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Databases for Chemists and Chemical Engineers

Chemical Abstracts

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CA Index Guide (Appendix I) 1994

General Subject Headings | Keyword Index

Keyword Index P-R

A publication of the Chemical Abstracts Service published by the American Chemical Society, and reproduced here with permission from the Chemical Abstracts Service.

Pacifarins 26e
Packaging materials 41h, 45d
Packaging processes 58f
Packing 39a
Packing apparatus 5x
Packing industry 16u
Packing materials 59k
Paddlaned 38k
Pain 30ag
Paintings 19c, 51a
Paisanite 33z
Pakchoi 16t
Palagonite 33z
Palate 8d, 30d
Paleontology 51d, 51e
Palladates 23ce
Palladium halides 23ba, 23cd, 23ce, 23cn
Palladium ores 33i
Palm kernel oil 16g, 35h
Palm oil 16g, 35b
Panayite 33z
Pancreas 8d
Pancreas disease 30cl
Pancreas, neoplasm 30e
Pancreatectomy 30aj
Pancreatic extracts 20b
Pancreatic hormones 20b
Pancreatic islet of Langerhans 8e, 30f
Pancreatic juice 9a
Panic 16l
Pans 5b
Pantellerite 33z
Papaw 16k
Papaya 16l
Paper 10b, 45e, 46b
Paperboard 10b, 45f
Paper substitutes 45c, 45d
Papier-mache 45f
Papilloma 30ad
Parabiosis 30aj
Parachor 6f, 57c
Parachutes 5aj
Paraconglomerate 33aq
Paraffin oils 59l
Paraffin waxes and Hydrocarbon waxes 59l, 64a
Paraganglion 8j
Paragneiss 33al
Para grass 16l
Parakeratosis 30ab
Paralysis 30z
Paramagnetic centers 54a
Paramyosins 48c
Parapertussis 30n
Paraproteins 48d
Paraschist 33al
Parasite 30o
Parasiticides 1a, 1c, 1d, 41f
Parasitology 51h
Parathyroidectomy 30aj
Parathyroid gland 8e, 30f
Paratuberculosis 30n
Paratyphoid fever 30n
Parity 49d
Parity nonconservation 49d
Parkinsonism 30z
Parsley 16t
Parsnip 16t
Parthenocarpy 43e
Parthenogenesis 4e, 43e
Partial molecular quantity 42h, 60v
Partial pressure 29d, 60w
Particles 54f
Particle size 39d
Parting materials 32j, 44d, 47c
Partition 42d, 52c, 55e
Partition function 29e
Parturition 4e
Parvalbumins 48a, 48g
Passivation 32j, 50i 58b
Passivity 42b
Pasta 16f
Pastes 39a, 45g
Pasteur effect 31b
Pasteurization 16u
Patents 22b, 61g
Pathology 30ai
Patina 33l
Patoite 33al
Pauli exclusion principle 49c
Pavements and Roads 10d, 45a
Pea 16n, 16t
Peach 16k
Peanut 16o
Peanut butter 16o
Peanut meal 16g, 16o
Peanut oil 16g, 16o, 35b
Pear 16k
Pearl 59i
Pearlitic structure 54e, 56c
Pearly substances 19a, 59i
Peat 33l
Pebbles 33k
Pecan 16n
Peclet number 62a
Pectic substances 46b
Pediatrics 30ai
Pegmatite 33z
Pegmatoid 33z
Peierls-Nabarro force 54a
Pelicanite 33aq
Pellagra 30u
Pellets 32c, 39d
Pellite 33b
Peltogynoids 38s
Pencatite 33al
Pencils 5ah
Penetrating agents 59k
Penetrometers 5q
Penis 8l, 30h
Pens 5ah
Pentathionates 23al
Pentosans 38g, 46a
Pentose phosphate pathway 31b
Pentoses 38g
Peperite 33aq
Pepper (condiment) 16p
Peppergrass 16l
Peppermint 16q
Pepper (Piper) 16o
Peptides 38h 46e, 46f
Peptidoglycans 40a
Peptones 48l
Perborates 23h, 23f, 23bd
Perbromates 23aq, 23bc
Perchlorates 23aq, 23bc
Perchlorocarbons 38o, 38r
Percolation 52c, 62d
Percolators 5l
Per compounds 23bc, 38z
Perfluorocarbons 38o, 38r
Perfluoro compounds 38o
Perfumes 59c
Perfusion 30ak, 61e, 62d
Perfusion apparatus 5r
Perhalic acids 23s, 23bb
Perhalocarbons 38o, 38r
Pericardial fluid 9b
Pericardium 8c, 8h, 30b
Peridotite 33z
Perineum 8b
Periodates 23bb, 23bc
Periodical 22b
Periodicity 42h
Periodic system 42h
Periodontium 8d, 30d
Peritoneal fluid 9b
Peritoneum 8h, 30e
