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Databases for Chemists and Chemical Engineers

Chemical Abstracts

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CA Index Guide (Appendix I) 1994

General Subject Headings | Keyword Index

Keyword Index J-L

A publication of the Chemical Abstracts Service published by the American Chemical Society, and reproduced here with permission from the Chemical Abstracts Service.

Jacupirangite 33d
Jadeitite 33ai
Jaggery 16m, 46a
Jahn-Teller effect 6c, 49b
Jams and Jellies 16j
Japanese acid clay 12d
Japan wax 64a
Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction 30ag
Jasperoid 33ap
Jaspilite 33ap
Jaundice 30c, 30d, 30ag
Java plum 16j
Jaw 8i
Jelinite 33f
Jerusalem artichoke 16d
Jet propulsion 29b
Jets 62c
Jewelry and Jewels 51a, 59b
Jicama 16d
Johnson grass 16l
Joint, anatomical 8i, 30v
Joints, mechanical 59i
Josefite 33d
Josephinite 33s
Joshi effect 13d, 13g, 13l
Jotunite 33s
Joule-Thomson effect 60c, 60d
Journals 5e
Jujube 16j
Jumillite 33s
Jute 46b, 46r
Juvenile hormones 1b, 20b
Juvite 33e

General Subject Headings | Keyword Index

Kagusite 33s
Kairomones 2Ob
Kajanite 33s
Kakortokite 33t
Kala-azar 30o
Kale 16s
Kalitrachyte 33t
Kallman's syndrome 30g
Kalsilitite 33t
Kalsilitolite 33t
Kamafugite 33t
Kamaphorite 33t
Kankar 33ap
Kaolin 10f, 12d, 33c
Kaolinite-group minerals 33e
Kapok 46r
Kappa number 36b
Karite (rock) 33t
Karjalite 33t
Karnaite 33t
Karpazit 10e
Karst 33au
Kataranskite 33t
Katungite 33t
Kazanskite 33t
Kelley-Seegmiller syndrome 30s
Keloid 30ab
Kenaf 46r
Kentallenite 33t
Kenyte 33t
Keramzit 10e, 12c
Keratins 48a
Keratophyre 33t
Keratosis 30ab
Kerite (bitumen) 33b
Kernicterus 30w
Kerogens 33b
Kerosine 59h, 39l
Kerr effect, magnetoopticaI 36f, 36h
Kersantite 33t
Ketenimines 38s
Ketone body 30u
Ketones 38i, 46g
Ketyls 38t
Khevsuretite 33ai
Khibinite 33t
Khondalite 33ai
Kidney 8f
Kidney, disease 30ae
Kidney, neoplasm 30ae
Kieselguhr 10f, 12d, 33e
Kilns 5l, 12c, 12i
Kimberlite 33t
Kinematics 29d
Kinetic energy 29b, 60a
Kinetics, enzymic 26b
Kinetics, reaction 42b
Kinetics of abstraction reaction 24a
Kinetics of acetalization 24a
Kinetics of acetolysis 24k
Kinetics of acetosylation 24o
Kinetics of acetylation 24j
Kinetics of Acylation 24d, 24l
Kinetics of addition reaction 24a
Kinetics of alcoholysis 24k
Kinetics of aldol condensation 24d
Kinetics of alkenylation 24a, 24l
Kinetics of alkoxycarbonylation 24l
Kinetics of alkoxylation 24o
Kinetics of Alkylation 24a, 24m
Kinetics of aikylnylation 24n
Kinetics of allylation 24m
Kinetics of allylic rearrangement 24h
Kinetics of aluminizing 24c
Kinetics of amidation 24d, 24o
Kinetics of amination 24a, 24d, 24o
Kinetics of aminoacylation 24l
Kinetics of aminoalkylation 24m
Kinetics of aminolysis 24l
Kinetics of aminomethylation 24m
