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Databases for Chemists and Chemical Engineers

Chemical Abstracts

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CA Index Guide (Appendix I) 1994

General Subject Headings | Keyword Index

Keyword Index M-O

A publication of the Chemical Abstracts Service published by the American Chemical Society, and reproduced here with permission from the Chemical Abstracts Service.

Macauite 33v
Mace (spice) 16p
Machinery 5s
Machining 5w, 12f, 32j
Macrocyclic compounds 46b
Macroglobulins 21f, 30m, 48d
Macromolecular compounds 46a
Macrophage 3a, 21d
Macusanite 33v
Madelung constant 54b
Madupite 33v
Maenaite 33v
Mafraite 33v
Mafurite 33v
Maganite 33v
Magma 33w
Magmatism 33av
Magnesioxanes 23f, 23ac, 38w, 46l
Magnesium arsenate halide sulfates 23e, 23f, 23p, 23ah, 23as
Magnesium chalcogonides 23d 23f, 23z
Magnesium halides 23e, 23f, 23as
Magnesium ores 33i
Magnesium pnictides 23e, 23f, 23o
Magnetic aftereffect 27e
Magnetic analysis and testing 5o, 5p, 27b
Magnetic anisotropy 27e
Magnetic apparatus 5n, 5p
Magnetic balances 5p
Magnetic birefringence 36e, 36f
Magnetic breakdown 27a
Magnetic  charge 27a
Magnetic circular dichroism 36f
Magnetic cores 5i
Magnetic dichroism 36f
Magnetic domain 27e
Magnetic energy product 27e
Magnetic field  27a, 32j
Magnetic flux 27b
Magnetic form factor 27e
Magnetic hyperfine field 27b
Magnetic hysteriesis 27e
Magnetic induction and Magnetization 27d, 42h
Magnetic loss 27e
Magnetic moment 27a
Magnetic monopole 27a, 34e
Magnetic permeability 27e
Magnetic property and Magnetism 13l, 42g, 51f
Magnetic relaxation 27b, 27c, 27f, 34b
Magnetic remanence 27e
Magnetic resonance 27b
Magnetic shunts 5i
Magnetic structure 27e, 56b
Magnetic substances 32f, 59f, 59j
Magnetic susceptibility 27e
Magnetic temperature 27f, 60w
Magnetitite 33w
Magnetoacoustic effect and resonance 27c, 42j
Magnetochemistry 27c
Magnetoelasticity 27c, 28b
Magnetoelectric effect 13a, 13f, 27c, 27e
Magnetohydrodynamics 27d, 32b, 62c
Magnetomechanical damping 27c
Magnetomechanical effect 27c, 28d
Magnetometers 5p
Magneton 27a
Magnetooptical absorption 36f, 36g
Magnetooptical diffraction 36g
Magnetooptical effect 27d, 36f
Magnetooptical reflection 36f, 36h
Magnetooptical rotation 36f, 36h
Magnetophonon resonance 27a
Magnetophoresis 27d, 52b, 62b
Magnetophotoconductivity 13g, 13l, 27a 
Magnetoplasma effect 13h, 27d
Magnetoresistance 13j, 27d
Magnetoresistors 5d
Magnetosphere 27d, 63b
Magnetostriction 27c, 28d
Magnetotaxis 26e, 27d
Magnetothermal effect 27d, 60d
Magnetothermoelectric effect 13e, 13k, 27a
Magnetovolumeeffect 27c
Magnets 5g, 5i
Maillard reaction 50d
Maillard reaction catalysts 11h
Maillard reaction products 16v, 36b, 38a, 38d, 38f, 38i, 38t
Maillard reaction properties 16d
Maillard reaction products 38h
Main-group element compounds 23bc
