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A history of the American Chemical Society's Division of Chemical Information: 1943-1993: Appendix 5: Symposia 1949-1975.

Appendix 5: Symposia at the ACS National Meetings, Division of Chemical Literature, 1949–1975

(number in parentheses gives the number of papers presented in a given symposium; name in parentheses is the name of the presiding symposium chairman, or the author of a single paper if so indicated)

115th, Spring 1949 — San Francisco, CA
The University Library as an Aid to Scientific Work (4) (Norman C. Hill)
Literature Sources of Information on Western Chemical and Process Industries (3) (John Callaham)
Trends in Indexing, Classifying, and Utilizing Chemical Literature (8) (James W. Perry)
116th, Fall 1949 — Atlantic City, NJ
Foreign Chemical Literature. I. Language Instruction for Chemists (6) (James W. Perry) (joint with Chemical Education)
Microdocumentation (5) (Milburn P. Doss)
Electronic Equipment for Chemical Information Work (8) (James W. Perry)
General (6) (Norman C. Hill)
Nomenclature of Hydrocarbons (8) (Stewart S. Kurtz) (joint with Chemical Education, Organic Chemistry, and Petroleum Chemistry)
117th, Spring 1950 — Houston, TX, and Detroit, MI
General (6) (Milburn P. Doss)
Chemical Literature Searching Techniques (22) (Tibor E. R. Singer)
118th, Fall 1950 — Chicago, IL
General (9) (James W. Perry)
Communication of Chemical Information (10) (Robert S. Casey)
History of Chemical Literature and Libraries (9) (Julian F. Smith) (joint with History of Chemistry)
and 2 papers: The History of Chemical Notation (William J. Wiswesser) and Russian Chemical Literature Since 1917 (Paul W. Howerton)
119th, Spring 1951 — Boston, MA
General (6) (Milburn P. Doss)
Literature Chemists and Chemical Librarians (5) (Tibor E. R. Singer)
Evolution of a Patent (10) (Gertrude A. Munafo; Earl P. Stevenson) (joint with Committee on Patents)
Abstracting and Indexing Services (11) (Eugene W. Scott)
120th, Fall 1951 — New York, NY (Diamond Jubilee Meeting)
Mechanical Aids to Chemical Documentation (9) (James W. Perry)
Communication of Chemical Information (10) (Robert S. Casey)
Chemical Nomenclature (14) (Austin M. Patterson)
121st, Spring 1952 — Buffalo, NY
Chemical-Biological Clearing Houses (8) (William H. Longenecker) (joint with Biological Chemistry)
General (10) (Milburn P. Doss)
Company Abstract Bulletin (6) (Milburn P. Doss)
Literature Sources for Chemical Market Research (15) (John R. Skeen)
122nd, Fall 1952 — Atlantic City, NJ
Literature of Synthetic Resins and Plastics (7) (Gordon M. Kline) (joint with Paint, Varnish, and Lacquer Chemistry; and Polymer Chemistry)
Abstracting (8) (Robert P. Ware)
General (15) (Tibor E. R. Singer)
Literature of Textile Chemistry (6) (Julian F. Smith) (joint with Cellulose Chemistry)
Literature Resources of the Food Industries (9) (Earl D. Stewart) (joint with Agricultural and Food Chemistry)
123rd, Spring 1953 — Los Angeles, CA
Literature of Chemicals Derived from Petroleum (10) (Charlotte Schaler) (joint with Petroleum Chemistry)
General (5) (Arthur Furst)
What the Technical Publisher Expects and Why (8) (Mary Alexander)
124th, Fall 1953 — Chicago, IL
General (13) (Ernest F. Spitzer; Tibor E. R. Singer)
Research Report, Its Functions, Preparation, Distribution, and Use (12) (Ben H. Weil)