Perkin reaction 50d
Perkin reaction catalysts 11d
Perknite 33z
Perlite 10f, 33z
Permafrost 53s
Permanganates 23bd, 23cb
Permanganyl compounds 23bc, 23cb
Permeability and Permeation 52b, 62d
Perosis 30t
Perovskite-type crystals 54d
Peroxidation 50k
Peroxidation catalysts 11i
Peroxide number 2a
Peroxides 23ef, 23bd, 38x, 46n
Peroxisome 37b
Peroxycarbonates 23lr, 23af, 23bd, 38z
Peroxychromates 23af, 23bd, 23by
Peroxydiphosphates 23v, 23af, 23bd
Peroxydisulfates 23ef, 23ah, 23bd
Peroxymolybdates 23af, 23bd, 23bz
Peroxymonosulfates 23af, 23ah, 23bd
Peroxyphosphates 23v, 23af, 23bd
Peroxyphosphonic acids 23a, 23w, 23bd
Peroxysulfates 23af, 23ah, 23bd
Peroxytungstates 23ag, 23bd, 23ca
Peroxyvanadates 23ag, 23bd, 23bv
Perrhenates 23bd, 23ch, 23ce
Perrhenyl compounds 23bd, 23cb, 23ce
Perruthenates 23bd, 23cf
Persimmon 16k
Personality 4g
Perspiration 4d, 9b
Pertechnetates 23be, 23cb
Pertechnetyl compounds 23bd, 23cb
Perthosite 33z
Pervaporation 52b, 62d
Pesticides 1e, 1b, 1c, 1d, 44c, 44d
Petrochemicals 59l
Petrography 51d
Petrolatum 38r
Petrolenes (asphaltic) 38r
Petroleum 10f, 33k
Petroleum gases, liquefied 59l
Petroleum products 59k
Petroleum prospecting 33k
Petroleum recovery 58f
Petroleum refining 58f
Petroleum refining catalysts 11h
Petroleum refining residues 59l
Petroleum reservoirs 33k
Petroleum resins 46k, 46q
Petroleum spirits 38r, 59l
Petroleum wells 58f
Petrology 51d
pH 42a
Phagocyte 3c, 21d, 30k
Phagocytosis 4a, 4h, 21e
Pharmaceutical analysis 2d, 41i
Pharmaceutical chemistry 41i, 51b
Pharmaceutical dosage forms 41h
Pharmaceutical natural products 41g
Pharmaceuticals 26d
Pharmacognosy 41i
Pharmakinetics 41j
Pharmacology 30ek, 41i
Pharmacopeias 41j
Pharmacophores 6i, 30ak, 41j
Pharmacy 41i
Pharynx 8d, 30e
Phase 42d, 55a
Phase diagram 55b
Phase rule 55b
Phase transition 42d, 54f, 55b
Phenoandesite 33z
Phenocrysts 33k
Phenodacite 33z
Phenolic resins 10g, 46d, 46g, 46n, 46q, 46s
Phenols 38b, 46d
Phenomenological coefficient 29e
Phenylation 50o
Phenylation catalysts 11m
Phenyl group 17a
Phenyketonuria 30r, 30l
Pheochromocytoma 30f, 30ad
Pheomelanins 7b
Pheophorbides 38v
Pheophytins 7b, 38y
Pheromones 1b, 20c
Phlobaphenes 7b
Phlobatannins 44c
Phlogiston theory 51e
Phonolite 33z
Phonon 39e, 42j, 54b
Phorcabilins 7b
Phosphacarboranes 23i, 23k, 23u
Phosphagens 38y
Phoaphate group 17b
Phosphate rock and Phosphorite 33aq
Phosphates 23u
Phosphatidalcholines 25d
Phosphatidalethanolamines 25d
Phosphatidalinositals 25a, 25d
Phosphatidylerines 25d
Phosphatidylthreonines 25d
Phosphatides 25c
Phosphatidic acids 25d
Phosphatidylcholines 25c
Phosphatidylethanolamines 25c
Phosphatidylglycerols 25c
Phosphatidylinositols 25a, 25d
Phosphatidylpeptides 25d, 40a, 40b
Phosphatidyserines 25d
Phosphatidylthreonines 25d
Phosphazene polymers 46B, 46h, 46l
Phosphazines 38w
Phosphazo compoundb 23u, 23w, 38w
Phosphides 23w
Phosphites 23w
Phosphoinositides 25a, 25d
Phospholambans 48j
Phospholipids 25c
Phospholipoproteins 48g, 48j
Phosphonitrile compounds 23u, 23w, 38w
Phosphonium compounds 38u
Phosphonolipids 25d
Phosphonoproteins 48j
Phosphonylation 50p
Phosphonylation catalysts 11o
Phosphopeptides 38h, 40a
Phosphoproteins 48j
Phosphorescence 36e
Phosphorescence quenching 36e
Phosphorescent substances 59k
Phosphorimeters 5ac
Phosphorimetry 36e
Phosphorodithioates 23w, 23al
Phosphoroperoxoates 23v, 23af, 23bd
Phosphoroscopes 5ac
Phosphorothioates 23w, 23ak
Phosphorotrithioates 23w, 23ak