Main-group element halides 23aw, 23bc
Main-group elements 15a
Malacoplakia 30ag
Malaria 30o
Malchite 33w
Malignite 33w
Malleins 30c
Malnutrition 26c, 30u
Malphighian tubule 8f
Malt 58e
Malting 58e
Mammary gland 8k, 30f
Mandarin orange 16i
Mandrels 5v
Manganates 23ca
Manganese chalcogenides 23ao, 23ca, 23cb, 23cj
Manganese halide phosphates 23v, 23aw, 23ba, 23ca, 23cb, 23cm
Manganese halides 23ba, 23ca, 23cb, 23cm
Manganese ores 33i
Manganese pnictides 23z, 23ca, 23cb, 23cp
Manganins (proteins) 48i
Manganolite (rock) 33w
Mange 30ab
Mangerite 33w
Manicoba (rubber) 46h
Manila hemp 46r
Manjak 33w
Manna 43b
Mannich bases 38d, 38e, 38i
Mannich reaction 50d
Mannich reaction catalysts 11d
Manometers 5p
Manure 53b
Manx syndrome 30ag
Maple-sap products 16n
Maps 59j
Marangoni effect 57b, 57d, 62d
Marble lOf, 33ai
Marchiafava-Micheli syndrome 30j
Marekanite 33w
Marfan's syndrome 30u
Margarine 16x, 35b
Marianite 33w
Mariupolite 33w
Marjoram 16p
Marketing 51e
Marking 58e
Marl 33ap
Marlite 33ap
Marloesite 33w
Marlstone 33ap
Marring 58e
Marscoite 33w
Marshallite 33ap
Marshes 33au
Martensitic structure 54e, 56c
Marundite 33w
Maser radiation 14b, 32j
Masers 5i, 5ad
Mashes 59f
Mashing 58e
Masking, analytical 2d
Maslee 16b, 35a
Masonry l0d
Mass 28d
Mass action law 24p, 42e, 42g
Mass balance 28e
Massecuites 46a
Mass spectra 6e
Mass spectrometers 5r
Mass spectrometry 2d, 6e
Mass transfer 27d, 28e, 58e, 62a
Mast cell 3a, 21d
Mastectomy 30aj
Mastication, physical 58e
Mastic (resin) 46p
Mastics 45g, 59b
Mastitis 30f
Matches 5j
Material balance 28e, 32b
Materials 59j
Mathematics 51e
Matrix media 59j
Mats 5aj
Matter 63a
Matthiessen's law 13j
Mayapple 16j
Mayonnaise 16x
Measles 30p
Measurement 42g
Measuring apparatus 5n
Meat 16b
Meat-and-bone meal 16c
Meat extracts 16c
Meat substitutes 16c, 16v
Mechanical chemistry 28e, 51c
Mechanical loss 28e
Mechanical property 42h
Mechanics 51f
Meckel syndrome 30u
Meconium 8m
Medical goods 5a, 41f 45e, 45g
Medicine 26c, 51b
Medlar 16j
Megacrysts 33e
Megakaryoblast 3c
Megakaryocyte 3c
Meimechite 33w
Meiosis 4b
Meisenheimer complexes 38u
Meladiabase 33w
Melanins 7a
Melanoblast 3b
Melanocyte 3b
Melanoidins 38t
Melanoma 30ad
Melanoproteins 48l
Melanosome 37b
Melaphyre 33w
Meliacins 38ad
Melilitite 33w
Melilitolite 33w
Melilot 16m
Mellahite 33f
Melon (anatomical) 8a
Melon (plant) 16k
Melteigite 33w
Melting 5l, 32c, 52c, 55d
Melting point 55d, 60x
Membrane, biological 8h
Membrane phases, biological 8h, 37c
Membrane phase transition, biological 37c
Membranes 5am, 45d
Membron 37a
Memory, biological 4g
Memory devices 5g, 5m
Memory effect, chemical and physical 13a, 13f, 27d, 27e
Menaquinones 38j
Mendelson's syndrome 30aa
Meneidic compounds 38q
Meninges 8h, 8j, 30x
Meningitis 30x
Meningoencephalitis 30w, 30x
Meningopneumonitis 30p
Meniscus 57d
Menkes' syndrome 30x
Menopause 4e
Menshutkin reaction 50p
