42a, 57d
Hydrophobicity 42a, 57d
Hydroponics 26a
Hydrosilylation 50b
Hydrosilylation catalysts 11b
Hydrosulfides 23ai, 38ab
Hydrotrioxides 38r
Hydroxamic acids 38a
Hydroxide phohphates 23g, 23v, 23ac
Hydroxides 23f, 23ac
Hydroximic acids 38b
HydroIyalkylation 50n
Hydroxyalkylation catalysts 11l
Hydroxy compounds 38r
Hydroxyethylation 50n
Hydroxyethylation catalysts 11l
Hydroxylation 31c, 50b, 50p
Hydroxylation catalysts 1b, 11o
Hydroxyl group 17b
Hydroxyl number 2a
Hydroxymethylation 50n
Hydroxymethylation catalysts 11m
Hydroxymethyl compounds 38a
Hygiene 30ai, 51d, 61d, 61e
Hygiene, industrial 30ai, 51d, 61d, 61e
Hygrometers 5p
Hygroscopicity 42a
Hygroscopic substances 59n
Hymatomelanic acids 53c
Hypercapnia 30z
Hyuperconjugation 6b, 6g, 49a
Hyperemia 30b
Hyperglycemia 30s
Hyperite 33s
Hyperkinesia 4f, 30y
Hypernuclei 34a
Hyperoxia 30b, 30z
Hyperparathyroidism 30f
Hyperpituitarism 30f
Hyperpnea 30z
Hypersthenite 33s
Hypertension 30a
Hyperthyroidism 30i
Hypertonia 30y
Hypertonic solutions 41h, 55f
Hypnosis 30y
Hypnotics and Sedatives 41e
Hypoborates 23h
Hypobromites 23aq
Hypocapnia 30z
Hypochlorites 23aq
Hypofluorites 23ar
Hypoglycemia 30s
Hypohalites 23bb
Hypohalous acids 23a, 23bb
Hypoiodites 23bb
Hypokinesia 4f, 4h, 30y, 30ae
Hyponasty 43e
Hyponitrates 23t
Hyponitrites 23t
Hypoparathyroidism 30f
Hypophosphates 23v
Hypophosphites 23w
Hypophysectomy 30aj
Hypopituitarism 30g
Hypotension 30a
Hypothalamic hormones 20b
Hypothalamus 8j
Hypothalamus, disease 30w
Hypothalamus, neoplasm 30w
Hypothermia 4h, 30ae
Hypothyroidism 30i
Hypotonic solutions 41h, 55f
Hypsochromic effect 36i
Hysterectomy 30aj
Hysteresis 42f
Hysteria 30z

