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Resources for ACS National Chemistry Week 2005: The Joy of Toys.

Design & Manufacture: Electronic Resources

This is a collection of electronic resources (websites, software, etc.) about how toys are designed and manufactured. A separate collection of Print Resources is also available.

Key: E = Elementary (K-5), I = Intermediate (6-8), HS = High School (9-12), C = College, G = General Public

How Everday Things Are Made. Provided by: The Alliance for Innovative Manufacturing at Stanford University. (E, I, HS, C, G)
The goal was to introduce kids and adults to the amazing world of manufacturing. Our vision was to teach people about manufacturing, but to do it in a fun way. The best way for this to happen was to actually show things being made. Thus, we have collected over 4 hours of video detailing how things we use everyday are manufactured. URL:
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