Menshutkin reaction catalysts 11n
Menstruation 4e
Menstruation disorder 30g
Mental activity 4g
Mental disorder 30w
Mercaptals and Mercaptoles 38t
Mercapto compounds 38t
Mercapto group 17b
Mercerization 47b
Mercurates 23bi
Mercuration 50b, 50p
Mercuration catalysts 11b, 11n
Mercury chalcogenide halides 23am, 23ax, 23bi
Mercury chalcogenides 23am, 23bh, 23bi, 23cg
Mercury halides 23ax, 23bh, 23bi, 23ck
Mercury ores 33i
Mercury pseudohalides 23be, 23bi
Meromyosins 48c
Merrifield synthesis 50d
Merrifield synthesis catalysts 11d
Mesenchyme 8b
Mesentery 8h, 30e
Meso-ionic compounds 38t
Mesonephros 8f
Mesophase 42d, 55b, 56b
Mesothelium 8h
Mesquite 16m
Meta-aleurolite 33ai
Meta-andesite 33ai
Meta-anorthosite 33ai
Meta-aplite 33ai
Meta-argillite 33ai
Meta-arkose 33ai
Metabasalt 33aj
Metabasite 33aj
Metabentonite (rock) 33ap
Metabitumite 33f
Metabolism 26c
Metaboninite 33aj
Metachromasia 2e, 36b
Metachromatism 36b
Metaconglomerate 33aj
Metadacite 33aj
Metadiabase 33aj
Metadiorite 33aj
Metadolerite 33aj
Metafelsite 33aj
Metagabbro 33aj
Metagabbronorite 33aj
Metagranite 33aj
Metagranodiorite 33aj
Metagraywacke 33aj
Metaharzburgite 33aj
Meta-ironstone 33aj
Metakeratophyre 33aj
Metakomatiite 33aj
Metalamprophyre 33aj
Metalation 50b, 50o
Metalation CataIysts 11b, 11n
Metallatranes 23bc, 38w
Metallic fibers lOc, 15a, 32f, 46r
Metallic glasses 12a, 15a, 32f, 54a, 56a
Metallography 14b
Metallothioneins 48i
Metallurgy 32a, 32d, 51f
Metals 10b, 15a, 32f, 32g
Metalworking 32j
Metamorphic rocks 33af
Metamorphism 33aw
Metamorphosis 4c
Metanorite 33aj
Metapelite 33ak
Metaperidotite 33ak
Metaphosphates 23v
Metaphosphimates 23u, 23v
Metapicrite 33ak
Metaporphyry 33ak
Metapsammite 33ak
Metapyroxenite 33ak
Metaquartzite 33ak
Metarhyodacite 33ak
Metarhyolite 33ak
Metarodingite 33ak
Metasandstone 33ak
Metaserpentinite 33ak
Metasomatism 33aw
Metasomatite 33ak
Metastable state 29e
Metasyenite 33ak
Metatextile 33ak
Metatholeiite 33ak
Metatonalite 33ak
Metatrachyanodesite 33ak
Metatrachyte 33ak
Metatroctolite 33ak
Metatrondhjemite 33al
Metatuff 33al
Metatuffite 33al
Metaturbidite 33al
Metawehrlite 33al
Meteorites 39d, 63a
Meteorology 51d
Meteors 63a
Methanation 50k
Methanation catalysts 11j
Methanolysis 50l
Methanolysis catalysts 11k
Methoxycarbonylation 50m
Methoxycarbonylation catalysts 11k
Methoxy group 17b
Methoxylation 50p
Methoxylation catalysts 11o
Methylation 50n
Methylenation catalysts 11m
Methylenation 50n
Methylenation catalysts 11m
Methylene group 17b
Methyl group 17a
Mezereum resin 46p
Miaskite 33w
Mica-group minerals 33e
Micelles 39c, 56a
Michaelis constant 26b
Michael reaction 50a
Michael reaction catalysts 11a
Microbial capsule 37c
Microbial conjugation 18b, 26e
Microbial hormones and pheromones 20b
Microbial virulence 26e, 30o
Microbicidal and microbiostatic actin 41j 
Microbiology 51b