Kinetics of ammonolysis 24l
Kinetics of ammolidation 24j, 24o
Kinetics of aquation 24e
Kinetics of aralkylation 24m
Kinetics of Arbuzov reaction 24o
Kinetics of aromatization 24j
Kinetics of arylation 24n
Kinetics of Beckmann rearrangement 24i
Kinetics of benzoylation 24l 
Kinetics of benzylation 24m
Kinetics of biotinylation 24a, 24l
Kinetics of Birch reduction 24j
Kinetics of boronizing 24c
Kinetics of bromination 24b, 24n
Kinetics of butylation 24m
Kinetics of tert-butylation 24m
Kinetics of Cannizzaro reaction 24i
Kinetics of carbamoylation 24l
Kinetics of carbonitridation 24c
Kinetics of carbonization 24c, 24e
Kinetics of carbonylation 24a, 24l
Kinetics of carboxylation 24a, 24l
Kinetics of carboxymethylation 24m
Kinetics of carburization 24c
Kinetics of cementation 24c
Kinetics of chain transfer 24d
Kinetics of chemisorption 24d, 42f, 42i, 57m, 62e
Kinetics of chlorination 24b, 24n
Kinetics of chloromethylation 24m
Kinetics of chlorosulfonylation 24p
Kinetics of chromizing 24c
Kinetics of Claisen rearrangement 24j
Kinetics of color reactions 24d
Kinetics of combustion 24j
Kinetics of condensation reaction 24d
Kinetics of coordination 24e 24k
Kinetics of Cope rearrangement 24i
Kinetics of corrosion 24j
Kinetics of coupling reaction 24d
Kinetics of cracking 24e
Kinetics of crosslinking 24c
Kinetics of Curtius reaction 24i
Kinetics of cyanation 24n
Kinetics of cyanoethylation 24a
Kinetics of cycloaddition reaction 24k
Kinetics of cycloalkylation 24n
Kinetics of cyclocondensation reaction 24k
Kinetics of deacetylation 24g
Kinetics of deacylation 24g
Kinetics of dealkylation 24e, 24g
Kinetics of deamination 24g
Kinetics of deaquation 24e
Kinetics of debenzylation 24g
Kinetics of debromination 24f, 24g
Kinetics of decarbonylation 24e
Kinetics of decarboxylation 24e, 24g
Kinetics of dechlorination 24f, 24g
Kinetics of decomposition 24e
Kinetics of dehalogenation 24f, 24g
Kinetics of dehydration 24f
Kinetics of dehydrobromination 24f
Kinetics of dehydrochlorination 24f
Kinetics of dehydrofluorination 24f
Kinetics of dehydrogenation 24f, 24j
Kinetics of dehydrohalogenation 24f
Kinetics of dehydroxylation 24g
Kinetics of deiodination 24f, 24g
Kinetics of demercuration 24g
Kinetics of demetalation 24g
Kinetics of demethylation 24g
Kinetics of deoxidation 24g, 24j
Kinetics of dephosphorylation 24g
Kinetics of depolymerization 24e
Kinetics of desolvation 24f
Kinetics of desulfurization 24g
Kinetics of deuteration 24n
Kinetics of diazotization 24n
Kinetics of Dieckmann condensation 24k
Kinetics of Diels-Alder reaction 24k
Kinetics of dimerization 24c
Kinetics of disproportionation 24i
Kinetics of dissociation 24e
Kinetics of double decomposition 24i
Kinetics of Edman degradation 24e
Kinetics of electrolysis 24f
Kinetics of electron exchange 24f
