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Databases for Chemists and Chemical Engineers

Chemical Abstracts

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CA Index Guide (Appendix I) 1994

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Keyword Index S

A publication of the Chemical Abstracts Service published by the American Chemical Society, and reproduced here with permission from the Chemical Abstracts Service.

Sabkha 33au
Saccharification 58f
Saccharification catalysts llj
Saccharimeters 5o, 5ac
Safety 58f, 61d
Safety devices 5aj
Safety lamps 5f, 5ad, 5aj
Safflower 16o
Safflower oil 16g, 16o, 35b
Saffron 16q
Sage 16q
Sagvandite 33ab
Sakalovite 33ab
Sake 16w, 59f
Salad dressings 16x
Salep 16o
Salinization 33aw
Saliva 9b
Salivary gland 8d, 30d
Salla disease 30t
Salsify 16t
Salt deposits 33as
Salt effect, kinetic 42b, 55g
Saltiness 4h, 16v
Salting-in 52d, 55g
Salting-out 52d, 55e
Salts 23ag, 38j, 38z
Samarium chalcogenides 23an 23bn, 23br, 23bt, 23ch
Samarium halides 23ay, 23bo, 23bs, 23bt, 23cl
Samarium ores 33j
Samarium pnictides 23y, 23bp, 23bt, 23cp
Samna 16b, 35a
Samples 2e
Sampling 2e
Sampling apparatus 5o
Sand 10h, 12e, 33a
Sandarac 46p
Sandpaper 45f
Sandstone 33aq
Sandwich compounds 23g, 38w
Sanidinite 33ab
Sanitation 58g
Sansiite 33ab
Sanukite 33ab
Sap 43b
Sapodilla 16k
Sapogenins 38c
Saponification 50m
Saponification catalysts llk
Saponification number 2b
Saponins 38f
Sapote 16k
Saprolite 33aq
Sapropel 33as
Sapucaya 16n
Sarcoidosis 30ah
Sarcoma 30ad
Sauerkraut 16r
Sausage casings 16c
Savory 16q
Sawdust 10h, 69p
Saws 5ao
Saxonite 33ab
Scab 30r, 43d
Scabies 30o
Scale (anatomical) 8g
Scale (coating) 32k
Scale inhibitors 32k
Scallion 16t
Scallop 16d
Scalp 8g, 30ab
Scandium halides 23ay, 23bo, 23bs, 23bt, 23cl
Scandium ores 33j
Scapolite-group minerals 33g
Scarlet fever 30n
Scattering 14c, 29a, 34h, 42c
Scavengers 59m
Shalstein 33am
Schiff bases 38d, 38e, 38t
Schiff-Sherrington phenomenon 30y
Schist 33am
Schistoporite 10e, 12c
Schizoflavins 38i
Schizophrenia 30x
Schlieren 36h
Schmidt number 62a
Schmidt reaction 50j
Schmidt reaction catalysts 11i
Schriesheimite 33ab
Schwann cell 3c
Schwartz-Bartter syndrome 30i, 30ad
Scientists 51g
Scintigraphy l9d, 30c, 41g
Scintillation 36e
Scintillators 59k
Sclerometers 5r
Scoria (lava) 33ab
Scoria (slag) 59q
Scouring agents 45f
Scraping apparatus 5y
Screening 52d
Screening, electronic and nuclear 6b, 13c, 34b, 49a
Screening, magnetic and nuclear 27b
Screening apparatus 5am
Screens 5an
Screws 5t, 5ai
Scrotum 8k, 30h
Scrubbers 5y
Scrubbing 52d, 58b
Sculpture 51a
Scum 59q
Scurvy 30u
Sealing 5y, 10c, 12f
Sealing compo itions 10d, 12j, 45g, 59b
Seals (mechanical) 5aj
Seaweed 16o
Sebaceous gland 8g
