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Resources for ACS National Chemistry Week 2004: Chemistry's Contribution to Our Health and Wellness.


Maryland Science Center, Baltimore, Maryland
BodyLink Exhibit

Catch up on current health and medical news in this interactive media newsroom. Explore the biological world inside you and the challenges and advances in health science through interactive exhibits. Become a scientist in the WetLab where you can investigate important health topics.

Related Exhibit: Your Body: The Inside Story

The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Heart: An Online Exploration

Explore the heart. Discover the complexities of its development and structure. Follow the blood through the blood vessels. Wander through the weblike body systems. Learn how to have a healthy heart and how to monitor your heart's health. Look back at the history of heart science.
The Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose, California
Understanding Genetics

In our new online exhibit Understanding Genetics, you can Zoom Into DNA, calculate your children's eye color and learn about Genetics & Human Health. You can have a Geneticist answer your questions about DNA and read the latest news about Genetics.
The California Science Center, Los Angeles, California
World of Life

All living creatures-from the single-celled amoeba all the way up to 100-trillion-celled human being-have the same life processes in common. Discover the connections between all life forms with a trip down the Life Tunnel and into the exhibits beyond. Be sure to explore the five life process galleries: Energy Factory, Supply Network, Control Center, Defense Line and Life Source.

Body Worlds Exhibit

BODY WORLDS is unlike any exhibition that has ever come before. It explores bodily performance at a depth never before possible on such a comprehensive scale. Thanks to the breakthrough process of plastination, more than 200 real human specimens are displayed to reveal an extraordinary new look inside the human body.

Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley, California
Within the Human Brain

Activate your brain and find out what happens! Explore the changes your brain goes through when you try out activities such as magnetic mazes, constructing stories, and matching sounds. Use computers to journey into the inner space of your brain and examine MRI images. Take a look at the effects of aging, disease, and drugs on the brain.
Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, Illinois
Human Body Slices

This unique display presents a rare look inside the human body. The exhibit contains actual horizontal sections from a man's body and vertical sections from a woman's body.

The sections were prepared in the 1940's from a man and woman who died of natural causes. Their bodies were frozen and cut into 1/2-inch sections with a power saw. The sections are preserved in a solution of chloral hydrate, glycerin, potassium acetate and water.

Liberty Science Center, Jersey City, New Jersey
Burps, Farts, and Snot

Think of your body as a complex machine. It has many systems that perform certain functions. The parts within each system work together to keep you in working order. Check out three body systems, how they work, and some of the smelly gross things they expel!

Brain Power

Your brain is the control center of your body and a major part of the central nervous system. It communicates with you through nerve cells called neurons. Communication between neurons moves from cell-to-cell and involves both chemical and electrical charges. Even simple tasks require one neuron to communicate with thousands of other neurons. Scientists who study the function, chemical composition, and structure of the brain work within the field of neuroscience or neurobiology.

Prenatal Imagery: Art From Within

Medical imaging technologies have extended our view of the human body. Like our eyes, some use light waves to create images. Others use electrons. But no matter what principle is behind the technology, each allows us to see and experience previously unknown views of the human body.

Hall of Health, Berkeley, California
The Hall of Health, sponsored by Children's Hospital and Research Center at Oakland, is a community health-education museum and science center dedicated to promoting wellness and individual responsibility for health. The philosophy of the Hall of Health is that health and human biology go hand in hand: an understanding of how the body works provides a meaningful context for all of the practices that promote good health.
Adventure Science Center, Nashville, Tennessee

BodyQuest, a $1.3 million, 3,500 square-foot interactive exhibit packed with lasers, image-altering photography and a gigantic respiratory system. BodyQuest increases the understanding of the human body and the impact of healthy choices.
The Children's Museum of Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee
Growing Healthy

See how your body works and learn about the importance of healthy living in Growing Healthy. Kids climb through the arteries of a giant heart, hear their own heartbeats amplified, ride a bicycle through Mars or on the Great Wall of China, perform surgery in a hospital, and build the food pyramid.
Arizona Science Center, Phoenix, Arizona
All About You

Both mind and body are the subjects of this gallery devoted to human life. Learn about the physiology of moving, the mechanisms of healing, patterns of learning and remembering, and new biotechnologies.