Kinetics of elimination reaction 24f
Kinetics of epimerization 24h
Kinetics of epoxidation 24j
Kinetics of esterification 24d, 24n
Kinetics of etching 24g
Kinetics of ethanolysis 24k
Kinetics of etherification 24d, 24n
Kinetics of ethoxylation 24o
Kinetics of ethylation 24m
Kinetics of ethynylation 24n
Kinetics of exchange reaction 24n
Kinetics of Favorskii rearrangement 24i
Kinetics of Fischer indole synthesis 24k
Kinetics of fluorination 24b, 24n
Kinetics of fluxional rearrangement 24i
Kinetics of formolysis 24k
Kinetics of formylation 24l
Kinetics of fragmentation reaction 24f
Kinetics of Friedel-Crafts reaction 24l, 24m
Kinetics of Fries rearrangement 24i
Kinetics of glycolysis 24k
Kinetics of glycosidation 24n
Kinetics of graphitization 24g
Kinetics of Grignard reaction 24c
Kinetics of haloalkylation 24m
Kinetics of halogenation 24b, 24n
Kinetics of halomethlyation 24m
Kinetics of Hofmann degradation 24f
Kinetics of hot-atom reaction 24g
Kinetics of hydration 24c
Kinetics of hydrazinolysis 24l
Kinetics of hydride shift 24h
Kinetics of hydride transfer 24h
Kinetics of hydroalumination 24b
Kinetics of hydroboration 24b
Kinetics of hydrobromination 24b
Kinetics of hydrochlorination 24b
Kinetics of hydrocracking 24e
Kinetics of hydrocyanation 24b
Kinetics of hydrofluorination 24b
Kinetics of hydroformylation 24a
Kinetics of hydrogenation 24b, 24j
Kinetics of hydrogenolysis 24j
Kinetics of hydrogen shift 24h
Kinetics of hydrogen transfer 24h
Kinetics of hydrohalogenation 24b
Kinetics of hydrolysis 24l
Kinetics of hydrometalation 24l
Kinetics of hydrosilyation 24b
Kinetics of hydroxyalkylation  24m
Kinetics of hydroxyethylation 24m
Kinetics of hydroxylation 24c, 24o
Kinetics of  hydorxymethylation
Kinetics of ignition 24j
Kinetics of imination 24d, 24o
Kinetics of inclusion reaction 24h
Kinetics of insertion reaction 24b
Kinetics of iodination 24b, 24o
Kinetics of ionization 24h
Kinetics of ion-molecule reaction 24h
Kinetics of isomerization 24h
Kinetics of isopropylation 24m
Kinetics of Knoevenagel reaction 24e
Kinetics of Kolbe's electrochemical reaction 24d
Kinetics of lactonization 24k
Kinetics of leaching 24h
Kinetics of lithiation 24o
Kinetics of Maillard reaction 24d
Kinetics of Mannich reaction 24e
Kinetics of  Menshutking reaction 24o
Kinetics of mercuration 24b, 2o
Kinetics of Merryfield synthesis 24d
Kinetics of metalation 24b, 24o
Kinetics of methanation 24j
Kinetics of methanoloysis 24k
Kinetics of methoxycarbonylation 24l
Kinetics of methoxylation 24o
Kinectics of methy!ation 24m
Kinetics of methylenation 24n
Kinetics of Michael reaction 24a
Kinetics of mutarotation 24h
Kinetics of neutralization 24h
Kinetics of Nitration 24o
Kinetics of nitridation 24d
Kinetics of nitrification 24h
Kinetics of nitrogen fixation 24j
Kinetics of nitrosation 24o