Seborrhea 30ac
Sebum 9b
Second sound 42j
9,10-Secosteroids 38aa
Sedimentary rocks 33an
Sedimentation 52d, 55f
Sedimentation apparatus 5an
Sedimentometers 5r
Seed 43b, 43f
Seedling 43c
Segregation 52d, 55e
Seismic wave 29c, 33aw
Seismology 51d, 51f
Seismonasty 43e
Seizing 28e
Selection rule 6c, 49b
Selenates 23ag
Selenic acids 38b
Selenenyl azides 23t, 23ag
Selenides 23ag, 38z
Seleninic acids 38b
Selenites 23ag
Selenium halides 23ab, 23ag, 23av
Selenium ores 33j
Selenoarsenates 23p, 23ag
Selenocyanatesl 23k, 23t, 23ag, 38y, 38z
Selenones 38z
Selenonic acids 38c
Selenothionates 23ag, 23ak
Selenoxides 38z
Selenyl azides 23t, 23ah
Selenyl compounds 38z
Selones 38aa
Semen 8k, 9b
Semicarbazones 38aa
Semiconductor devices 5e
Semiconductor junctions 5e
Semiconductor materials 32g, 59e
Semiconductor materials, amorphous 12b, 12l, 54a, 59e
Semimetal alloys 32d
Semimetal chalcogenides 23be
Semimetals 15b, 23be, 32f
Seminal vesicle 8k, 30h
Semiochemicals ld
Senescence 4c, 30i
Senftleben effect 13k, 27b, 27d
Seniority 49c
Sensors 5g, 5n, 5r, 5ac, 59m
Sensory receptors 4g, 8j, 8l
Separation 2e, 39e, 55f, 58g
Separators 5o, 5y, 5ak
Sepsis and Septicemia 30r
Sequestering agents 2b, 59m
Sequestration 52d, 58g
Sericins 48a
Sericitite 33ar
Serological reaction 21e, 30c
Seromucoids 48f
Serous membrane 8h
Serpentine-group minerals 33e
Serpentinite 33am
Serpentinization 33aw
Servomechanisms 5n
Sesame 16o
Sesquiterpenes and Sesquiterpenoids 38ad
Sesterterpenes and Sesterterpenoids 38ad
Seston 63c
Setting agents lOa
Sewers 5x
Sex 4f
Sexual behavior 4f, 30i, 30x, 30ah
Sezary syndrome 30ac
Shaddock 16k
Shafts 5y
Shaking apparatus 5x, 5z
Shale lOh, 33ar
Shale oils 33as
Shallot 16t
Shampoos 59d
Shaving preparations 59d
Shear 28c
Sheehan's syndrome 30g
Sheet materials 32g
Shell 8b
Shellac 46p
Shellfish 16c
Sherardization 32h, 50c
Sherardization catalysts llc
Sherwood number 62a
Shields 5aj
Shift and relaxation agents 59m
Shingles (roofing) lOb
Shipping fever 30p
Ships 5ap
Shirasu 33ab
Shock 30b, 30r
Shock absorbers 5aj
Shock tubes 5an
Shock wave 29c, 32k
Shoes 45c
Shonkinite 33ab
Shortening 16x
Short-necked clam 16d
Shoshonite 33ab
Shot 59m
Shrimp 16c
Shrinkproofing 44c, 47c
Shutters 5ac
Shy-Drager syndrome 30ah
Sialagogues 41g
Sialic acids 38g
Siallite 33c
Sialoglycolipids 25b
Sialoglycopeptides 40a
Sialoglycoproteins 48f
Sicca syndrome 30ah
Sickle cell anemia 30j
Sideritite 33ar
Siderochromes 40b
Siderosis 30t, 30aa, 61e
Sieves 5an
Signaling apparatus 5aj
Signal transduction, biological 4f, 13b, 18c, 31b
Signs 5ak
Silage 16e, 16o
Silanes 23m
Silathianes 23m, 23aj, 38w, 46m
Silazanes 23m, 23t, 38x, 46m
Silcrete 33ar
Silexite 33ab
Silica gel lOh, 23n, 23ae
Silicates 23n
