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Resources for ACS National Chemistry Week 2005: The Joy of Toys.

Polymers & Materials: Electronic Resources

This is a collection of electronic resources (websites, software, etc.) about the materials that toys are made of. A separate collection of Print Resources is also available.

Key: E = Elementary (K-5), I = Intermediate (6-8), HS = High School (9-12), C = College, G = General Public

Fire Prevention and Firefighting: Polymers That Save Lives. Provided by: The Polymer Science Learning Center. (E, I, HS)
This resource offers information and activities on polymers that make things fire resistant and aid in fighting fires. URL:
Intersociety Polymer Education Council. Provided by: The Intersociety Polymer Education Council. (E, I, HS)
Promotes science education by encouraging and facilitating the incorporation of polymer topics in K-12 classrooms. URL:
Macrogalleria — A Galleria of Polymer Fun. Provided by: University of Southern Mississippi. (E, I, HS, G)
Learn about polymers and polymer science. Check out “Ton o’ Toys”. URL:
Macroplex Cinema: Polymers Go Hollywood. Provided by: The Polymer Science Learning Center. (E, I, HS, C, G)
This web site provides information on what polymers are used in the process of making movies and films. URL:
Paul Lemur’s Activities. Provided by: The Polymer Science Learning Center. (E, I)
Paul Lemur [a cartoon lemur] offers information on polymers via coloring books, video games, and other activities for kids. URL:
Plastics in Your Life. Provided by: American Plastics Council. (G)
Learn about how much plastics have helped shape our modern world. URL:
Polydelphia. Provided by: The Polymer Science Learning Center. (E, I, HS)
Polydelphia is a virtual bus tour to all the site’s related areas. Each stop on the tour provides information and activities dealing with aspects of polymers. Flash 5 is required. URL:
POLYED — National Information Center for Polymer Education. Provided by: POLYED. (E, I, HS)
POLYED is a consortium of groups interested in science education in general and polymer education in particular. See “About Polymers” for activities by grade level. URL:
Polymers and People: An Informal History. Provided by: Chemical Heritage Foundation. (I, HS, C, G)
This online exhibit book shows how polymers and people are the closest partners in everyday life. It begins by introducing the many scientists who developed plastics, rubber, and resins, most notably Wallace Carothers. It then illustrates how polymers are fashioned and outlines their increasing role in our future. URL:
Polyquarium. Provided by: The Polymer Science Learning Center. (E, I, HS)
Polymers From the Sea is a virtual expedition into those natural polymers that come from the sea. It offers some past, present, and possible future uses of polymers as well. URL:
Science Behind Glow-in-the-Dark Toys. (pdf) Provided by: Energy Information Administration. (HS)
In this article and related activity, students will explore the science behind glow-in-the-dark, or photoluminescent, objects. URL:
Silly Putty University. Provided by: Binney & Smith. (E, I, HS, C)
Find out the science behind Silly Putty, learn about its history, check out the latest news, or earn your degree! URL:
Story of Rubber. Provided by: The Polymer Science Learning Center and the Chemical Heritage Foundation. (HS, C)
This site is meant to supplement high school and college freshman chemistry classes with the science of macromolecular materials. The story and science of rubber are used as a vehicle for teaching polymer principles, and when possible, reinforcing the principles of basic chemistry as well. It is hoped that the commonplace nature of rubber and the human stories presented in this website will help make chemistry more enjoyable for students and more relevant to their daily lives. URL:
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