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CAS Registry Numbers on STN: Appendix 7 -- Further Training Available.

Appendix 7 — Further Training Available

If you find that you want or need more in-depth training on searching in the Registry File or want to know how to search other files on STN, CAS offers several options:

  1. Workshops — help from an instructor.
    • Registry Dictionary File Searching: Chemical Names
    • Registry Dictionary File Searching: Molecular Formulas
    • Registry Dictionary File Searching: Ring Systems
    • STN Structure Searching
    • Searching Biosequence and Related Information on STN
  2. STN Tutorial — a microcomputer-based tutorial designed to help you search online on STN International. Tutorials simulate online interaction using your personal computer without logging on to STN. Thus, there are no online charges and no modem is required.
    • STN Overview — A FREE lesson providing an introduction to STN and its databases. Includes a chemical name search, a search locating and using a CAS Registry Number, and other common types of searches on STN databases.
  3. CAS Manuals and Booklets
    • Getting Started on STN — This booklet does not explain searching on the REGISTRY File, but it does have general information about learning how to access STN.
    • The REGISTRY File Database Description
    • Searching STN: The Basics — Lesson 3 — Specific Chemical Substances — Includes instructor notes and a workbook. Designed to help someone conduct their own training workshop.
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