Siliceous materials lOb, 59m
Silicides 23n
Siliciophite 33ar
Silicite (rock) 33ar
Silicoflagellite 33ar
Silicon chalcogenide halides 23l, 23m, 23n, 23aa, 23at
Silicon chalcogenides 23l, 23n, 23aa
Silicon halides 23m, 23n, 23at
Siliconization 32h, 50c
Siliconization catalysts 11c
Silicon ores 33j
Silicophosphates 23n, 23v
Silicosis 30aa, 61e
Silk 46g, 46r
Siloxanes and Silicones lOh, 23n, 23ad, 38x, 46m
Siloxanols 23n, 23ag, 38s, 38x
Silsesquiazanes 23m, 23t, 38x, 46m
Silsesquiozanes 23n, 23ad, 38x, 46m
Silt 33as
Siltstone 33ar
Silver chalcogenides 23al, 23bf, 23bg, 23cg
Silver halides 23aw, 23bg, 23cj
Silvering 12b, l9a, 32i, 47a
Silver ores 33j
Silverware 5m, 5ao, 51a
Silylation 50c, 50p
Silylation catalyss 11c, 11o
Similarity theory 42i
Simmonds' disease 30g
Simmons-Smith reaction 50l
Simmons-Smith reaction catalysts 11j
Simpson-Golabi-Behmel syndrome 30u
Simulation and Modeling, biological 22a
Simulation and Modeling, physicochemical 22a, 58a
Sintering 5l,12f, 39a, 60d
Sintering kinetics 24p, 42f
Sinus 8l
Siphons 5y
Sipples' syndrome 30ad
Sisal 46r
Sitosterols 38s, 38aa
Size effect 13g, 42i
Size reduction lOa, 12f, 32k, 39e, 41k, 58g
Size reduction apparatus 5y
Sizes 19a, 44c, 45h, 59b
Sizing 47c
Sjogren's syndrome 30v, 30ah
Skarn 33j, 33ar
Skeleton 8i
Skcimming apparatus 5an
Skin 8f
Skin, disease 30ab
Skin, neoplasm 30ac
Skomerite 33ac
Sky 63b
Slags lOi, 12e, 53b, 59q
Slate lOh, 12e, 33ar
Slaughterhouse 16u
Sleep 4g, 30z
Sleeping sickness 30o
Slide fasteners 5ak
Slide rules 5s
Slides 5y
Slimes and Sludges lOi, 39c, 59q
Slips (supensions) 12c, 39c, 45b
Sloe 16k
Slow-reacting substances 21c
Slow-reacting substances, anaphylactic 21c
Slurries 39c
Slushing compositions 45b, 59b
Smectite-group minerals 33e
Smoke 39b, 56a, 59p
Smudge pots 5n
Snail 16d
Snake 16d
Snoek effect 28e
Snow 63c
Snow substitutes 59m
Soaps 45g
Soapstone 33am
Societies 51g
Sodium chaIcogenides 23b, 23d, 23z
Sodium chloride substitutes 16w
Sodium halides 23c, 23d, 23as
Sodium ores 33j
Sodium pnictides 23c, 23d, 23o
Softening 28d, 55d
Softening agents 44b, 44d
Softening point 28d, 55d
Softness 28d
Soil acidity 53a, 53b
Soil alkalinity 53a
Soil amendments 53a
Soil analysis 2d, 53b
Soil fertility 53b
Soiling 58g
Soil liming 53d
Soil moisture 53b, 53d
Soil organic matter 53b
Soil pollution 53c, 58d
Soilproofing 44d, 47c
Soil reclamation 53c
Soils 26e, 33as, 39b
Soil salinity 53d
Soil stabilization 10d, 45u, 53d
Soil substitutes 53d
Solar collectors 5i
Solar energy 60b
Solar flares and wind 63c
Solar system 63b
Solderability 42i
Soldering 32k
Solders 32k
Solenoids 5g, 5i
Solfataras 33au
Solidification 32c, 52d, 55d
Solidification point 55e, 60x
Solids 32g, 55e
Solid solutions 32g, 54f, 55g