Equipment for the Preparation, Reproduction, and Utilization of Technical Information (12) (Milburn P. Doss; L. C. Stork)
Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry (15) (Howard T. Bonnett; S. B. Binkley) (joint with Medicinal Chemistry)
125th, Spring 1954 — Kansas City, MO
Literature in the Fields of Cellulose and Its Related Materials (9) (Harry F. Lewis) (joint with Cellulose Chemistry)
General (20) (Tibor E. R. Singer)
126th, Fall 1954 — New York, NY
General (23) (Charles E. Zerwekh, Jr.; Tibor E. R. Singer; Ernest F. Spitzer; Hanna Friedenstein)
Aids to the Use of the Foreign Chemical Literature (15) (Teresa G. Labov; Tibor E. R. Singer) (with the Modern Language Association of America)
Technical Information in Action (15) (Gustav Egloff; L. H. Flett) (joint with Chemical Marketing and Economics; and Industrial and Engineering Chemistry)
Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Literature (13) (Howard T. Bonnett; S. B. Binkley) (joint with Medicinal Chemistry)
127th, Spring 1955 — Cincinnati, OH
General (9) (Ernest F. Spitzer; Charlotte Schaller)
Literature of Agricultural Chemicals (7) (Richard L. Kenyon) (joint with Agricultural and Food Chemistry)
Technical Writing (9) (Ben H. Weil)
Patents (6) (Earl P. Stevenson)
Literature of Soaps and Detergents (7) (John W. McCutcheon)
New Tools for the Resurrection of Knowledge (5) (James W. Perry and Allen Kent)
Training of Literature Chemists (7) (Melvin G. Mellon) (joint with Chemical Education)
128th, Fall 1955 — Minneapolis, MN
Results of the Practical Application of Punched Cards to Indexing (13) (Gilbert L. Peakes)
General (25) (Erna L. Gramse; Ben H. Weil; Charles E. Zerwekh, Jr.; Margaret H. Graham)
Training of Chemists and Chemical Engineers in Technical Writing (6) (Ben H. Weil) (joint with Chemical Education)
Communication of Technical Information in an Industrial Research Organization (11) (Herman Skolnik)
Patents (10) (Leonard J. Robbins)
Centralized and Decentralized Information Activity in Industry (3) (Carleton C. Conrad)
129th, Spring 1956 — Dallas, TX
Literature of Combustion of Petroleum (26) (Guenther von Elve; Cecil E. Boord; D. P. Barnard) (joint with Petroleum Chemistry)
New Tools for the Resurrection of Knowledge (8) (Allen Kent; James W. Perry)
General (12) (Ben H. Weil; Ernest F. Spitzer; Margaret H. Graham)
Patents (9) (Charles E. Zerwekh, Jr.)
130th, Fall 1956 — Atlantic City, NJ
Patents (5) (Byfleet G. Ravenscroft)
General (12) (Dean F. Gamble; John H. Fletcher)
Literature of Rubber (15) (Hanna Friedenstein) (joint with Rubber Chemistry)
Documentation Needs of ACS Members (1) (Allen Kent)
Chemical Abstracts; Its Policies, Production, and Use: A Fiftieth Anniversary Report (8) (E. J. Crane)
Searching the Chemical Literature (19) (Ernest F. Spitzer; Tibor E. R. Singer)
Preparation of Technical Material for Development, Promotion, and Advertising (13) (Ethaline H. Cortelyou; James J. McMahon) (joint with Chemical Marketing and Economics)
131st, Spring 1957 — Miami Beach, FL
New Tools for the Resurrection of Knowledge (10) (Allen Kent and James W. Perry)
General (12) (Irlene Roemer Stephens; Madeline M. Berry)
Literature of Naval Stores (7) (Herman Skolnik) (joint with Paint, Plastics, and Printing Ink Chemistry)