Microbody, biological 37b
Microchemistry 51c
Microclinite 33x
Microdiabase 33x
Microdiorite 33x
Microdolerite 33x
Microfilament 37b
Microfilms 19c, 22b
Microglobulins 21a, 48d
Microgranite 33x
Micromachines 5t, 5v
Micrometers 5p
Microorganism 26d
Microorganism, soil 53c
Microorganism adaptation 26e
Microorganism development 26e
Microorganism growth 26e
Microorganism metabolism 31c
Microorganism nutrition 26d
Microorganism respiration 31d
Micropegmatite 33x
Microperthitite 33x
Microscopes 5aa
Microscopy 2d, 14b
Microscopy, electron 2d, 34d
Microsome 37c
Microstructure 54e, 56b
Microsyenite 33x
Microtomes 5a, 5v
Microtonalite 33x
Microtrons 5z
Microtubule 37c
Microvillus 37a
Microwave 14b, 32j
Microwave devices 5g, 5ad
Microwave spectra 14b
Microwave spectrometry 14b
Migmatite 33x
Migmatization 33aw
Mildew 43d
Milk 9b, 16a
Milk analysis 2d
Milking machines 5w, 16u
Milk preparations 16a
Milk substitutes 16a, 16v
Milk vetch 16n
Miller number 28f
Milt 3b, 8k, 9b
Minamata disease 30r, 30z, 61e
Mineral elements 15b, 26d
Mineral incrustations 33f
Mineralogy 51d
Minerals 10f, 12d, 33e, 46r
Minerals, new 33f
Mineral wool 10b, 10c, 12i, 46r
Mines and Mining 33i
Minette 33x
Mint 16p
Miosis 30j, 41j
Miotics 41d
Mirrors 5ab, 12i
Mirzaanite 33b
Miscibility 55g
Miso 16n
Missourite 33x
Mist 39b, 56a
Mitochondria 37c
Mitogens 4b
Mitosis 4b
Mixing 39c, 41k, 55a, 58e
Mixing apparatus 5x
Mixtite 33ap
Mixtures 39a, 55a
Models, physical 59j
Modlibovite 33x
Moellon degras 64a
Moessbauer effect 14a
Moessbauer spectrometry 14a
Molar volume and Molecular volume 6f, 28b, 60y
Molasse 33ap
Molasses 10f, 16n, 46a
Molded products 10d, 12j
Molding 5v, 10c, 12f
Molding apparatus for plastics and rubbers 5v
Molding compositions 59j
Molding of plastics and rubbers 47c
Molding sand 12a, 12f, 32c
Molds (forms) 5w, 12a, 45a
Molecular association 6f, 26b
Molecular beam magnetic resonance 6f, 27c, 34b 
Molecular beams 6f
Molecular centrifugal distortion 6g, 6h,29a
Molecular cloning 18b
Molecular dynamics 6f, 29a
Molecular electronic devices 5g
Molecular integral 49d
Molecular libration 6f, 29a, 29b
Molecular mechanics 6g, 29d
Molecular modeling 6h, 22a
Molecular orbital 49d
Molecular orientation 6g
Molecular rotation 6g, 29a
Molecular sieves 59g
Molecular structure 6g, 56c
Molecular structure, natural product 6h
Molecular structure-biological activity relationship 6i
Molecular structure determination 6i
Molecular structure-property relationship 6i
Molecular topology 6i
Molecular vibration 6g, 29b
Molecular weight 6j, 28e
Molecules 6e, 39d
Mole (gram equivalent weight) 28e
Mole (neoplasm) 30ad
Molerite 33c
Molluscicides 1b
Mollusk 16c
Molting 4c
Molybdates 23bz
Molybdate sulfates 23ah, 23bz
Molybdenum bronzes 23ae, 23ap, 23bz 
Molybdenum chalcogenides 23ao, 23by, 23bz, 23ci 
Molybdenum halide oxides 23ad, 23ae, 23ap, 23av, 23az, 23by, 23bz, 23ci,23cm
