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How to find additional library resources for the American Chemical Society's celebration of Earth Day.

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Browsing the Stacks by Library of Congress Call Numbers

Call Numbers Subject Area
GB Physical Geography
GB 651-2998 Hydrology. Water. Including ground water, rivers, lakes, glaciers
GB 980-2998 Ground and surfae waters
GB 980-992 Watersheds. Runoff. Drainage
GB 1001-1199.8 Groundwater. Hydrogeology
GB 1201-1598 Rivers. Stream measurements
GB 1601-2398 Lakes. Limnology. Ponds. Lagoons
GB 2401-2598 Ice. Glaciers. Ice sheets. Sea ice
GB 2601-2798 Snow. Snow surveys
GB 2801-2999 Hydrometeorology
GC Oceanography
GC 100-103 Seawater
GC 109-1149 Chemical oceanography
GC 150-182 Physical oceanography
GC 190-190.5 Ocean-atmosphere interation
GC 200-376 Dynamics of the ocean
GC 205-226 Waves
GC 228.5-228.6 Ocean circulation
GC 229-297.8 Currents
GC 297-299 Water masses and oceanic mixing
GC 300-376 Tides
GC 1080-1581 Marine pollution. Seawater pollution
QC Physics
QC 120-168.85 Descriptions of experimental mechanisms
QC 851-999 Meteorology
QH Natural History (General)
QH 325 Origins and beginnings of life
QH 540-549 Ecology
QL Zoology
QL 110-149 By physiographic division (soil, land, water, etc.)
TC 1-1800 Hydraulic and Ocean engineering
TC 1-978 Hydraulic engineering
TC 401-506 River, lake, and water-supply engineering, general
TC 530-537 River protective works, regulation, flood control
TC 601-791 Canals and inland navigation. Waterways
TC 801-978 Irrigation engineering, reclamation of wasteland, drainage
TC 1501-1800 Ocean engineering
TD 1-1066 Environmental technology, sanitary engineering
TD 169-171.85 Environmental protection
TD 172-193.5 Environmental pollution
TD 194-195 Environmental effects of industries and plants
TD 201-500 Water supply for domestic and industrial purposes
TD 419-428 Water pollution
TD 429.5-480.7 Water purification, water treatment and conditioning, saline water conversion
TD 481-493 Water distribution systems

Books found by LC

LC Dewey Subject Subject
F72 974.44 Water quality
GB661.2 508.316 Water
GB661.2 553.7 Water
GB662.3 532.0078 Water--Experiments
GB662.3 546.22 Water
GB662.3 551.48 Water
GB662.3 551.48 Water
GB671 553.7 Water
GB848 551.48 Water
HD1691 333.91 Water supply--Economic aspects
HD1691 333.91 Water--Pollution Water
HD4456 363.6/1/068 Municipal water supply--Management
N8261 704.9436 Water in art
N8261 760.04436 Water in art
QC145.24 Liquids Liquids--Experiments
QC863.5 551.57 Water Meteorology
QD147.5 532.2 Water--Experiments Archimedes principle
QH325 574.88 Water Microbiology Water--analysis
QH541.5 574.52632 Stream Ecology
QH541.5 577.64 Stream Ecology
QH541.5 591.526322 Pond Ecology Stream Ecology
QH541.5 574.5/26322 Pond Ecology Stream Ecology
QH541.5 574.5/26322 Lake Ecology Pond Ecology
QH96.57 574.5.2632 Limnoecology Stream Ecology
QL146.3 574.5/26322 Pond Ecology
RA591.5 333.9116 Water--Health aspects Water conservation
RM252 615.853 Water--Health aspects
TD223 333.91 Water supply Water--Pollution
TD223 553.7 Water supply Water
TD223 614.772 Water--Pollution Water supply
TD345 333.91 Water supply Fresh water
TD348 333.91 Water supply--Management Water--Pollution
363.7394 Water supply Water--Pollution
532 Water--Experiments
532.2 Water--Experiments
532.25 Buoyant ascent Water
546.22 Water--Experiments Water
551.57 Rain and rainfall Water
628.1 Water--Experiments Water supply

Overview of the Library of Congress Classification System

Library of Congress Classification System Outline from Library of Congress
Library of Congress Classification System Outline from The Mining Company

Help: Understanding LC Call Numbers

Understanding LC Call Numbers
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