Literature of Marine Chemistry (7) (Dean F. Gamble)
132nd, Fall 1957 — New York, NY
Technical Editing (17) (Ben H. Weil)
Mechanized Data Handling (21) (Irlene Roemer Stephens)
Chemical Indexing (8) (John H. Fletcher)
General (13) (Charles E. Zerwekh, Jr.; Harriet A. Geer)
Patents (13) (A. J. Nydick; C. F. Chisholm)
133rd, Spring 1958 — San Francisco, CA
General (9) (Ben H. Weil)
Literature of Automation as Applied to Analytical Chemistry (5) (Melvin G. Mellon) (joint with Analytical Chemistry)
New Tools for the Resurrection of Knowledge (6) (James W. Perry)
Patents (10) (Ernest Levens)
134th, Fall 1958 — Chicago,IL
Organic Chemical Nomenclature (16) (Leslie B. Poland) (joint with Organic Chemistry)
Administration of Technical-Information Groups (9) (William T. Knox)
Copyright Problem (panel) (T. O. Jones)
General (12) (Ben H. Weil; Harriet A. Geer)
Patent (5) (Howard T. Bonnett)
Technical Writing in Specialized Fields (7) (Irlene Roemer Stephens)
135th, Spring 1959 — Boston, MA
Machine Translation (7) (Norman P. Neureiter)
Language Problem in Chemical Literature (4) (Norman P. Neureiter)
General (14) (Hanna Friedenstein; Charles E. Zerwekh, Jr.)
136th, Fall 1959 — Atlantic City, NJ
General (12) (Karl F. Heumann; Charles E. Zerwekh, Jr.)
Technical Information Services for Industry — Case Histories and Informal Discussion (7) (Hanna Friedenstein)
Technical Writing for Specialized Purposes (10) (Irlene Roemer Stephens)
Inorganic Nomenclature (7) (Janet D. Scott) (joint with Inorganic Chemistry)
137th, Spring 1960 — Cleveland, OH
General (16) (Dean F. Gamble; Karl F. Heumann)
Forensic Chemistry (16) (Harold Oatfield)
Literature and Technology of Rocket Propellants (10) (Ronald A. Graham)
Center for Documentation and Communication Research (5) (Harriet A. Geer)
138th, Fall 1960 — New York, NY
How Can the Chemist Help the Patent Lawyer? (6) (Thornton F. Holder)
Literature Abstracting Practice: Petroleum-Industry Experience (11) (Irving Zarember)
General (12) (Herman Skolnik)
Primary Scientific and Technical Publications; Training of Literature and Information Specialists; Utilization of Scientific and Technical Information (panel) (Mordecai Hoseh)
Information Retrieval and Analysis (5) (Dean F. Gamble) (joint with Medicinal Chemistry)
139th, Spring 1961 — St. Louis, MO
New Machine Methods in Chemical Documentation (11) (Fred A. Tate)
General (14) (Herman Skolnik)
What New Information Services Are Needed (4) (Charles Bernier)
Chemical Documentation (2) (Carleton C. Conrad)
Battelle Solves Its Information Problem (6) (Iver Igelsrud)
140th, Fall 1961 — Chicago, IL
Distribution of Documents in an Industrial Organization (4) (Fred J. Bassett)
Literature as a Basis of Creativity in Chemistry (7) (Frederic R. Benson)
Current Research Programs in Library Science Graduate Schools (4) (Jesse H. Shera)
General (13) (Fred R. Whaley)
How Much Information Service? (8) (William T. Knox)
Challenges and Opportunities for Chemists in Patent Work (6) (Harry M. Norton)
141st, Spring 1962 — Washington, DC
Education of Literature Chemists (8) (Melvin G. Mellon and Willis H. Waldo) (joint with Chemical Education)
International Scientific Communication (7) (Erick I. Hoegberg and Karl F. Heumann)
General (20) (Fred R. Whaley)
Developing a Deep Index (10) (John C. Costello, Jr.)