Molybdenum halides 23az, 23bz, 23cm
Molybdenum ores 33i
Molybdoferredoxins 48h, 48i
Momentum 29b
Monchiquite 33x
Mondhaldeite 33x
Monellins 48l
Monochromators 5q, 5ab
Monocyte 3a, 21d, 30k
Monomers 46k
Mononucleosis 30k, 30p
Monopole 34e
Monosaccharides 38f
Monothermite 33ap
Monotropy 54d
Montanwax 64a
Monzodiorite 33x
Monzonite 33x
Monzosyenite 33x
Moon 63c
Moraines 33au
Mordants 44a
Morphactins 1d
Morphogenesis 33aw
Mortar 10a, 12c, 45h
Mother-of-pearl 59i
Mother-of-pearl substitutes 59i
Mothproofing 44c, 47b
Motion sickness 30z
Motorcycles 5ap
Mountain sickness 30aa
Mouth 8a, 8c, 30d
Mouthwashes 59c
Mucins 48f
Mucolipids 25c
Mucopeptides 40a
Mucopolysaccharides 38g, 48f
Mucopolyhsccharidosis 30s
Mucoproteins 48f
Mucous membrane 8h
Mucus 9b
Mud 33g,39c
Mudstone 33ap
Mufflers 5aj
Muffles 5l, 5aj
Mugearite 33x
Mulberry 16h
Mulches 53b
Multiple sclerosis 30x
Multipole 13b
Multipole moment 13a, 34a
Mummy (preserved body) 8m
Mumps 30p
Muon spin rotation 34e
Murunite 33x
Muscle 3c, 8i
Muscle, disease 30v
Muscle, neoplasm 30v
Muscle relaxant 41f
Muscular dystrophy 30v, 30y
Museums 51e
Mushroom 16s
Musical instruments 5af
Musks 59c
Mussel 16c
Mustard 16s
Musts 59f
Mutsbilite 33b
Mutagens 1d, 18c, 61n, 61b
Mutarotation 5Oi
Mutarotation catalysts 11b
Mutation 18c, 61d
Mutation inhibitors 1d, 18c, 61b
Myasthenia gravis 30v, 30y
Mycetocyte 3c
Mycolic acids 38b
Mycorrhiza 43b
Mycosis 30n, 43d
Mycotoxins 61c
Mydriasis 30j, 41j
Mydriatics 41d
Myelins 30z
Myelitis 30y
Myeloblast 3c
Myelocyte 3c
Myeloma 21f, 30m, 30ad
Myeloproliferative disorder 30k
Mylonite 33al
Myoblast 3c, 8i
Myochromes 7a
Myogens 48b
Myoglobins 48h, 48k
Myoglobins, carbonyl- 48h, 48k
Myoglobins, met- 48h, 48lt
Myoglobins, oxy- 48h, 48k
Myoma 30ad
Myosins 48b
Myrrh 58c

General Subject Headings | Keyword Index

Nail (anatomical) 8g
Nails (mechanical) 5ai
Named reagents and solutions 2b,  55g
Nanomachines 5t
Naphtha 38q, 59l, 59o
Naphthalenesulfonic acids 38ab, 38ac
Naphthenes 38p, 59l
Naphthenic acids 38b
Naphthenic oils 59l
Naphthols 38s
Narcolepsy 30z
Narcotic antagonists 41e
Narcotics 41e, 61a
Natural gas 33g
Natural gas, substitute 59l
Natural gas condensates 33g
Natural gas prospecting 33g
Natural gas reservoirs 33g
Natural products 38t
Naujaite 33y
Nausea 30d
Naval stores 59q
Nebulas 63a
Nebulite 33ai
Necic acids 38b, 38c
Necines 38c
Neck, anatomical 8b, 30w
Necrosins 61b
Necrosis 30q
Nectar 43b
Nectarine 16k
Nectary 43b
Needles 5w, 5ao
Neel point 27f, 60x
Negative resistance 13j
Negri body 30p
Neighboring group participation 6j, 42b, 50i
Nelsonite 33y
Nelson syndrome 30g, 30ad
Nematocides 1b
Neodymium chslcogenided 23an, 23bm, 23br, 23ch
Neodymium halides 23ak, 23bo, 23br, 23bs, 23cl
Neoplasm 30ac, 61d
Neoplasm inhibitors 41c
Neorsins 52c
Nephelauxetic effect 6b, 49a
Nepheline syenite 12d, 33y