General Subject Headings | Keyword Index

Icelandite 33s
Igneous rocks 33k
Ignimbrite 33s
Ignispumite 33ai
Igniters and Lighters 5i
Ignition 50j, 58c, 58g
Ignition catalysts 11i
Ijolite 33s
Ijussite 33s
Illumination 36c
Imaging 30b
Imbibition 42i, 43e
Imidazolium compounds 38u
Imides 38i, 38s
Imidic acids 38b
Imidodiselenates 23u, 23ag
Imination 50d, 50p
Imination catalysts 11d, 11n
Imines 38s
Iminium compounds 38u
Immersion liquids 59h
Immobilization 4h, 30ae, 41e
Immobilization, biochemical 18b
Immune complexes 21b
Immune tolerance 21d
Immune transfer factors 21b
Immunity 21d, 21f, 30m
Immunization 21d, 30ak, 41j
Immunoassay 2c, 21e
Innumochemistry 21e
Immunodeficiency 21f, 30m
Immunoglobulins 21b, 21f, 30m, 48d
Immunological accessory cell 3c, 21c
Immunology 26c, 30ai
Immunomodulators 21c, 41c
Immunostimulants 21c 41c
Immunostimulation 21d
Immunosuppressants 21c, 41c
Immunosuppression 21f, 30m
Impactite 33ai
Impact-resistant materials 12i, 32f, 59h
Impact strength 28d
Impellers 5w, 12i
Impingement apparatus 5w
Implosion 58g
Impregnating materials 59h
Impregnation 5w
Impsonite 33b
Impurities and Impurity centers 54a
Incendiary devices and materials 5j
Incense 59c
Incineration 58c, 59p
Incinerators 5l
Inclusion bodies 37b
Inclusion compounds 23bc, 38w
Inclusion reaction 50h
Inclusion reaction catalysts 11g
Incrustations 59b
Indates 23j
Indexes 22b
Indexing 22a
Indicators 2b
Indium chalcogenides 23i, 23j, 23aa
Indium halides 23i, 23j, 23at
Indium ores 33b
Indium pnictides 23j, 23q
Indoleamines 38d
Inductive effect 13b, 42j
Industry 51h
Inertia 28e, 34a
Infantilism 30f
Infection 30m
Inflammation 30q
Inflammntion inhibitors 41b, 41g
Influenza 30p
Information, biological 18c
Information science and technology 51e
Information theory 22a
Informosome 37a, 48j
Infrared radiation l4a, 36a
Infrared sources 5ad
Infrared spectra 36a
Infrared spectrometry 35s
Ingramite 33f
Injectors 5w
Injury 30q
Inks 19c, 44a, 45a, 59j
Inorganic chemistry 51c
Insect attractants 1b, 20c
Insect feeding inhibitors 1b
Insect feeding stimulants 1b
Inject hormones and growth regulators 1b, 20b
Insecticide resistance 1b
Insecticides 1b
Insect-molting hormones 20b
Insect repellents 1b
Insect sterilants 1b
Insemination, artifcial 4e
Insertion reaction 50b
Insertion reaction catalysts 11b
Insomnia 30z
Institute for Scientific Information
Instrumentation 5m, 58c
Integrated pest control 1a, 1b, 1c,
Integrators 5e
Integrins 21a, 48e
Interface 57a
Interfacial energy 57b, 60b
Interfacial structure 6b, 54f, 5c
Interfacial tension 29d 57b, 60c
Interference 14a
Interferometers 5ab
Interferometry 2c, 14b
Interferons 21c
Intermediates 59h
Intermetallic compounds 23bc, 32f
Internal friction in solids 28e
Internal pressure 29c, 60w
Interphase biological 4b
Interrenal gland 8e, 20a
Intestinal content 8c
Intestinal juice 9a
Intestine 8c
Intestine, disease 30d
Intestine, neoplasm 30d
Intrinsic factors 48e, 48g
Invariance principle 42g
Inventions 59b
Invertebrate body covering 8f
Invertebrate hormones 20b
Iodates 23bb
Iodides 23bb 38n
Iodination 50b, 50o
Iodination catalysts 11a, 11n
Iodine number 2r
Iodites 23bb
Iodohydrins 38o, 38s
Iodophors 41a
Iodopsins 48b
Iodotannins 44c
Ion beams 6e, 13i, 34e
Ion channel 37c
Ion channel blockers 41a
Ion channel openers 41b
Ionene polymers 46e, 46o
Ion exchange 5am, 6d, 32b, 52c, 57b
Ionic potential 13b
Ionic strength 6e, 13i, 42d
Ionite 33f
Ionization, photo- 6d, 13h, 13h, 50h
Ionization chambers 5q
Ionization in gases 6d, 13f, 13h, 50h
Ionization in liquids 6d, 13f, 13h,
Ionization in solids 6e, 13f, 13h, 50h
Ionization potentiaI and energy 6e,
Ion-molecule reaction in gases 50h
Ionomers 46c
Ionophores 55f
Ionosphere 63b
Ion pairs 6e, 13i
Ion scattering spectroscopy 2c, 13i,
Ions in gases 6e, 13i
Ions in liquids 6e, 13i
Ions in solids 6e, 13i
Ion sources 5g, 5ac
Iontophoresis 13k, 30ak, 62b
Iridates 23ce
Iridescence 36f
Iridescent substances 59i
Iridium halides 23bA, 23cd, 23ce,
Iridium ores 33h
Iridoids 38f
Iridophore 3b
Iron borate halides 23h, 23ba, 23cc,
Iron chalcogenides 23ao, 23cc, 23cd,
Iron formations 33i
Iron halides 23ba, 23cc, 23cd, 23cn
Iron ores 33i
Ironstone 33ao
Irreversible process 29e, 60v
Irrigation 53d
Irritants 61b
Ischemia 30b
Isentropic exponent and Isenthalpic exponent 60c
Isinglass 46f
Islands 33au
Isocyanides 33t
Isocyanohydrins 38e, 38t
Isoelectric focusing 2c, 13k, 52b, 62b
Isoelectric point 42a
Isoelectronic series 6b, 6e, 49a
Isokinetic and isoequilibrium relations 42b, 60c, 60v,
Isomerism and Isomers 6i
Isomerization 50h
Isomerization catalysts 11h
Isomorphism 54d
Isopoly acids 23a, 23dc
Isoprenoids 38ad
Isopropylation 50n
Isopropylation catalysts 11l
Isosteric compounds 38t
Isoteniscopes 5p
Isotherms 42f
Isotonic solutions 41h, 55f
Isotope effect 6A, 34e, 42f
Isotope indicators 2b, 6n, 34e
Isotopes 6A, 15a, 34e
Isotope separation 5am, 6a, 34f, 52c
Isotropic coupling constant 6c, 49b
Isotropic substances 59h
Issite 33s
Itacolumite 33dp
Italite 33s
Ivory 59h
Ivory nut 43c
Izrandite 33ai

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