Phosphorozanes 23v, 23ec, 38w, 46m
Phosphors 59k
Phosphorus acids 23a 23w
Phosphorus chalcogenide halides 23r, 23s, 23w, 23ab, 23au
Phosphorus chalcogenides 23r, 23w, 23ab
Phosphorus halides 23s, 23w, 23au
Phosphorus mustards 38n
Phosphorus ores 33i
Phosphorus pseudohalides 23x, 23be
Phosphorylation, biological 31d, 43d
Phosphorylation, synthetic 50p
Phosphorylation catalysts 11o
Phosphoryl compounds 23x
Phosphoryl halides 23s, 23x, 23av
Phosvitins 48e, 48j
Photoacoustic effect 36h, 42j
Photoaffinity labeling 42a
Photochemistry 36i, 51c
Photochromic substances 59c, 59k
Photochromism 36b, 36c
Photoconductivity and Photoconduction 13g, 13l
Photoconductors 5d
Photoduplication 5ag, 19b, 22b
Photodynamic action 4d, 26d, 36c
Photoelasticity 28f, 36e, 36h
Photoelectric devices 5h
Photoelectric devices, solar 5h
Photoelectric emission 13h, 13l, 34d
Photoelectric property 13l, 14b, 36i
Photoelectron spectroscopy 2c, 2e, 13l, 14d, 34d
Photoengraving 5af, 5ag, 19b
Photographic couplers 19d
Photographic developers 19c
Photographic development 19c
Photographic emulsions 19c
Photographic films 19c, 45d
Photographic fog inhibitors 19c
Photographic hardening agents 19c
Photographic paper 19c, 45f
Photographic plates 5ah, 19c
Photographic processing 19c
Photographic sensitizers 19c
Photographic stabilizers 19c
Photographs 19c
Photography 5ag, 19c, 22b, 27d, 36i
Photography, color 19d
Photogravure 5af, 5ag, 19b
Photoimaging compositions and processes 5ah, 19d
Photolysis 50f
Photolysis catalysts 11e
Photomagnetic effect 27e, 36c
Photomagnetoelectric effect 13e, 13g, 13l, 27a
Photomasks 5ag, 5ah
PhotomechanicaI effect 28f, 36c
Photometers 5q, 5ab
Photometry 36i
Photomicrography 19d
Photon 14b, 34e, 36i
Photoperiodism 4g, 36c, 43e
Photophoresis 36c, 62b
Photoprotectants 36c, 36i, 41b, 41d
Photorefractive effect 36h
Photorespiration 31d, 36c
Photosensitizers 1c, 36c, 36i, 41a, 41h, 41d, 59l
Photosynthates 31d
Photosynthesis 31b, 31d, 36c, 43d
Photosynthetic systems 31b, 31d, 36d, 43d
Phototaxis 26e, 36d
Phototherapy 30ak
Photothermographic copying 5ag, 19b
Phototropism 36d, 43e
Photovoltaic effect 13e, 13m
Phthanite 33aq
Phycobilisome 37c
Phycochromes 7b
Phycocyanins 48b
Phycoerythrins 48b
Phyllite 33al
Phyllonite 33al
Physical chemistry 51c
PhysicaI organic chemistry 51c
Physics 51f
PhysiologicaI saline solutions 41h, 55f
Physiology 51b
Phytoalexins 1c
Phytoallactins 1d
Phytochlorins 38v
Phytochromes 48b
Phytolith 33aq
Phytolysins 61c
Phytosphingosines 38s
Pi bond 6h
Pickles 16s
Pickling 5x, 32j
Piclogite 33al
Picrite (rock) 33z
Picrodolerite 33aa
Picryl group 17a
Piercing apparatus 5w
Piezochromism 28f, 36b, 36h
Piezoelectricity 13a, 13e, 28d
Piezoelectric substances 32f, 59e
Piezomagnetoelectric effect 13b, 27c
Piezometers 5q
Piezooptical property 28f, 36h
Piezoresistance 13e, 13j, 28d
Piezoresistors 5d
Pigments 12i, 44a, 59l
Pigments, biological 7a
Pigweed 16l
Pili 37c
Pili (Canarium) 43c
Pilings 10d
Pilins 48c
Pinch effect 13d, 27d, 62c
Pinealectomy 30aj
Pineal gland 8e, 30f
Pineal hormones 20c
Pineapple 6k
Pineapple juice 16j
Pinite (fossil wood) 33d
Pinocytosis 4a
Pipelines and Pipe systems 5x
Pipes and Tubes 5x, 12i
Pipets 5y, 5am, 12i
Piscicides 1d
Piston rings 5t
Pistons 5t
Pitch 12e, 33b, 46p
Pitchstone 33aa
Pitot tubes 5p, 5x
Pituitary gland 8f, 30f
Pituitary gland, anterior lobe 8f
Pituitary gland, intermediate lobe 8f
Pituitary gland, posterior lobe 8f