Nephelinite 33y
Nephelometers 5ab
Nephelometers 2e, 36a
Nephrectomy 30s;
Nephridia 8f
Nephritogenocides 38f
Neptunates 23bk
Neptunium chalcogenides 23am, 23bj, 23bk
Neptunium halides 23ax, 23bk, 23bn
Neptunium pnictides 23y, 23bj, 23bk, 23bl, 23bp, 23co
Neptunyl compounds 23bl
Nernst-Ettingshausen effect 27b
Nerve 8j
Nerve, disease 30y
Nerve, neoplasm 30y
Nerve center and Ganglion 8j
Nervous system 8i, 30w
Nervous system agents 41d
Nervous system depressants 41d
N ervous system stimulants 41e
Nets 5aj
Neuroglia 3c, 8j
Neurohormones 20b
Neuromelanins 7a
Neuromuscular blocking agents 41f
Neuromuscular disease 30y
Neuromuscular junction 8i, 8j
Neuromuscular transmission 4d
Neurophysins 48l
Neurotransmission 4d
Neurotransmitter agonists 41d
Neurotransmitter antagonists 41d
Neutralization 50i
Neutralization catalysts 11h
Neutrophil 3a, 21d, 30k
Nevadite 33y
Nevoite 33y
Newborn 4c
Newcastle disease 30p
New Zealand spinach 16s
Nickelates 23cd
Nickel black 59j
Nickel chalcogenide pnictides 23z, 23ao, 23cc, 23cd, 23cj, 23cp
Nickel chalcogenides 23ao, 23cc, 23cd, 23cj
Nickel halides 23ba, 23cc, 23cd, 23cm
Nickel ores 33i
Nickeloxanes 23ac, 23ce, 38w, 46l
Nictitating membrane 8h, 8l
Niemann-Pick disease 30t, 30x
Niobates 23bx
Niobium bronzes 23ae, 23ap, 23bw, 23bx, 23ci
Niobium chalcogenides 23ao, 23bw, 23bx, 23ci
Niobium halide oxides 23ae, 23ap, 23av, 23az, 23bw, 23bx, 23ci, 23cm
Niobium halides 23az, 23bw, 23bx, 23cm
Niobium ores 33i
Nitrates 23u
Nitration 50p
Nitration catalysts 11n
Nitridation 32h, 50c
Nitridation catalysts 11c
Nitrides 23u
Nitrification 31c, 50i, 53a
Nitrification catalysts 11h
Nitriles 38j
Nitriless 46k
Nitrites 23u
Nitro compounds 38t
aci-Nitro compounds 38t
Nitrogen acids 23a, 23u
Nitrogen cycle 53a
Nitrogen fixation, biological 31c, 53a
Nitrogen fixation, synthetic 50k
Nitrogen fixation catalysts 11j
Nitrogen halides 23s, 23u, 23au
Nitrogen mustards 38d, 38l
Nitro group 17b
Nitrohumic acids 38b, 38t, 53c
Nitrometers 5o
Nitrones 38t
Nitrosation 50p
Nitrosation catalysts 11n
Nitroso compounds 38u
Nitrosyl halides 23s, 23u, 23au
Nitrosyls 23u
Nitroxides 38u
Nodules 33g, 43b
Nomenclature, general 22b
Nomenclature, new concepts 22b
Nomenclature, new natural products 22b
Nomenclature, new synthetic compound 22b
Nomographs 22b, 51f
Nonelectrolytes 55g
Nonmetals 15b
Noonan syndrome 30ag
Nootropics 41e
Nordmarkite (rock) 33y
Norite 33y
19-Norsteroids 38aa
Nose 8b, 8l, 30aa
Nose cones 5b
Notochord 8i
Novaculite 33ap
Nozzles 5x, 12i
Nuclear acoustic resonance 34b, 42j
Nuclear auxiliary power systems 5ae
Nuclear batteries 5c, 5ae
Nuclear binding energy 34a, 60a
Nuclear bombs 5j
Nuclear charge 13c, 34a
Nuclear dispersion in fission 34c
Nuclear dispersion in reactions 34c
Nuclear energy 34b, 60a
Nuclear energy level 34a, 49b
Nuclear explosion 34c
Nuclear force 29c, 34a
Nuclear fusion 34c