Kinetics of oscillating reaction
Kinetics of oxidation 24j
Kinetics of oximation 24e
Kinetics of oxychlorination 24n
Kinetics of oxymercuration 24b
Kinetics of oxymetalatin 24b
Kinetics of ozonization 24c, 24j
Kinetics of passivation 24h
Kinetics of Perkin reaction, 24e
Kinetics of peroxidation 24j
Kinetics of phenylation 24n
Kinetics of phosphonylation 24o
Kinetics of phosphorylation 24p
Kinetics of photolysis 24f
Kinetics of physical process 42f
Kinetics of polymer degradation 24f
Kinetics of polymerization 24c, 24e
Kinetics of Prins reaction 24a
Kinetics of protonation 24h
Kinetics of Pummerer reaction 24i
Kinetics of quarternization 24o
Kinetics of racemization 24h
Kinetics of radiolysis 24f
Kinetics of rearrangement 24i
Kinetics of recombination 24d
Kinetics of redistribution reaction 24i
Kinetics of redox reaction 24i
Kinetics of reduction 24j
Kinetics of Reformatskii reaction 24i
Kinetics of reforming 24j
Kinetics of ring cleavage 24j
Kinetics of ring closure 24k
Kinetics of ring contraction 24k
Kinetics of ring enlargement 24k
Kinetics of saccharification 24k
Kinetics of ssaponification 241
Kinetics of Schmidt reaction 24d
Kinetics of scherardization 24d
Kinetics of Simmons-Smith reaction 24k 
Kinetics of solvation 24k
Kinetics of solvolysis 24k
Kinetics of Stevens rearrangement 24i
Kinetics of substitution reaction 241
Kinetics of sulfation 24p
Kinetics of sulfonation 24p
Kinetics of sulfonylation 24p
Kinetics of sulfuration 24p
Kinetics of sulfurization 24d, 24p
Kinetics of tarnishing, 24j
Kinetics of tautomeriation 24h
Kinetics of telomerization 24c
Kinetics of thermal decomposition 24f
Kinetics of transalkylation 24n
Kinetics of transamination 24o
Kinetics of transesterification 24p
Kinetics of trimerization 24c
Kinetics of tritiation 24p
Kinetics of Ullmann reaction 24d
Kinetics of Vilsmeier reaction 24i
Kinetics of vinylation 24a 24m
Kinetics of vulcanization 24c
Kinetics of Wagne-Meerwein rearrangement 24i
Kinetics of water gas shift reaction 24p
Kinetics of Wittig reaction 24e
Kinetics of Wolff rearrangement 24i
Kinetic theory 29e
Kinetoplast 37c
Kininogens 20b
Kinins (animal hormons) 20b
Kino 46b
Kinzigite 33ai
Kirkendall effect 62b
Kissiris 33t
Kitchens 10d
Kjelsasite 33t
Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber syndrome 30ag
Kneading 58f
Kneading apparatus 5x
Knight shift 27c, 34b
Knives 5m, 5a, 5ao, 16u
Knoevenagel reaction 50d
Knoevenagel reaction catalysts 11d
Kohlrabi 16s
Koji 59f
Kokum 16g, 35a
Kolbe's electrochemical reaction 50d
Kolbe's electrochemical reaction catalysts 11d
Komatiite 33u
Kondo effect 13j, 27a
Koswite 33u
Krafft point 39c, 55g, 56a
Krill 16c
Krogmann salts 23cf
Krypton halides 23aw, 23bc
K-state 56c
Kudzu 16m
Kugdite 33u
Kullaite 33u
Kumquat 16i
Kyanitite 33ai
Kylite 33u

