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CAS Registry Numbers on STN: Appendix 1 -- Logon Procedures.

Appendix 1 — Logon Procedures

Use the STN Login Card for instructions on using Sprintnet (formerly Telenet), Tymnet, Internet, or Compuserve. NOTE: to use STN, you do not need to open an account with these telecommunications services; STN has an account with each service. You simply need the service's local telephone number.

Logon macros for automatic logon are available with various telecommunication software packages. For more information on using these with STN, contact the STN Software support desk at 1-800-848-6538.

Direct Dial Procedures

  1. Dial 614-447-3781.
  2. When you hear a high pitched sound, connect your telephone receiver to the modem (with some software packages, this will be done automatically), and press the carriage return twice.

    enter <CR> <CR>

  3. STN welcomes you and asks you to enter the letter X. Enter X and press the carriage return.

    Welcome to STN International! Please enter X: X <CR>

  4. STN International requests your login ID. Enter your login ID and press the carriage return.


  5. STN asks you for your password. Enter your password.


  6. STN requests your terminal type. Enter 3 and press the carriage return.

    TERMINAL (ENTER 1,2,3 OR ?): 3 <CR>
    Terminal type 1 = HP2647
    Terminal Iype 2 = PLOT10 graphics terminal
    Terminal type 3 = text only terminal

    The STN welcome message appears and you are automatically placed into the HOME file. After the message:

    FILE 'HOME' ENTERED AT 14:06:01 ON 10 FEB1993

    an arrow appears. This is the system prompt, =>. This indicates that STN is waiting for your instructions and you need to initiate your search by specifying a file: => FILE REGISTRY

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