Nuclear fusion-fission hybrid reactors 5ae
Nuclear fusion reactor fuels and plasmas 5ae, 13d, 34f
Nuclear fusion reactors 5ae
Nuclear fusion reactors, mirror 5ae
Nuclear fusion reactors, pinch 5ae
Nuclear fusion reactors, stellarator 5ae
Nuclear fusion reactors, tokamak 5ae
Nuclear installations 5z
Nuclear isobar 34a
Nuclear magnetic moment 27a, 34a
Nuclear magnetic resonance 14c, 27c, 34b
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry 14c, 27c, 34b
Nuclear materials and Fissile materials 34f 
Nuclear matter 34f, 63A
Nuclear model 34a, 49c
Nuclear moment 34a
Nuclear photographic emulsions 19c,34f
Nuclear polarization 34b, 42h
Nuclear potential 29d, 34a, 60b
Nuclear quadrupole resonance 13c, 14c, 34b 
Nuclear quadrupole resonance spectrometry 14c, 34b
Nuclear reaction 34b
Nuclear reaction energy 34c
Nuclear reaction fragments 34c
Nuclear reactor fuel reprocessing 34f
Nuclear reactor fuels and fuel elements 5ae, 12c, 12i, 34f
Nuclear reactors 5ae
Nuclear reactors, breeder 5ae
Nuclear reactors, fast 5af
Nuclear reactors, gas-cooled 5af
Nuclear reactors, water-cooled 5af
Nuclear spectrometers 5r
Nuclear spectrometry 14d, 34a
Nuclear targets 5aa
Nuclear technology 51h
Nuclear temperature 34a, 60w
Nuclear wave function 49d
Nucleic acid bases 18d, 38e
Nucleic acid hybridization 18d
Nucleic acids 18c, 38f
Nucleohistones 48i
Nucleoid 37a
Nucleoidosome 37a
Nucleopeptides 40a
Nucleophiles 38u
Nucleophilicity 42b
Nucleoprotamines 48i
Nucleoproteins 48i
Nucleosides 18d, 38f
Nucleosome 37a, 48i
Nucleosynthesis 34c, 63b
Nucleotides 18d, 38f
Nusselt number 62a
Nut grass 16l
Nutmeg (spice) 16p
Nutrients 16x, 26c, 31c, 41a, 41c, 41d
Nut (seed) 16n, 43b
Nuts (mechanical) 5t, 5ai
Nyctinasty 36c, 43e
Nyrtite 33ap
Nystagmus 30j

General Subject Headings | Keyword Index

Oat 16e
Obesity 4d, 30u
Obituary 51e, 51g
Obsidian 33y
Obstetrics 30ai
Oceanite 33y
Oceanography 51d
Oceans 33au
Ochratoxins 61c
Ochronosis 30r
Octane number 59h
Octopus 16c
Odinite (rock) 33y
Odor and Odorous substances 16v, 59c
Odorization 58f
Oenocyte 3c
Office machines 5ag
Oilcloth 59j
Oiliness 42h
Oilproofing 44c, 47b
Oils 53c
Oil sand 33g
Oil shale 33g
Ointments 59j
Okaite 33y
Okra 16s
Oleocellosis 43d
Olfaction 4g
Olibanum 46p, 59d
Oligoclasite 33y
Oligodynamic action 26e
Oligosaccharides 38f
Oliguria 30ae
Olistostrome 33aq
Olive 16n
Olive oil 16g, 16o, 35b
Olivine-group minerals 33f
Olivinite 33y
Omentum 8h, 30e
Ommatins 7a
Ommins 7b
Ommochromes 7b
Ondite 12d
Ongonite 33v
Onion 16s
Onium compounds 38u
Onsager equation 13g
Onsager reciprocal relation 29e, 60v, 62e
Onyx marble 33aq
Oogenesis 4e
Oogenins 37c
Oolite 33aq
Opacification 36g, 47a
Opacifiers 44a
Opacimeters 5ab
Opacity 36g
Opalescence 36g
Opaline (molluskan secretion) 8m
Opaline (rock) 33aq
Opaque materials 59k
Opdalite 33y
Operon 18a
Ophicalcite 33aq
Ophiolite 33y