Pituitary hormones 20b, 20c
Placenta 8e
Placental hormones 20c
Plagiaplite 33al
Plagioclase group minerals 33f
Plagiophyre 33aa
Plague 30n
Planck's constant 36i
Planets 63b
P!animeters 5q
Plant 26b, 43d
Plant adaptation 43d
Plantain 16k
Plant analysis 2d
Plant breeding and selection 18b, 43e
PIant cell 43a
Plant desiccants 1d
Plant disease 43c
Plant growth and development 1a, 43d
Plant hormones and regulators 1d, 20c, 53c
Plant metabolism 31d
Plant nutrition 26d
Plant organ 31e, 37d, 43b
Plant reproduction 43e
Plant respiration 31d, 43f
Plant senescence 43f
Plant stress 43f
Plant tissue 43b
Plant tissue culture 18b, 43f
Plant transpiration 43f, 62b
Plasma 13d, 27d, 32k, 55a
Plasmacytoma 21f, 30m, 30ad
Plasmalogenic acids 25d
Plaamalogens 25d
Plasmals 25d, 38h
Plasmapheresis 41i
Plasmid and Episome 18d, 37c
Plasmon 13j, 39e
Plasteins 48l
Plaster l0a
Plastic crystals 42d, 54d, 55b, 56b
Plastic deformation 28c
Plasticity 28c
Plasticization 28c, 47c
Plasticizers 44b
Plastics 10f, 45d, 46n
Plastics, cellular 45d
Plastics, extruded 45d
Plastics, film 45d
Plastics, laminated 45e
Plastics, molded 45e
Plastics, reinforced 45e
Plastid 37c
Plastocyanins 48g
Plastoquinones 38j
Plates and Trays 5b
Platinates 23ce
Platinum-group metal alloys 32e
Platinum-group metal chalcogenides 23ap, 23cc, 23ce, 23cj
Platinum group metal compounds 23ce
Platinum-group metaI halides 23ba, 23cds, 23ce, 23cn
Platinum group metal ores 33i
Platinum group metal pnictides 23z, 23cd, 23ce, 23cp
Platinum-group metals 15b
Platinum halides 23ba, 23cd, 23ce, 23cn
Platinum ores 33i
Pleochroism 36h
Pleura 8h, 30aa
Pleural fluid 9b
Plinthite 33c
Plum 16k
Plumasite 33aa
Plumbates 23m
Plumbolanes 23m, 23aC, 38w, 46m
Plutonium chalcogenides 23am, 23bl
Plutonium ores 33j
Plutonium pnictides 23y, 23bj, 23bl, 23bp, 23co
Plutonyl compounds 23bl
Pneumoconiosis 30aa, 61e
Pneumonectomy 30aj
Pneumonia 30aa
Podands 46b
Podophyllum (resin) 46p
Poisoning 30q, 61a, 61d
Poisons 61b
Poisson ratio 29d
Polar effect 13b, 42j
Polarimeters 5ab
Polarimetry 36a, 36h
Polarimitry 2e
Polariton 14c, 36i, 39e
Polarity 13b
Polarity index 13b, 57d
Polarizability 13b
Polarization 42h, 58f
Polarizers 5ab
Polarographs 5g
Polarography 2a, 13j
Polaron 13j, 39e
Poliomyelitis 30p, 30y
Polishing 5y, 12f, 32k
Polishing materials 12i, l9a, 44b, 45b, 59b
Pollen 43a
Pollen germination 43f
Pollination 43f
Polyacenes 38q, 46k
Polyacetylenes 46k
Polyalkenamers 46g, 46h, 46k
Polyamic acids 46c, 46e
Polyamide fibers 46e, 46s
Polyamides lOg, 38h, 46c, 46d, 46e, 46n
Polyamines 38d, 46e
Polyanhydrides 38d, 46c
Polyantimonic acids 23a, 23p, 46c
Polyarsenates 23p
Poly(arylenealkenylenes) 38q, 46k
Poly(arylenealkylenes) 38q, 46k
Polyazomethines 38d, 38t, 38y, 46e, 46g, 46o
Polybenzimidazoles 38y, 46o
Polybenzoxazoles 38y, 46o
Polybenzyls 38q, 46k
Polycarbodiimides 38g, 46e
Polycarbonates 46d, 46i, 46n
Polycarbosilanes 46m
Polycritical points 55c, 60x
Polycrystalline materials 39a, 54f
Polycyanurates 38y, 38z
Polycythemia 30k
Polycythemia vera 30k
Polyelaterite 33b
Polyelectrolytes 45e, 46o, 55g, 59e
Polyester fibers 46i, 46s
Polyesters 10g, 38i, 46c, 46d, 46i, 46n
Polyethers 38l, 46i
Polygonization 54c
Polyhedranes 38k
Polydydrazides 46c, 46e
Polyimides 38i, 38s, 46c, 46f, 46n, 46o, 46s
Polyiodides 23bb
Polyisocyanurates 46h
Polyketides 38s
Polydetones 38i, 46g
Polymerase chain reaction 18b
Polymer concrete 45e