Solidus 55c, 55d
Solions 5c, 5f
Sols 39c, 56a
Solubility 42d, 55g
Solubility product 42d, 55g
Solubilization 52d, 55g
Solubililizers 59n
Solutes 55g
Solution condition 55f
Solution process 52d, 55g
Solution rate 42f, 55g
Solvates 23be
Solvation 50l
Solvation catalysts  11k
Solvation number 6i, 54d, 56b
Solvatochromism 36b
Solvent effect 42i, 55g
Solvent naphtha 59l
Solvents 45g, 55g
Solvent sublation 52c
Solvolysis 50l
Solvolysis catalysts 11k
Solvsbergite 33ac
Sonar 5h, 5r
Sonochor 6£ 42j
Soot 59q
Sorbents 2b, 59n
Sorghum 16e
Sorkedalite 33ac
Sorption 32c, 42i, 52d, 55f, 57b, 62d
Sorption apparatus 5an
Sorption kinetics 42f, 42i, 57c, 62e
Sorrel 16m
Sorting apparatus 5an
Sotos syndrome 30ah
Sound and Ultrasound 29b, 32k, 42i
Sound insulators 10d, 12j, 45b, 59n
Soups 16x
Sourness 4h, 16v
Soursop 16l
Sovite 33ac
Soybean 16n
Soybean curd 16n
Soybrean meal 16g, 16n
Soybean oil 16g, 16n, 35b
Soy sauce 16n
Space, interstellar 63a
Space, topological 51f
Space charge 13c
Space travel 4h, 30af
Space vehicles 5ap, 12j
Spackling compound 10a
Spalling 12c
Spandex fibers 45h, 46i, 46j, 46s, 46t
Sparagmite 33ar
Spark plugs 5e, 5j, 5t
Sparks 58g
Spasmoneme 37d
Spearmint 16q
Specific impulse 29b
Specific volume 28b, 60y
Spectra 14c
Spectral hole burning 36a, 36d, 36i
Spectrins 48m
Spectrochemical analysis 2e, 14d, 36a
Spectrochemical series 54b
Spectrographs 5ac
Spectrometers 5r, 5ac
Spectrometry 14d, 42g
Spectroscopes 5r, 5ac
Sperm 3b
Spermaceti 64a
Spermatogenesis 4f
Spermatophore 8k
Sperm oil 35b
Sperm preservation 4f, 18b
Spessartite (rock) 33ac
Sphalerite-type crystals 54d
Spheres 5c, 56c
Spheroidization 32c
Spherules 33as
Spherulites 33as, 39e
Sphingolipids 25d, 30t
Sphingomyelins 25d
Sphingosines 38s
Spices 16o
Spilite 33ac
Spin, electronic 27e, 34d, 49c
Spin, isotopic 49c
Spin, nuclear 34b, 49c
Spin, nuclear coupling 34b
Spinach 16t
Spinae 37d
Spinal column 8i, 30w
Spinal cord 8j, 30y
Spinel-group minerals 33g
Spinel-type crystals 54d
Spin labels 38y, 59n
Spinnability 42j
Spinning apparatus 5w, 5z
Spinochromes 7b
Spinodal decomposition 55f
Spin wave and Magnon 27f, 39e
Spiro compounds 38k, 38r
Spirometers 5a, 5q
Spirosome 37d
Spleen 8g, 21d
Spleen, disease 30l
Spleen, neoplasm 30l
Splenectomy 30aj
Spondylitis 30v
Sponge substitutes 45d
Spongolite 33ar
Spore 43f
Spore germination and outgrowth 43f
Sporicides 1c
Sporopollenins 43a
Sporting goods 59n
Sporulation 43f
Spraying 58g
Spraying apparatus 5z
Sprays la, 39b, 56a
Spreading 57d, 62c
Spreading agents 59n
Spreading apparatus 5z
Springs (bodies of water) 33av
Springs (mechanical) 5t, 5ak
Sprinklers 5z, 5ak
Sprue 30e
Sputtering 5u, 13d, 32k, 47a, 54e, 57a, 58b
Sputum 9b
Squeezing apparatus 5w
Squid 16d
Stability 29e