General Subject Headings | Keyword Index

Labdanum 46p, 59c
Labels 45f, 59i
Laboratories 30ai, 51c, 51g
Laboratory experiment 51d, 51g
Laboratory ware 5b, 5w, 5am, 12g, 12i
Labosome 37b
Labradorite (rock) 33u
Lacrimal gland 8l
Lacrimators 59i
Lactalbumins 48s
Lactams 38h, 46e
Lactation 4e, 30f
Lactoferrins 48f, 43i
Lactoglobulins 48d
Lactones 38i, 46i
Lactonization 50l
Lactonization catalysts 11j
Ladder polymers 46k
Ladles 5w, 12i
Ladoga!ite 33u
Ladogite 33u
Lagoons 33au
Lakes 33au
Lambda piont 55d, 60x
Lamb shift 6d, 49b
Lamb's quarter 16s
Laminated products 12i
Lamination 47a
Laminectomy 30aj
Laminin 48l
Laminite 33ap
Laminitis 30v
Lamosite 33ap
Lamproite 33u
Lamprolatite 33u
Lamprophyre 33u
Lamps 5ad
Lances 5w, 5ao
Lanolin 64a
Lanthanates 23bq
Lanthanide contraction 6a, 6b, 49a
Lanthanum chalcogenides 23an, 23bm, 23bq, 23br, 23ch
Lanthanum halides 23ay, 23bo 23bq, 23bs, 23cl
Lanthanum ores 33i
Lanthanum pnictides 23y, 23bp, 23bq, 23bt, 23co
Lapis lazuli 33ai
Lapping tools 5v, 5ao
Lard 16b, 35a
Larvikite 33u
Larynx 8l, 30aa
Laser radiation 14b, 32k, 36a
Lasers 5i, 5ad, 12i
Laterite 33ai, 53d
Latex 39c, 43b, 56a
Lathering agents 45g
Lathyrism 30r, 61e
Latite 33u
Laundering 44c, 58a
Laurdalite 33u
Lava 33u
Laver 16o
Law 42g, 51e
Leaching 5am 52c
Lead chalcogenides 23l, 23m, 23aa
Lead Halides 23m, 23at
Lead molybdenum chalcogenides 23l, 23m, 23aa, 23ao, 23by, 23bz, 23ci
Lead ores 33i
Lead tin chalcogenides 23l, 23m, 23o, 23aa
Leaf 43a
Leaf abscission 1a, 43d
Leaf absorption 43d, 62b
Leak 58e, 62c
Learning 4g
Leather 45c, 46e, 46f, 47b
Leather substitutes 45c, 45d
Leavening agents 16f
Leaving group effects 42b
Le Chatelier's law 29e, 42e, 55c
Lecithins 16w, 25b
Lecture demonstration 51d
Ledmorite 33u
Leek 16s
Leg 8a
Legal Chemistry and Medicine 2d, 30ai, 41i, 51c, 61a
Legionnaires' disease 30n
Legoglobins 48h
Legume 16m
Legumins 48d
Lemon 16i
Lemon juice 16j
Length 28a
Lenses 5aa, 12i, 12k, 41f
Lenticel 43c
Lentil 16m
Lentropins 20a
Leprechaunism 30f
Leprosy 30n
Leptite 33ai
Leptochlorite 33e
Lesch-Nyhan syndrome 30s
Lestiwarite 33u
Lettuce 16s
Leucitite 33u
Leucitophyre 33u
Leucoanthocyanidins 38c
Leucoanthocyanins 38f
Leuco compounds 38q
Leucogabbro 33v
Leucogneiss 33v
Leucogranite 33v
Leucogranodiorite 33v
Leukapheresis 41i
Leukemia 30ad
Leukocidines 21c
Leukocyte 3a, 21c, 30k
Leukocytopenia 30k
Leukolysins 21b
Leukosis 30ad
Leukotaxins 21c
Leukotrienes 20a, 21c
Leupeptins 40a
Level 28a
Leviling agents 59i
Levitation 42g
Lewis acids 6d
Lewis bases 6d
Lherzolite (rock) 33v
Library 22b
Libron 6g, 39e
Lidar 36a
Liesegang ring and Periodic structure 39d, 54c, 55e
Life 4d, 26c
Life support systems 5aj
Ligament 8h
Ligands 23g, 38t
Light 14b, 36a
Lightning 13c, 63b
Light-resistant materials 59i
Light-sensitive materials 59i
Light sources 5ac
Light stabilizers 44d, 59m
Lightweight materials 59i
Lignans 38t
Lignofulvic acids 53c
Lignofulvinic acids 53c
Lignofulvonic acids 53c
Ligroine 59l
Limburgite 33v
Lime (chemical) 10f, 53a
Lime (Citrus aurantifolia) 16i
Lime juice 16j
Limequat 16i
Limestone 12d, 33ap, 53b
Limonoids 38ad
Limpet 16c