Polymer degradation 50f
Polymer degradation catalysts 11e
Polymer interaction parameter 42h
Polymerization 50c, 50d
Polymerization catalysts 11c, 11d
Polymerization inhibitors 44d
Polymer morphology 45e, 56c
Polymers 10f, 46c
Polymer-supported reagents 45e, 59l
Polymorphism 33aw, 54d
Polyolefin fibers 46k, 46s
Polyol pathway 4d, 41j, 61b
Polyoxyalkylenes 38l, 46d, 46j, 46n
Polyoxyarylenes 38l, 46d, 46j, 46n
Polyoxymethylenes 38l, 46d, 46g, 46j, 46n, 46s
Polypentaerythritols 38s, 46d, 46j
Polyphenyls 38q, 46k
Polyphosphates 23v, 46c
Polyphosphoric acids 10g, 23a, 23w, 46c
Polypropene fibers 46k, 46s
Polyquinanes 38e, 38w
Polyquinoxalines 38y, 46o
Polysaccharides 38g, 46a, 46f
Polyselenomethylenes 46o
Polyselenophenylenes 46o
Polysilanes 38w, 46o
Polysulfates 23ah, 46c
Polysulfides 46ai, 38y, 38ab, 46q, 46t
Polysulfonamides 46d
Polysulfones 46n, 46o, 46s 
Polysulfuric acids 23a, 23ai
Polytelluroarylenes 46o
Polytellurophenylenes 46o
Polythioalkylenes 46q, 46t
Polythioarylenes 46n, 46q, 46t
Polythiomethylenes 38ab, 46q, 46t
Polythiophenylenes 38ab, 46n, 46q, 46t
Polytypism 33aw, 54d
Polyureas 38h, 46f, 46o, 46a
Polzenite 33aa
Pomace 59f
Pomegranite 16k
Ponds 33au
Poole-Frenkel effect 13j
Poppy 16o
Porceleain 12a, 12c
Porcellanite 33aq
Pore 57a
Porins 48l
Porosity 57a
Porous materials and Cellular materials 12j, 59l
Porphyria 30t
Porphyrins 7b, 38y
Porphyry 33aa
Portevin-Le Chatelier effect 29d
Postalbumins 48l
Posttransferrins 48l
Posture 4d
Potassium halide oxides 23c, 23ae, 23as
Potassium halides 23b, 23c, 23as
Potassium ores 33j
Potassium pnictides 23c, 23d, 23o
Potassium tin halides 23c, 23m, 23o, 23as,23au
Potato 16t
Potential barrier 29d, 60b
Potential energy and function 29d, 60s
Potential energy surface and hypersurface 29e, 60b
Potentiometers 5e
Potentiometry 2a, 5g, 13e
Potentiostats 5e
Pottery 12c
Potting 47c, 68f
Potting compositions 45h, 59l
Pouring apparatus 5y
Pour point 62c
Pour-point depressants 591
Powder metallurgy 32c, 39a
Powders 39a
Power 13c, 27d, 34b
Pozzolans 10g, 33aa
Prader-Willi syndrome 30ah
Prandtl number 62a
Praseodymium chalcogenides 23an, 23bn, 23br, 23ch
Praseodymium halides 23ay, 23bo, 23br, 23bs, 23cl
Praseodymium pnictides 23y, 23bp, 23br, 23bt, 23co
Prasinite 33al
Prawn 16c
Prealbumins 48f, 48l
Precipitates 39d, 66e
Precipitation 6am, 62c, 66e
Precipitation, electric 5am, 13f, 52d, 56e
Precipitin reaction 21e
Precipitins 21b
Predissociation 6c, 49b, 60e
Pregnancy 4e, 30g
Preservation 68f
Preservatives 16u, 69m
Presses 5w
Pressure 6n, 29c, 60w
Pressure drop 29c
Pressure vessels 6c, 6aj
Prilling 68f
Primers, explosive 5j, 59e
Prins reaction 60a
Prins reaction catalysts 11a
Printer ribbons 5ag
Printing, impact 19d, 22c
Printing, nonimpact 19t, 22c, 47a
Printing apparatus 5ah
Printing plates 5ah
Prismanes 38p
Prisms 6ab
Proanthocyanidins 38c
Probability 61f
Process control and dynamics 6n, 68c
Profilactins 48b, 48c
Profilins 48c
Profilometers 5q
Progestogens 20b, 20c
Projectiles 6j
Projection apparatus 5aa
Projection screens 5aa
Projection slides 5aa, l9c
Prokaryote 26d
Prolamins 48j
Promegakaryocyte 3c
Promethium halides 23ay, 23bo, 23br
Propellants 45a, 59e
Propellers 5y
Propolis 26b, 46p
Propulsion 29a
Propylite 33aa
Prostaglandins 20a
Prostatectomy 30aj
Prostate gland 8k, 30h
Prosthetic materials and Prosthetics 5a, 12j, 41f, 45e
Protamines 48j
Protective groups 17b
Protein degradation factors 48c
Protein formation elongation factors 48c
