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CAS Registry Numbers on STN: Appendix 9 -- Display Fields.

Appendix 9 — Display Fields

Display Field CodeDisplay Field Content
AFAlternate Molecular Formula
ARAlternate Registry Number
CCIComponent Class Identifier
CCNCondensed Chemical Name
CDESComponent Descriptor
ClClass Identifier
CILComponent Isotope of Unknown Location
CMComponent Number
CMFComponent Molecular Formula
CNChemical Name (for up to 50 names)
CRNComponent Registry Number
DRDeleted Registry Number
FCNFull Chemical Name (all available names)
FSFile Segment
ILIsotope of Unknown Location
INCA Index Name
LCRegistry Number Locator
MFMolecular Formula
PCTPolymer Class Term
PRPreferred Registry Number
REFReferences in CApreviews, CA, and CAOLD
RNRegistry Number
RRReplacing Registry Number
RSDRing System Data
SCNShort Chemical Name
SRSource of Registration
SRSDShort Ring System Data
STRStructure Diagram
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