142nd, Fall 1962 — Atlantic City, NJ
Introduction to Information Retrieval (6) (Julius Frome)
ACS Divisional Preprints — Purpose, Production and Costs, and Place in the Chemical Literature (9) (Herman Skolnik)
General (8) (Dean F. Gamble)
Multiple Access Information Retrieval Systems (5) (John C. Costello, Jr.)
Government Services for Technical Information (4) (Harold Wooster)
143rd, January 1963 — Cincinnati, OH
Introduction to Information Retrieval (5) (Julius Frome)
General (6) (Dean F. Gamble)
Literature Resources of the Chemical Process Industries (13) (Julian F. Smith)
144th, Spring 1963 — Los Angeles, CA
Introduction to Information Systems (1) (Julius Frome)
Chemical Literature of Space Technology (7) (Margaret S. Hicks)
Facing Literature Problems in Borderline Fields (4) (Erick Heftmann)
General (4) (Dean F. Gamble)
State of the Art of Information Retrieval (4) (George N. Arnowick)
145th, Fall 1963 — New York, NY
Introduction to Communication Aspects of Chemical Literature (6) (Ben H. Weil)
Searching the Literature of a Number of Specialized Fields (8) (Julian F. Smith)
Information System Planning and Design Considerations (8) (John C. Costello, Jr.)
General (8) (Carleton C. Conrad)
Role of Science Information in Attacking the World Food Problem (5) (Eugene Garfield) (joint with Agricultural and Food Chemistry)
Patentability of Chemical Inventions (5) (Elmer J. Lawson)
146th, January 1964 — Denver, CO
The Division did not participate
147th, Spring 1964 — Philadelphia, PA
Advances in Chemical Structure Storage and Searching Systems (9) (Howard T. Bonnett)
Information Problems in Chemical Marketing (9) (Gerald J. Bayern; Erik I. Hoegberg) (joint with Chemical Marketing and Economics)
General (6) (Carleton C. Conrad)
Problems of the Pesticide Literature and Some Solutions (11) (Herman Skolnik; Richard J. Magee) (joint with Agricultural and Food Chemistry)
148th, Fall 1964 — Chicago, IL
Methods of Alerting Chemists to New Developments (15) (Ben H. Weil; Tibor E. R. Singer)
Mechanized Handling of Information on Drugs (12) (Oliver H. Buchanan; F. Ellis Kelsey) (joint with Medicinal Chemistry)
General (13) (Harriet A. Geer)
Evaluation on Information Retrieval Systems (4) (Fred R. Whaley and Julius Frome)
Chemical Notation Systems — The NRC Report and Subsequent Developments (5) (Robert A. Harte)
149th, Spring 1965 — Detroit, MI
Current Applications of Mechanized Procedures for Handling Chemical Information (9) (Kenneth H. Zabriskie, Jr.)
General (12) (Alan Gelberg)
Work and Time Studies in Technical Information (6) (Stephen J. Tauber)
150th, Fall 1965 — Atlantic City, NJ
General (14) (Howard T. Bonnett)
Equipment for Processing Information (6) (Tibor E. R. Singer; Julian F. Smith)
Current Viewpoints on Patents (6) (Charles A. Miller) (joint with Chemical Marketing and Economics)
Collection, Processing, and Utilization of Pharmaceutical Product Information from Biomedical Literature (5) (Henry M. Kissman)
151st, Spring 1966 — Pittsburgh, PA
Error Control in the Chemical Literature (6) (Karl Heumann)
Resources for Information Systems (6) (Julius Frome)
General (11) (Carlos M. Bowman)
Problems of Small Information Groups (10) (Madeline M. Henderson)
152nd, Fall 1966 — New York, NY
Compilations of Data on Chemical and Physical Properties of Substances (13) (Guy Waddington)
Administration of Technical Information Groups (3) (Erick I. Hoegberg)
General (12) (Helen F. Ginsberg)
User Evaluation of Secondary Sources of Information (9) (Joe H. Clark)