Protein formation factors 48c
Protein formation initiation factors 48c
Protein formation interference factors 48c
Protein formation termination factors 48c
Protein hydrolyzates 40b
Proteins 26d, 38h, 46e, 46f, 63c
Proteins, specific or class 48a
Protein sequence determination 6h, 48a
Protein sequences 6h, 48a
Proteoglycans 38g, 48f
Proteoses 48l
Proteus syndrome 30ah
Protochlorophyllides 38v
Protochlorophylls 38v
Proton affinity 6e, 42a, 50h
Protonation and Proton transfer reaction 6e, 50h
Protonation catalysts 11g
Protoplast and Spheroplast 3c, 43a
Protozoacides 41f
Proximity effect 13g
Prune 16k
Pruritus 30ab
Psammite 33aq
Psephite 33aq
Pseudoanthocyanidins 38c
Pseudochalcogens 23be
Pseudodiorite 33aa
Pseudogout 30v
Pseudoguaianolides 38i, 38ad
Pseudohalides 23be, 38y
Pseudohalogens 23be
Pseudoleucitite 33aa
Pseudomelanins 7b
Pseudomorphism 33aw, 64b
Pseudopotential 29e, 60b
Pseudopregnancy 4f, 30g
Pseudorabies 30p
Pseudotachylyte 33d
Psittacosis 30o
Psoriasis 30ab
Psychology 30ai
Psychotomimetics 41e, 61b
Psychotropics 41e
Puberty 4c
Public health 30ah
Puddings 16x
Puerperium 4f
Pulaskite 33aa
Pulleys 6t
Pulp, cellulose 10g, 46e, 46b
Pulping liquors 10h, 46b, 69i
Pumice 10g, 33aa
Pummerer reaction 60j
Pummerer reaction catalysts 11h
Pumping 58f
Pumps 5y
Punched cards 22c, 46e
Punches 6w
Pungent substances 16v
Pupae 4c
Pupation 4c
Purification 42d, 52d
Purity 42d
Purothionins 48k
Purpura (disease) 30l
Pus 30q
Putrefaction 61a
Putty 46h
Pycnitite 33aa
Pycnometers 6q
Pyochelins 40b
Pyomelanins 7b
Pyrethrins and Pyrethroids 1b
Pyribolite 33am
Pyriclasite 33am
Pyridinium compounds 38u
Pyrigarnite 33aa
Pyrite burners 5l
Pyrite-group minerals 33f
Pyrobolite 33am
Pyrochlore-group minerals 33g
Pyrochlore-type crystals 54d
Pyroelectricity 13b
Pyroelectric substances 59e
Pyrogens 61b
Pyroligneous acids 38b
Pyrolite (rock) 33aa
Pyrometers 5r
Pyrometric cones 6l, 6r
Pyrometry 32c
Pyropheophorbides 38v
Pyrophoric substances 32g
Pyropissite 33b
Pyrotechnic compositions 69m
Pyrosene group minerals 12e, 33g
Pyroxenite 33aa
Pyroxenoids 33g
Pyroxenolite 33aa
Pyterlite 33aa

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Q-e value in polymerization 42c
Quadrupole 13b
Quadrupole coupling 13c
Quadrupole moment 13a, 34a
Quadrupole radiation 13c, 27c
Quahog 16d
Quality control 58c
Qualmite 33am
Quantitative structure-activity relationship 6i
Quantization 49c
Quantum amplification 5i
Quantum chemistry 49c, 51c
Quantum chromodynamics 49c
Quantum defect 49c
Quantum electrodynamics 14c, 49c
Quantum mechanics 29e, 34f, 42h
Quantum number 49c
Quark model 34e, 49c
Quartzite 33aq
Quasars 63b
Quasicrystals 54e
Quasimolecules 6j
Quasiparticles and Excitations 13i, 39d
Quassinoids 38d
Quaternary ammonium compounds 38u, 46o
Quaternary structure 6h
Quaternization 50p
Quaternization catalysts 11n
Quenching 5y, 12f, 32k
Quenching materials 59m
Quill 8g
Quinarenes 38p
Quince 16s
Quinoa 16l
Quinones 38j
Quinonoid compounds 38i
Quisqueite 33b

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Rabies 30p
Rabson-Mendenhall syndrome 30ah
Racemization 50i
Racemization catalysts 11h
Radar 6g, 5q, 14c
Radentheinite 33am
Radiation 32k, 34f, 42h, 62e
Radiation chemistry 34g, 61c
Radiation counters and detectors 5g, 5n, 5o, 5q, 5r, 5s, 5ac, 12j, 59m
Radiation bardening 32k, 34g
Radiation sic}ness 30r, 34g, 61e
Radiation sources 6ac
Radiators 51
Radical ions 6e, 13i, 38e, 38j
