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Polymer Chemistry Subject Guide, provided by Swain Library.
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Subject Guides Prepared by the Swain Library

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Polymer Chemistry

This guide focuses on polymer chemistry resources. For engineering and business aspects of polymers and plastics, please search SearchWorks, Stanford’s Library Catalog, or consult with reference staff at the Engineering and Business Libraries. For additional chemistry resources, please see the Swain Library home page.


Library Catalogs

See also: E-Books and E-Texts. The National Academy Press has the full-text of more than 1,800 books online.

Abstracts and Indexes

While it is possible to search for a polymer in Chemical Abstracts Online (CAS) using a common name or trade name, using a CAS Registry Number is the most precise and comprehensive way to search for a specific polymer. CAS assigns a Registry Number for a polymer using either the monomer or the structural repeating unit. A list of CAS Numbers for the 500 most common polymers is listed as an appendix in the Polymer Handbook. 4th edition. Swain Ref QD388 .P65 1999.

Because experimental procedures are not commonly indexed in databases, consider searching the full-text of key journal publishers to see an article contains needed information. See section on Electronic Journals for resources you can use to identify publishers.

Increasingly, databases such as CAS and SciSearch provide full-text links to sources. To help you keep current, it is possible to set up current awareness searches in several databases (e.g., CAS Online, Biosis, EI/Compendex, Inspec, and SciSearch) available to Stanford students, faculty, and staff. While you can set up most current awareness searches yourself, the Swain Librarian will need to set up profiles for CAS Online.

Conferences and Meetings


Encyclopedias and Major Reference Works

Guides to Resources




Educational Resources

Electronic Journals

Search SearchWorks, Stanford’s Library Catalog, for the most up-to-date information to determine if the Stanford Libraries own a print or electronic journal. Catalog records have a hot link in them.

Handbooks and Data

Historical Resources

  • American Plastic: A Cultural History. Swain & Green Stacks TP1117 .M45 1995
  • The Chain Straighteners (1979). Swain TP1087.M3
  • The Development of Plastics. Swain TP1116 .D48 1994
  • Early Plastics: Perspectives, 1850-1950. Green Stacks TP1116 .E27 1997
  • History of Polymer Science and Technology (1982). Engineering QD380 .H57
  • History of Science, Technology, and Medicine. Database; Limited to Stanford users.
  • Inventing Polymer Science: Staudinger, Carothers, and the Emergence of Macromolecular Chemistry. Green Stacks QD381 .F87 1998
  • Mold of Fortune: Lionel B. Kavanagh and the First Half Century of Plastics (1959). Business TP140 .K35 K4
  • Pioneers in Polymer Science. Swain TP1119.A1P56 1989
  • Plastic: The Making of a Synthetic Century. Green Stacks TP1116 .F46 1996
  • Polymer Pioneers. Green Library Stacks TP1116.M67 1986
  • Polymers and People: An Informal History. Print version also in Green Stacks QD281 .P6 E44 1986
  • Polymers: The Origins and Growth of a Science. Swain QD381.M663 1985


Chemical Names, Synonyms & Tradenames

  • Chemical Acronyms Database
  • Chemical Products Desk Reference. Swain Ref TP9.A84 1990
  • Chemical Tradename Dictionary. Swain Ref TP9.A73 1993
  • Chemical Tradename Dictionary. Swain Ref TP9.A73 1993
  • Dictionary of Chemical Names and Synonyms. Swain Ref TP9.H65 1992
  • Gardener’s Chemical Synonyms and Trade Names, 9th edition. Swain Ref TP9.G286 1987
  • Encyclopedia of Chemical Trademarks and Synonyms. 3 vols. Swain Ref TP9.B4 1981
  • Guide to Polymer Abbreviations
  • Guide to Polymer Tradenames
  • Index of Polymer Trade Names, 2nd edition. Swain Ref T223.V4 C5 1992
  • Industrial Chemical Thesaurus, 2nd edition. 2 vols. Swain Ref Z695.1.C5I52 1992

Spectral Resources

  • Applications of Polymer Spectroscopy (1978). Swain QC463.P5.A66
  • Atlas of Polymers and Plastics Analysis. Swain Ref QD139.P6 H8 1991 f v. 1, pt 1-2
  • Carbon-13 NMR in Polymer Science (1979). Swain QD272.S6.C37
  • 13C NMR Spectroscopy. Swain QD96.N8B7313 1984
  • Dielectric Spectroscopy of Polymers (1977). Swain QC463.P5H43
  • High Resolution XPS of Organic Polymers. Swain Ref QD139.P6 B43 1992
  • The Infrared Spectra Atlas of Monomers and Polymers (1980). Swain Ref QC463.P5I53
  • Infrared Spectra of Polymers in the Medium and Long Wavelength Regions (1966). Physics TP156.P6H8
  • Infrared Spectroscopic Atlas of Polyurethanes (Including Model Compounds). Swain QC463.P55 D55 1989
  • Infrared Spectroscopy of High Polymers (1964). Stanford Auxiliary Library 535.842 .Z39
  • Introduction to the Spectroscopy of Biological Polymers (1976). Biology QC463.P5.I57
  • NMR Spectra of Polymers 1H-13C. Swain Ref QC463.P5P45 1980
  • NMR Spectroscopy of Polymers, 1st edition. Swain QC463.P5 N57 1993
  • Polymer Sequence Determinations (1977). Swain QC463.P5.R36
  • Proton and Carbon NMR Spectra of Polymers. Swain Ref QC463.P5 P76 1991 f
  • The Raman Spectra of Polymers. Swain Ref QC462.P5 H45 1993 f
  • Synthetic Mass Spectrometry Polymer Project (NIST)
  • The Theory of Vibrational Spectroscopy and Its Application to Polymeric Materials (1982). Swain QC463.P5P34

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