Stabilization energy 60b
Stabilizing Agents 44d
Stacking-fault energy 54a
Staining l9A, 36b, 58b
Staining, biologicaI 2e, 36b
Stains 19A, 44A, 45b, 59b
Stains, biologicaI 2b
Stalagtites 33av
Stalagmites 33av
Stalagmometers 5r
Stamps (apparatus) 5w
Stamps (seals) 5ak
Standardization 2e, 42g
Standards, legal and permissive 41j, 42d, 42g, 61d
Standards, physicaI 42g
Standards, purity and  quality 42d, 42g
Standards solutions, analytical 2b, 42g, 55b
Standard substances, analyticAI 2b, 42g
Stand oils 35A
Stannates 23n
Stannathianes 23n, 23aj; 38x, 46m
Stannoxanes 23o, 23ad, 38x, 46m
Star anise 16q
Starch substitutes 59n
Stark effect 6c, 13f, 14d, 49b
Stars 63A
Stars, collapsed 63e
Stars, exploding 63c
Starvation 4h, 26d, 30u, 30af
States of matter 42j, 63a
Statistical mechanics  29e, 49c
Statistics and Statistical analysis 51f
Steam 59n
Stearoptenes  38ad
Steatorrhea 30e
Steatosis 30t
Steel wool 32g
Stellacyanins 48g
Stem 43c
Stencils 5ag
Stereochemistry 6i
Stereoelectronic effect 6j, 42c, 49d
Stereology 54c
Steric effect 42c
Steric hindrance 42c
Sterility 30i
Sterilization and Disinfection 5a, 16v, 41k
Steroids 20c, 25e, 38aa
Stevens rearrangement 50j
Stevens rearrangement catalysts lli
Stiffening materials 59n
Stiffness 28c
Stochastic process 29f, 51f
Stoddard solvent 55g
Stoichiometry 42d
Stomach 8d
Stomach, disease 30e
Stomach, neoplasm 30e
Stomach, ruminant 8d
Stomach content 8d
Stomach content, ruminant 8d
Stone 10b, 10h, 33as
Stone, artificial 10b, 12j
Stoneware 12c
Stopcocks 5O, 5Ak
Stoppers 5ak
Storage 58g
Storax (balsam) lc, 46a
Storax (resin) 46p
Stoves 51, 5m
Strain 29d
Straining apparatus 5an
Strangeness 49c
Strange particles 34e
Straw 16e, 16q
Strawberry 16i
Strength 28e
Stress, biological 4h, 30ae
Stress, mechanical 29c
Stripping apparatus 5an
Stroboscopes 5ad
Stromatolite 33d, 33ar
Stronalite 33am
Strontium chalcogenides 23d, 23f, 23z
Strontium halide phosphates 23e, 23f, 23v, 23at, 23aw
Strontium halides 23e, 23f, 23as
Strontium ores 33j
Strontium pnictides 23e, 23f, 23o
Structural chemistry 51c
Stubachite 33ac
Stucco 10b
Stuffing boxes 5ak
Stylolite 33ar
Subarkose 33ar
Suberins 43b
Sublimation 5an, 32c, 52b, 55c, 58d
Submarines 5ap
Substituent constant 42b
Substituent effect 42j
Substitution reaction 50m
Substitution reaction, coordinative 50q
Substitution reaction, electrophilic 50q
Substitution reaction, nucleophilic 50q
Substitution reaction catalysts 11k
Suction apparatus 5z
Sudan grass 16m
Sudburite 33ac
Suevite 33am
Sugarcane 16q
Suint 8n
Sulfamates 23s, 23ah, 38z
Sulfates 23ah
Sulfatides 25b, 25e
Sulfation 31e, 50p
Sulfation catalysts 11o
Sulfenamides 38aa
Sulfenes 38a
Sulfenic acids 38, 38aa, 38ac
Sulfeno(selenothioperoxoic) Acids 23a, 23b, 23ag, 23ah, 23be