Radicalz 38y
Radicchio 16t
Radioactive decay 34c, 34g
Radioactive decay series 34f, 34g
Radioactive fallout 34h
Radioactive substances 34h
Radioactive wastes 34h, 69p
Radioactivity 34g
Radiochemical analysis 2e, 34g
Radiochemistry 61c
Radioelements 16b, 34f, 34h
Radiography l9d, 30b, 34g, 41f
Radiolarite 33aq
Radiology 30ai, 34g
Radiolysis 50f
Radiolysis catalysts lle
Radiomimetics 34g, 41f
Radioprotectants 34g, 41f
Radios 5h, 5af
Radiosensitizers, biological 34g, 41d, 41f
Radiosondes 5h, 5af
Radiotherapy 30al, 34g
Radio wave 14c
Radio-wave devices 6g, 6ad
Radio-wave spectra 14c
Radio-wave spectrometry 14c
Radish 16t
Radium halides 23e, 23f, 23as
Radium ores 33j
Radius gyration 29a
Radomes 5c
Ragi 16e
Railways 32g
Rain 63c
Raisin 16j
Raman spectra 36d
Raman spectrometry 36d
Rambutan 16k
Ramie fibers 46r
Ramsauer-Townsend effect 6d
Rancidity 16v
Raoult's law 29d, 60w
Rape meal 16g, 16o
Rape oil 16g, 16o, 35b
Rape (plant) 16o
Rape (sexual asssult) 4f, 61a
Rare earth alloys 32e
Rare earth borides 23h, 23br
Rare earth chalcogenides 23am, 23bm, 23br, 23ch
Rare earth chlorides 23aq, 23ay, 23bb, 23bo, 23bs, 23cl
Rsre earth fluorides 23ar, 23ay, 23bb, 23bo, 23bs, 23cl
Rare earth halides 23ay, 23bn, 23bs, 23ck
Rare earth metals 15a
Rare earth metals, compounds 23bq
Rere earth ores 33j
Rare earth oxides 23ae, 23an, 23ap, 23bn, 23br, 23ch
Rare earth oxide sulfides 23ae, 23ai, 23an, 23ap, 23aq, 23bn, 23br, 23ch
Rare earth pnictides 23y, 23bp, 23bt, 23co
Rare earth sulfides 23ai, 23an, 23aq, 23bn, 23br, 23ch
Raspberry 16i
Rauhaugite 33aa
Raw materials lOe
Rayleigh number 62a
Rayon 45f, 46b, 46s
Razor blades 5ao
Razor clam 16d
r-centroid 6i
Reaction 13k, 34g, 36i
Reaction constant 42b
Reaction mechanism 42b, 50i
Reactive nitrogen species 23u
Reactive oxygen species 23ag
Reactivity 42a
Reactivity ratio in polymerization 42b
Reactors 5Ad
Rearrangement 50i
Rearrangement catalysts llh
Rebinder effect 28d, 57c
Receptors 8j, 81
Recognins 21a, 48l
Recombination 6e, 13h, 50d
Recombination, genetic 18c
Recombination catalysts lld
Recombination of electron with hole 13h
Recombination of electron with ion 6e, 13h
Recording 27d, 36i, 42j
Recording apparatus 5g, 5ah
Recording materials 45d, 59j
Recrystallization 39b, 54c
Recycling lOb, lOh, 12f, 59p
Recycling of plastics and rubbers 10b, 10f, 10g, 10h, 45e, 46f, 59q
Redistribution reaction 50j
Redistribution reaction catalysts lli
Red mud (bauxite processing residue) 10h, 32g, 32j, 50k, 59q
Redox agents 59m
Redox reaction 50j
Redox reaction catalysts lli
Reducibility 42c
Reducing agents 59m
Reducing power 42c
Reducing substances 59m
Reduction 32c, 50k
Reduction, electrochemical 50k
Reduction, photochemical 31e, 60k
Reduction catalysts 11i
Reductones 38y
Reductors 5af
Refikite 33f
Reflectometers 5ab
Reflex 4g
Reflux 52d, 58f
Reformatskii reaction 50b
Reformatskii reaction catalysts llb
Reforming 50k
Reforming catalysts llj
Refractive index and Optical refraction 36h
Refractometers 5ac
Refractories 10b, 12a, 12c, 12j, 12k, 45a
Refractory alloys 32d
Refractory metal chalcogenides 23ag, 23cf, 23cj
Refractory metal compounds 23cf
Refractory metal pnictides 23z, 23cf, 23cp
Refractory metals 32f
Refrigerating apparstus 5l
Refrigeration 58f, 60c
Refsum's disease 30t, 30y
Regeneration, biological 4e, 18b
Regiochemistry 6j
Regolith 33au
Regulon 18a
Reissert compounds 38y
Reiter's disease 30n, 30v
Relativity theory 29b, 51f
