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ACS Division of Chemical Information: Teaching Chemical Information: Tips and Techniques (March 1998)

Topics to be Covered

  1. Why teach chemical information?
    1. Where to Teach Curricula
  2. What to teach?
    1. Ideal chemical information curriculum
    2. Tailoring presentation to your audience
    3. Choosing the Right Tool for the Job
    4. Print Versus Electronic
    5. Strategies and Tactics for the Searcher
    6. Copyright
  3. Ways to teach:
    1. How to Start
    2. Types of Presentations
      1. Integrated In-class Presentation
      2. Workshop
      3. Short Course
      4. Indepth course
      5. Independent Study
    3. Barriers to Teaching Information and Possible Fixes
  4. Core Resources in Chemistry
    1. Primary Literature
      1. Journals
      2. Books
      3. Patents
      4. Technical Reports
      5. Conferences
      6. Dissertations
    2. Secondary Literature
      1. Data Collections
      2. Abstracts and Indexes
      3. Academic Plans for Online Databases
      4. Internet Teaching
  5. Attachments
    1. Tips for teaching
      1. Sources for practice questions
      2. Article about class demos of Internet searching
      3. “Teaching Chemical Information in the Electronic Age.” Paper presented by A. Somerville and C. Carr at the ACS National Meeting, Spring 1995.
        Helpful hints for librarians. By request from authors or from ACS/SLA Clearinghouse.
    2. Teaching aids
      1. List of major chemical information textbooks
      2. Major articles; publications
        1. Incl. articles from “The Chemical Information Instructor”
      3. Modules, ACS Division of Chemical Information’s Education Committee
      4. ACS/SLA Clearinghouse for Chemical Information Instruction Material
      5. Internet courses on chemical information
    3. Database Producers and Vendors
      1. Chemical Abstracts Service/STN International
      2. Dialog (Knight-Ridder Information Services)
      3. Beilstein
      4. Gmelin
      5. Institute for Scientific Information
      6. CRC
      7. Chapman & Hall
      8. Derwent
      9. Claims (IFI/Plenum Corp.)
      10. Questel/Orbit
    4. CPT (ACS Committee on Professional Training) guidelines, for information instruction and libraries
    5. CPT Journal List for Undergraduate Program
    6. Members of the ACS Division of Chemical Information’s Education Committee
  6. Evaluation form


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