Sulfenyl azides 23t, 23ah
Sulfenyl bromides 38m, 38aa
Sulfenyl chlorides 38m, 3aa
Sulfenyl compounds 38a
Sulfenyl fluorides 38n, 38ac
Sulfonyl halides 38n, 38ac
Sulfonyl iodides 38n, 38ab
Sulfides 23ah, 38ab, 46q
Sulfinamides 38ab
Sulfinamidines 38c, 38ab
Sulfines 38ab
Sulfinic acids 38c, 38ac
Sulfinyl chlorides 38n, 38b
Sulfinyl halides 38n, 38ab
Sulfites 23ai
Sulfolipids 25e
Sulfonamides 38ab
Sulfonate 38z
Sulfonation 50q
Sulfonation catalysts 11o
Sulfones 38ab
Sulfonic Acids 38c, 38ab, 38ae, 46d
Sulfonimides 38ab
Sulfonitrile compounds 38ab
Sulfonium compounds 38u
Sulfonylation 50q
Sulfonylation catalysts 11o
Sulfonyl azides 38e, 38ac
Sulfonyl chlorides 38n, 38ac
Sulfonyl compounds 38ab
Sulfonyl cyanided 38ac
Sulfonyl fluorides 38n, 38ac
Sulfonyl halides 38n, 38ac
Sulfonyl iodides 38n, 38ac
Sulfonyl isocyanates 38y, 38ac
Sulfoxides 38ac
Sulfur Acids 23a, 23ai, 38c, 38ac
Sulfuranes 38ac
Sulfuration 50q
Sulfuration catalysts 11o
Sulfur burners 5l
Sulfur halides 23ab, 23aj, 23av
Sulfurization and Sulfidization 32h, 50c, 50q
Sulfurization catalysts 11c, 11o
Sulfur ores 33j
Sulorite 33ac
Sultams 38ac
Sultines 38ac
Sultones 38ac
Sum rule 6c, 29f, 49b
Sun 63c
Sunburn and Suntan 30ac, 36d
Sunflower 16q
Sunflower meal 16g, 16q
Sunflower oil 16g, 16q, 35b
Sunscreens 36c, 36d, 36i, 41b, 41h
Superconductivity 13g, 32g
Superconductor devices 5d
Superconductors 5d, 32g, 59e
Supercooled materials 59n
Supercooling 32c, 55c
Superfluids 55b, 62c
Superheavy element halides 23ba, 23cn
Superheavy elements 15a, 34f, 34h
Superlattices 56c
Superoxides 23ag
Superphosphates 23w
Superphosphoric acids 23a, 23w
Superradiance 14d
Supersaturation 55c, 55f
Supersolids 54f
Surface 42j
Surface activity 57c
Surface analysis 2e, 57c
Surface area 28a, 57c
Surface energy 57c, 60b
Surface pressure 29c, 57a
Surface structure 54e, 56c, 57c
Surface tension 29d, 57c, 60c
Surfactants10a, 32c, 45f
Surgery 30ai
Suspensions 39c, 56b
Sviatonossite 33ac
Swamps 33av
Sweat gland 8g
Sweating sickness 30o
Sweet clover 16n
Sweetening agents 16x
Sweetness 4h, 16v
Sweet potato 16t
Sweetsop 16l
Swelling, biological 4f, 30ah, 43f
Swelling, physical 28a
Swellin agents 59n
Swimming pools 10e
Swine fever 30p
Syenite 33ac
Syenodiorite 33 c
Symbiosis 4h
Symbol 22c
Symmetry 42j
Symplectites 33ac
Synapse 37a
Synchrocyclotrons 5aa
Synchrotron radiation 14d
Synchrotrons 5aa
Syncope 30b
Syneresis 42k
Synneusis 33aw
Synnyrite 33ac
Synovial fluid 9b
Synovial membrane 8h, 8i, 30v
Syntaxy 54c
Synthesis 50q
Synthetic fibers 10c
Synthetic fibers, polymeric 45b, 46r
Synthons 38ac
Syphilis 30n, 30p
Syringes 5w
Syrinx 8l
Syrups 16x, 46b
Systems 55e

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