Lindemann's law 55d
Linear free engergy relationship 42b, 60c
Linings 12c, 32f
Linking agents 44b
Linoleum 59i
Linseed oil 35a
Linters 46r
Lip 8a, 8c, 30d
Lipids 26d, 30s, 53c
Lipochromes 25b
Lipofuscins 25b
Lipopeptides 40a
Lipophilicity 42a, 57d
Lipopolysaccharides 25b, 38g, 46f
Lipoproteins 30s, 48f
Lipoquinones 38j
Liposome 37b, 41h
Lipotropic substances 41c
Lipovitellins 48g, 48j
Liptobiolith 33e
Liquation 52c, 55d, 55e
Liquefaction 5am, 52a, 55b
Liquid crystals 42d, 55b, 56b
Liquid crystals polymerid 42d, 45c, 46k, 55b, 56b
Liquids 55a
Liquid structure 55b, 56b
Liquidus 55c, 55d
Liquors, industrial 59i
Listwanite 33ai
Litchfieldite 33v
Litchi 16j, 16n
Literature 22b, 51g
Lithiation 50o
Lithiation catalysts 11n
Lithium halides 23b, 23c, 23ar
Lithium ores 33i
Lithium pnictides 23c, 23o
Lithium ytterbium halides 23b, 23c, 23as, 23ay, 23bo, 23bs, 23bu, 23cl
Lithium yttrium halides 23b, 23c, 23as, 23az, 23bo, 23bt, 23bu, 23cl
Lithographic plates 5ah
Lithography 5ah, 19d
Limus 2b
Litter 1a
Liver 8d
Liver, disease 30d
Liver, neoplasm 30d
Liver extracts 26d
Lobster 16c
Localization energy 60a
Lochia 9a
Locomotives 5ap
Loganberry 16h
Longan 16j
Longevity 4c
Looms 5w
Lophocyte 3c
Loquat 16j
Loschmidt number 6a, 6f
Lovage 16p
Lowe's syndrome 30ag
Lowry reaction 30c
Lubricants 12f, 44b, 44c, 59i
Lubricting grease additives 59i
Lubricating greases 59i
Lubricating oil additives 45f, 59j
Lubricating oils 59j
Lubrication 32j
Luciferins 7a
Lugarite 33v
Luhite 33v
Lufavrite 33v
Lukhumite 33ai
Luminescence 36d
Luminescence, bio- 4d, 4g, 26e, 36e
Luminescence, cathodo- 36e
Luminescence, chemi- 36e
Luminescence, electro- 13f, 36e
Luminescence, radio- 36e
Luminescence, thermo- 36e
Luminescence quenching 36e
Luminescence spectrometry 36e 
Luminescent screeens 5f, 5h, 5aa, 5ad, 5ah
Luminescent substances 59k
Luminosity 14b
Lung 8l
Lung, disease 30aa
Lung, neoplasm 30aa
Lupine 16m
Lupus erythematosus 30v, 30ab
Lusitanite 33v
Luster 36g
Luteinization 4e
Lutetium halides 23ay, 23bo, 23bq, 23bs, 23cl
Lutite 33ap
Lutoids 46h
Luxullianite 33v
Lyavochorrite 33v
Lycopodium (powder) 59j
Lydian stone 33ap
Lyes 59j
Lymph 8g, 9a
Lymphatic system 8g, 30l
Lymph node 8g, 21d, 30l
Lymphoblast 3c, 21d
Lymphocyte 3a, 21d, 21e, 30k
Lymphokines and Cytokines 21c
Lymphoma 30ad
Lymphotactins 21c
Lyoparachor 6f
Lyotropic series 55e
Lysins 21b
ß-Lysins (bacteriolysins) 21b
Lysocardiolipins 25b
Lysocephalins 25b
Lysogens 18b, 21b
Lysogeny 18b
Lysophosphatidalcholines 25c
Lysophosphatidalethanolamines 25c
Lysophosphatidalinositols 25a, 25c
Lysophosphatidalserines 25c
Lysophosphatidalthreonines 25c
Lysophosphatides 25b
Lysophosphatidic acids 25c
Lysophosphatidylcholines 25b
Lysophosphatidylethanolamines 25b
Lysophosphatidylglycerols 25b
Lysophosphatidylinositols 25a, 25c
Lysophosphatidylserines 25c
Lysophosphatidylthreonines 25c
Lysophosphoinositides 25a, 25b
Lysophospholipids 25b
Lysoplasmalogens 25c
Lysosomal storage disease 30u, 31a, 31c
Lysosome 37b
Lysosomophagy 21e
Lysosulfolipids 25c

General Subject Headings | Keyword Index

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