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Resources for ACS National Chemistry Week 2005: The Joy of Toys.

Toy Safety: Electronic Resources

This is a collection of electronic resources (websites, software, etc.) about how to use toys safely, and how chemistry helps make sports safer. A separate collection of Print Resources is also available.

Key: E = Elementary (K-5), I = Intermediate (6-8), HS = High School (9-12), C = College, G = General Public

Fire Prevention and Firefighting: Polymers That Save Lives. Provided by: The Polymer Science Learning Center. (E, I, HS)
This resource offers information and activities on polymers that make things fire resistant and aid in fighting fires. URL:
International Council of Toy Industries. Provided by: International Council of Toy Industries. (G)
The health and safety of children throughout the world is the driving force behind ICTI, which promotes international toy safety standards and a responsible attitude to advertising and marketing to children. URL:
Safe Toys Resource Page. Provided by: St. Joseph Hospital, Orange, California. (HS, C, G)
Toys are one of the many marvels of childhood, but their safety is oftentimes overlooked. URL:
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