Ophispherite 33y
Ophite 33y
Opioids 20b, 41e, 61b
Opium 41e, 61b
Opoka 33aq
Opopanax (gum) 46b
Opsins 48f
Opsonins 21b
Optical absorption 36g
Optical anisotropy 36g
Optical conductivity 36g
Optical detectors 5g, 5n, 5q, 5r, 5ab, 5ac,59m
Optical diffraction 36g
Optical dispersion 36g
OpticaI double resonance 27c, 36c
OpticaI fibers 45b
Optical filters 5ab
Optical imaging devices 5aa, 5ag
Optical instruments 5g, 5aa
Optically active compounds 38u
Optical materials 59j
Optical modulation 36g
Optical nonlinear property 13a, 36g
Optical property 36e, 42h
Optical pumping 36c
Optical reflection 36g
Optical reflectors 5ab, 12i
Optical rotation 36h
Optical rotatory dispersion 36h
Optics 51f
Optimization 22a, 41k, 58a
Orange 16i
Orange juice 16j
Orbite 33y
Orchard 1e
Orchard grass 16l
Ordanchite 33z
Order 56c, 57c
Ore briquets 32c
Ore formation 33i
Oregano 16p
Orendite 33z
Ore prospecting 33i
Ores and Ore deposits 33g
Ore treatment 32c, 33i
Organ 8b
Organelle 26a, 43a
Organic chemistry 51c
Organic matter 38u
Organometallic compounds 38u, 46l
Organ preservation 4d
Orgoteins 48l
Orifices 5t
Ornithosis 30o
Orosomucoids 48d, 48f
Ortho acids 38b
Orthochlorite 33e
Orthoclasite 33z
Ortho effect 42c
Orthogneiss 33al
Orthophyre 33z
Orthoschist 33al
Orthosite 33z
Osazones 38o
Oscillating reaction 50j
Oscillating reaction catalysts 11i
Oscillator model 29b, 49c
Oscillators and Resonators 5e, 5i
Oscillator strength 14d, 49b
Oscillometry 2a
Oscilloscopes and Oscillographs 5e, 5aa
Osmates 23ce
Osmeterium 8b
Osmium ores 33i
Osmometers 5q
Osmoregulation 4d, 62d
Osmosis 5al, 52b, 62d
Osmotic coefficient 29c, 60a, 60w, 62d
Osmotic pressure 29c, 60w, 62d
Osteoblast 3b
Osteocalcins 48l
Osteoclast 3b
Osteocyte 3b
Osteomalacia 30s, 30u
Osteomyelitis 30o, 30v
Osteoporosis 30s, 30v
Otolith 8a, 8l
Ouachitite 33z
Ovalbumins 48a, 48f
Ovardite 33al
Ovarian cycle 4e, 30g
Ovarian extracts 20b
Ovariectomy 30aj
Ovary 8e, 8k, 20b
Ovary, disease 30h
Ovary, neoplasm 30h
Ovens 5l, 5m, 12i
Overhauser effect 14c, 27c, 34b
Overhauser spectrometry 14c, 27c, 34b
Overvoltage 13e
Oviduct 8k, 30b
Ovomucoids 48f
Ovulation 4e, 30g
Oxidation 31d, 32j 50j
Orxidation, aut- 50i
Oxidation, electrochemical 50k
Oxidation, photochemical 31d, 50k
Oxidation catalysts 11i
Oxidative stress, biological 4h, 30ae, 31d
Oxides 23ad
Oxide sulfides 23ae, 23ai
Oxidizability 42b
Oxidizing agents 59k
Oximation 50d
Oximation catalysts 11d
Oximes 38z
Oximeters 5a, 5c
Oxychlorination 50o
Oxychlorination catalysts 11n
Oxygenation 50k
Oxygen halides 23ab, 23af, 23av
Oxygen index 42e
Oxykerite 33b
Oxymercurtion 50b
Oxymercuration catalysts 11b
Oxymetalation 50b
Oxymetalation catalysts 11b
Oxytalans 8c
Oyster 16d
Ozocerite 33f, 64a
Ozonides 23af, 38z
Ozonization 50c, 50k
Ozonization catalysts 11b, 11i
Ozonizers 5af

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