Chemical Nomenclature (6) (Kurt L. Loening)
153rd, Spring 1967 — Miami Beach, FL
Scientific Information Resources for the Water Researcher (5) (G. F. Morgan) (joint with Water, Air, and Waste Chemistry)
Selective Dissemination of Information (6) (Julius Frome)
Progress Report on Modern Methods (6) (David H. Gould)
General (8) (Panos Kokoropoulos)
154th, Fall 1967 — Chicago, IL
Microforms in Information Storage and Retrieval (4) (Henry M. Kissman)
General (7) (Joe H. Clark)
Scientific Meetings: Considerations about Present and Future Communication within the Division of Chemical Literature (3) (Claire K. Schultz)
Advances in Handling and Searching Chemical Structure and Properties (5) (David H. Gould)
155th, Spring 1968 — San Francisco, CA
Critical Reviews: What, Why, When, and How (4) (Madeline M. Henderson)
Technical Information Facilities (4) (Robert E. Maizell)
Literature of Agricultural and Food Sciences — Problems and Some Solutions (11) (Michael M. Piskur; Herman Skolnik) (joint with Agricultural and Food Chemistry)
Effects of Proposed Patent Reform Act (6) (Julius Frome)
General (6) (Joe H. Clark)
Notation Systems (14) (Charles E. Granito; Alan Gelberg)
156th, Fall 1968 — Atlantic City, NJ
Training Chemists in the Use of the Chemical Literature (5) (Gerald Jahoda) (joint with Chemical Education)
Toxicological Centers (7) (Frederic R. Benson)
Whole Term Searching (5) (Kenneth H. Zabriskie, Jr.)
Redesign of the Technical Literature (12) (Charles L. Bernier)
Preparation of Technical Material for Development, Promotion, and Advertising (12) (Erick I. Hoegberg) (joint with Chemical Marketing and Economics)
General (7) (Carlos M. Bowman)
157th, Spring 1969 — Minneapolis, MN
Primary Journals (7) (H. L. Reynolds)
General (23) (Carlos M. Bowman; Frederick K. Broome)
Literature and Creativity, Help or Hindrance (panel) (Ralph E. O’Dette)
158th, Fall 1969 — New York, NY
Who Reads the Chemical Literature and for What Purposes (5) (Howard J. White)
Journal and Patent Literature Explosion (5) (Edmund M. Immergut)
General (7)
How It Will be in 10 Years — An Exercise in Practical Speculation About Information Output (panel) (Ralph E. O’Dette)
Methods and Resources for the Translator of Chemical Documents (5) (R. S. Schutz)
Microfilm Forum: Experiences, Problems, and Plans of Users and Publishers (9) (Ben H. Weil and Lee N. Starker)
159th, Spring 1970 — Houston, TX
The Division did not participate
ACS/CIC Joint Conference, May 1970 — Toronto, Canada
Communications in Chemistry and Chemical Technology (14) (Herman Skolnik; Harold I. Schiff; Leo Yaffee)
Communicating Technical Information Within Industrial, Academic, and Association Groups (10) (Frederick K. Broome)
160th, Fall 1970 — Chicago, IL
University and Chemical Information (7) (0. Bertrand Ramsay) (joint with Chemical Education)
Communication of Technical Information (5) (Karl F. Heumann)
General (13) (Stephen J. Tauber; Charles E. Granito)
Functions and Contributions of Industrial Information Centers (4) (Bernard S. Schlessinger) (joint with Industrial and Engineering Chemistry)
Information — Does It Cost What It Is Worth? (open forum) (Charles E. Granito)
Laboratory Automation and Direct Recording of Information for Future Retrieval (4) (H. S. Conway) (joint with Analytical Chemistry)
161st, Spring 1971 — Los Angeles, CA
Frontiers in Information Handling — New Techniques and Technologies (3) (Robert E. Maizell)
Critique on Chemical Information Services (panel) (Bruno M. Vasta)
General (6) (Charles E. Granito)