Relaxation 28c, 29e
Renaturation 6f, 55g
Renner effect 6g, 29b, 36i
Rennets 16a
Repellents 1d
Replication 2e, 34d
Replicon 18a
Reproduction 4e, 30g
Reproductive organ 8j, 30h
Reproductive tract 8j, 30h
Research 51g
Reservoirs 33au
Resilience 28c
Resin acids and Rosin acids 38b, 46p
Resinography 14b
Resins 46o, 53c
Resists 19d
Resolution 2e, 5am, 52d
Resonance 6b, 49d
Resorption 4a
Respirators 5a, 41f, 61e
Respiratory center 8j
Respiratory distress syndrome 30aa
Respiratory tract 8l, 30z
Respirometers 5a, 5q
Resuscitation 4f, 30al
Reticulite 33aa
Reticulocyte 3a
Reticuloendothelial system 8l, 30l
Retinite (fossil resin) 33d
Retinoids 38ad, 41h
Retorts 5af
Retting 47b
Reverse osmosis 62d
Reverse transcription 18c, 31b
Reye's syndrome 30x
Reynolds number 27d, 62a
Rhabdopissite 33b
Rhenates 23cb, 23ce
Rhenium chalcogenides 23ao, 23ca, 23cb, 23cf, 23cj
Rhenium halide oxides 23ae, 23ap, 23av, 23ba, 23ca, 23cb, 23cf, 23cj, 23cm
Rheniwm halides 23ba, 23ca, 23cb, 23ce, 23cf, 23cm
Rhenium ores 33j
Rheochor 6f, 28b, 62d
Rheology 29a
Rheopexy 39c, 55e
Rheumatic fever 30n
Rheumatism 30w
Rheumatoid factors 21b
Rhodates 23cf
Rhodium halides 23ba, 23cd, 23cf, 23cn
Rhodium ores 33j
Rhodomelanochromes 7b
Rhodopsins 48b, 48f
Rhubarb 16o
Rhyodacite 33ab
Rhyolite 33ab
Rhythm, biological 4f, 43e
Ribonucleic acid formation factors 18d, 48c
Ribonucleic acids 18d, 38f
Ribonucleic acids, messenger 18d
Ribonucleic acids, ribosomal 18d
Ribonucleic acids, transfer 18d
Ribonucleic acids, viral 18d
Ribonucleic scid sequence determination 6i, 18d
Ribonucleic acid sequences 6h, 18d
Ribonucleohistones 48i, 48j
Ribonucleoprotamines 48i, 48j
Ribonucleoproteins 48j
Ribosome 37c
Ribozymes 18d, 26b, 38f
Rice 16e
Ricins 48l, 61c
Rickets 30s
Richettsia 30o
Righi-Leduc effect 27b
Ring 6i
Ring cleavage 50k
Ring cleavage catalysts 11j
Ring closure and formation 50k
Ring closure cablysts 11j
Ring contraction 50l
Ring contraction cablysts 11j
Ring enlargement 50l
Ring enlargement catalysts 11j
Ringite 33ab
Ringworm 30o
Rischorrite 33ab
Rivers 33au
Rivets 5t, 5ai
Robotics 6n, 22a, 51g, 58a, 58c
Rocambole 16t
Rocket (plant) 16t
Rockets 5ap, 12j
Rocks 10g, 33k, 39a
Rocks, new 33an
Rocky Mountain spotted fever 30o
Rodberg 33ab
Rodenticides 1e
Rodent repellents 1d
Rodingite 33ab
Rolls 5t, 5w
Rongstockite 33ab
Roofing lOd
Roofs 10d
Root 43b
Root absorption 43d, 62b
Root knot 43d
Root nodule 43b
Ropes 5aj, 45b
Roseki 33as
Rosemary 16q
Rosin 46p
Rosin oil 35b, 46p
Rotsxanes 38k
Roton 6g, 39e
Rotproofing 44c, 47c
Rottenstone 33as
Rowanberry 43c
Royal jelly 8n
Rozites 38a
Rubber, butadiene 46h, 46j
Rubber, bubadiene-styrene 10g, 46h, 46j, 46k
Rubber, butyl 10g, 46h, 46j
Rubber, chlorinated 46h
Rubber, cyclized 46h
Rubber, ethylene-propene 46h, 461c
Rubber, isoprene 10g, 46h, 46j
Rubber, natural 10g, 46h, 46j
Rubber, neoprene 10g, 46i, 46;
Rubber, nitrile 10g, 41ii, 46j, 461
Rubber, polysulfide 10g, 46i, 46q, 46t
Rubber, silicone 10h, 46i, 46m
Rubber, synthetic 10g, 46h, 46i, 46j
Rubber, urethane 10h, 46i, 46t
Rubber hydrochloride 46h
Rubella 30p
Rubidium halides 23c, 23d, 23as
Rubidium ores 33j
Rubrax 59m
Rubredoxins 48i
Rudite 33aq
Rue 16q
Runting syndrome 21f, 30m
Rupture disks 5aj
Rust (iron oxide) 32k
Rutabaga 16t
Ruthenates 23cf
Ruthenium halides 23ba, 23cd, 23cf, 23cn
Ruthenium ores 33j
Rutterite 33ab
Rydberg constant 6a
Rye 16e

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