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Creators of the print and web resources site for the American Chemical Society's celebration of Earth Day.


Chemists in the Library Working Group: Kara M. Jackson (Chair), Grace Baysinger (CCA, CINF), Paula Fox (CCA), Tracy A. Halmi (CCA), Bonnie Lawlor (CINF), Kitty Porter (CINF), Anne K. Taylor (CCA), Marisa Burgener (CCA), and Judith Jankowski (ACS Staff).

Chemists Celebrate Earth Day Working Group: Linette M. Watkins (Chair).

Other: Scott Shook, Chris Hammen, Jong Lee, Barden Shimbo, Jonathan Lavigne (Stanford University)

Hosted by: Stanford University Libraries & Academic Information Resources

CINF = ACS Division of Chemical Information
CCA = ACS Committee on Community Activities
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