Exploring Your Mind

From addiction to speech patterns this exhibit area explores many of the mysteries of the human mind. Do not miss our What is Addiction? exhibits that look at the physical changes in the brain when an addiction is present and the new technology that has made these changes visible. This area includes a tot play area for visitors under 5 years of age.

New York Hall of Science, Queens, New York
Biochemistry Discovery Lab

Where do flower colors come from? How do antacids work? Step into the new Pfizer Foundation Biochemistry Discovery Lab, and measure, mix and mash to find the answers to these questions and others! It's the first hands-on lab in the world open to the public and devoted entirely to biochemistry - the chemistry of living things.

Hidden Kingdoms

We live in a sea of microbes . . . Even though you cannot see these microbes, you are surrounded by them. They are on everything: surfaces, hands, soil, water, snow, and in the desert sands and Arctic Ocean. And they are alive: they reproduce, move, and respond to their environment. Welcome to “Hidden Kingdoms -- The World of Microbes.” Here you will be able to explore this unseen, fascinating and important realm of life.

What About AIDS?

This WWW site contains frank discussions of sexuality. We believe that sex is an important part of everyone's life, and that questions about HIV/AIDS deserve honest answers. Some of this material is sexually explicit and may offend some viewers.

New Detroit Science Center, Detroit, Michigan
Dow Foundation Life Sciences Laboratory

The New Detroit Science Center's Dow Foundation Life Sciences Laboratory explains the wonders of nature with spectacular exhibits and interactive displays. Observe the similarities between urban and rainforest ecosystems by comparing the wildlife that inhabits these environments. Unleash the secrets of DNA and explore the workings of the microscopic world.
The SCIENCE EpiCenter & DNA Learning Center, New London, Connecticut
DNA Laboratory & Learning Center
Our newest major program will educate teachers and students in the methods and applications of DNA technology. A freshly refurbished laboratory equipped with the latest instrumentation, will be dedicated to instruction in DNA science.
Pacific Science Center, Seattle, Washington
Body Works

Find out how your body works in Body Works. Test your reaction time. See how much energy you produce on the Calorie Bicycles. Try out the computer games in the Nutrition Café and many other interactive exhibits. Body Works is all about you.

Nutrition Café

Interactive Nutrition Games

Discovery Place, Charlotte, North Carolina
Life Center

Get physical with hands-on exhibits related to human health, growth and development. Explore the heart exhibit, As The Beat Goes On . . ., with its giant walk-through heart or check out the giant eyeball. Look inside yourself with an extensive collection of preserved human body parts.
Center Of Science and Industry (COSI), Columbus and Toledo, Ohio
Columbus Homepage


Everyone is curious about their bodies at some point in their lives. Life tells the story of You, set in three thought-provoking chapters - Body, Mind and Spirit.

Toledo Homepage

Life Force

Join the confidential research facilities of Life Force, an organization of secret agents scattered around the world. As a member of the Life Force, you'll participate in the mission of your life -- gathering intelligence and learning about yourself with the latest medical high-tech devices -- including the Video Microscope, Galvanic Skin Response Test and Cranium Troubleshooting Kit.

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Portland, Oregon
Life Science Hall

Located on the second floor of the museum, the Life Science Hall invites visitors to explore the nature of human growth and development, the structure and function of the human body, and the impact of advancing technology on health care and choices.
Discovery Science Center, Fort Collins, Colorado
Thoracic Park . . . the human body inside out!

Our new 1000 square foot exhibition hall filled with twenty new, custom-designed exhibits that bring the inside story of the human heart to life.
John P. McGovern Museum of Health & Medical Science, Houston, Texas
The John P. McGovern Museum of Health & Medical Science is a dynamic, interactive health and science center for all ages. Opened to the general public in March 1996, this classically styled building is located in the heart of Houston's Museum District.
Marian Koshland Science Museum, Washington, D.C.
Putting DNA to Work

DNA can be used to detect diseases, improve crops, or catch criminals. The information in DNA sequences has been harnessed for a multitude of tasks, but how is DNA put to work?
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