Information Issues and Problems (1) (open forum) (Charles E. Granito)
Role of Information in Drug Design (4) (Paul N. Craig) (joint with Medicinal Chemistry)
Input-Output Interactions (9) (Stephen J. Tauber)
162nd, Fall 1971 — Washington, DC
General (12) (Charles E. Granito; Alan Gelberg)
Appraising Information and Technology Systems (3) (Floyd D. Hamilton)
Directing Appraisal (panel) (H. Bieber)
Copyrights (open forum) (Charles E. Granito)
Chemical Data Analysis (8) (Alfred P. Feldman; J. A. Schafer)
Engineer’s Viewpoint of Patent Licensing (5) (J. R. Ehrenfeld) (joint with Industrial and Engineering Chemistry)
163rd, Spring 1972 — Boston, MA
Computerized Manipulation, Storage, and Retrieval of Chemical Structural Information (5) (Anthony E. Petrarca)
Evaluation of Existing Chemical Information Services (5) (Bruno M. Vasta)
Information Research in Colleges and Universities (5) (Bernard S. Schlessinger)
Problems of Reviewing R&D Grant and Contract Proposals (open forum) (Anthony E. Petrarca)
Design, Implementation, Improvement of Chemical Information Services (5) (Stephen J. Tauber)
General (3) (Charles E. Granito)
164th, Fall 1972 — New York, NY
Analysis and Handling of Structurally Related Data (6) (Anthony E. Petrarca)
General (7) (James E. Rush)
Chemical Information Activities Abroad (5) (Stephen J. Tauber)
Problems Concerning Author, Editor, Reviewer, and Reader of Scientific Journal Articles (open forum) (Anthony E. Petrarca)
Presenting Chemistry to the Public (9) (R. C. Brasted) (joint with Chemical Education, and Committees on Chemical Education, Local Section Activities, Professional Relations, and Public Relations)
Cooperative Efforts in Information Distribution (9) (Bernard S. Schlessinger)
165th, Spring 1973 — Dallas, TX
The Division did not participate
166th, Fall 1973 — Chicago, IL
Impact of Current Trends in Science on Chemical Literature (panel) (John K Crum)
Evaluative and Comparative Studies of Information Sources and Tools (6) (Bruno M. Vasta)
Understanding Chemistry and Chemists (5) (Raymond P. Mariella) (joint with Chemical Education, and Committees on Chemical Education, Professional Relations, and Public Relations)
Chemical Abstracts in Transition (2) (Herman Bloch) (joint with Chemical Education, and Committees on Chemical Abstracts Service and Publications)
Importance of Nomenclature of “Commercial” Chemicals in Chemical Safety, Chemical Disasters, and Chemical Literature (4) (Howard H. Fawcett) (joint with Committees on Chemical Disasters and Chemical Safety)
The Division of Chemical Literature’s First Twenty-Five Years: Where to Now? (open forum) (James E. Rush)
167th, Spring 1974 — Los Angeles, CA
Recent Developments in Structure-Activity Correlations (11) (Paul N. Craig) (joint with Medicinal Chemistry)
General (7) (Bruno M. Vasta)
Pattern Recognition in Chemistry (11) (James E. Rush)
168th, Fall 1974 — Atlantic City, NJ
General (10) (Alan Gelberg; Barbara A. Montague; Charles A. Granito; Bruno M. Vasta)
Effectiveness of Chemical Information Systems Currently in Use (6) (Peter A. Baker)
On-Line Systems (5) (Bruno M. Vasta)
169th, Spring 1975 — Philadelphia, PA
User Reactions to CAS Data and Bibliographic Services (10) (Cynthia H. O’Donohue)
National Cancer Institute’s Drug Research and Development Chemical Information System (5) (Sidney Richman)
General (6) (Melvin L. Huber)
Impact of On-Line Information Systems (11) (Bruno M. Vasta; Robert E. Buntrock)
General (5) (Charles E. Granito)
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